When the State of Meghalaya was created, it was fortunate to inherit the office and hostel facilities of the erstwhile composite State of Assam. There were three buildings as such used as hostel accommodation for the Members. But the buildings being very old and in dilapidated condition, two have been demolished. In place of the demolished buildings a new hostel building consisting of 3 blocks - East, Central and West has been constructed. The East Block has 6 rooms and 1 caretaker room, a snack bar and a store room on the ground floor. This block is also having 5 rooms and a V.I.P. room on the first floor and 7 rooms each on the second and third floor respectively. Besides, there are 3 Dormitories and 1 pump room on the basement floor.

        In the Central block there are 5 rooms and 1 Library room.

        In the West block there are 29 rooms for accommodating 21 members.

        In the Tura House, the number of room are 26.