(Re-Assembled Budget Session)
List of Business for -
Wednesday, July 1, 1998.

Private Members'  Business

1.    Questions.

2.    Shri. Tonsing N. Marak, to present a Petition singed by the inhabitants of Wagopgre village, East Garo Hills and its surrounding areas regarding non-widening of the Do-be-Dare Turning Darngre-Rongrenggre via Songsak road.

*3.    Resolutions.

*4.    Motions.

*5.    Shri. Tonsing Marak, Chairman, Committee on Petitions to present the First Report of the Committee on Petitions.

6.    Adjournment sine-die/Prorogation.


Shillong E.L. LYTTAN,
The 30thJune, 1998 Secretary,
Meghalaya  Legislative Assembly.