When the State of Meghalaya was created, the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly inherits from the erstwhile composite State of Assam, the Legislators’ Hostel.

There were three Buildings as such use as Hostel accommodation for the Members. Now, out of the three buildings, two has been dismantled and in place,a new hostel building consisting of 3 blocks viz., East, Central and West Block has been constructed.

  1. In the Central Block, there are 5 rooms.
  2. In the East Block, there are 31 rooms for Members and 2 rooms as Store rooms.
  3. In the West Block, there are 26 rooms for Members and 2 rooms for security police Personnel and 1 room for Doctors.
  4. In the Tura house, the number of rooms are 26.
  5. Ground Floor:-Office Room, Library, Conference Hall, Gym, Intercom, House Keeping Manager & Solar Panel.