Proceeding of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly assembled at 9. a.m. on Saturday, the 8th March, 1975 in the Assembly Chamber, Shillong.

Mr. Speaker in the Chair.

Present-8 Ministers, 3 Ministers of State and 35 Members


Mr. Speaker :- Let us take Unstarred Question No.2


To which replies were laid on the Table

Mawmluh-Cherra Cements Company

Shri Rowell Lyngdoh asked.

2.    Whether the Minister-in-charge of Industries be pleased to State -

    (b)    Whether the Mawmluh-Cherra Cements Company is still having consultants?

    (b)    If so, the name or names of the firms?

    (c)    The amount of fee paid yearly?

Shri Stanley D.D. Nichols Roy Minister, Industries replied

2.    (a) Yes -

       (b)    (i) Development Consultant, a Private Ltd, 24-B Park Street ? Calcutta.

               (iii)    M.C. Bhandari and company Cost Consultant, Calcutta.

(c)    (i) The fee for the entire contract for Engineering services supervision of construction, erection and commissioning of the expansion machinery, payable to Development Consultant is Rs.26 lakhs out of which Rs.2.75 lakhs has been paid so far.

        (iii)  The fee payable to M. G. Bhandari and Company for preparing Cost Accounts for the years 1968-69 to 1972-73  and preparation and implementation of a comprehensive financial and cost accounting manual is Rs.20,000 plus travelling expenses and daily allowance during stay at Shillong and Cherrapunjee. The amount paid towards Consultant fee is Rs.5,000 and towards travelling expenses and daily allowances is Rs.9,535.60 so far.

Shri Mahan Singh :- Mr. Speaker Sir, whether tenders were called before appointing Consultant for the erection?

Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy Minister, Industries :- Yes Sir, advertisements were made.

Shri Mahan Singh :- May you know whether other Forms have submitted tenders?

Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy Minister of Industries :- Mr. Speaker Sir, there were three other forms that gave their offers and negotiations were carried on and two came up for detailed discussions.

Shri Maham Sigh :- May we know the names and rates?

Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy Minister of Industries :- I require notice for that question, Sir.

Mr. Speaker :- And the rates quoted by the Firms?

Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy Minister of Industries :- I require notice for this also.

Shri Humphrey Hadem :- Mr. Speaker, Sir may we know what is the to talk provided for this year's budget I mean Factories Budget forth Consultants?

Mr. Speaker :- The Budget has not been placed on the floor of the House.

Shri Humphrey Hadem :- I mean the Budget for this Consultant provided for this year.

Mr. Speaker :- That is out of order because the Minister cannot disclose any figures of the Budget which has not been presented.

Shri Humphrey Hadem :- What I mean is that this Cement Factory has got its own Budget provision, Sir.

Mr. Speaker :- But the demands made by the Assam Government cannot be accepted by Finance also.

Shri Grosswell Mylliemngap :- Mr. Speaker Sir whether this amount of Rs.26 lakhs is for a single contract only?

Mr. Speaker :- The contract is for the total Engineering services including supervision and commissioning of the expansion machinery. It is inclusive total contract including the definition of the  project report in front of the IFC at Delhi following up the availability of machinery from place like Madras and other places. This is all  inclusive contract.

Shri Humphrey Hadem :- May we know when is it expected to be completed?

Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy Minister of Industries :- The estimate as of now is that the factory would be completed by 1976-77.

Shri Humphrey Hadem :- Mr. Speaker Sir, supplementary question for 2(c). May we know sir, in which year this particular amount of  Rs.9,536.60 as daily allowances was paid?

Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy Minister of Industries :- From the time the work has been taken up which is about a year ago, from the last one year approximately this travelling allowance and daily allowance and so on and so forth were being paid.


Mr. Speaker :- Let us pass on to item No 2(2). the Minister of Finance to present the supplementary Demands for Grants and Supplementary Appropriation Accounts for the year 1974-75.

Shri B.B. Lyngdoh (Minister Finance) :- That was done yesterday.

Mr. Speaker :- Oh yes, it was done yesterday. Let us pass on to the next item. Debate on the Governor's Address. I ask Mr. Nimosh Sangma to participate. You get 20 minutes.

Shri Nimosh Sangma :- Mr. Speaker, Sir I feel it is a great privilege that I have been given this opportunity to take part in the debate on the Governor's Address and to support the Motion of thanks moved by the hon. Member, Shri P.G. Momin Sir, at the very outset I think I must thank the Governor for the trouble he has taken to come here and address this august House. In his address the Governor has laid down a broad based policy and plans and programmes of the Government for the development projects in different fields. And Sir, if Government for the development project in different fields. And Sir, if these plans and programmes which have been taken up by the Government are properly implemented, I believe it will go along way towards achievement the progress and prosperity of the State as a whole. Now, Sir as I stand to participate in this Governor's Address, I want to touch some of the points which I think are very important. First, I would like to come to transport and communication. I am happy that  the Government has taken up the work of road construction in the State in order to case the  communication problem. But here especially I would like to say something on the Shillong Tura Road Transport service. There is only one State Transport bus running regularly from Shillong to Tura and an many occasion, I experienced that it is very difficult to get seats and many passengers remain standing all the way sometimes. So Sir, in order to give more facilities to the passengers, mostly to those who travel from Shillong  to Tura or from Tura to Shillong. I would request the Government to increase the number of buses. I would suggest that two buses run from Shillong to Tura on early in the morning and another at about 10.O' Clock. If this can be fond, I think it will be very much helpful to the passengers bound for Tura, Again in Garo Hills there are some roads which are fit for plying of these Meghalaya Transport Buses, but these roads have not yet been taken over by the Government. So I would request the Government to take over these roads also so that the Meghalaya State Transport buses could be placed for service on these roads viz. (1) Tura Baghmara road (2) Tura Williamnagar road, (3) Tura Dainadubi road Sir these three roads and fit for plying of the Meghalaya State Transport buses. If Government take over these roads also I believe it will very much helpful to the general public.

        Then Sir, another thing is that recently the bus Station for Tura bound passengers has been shifted to Barabazar. Previously this station was here in Police Bazaar. So this causes great inconvenience to the passengers who come from Tura to Shillong as they were taken to Jowai bus Station which is new station and at a  distance from Police Bazaar. When the passengers arrived at about 9 O' clock in the evening on many occasion they could not get even porters not to speak of taxis. They have to wait for taxis or porter for some time, and after that, they could get. This caused great inconvenience to the passengers. So I would like to request the Government, if it is possible to see that the Bus Stand be brought back to the old Bus Stand at Police Bazaar, as it used to be.

        Now, I want to pass on to industrial development. Meghalaya, as we all know  is one of the most backward States in the country in respect of industries. The Government has taken up several new schemes and project to spread over the industries in the State, and on this I would like to request the Government to implement the schemes as early as possible both in the private and public sectors. In this respect, I would like to draw the attention of the Government that we the people of the border areas, are very much hard hit due to economic crisis. So in order to ease this position, I would like to request the Government to study the feasibility of starting one paper pulp industry in the border area under the Border Area Development Department. If this can be done it will be very much helpful to the people who are very much backward economically. About the location of the paper pulp mill it is up to the Government to decide. But I would like to suggest that the location of the paper pulp mill should be at a place where the raw material are easily available and easily accessible by roads and water.

        Now, I come to Meghalaya State Electricity Board, Sir as we all  know, electricity power plays an important role in building up the nation in different fields such as industries agriculture etc, But here in Meghalaya we find that this power or rural electrification in the rural areas was not receiving proper attention from the Government. I think this fact will be collaborated by all hon. Members of Garo Hills, I do not know about other districts that uptil now since the last two or three years, not single village has been electrified by the State Electricity Board, and we are lagging much behind in this respect. The reason might be due to the fact that so long we  were under the Assam State Electricity and I hope this Board will give better service to the people of the State at a whole.

        Now, I want to touch some of the problems in the border areas Sir, as you know the southern part of Garo Hills bordering Bangladesh once formed a vital economic strategy of the district in respect of trade, commerce and agriculture produces. The prosperity and development of the areas and the well being of the people are traditionally associated with the economy of Bangladesh. Now Sir, with the partition of the country, the border areas in Garo Hills could not be safe and they suffered a great setback in trade commerce and almost all activities have been stopped and economically we are very much depressed. But after some time  with emergence of Bangladesh as a sovereign State, we had very high hopes that the people of the border areas in Meghalaya would be much better experience uptil now, the Government could not do anything in our respect. So, I would like to request the Government take vigorous action to revive the border trade with Bangladesh. Unless and until  this is done, the economic condition of the border people is doomed and will continue to remain doomed.

Mr. Speaker :- In other words,, you want that the State Government should pursue the matter with the Government of India.

Shri Nimosh Sangma :- Yes, I want that the Government should pursue the matter with the Central Government. But I do no know how far the Government have taken steps and I do not know what is the position now. That I do not know. Anyway, I hope the Government will take necessary action to speed up the matter.

        Now, I would like to speak something about the activities of the B.S.F. in the border areas. It is good no doubt that the Government has deployed them to different places in the border areas bordering with Bangladesh. In Garo Hills and in other places also I think it is the duty of these B.S.F. personnels to look after smuggling or other emergencies in the border. But instead of doing this, they have started giving much harassment to the people and intimidating them. They are trying their best for their own existence.  These people will go to the villages and give them a lot of harassment. Just recently i.e. on the 1st of the March one incident happened. Some villagers from the border villages were going to Sibbari on the market day. But on the way they were caught and arrested by the B.S.F. and they were beaten mercilessly and released. One Bisen Marak of Ranchenga village was sent  to Tura for jail custody on a very trifling matter. (Bell rang).

Mr. Speaker :- Mr. Sangma, you cannot question the validity of the action taken by the authorities and it appears, that it deals with judicial matter which you should not ordinarily go into. You have already passed an observation that it is a trifle matter and you cannot sit over the head of the Magistrate.

Shri Nimosh Sangma :- Lastly Sir, I want to touch on one very important point which also concerns the border problems. Now a days whenever we go to border villages the first question they would ask is when are we going to get the war damage compensation. Secondly, whether Government is going to pay the pending bills for the construction of refugee sheds. Sir I think this question is very very important as it directly hits the border people. So in this respect also. I would like to request Government to take necessary action so that these bills and compensation can be paid to the people at an early date. With these words Sir, I resume my seat.

Mr. Speaker :- Now Mr. Syiemiong. You will get 25 minutes.

Shri W. Syiemiong :- Mr. Speaker Sir I wish to begin my speech by going back to the second sentence of the 1st para of the Governor's Address where in it will be seen that the Governor seeks the cooperation of all, in other words, that  this Government seeks the cooperation  of all. It that be the case and I believe it is true may I humbly ask this Government to be kind enough to incorporate in the Governor's Address itself the twp amendments moved by the hon. Member from Mawhati. Prof M.N. Majaw and the other one by the  hon. Member from Nongtalang. After all, Sir what is the meaning of the word 'Co-operation'. We all very well know that cooperation cannot be a one sided matter : to or more..................

Mr. Speaker :- It is always a two way traffic (Laughter).

Shri W. Syiemiong :- Yes, Sir, and if the Government is really keen and serious, I see no reason why it should not incorporated these two amendments, and we from this side of the House also will not only cooperate but support this Government. After all as representatives of the people, it is no only the Government with its machinery that can  diagnose the ills of the society and of the State, but we also can do that as well and prescribe remedial measures. The only snag here is that  we do not have a dispensing Governmental machinery to implement those schemes that we also wished to be done. Mr. Speaker Sir, let me come to the Address itself, I have compared the four address made by the Governor's for the last few years and my finding are that the present Address ins no different from the  past ones. It is full of rail promises only and pious wishes - I say pious wishes, Sir, because the lot of the common man has not in the least improved. That patch of beauty that we have been dreaming of all along when and  much more remote. I wonder if these be the state of things where shall we ultimately land? In the address of the Governor's there was a mention of some achievements but I see that some of those achievements as a matter of fact, need not have been incorporated in the Address itself when there are some more important subject that  should be there. What is the use of telling us he here, Sir that-quote "At the instance of my Government, the Union Public Service Commission have restarted the Centre for All India Services and  Central Services Examinations at Shillong"- (Para 16 of the Governor's Address) Is this an important subject to be included in this Address? If that be  the case, Sir,........(Interruptions).

        I broached this subject with  the Hon'ble Chief Minister himself first of all before he took it up within his own governmental machinery ...........(Interruptions).

Mr. Speaker :- I think that is really a cooperation on both sides (Laughter).

Shri W. Syiemiong :- Another mention is made about the connection of an air link. This ia a big joke. In the unscheduled delight of the Jamair where an air link has connected Meghalaya with the rest of the country, as far as I know there is not single high official nor Minister who travelled through this flight.........(Interruption).

Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy Minister of Transport :- I would like to inform the hon. Member that Minister Industries and Transport certainly flew by that (Laughter voices yes, on the Inauguration  Day only).

Shri W. Syiemiong :- What I feel is that there should be more devotion made to agriculture. We all know that agriculture is the mainstay of our people as was stated at page 6 of the Governor's Address of 1972. It is said that agriculture is the back bone of tour economy. If that be the case the Government should have devoted more time and  should have spelled our more elaborately its various schemes and achievements. But it is four years now and can this Government claims or say that it has achieved any break through in the agricultural field? There were promises at page 10 of this Speech in 1972 on land reclamation and irrigation and supply of fertilizer in time. May I humbly ask this Government how much land was reclaimed during the  last four years; how many hectares of land were irrigated and what quantity of fertilizers was ever supplied in time exception in this years that supply was this too only when the price is enhanced that we could have abundant supply of fertilizers. But during the last two three years the  supply was very short and never in time. Another  point, Sir whether to what extent this Government has  been able to help our people or persons both in the border areas as well as in the up-land areas to market their agricultural produce. The main problem of border people is the lack of marketing facilities. As we all know, in the upland area it is the same. But when if we take that case of potato where upon a vast majority of our people depend their lives, you will  find although there is a market, the market is no t in their hands. Here in the Address it has been mentioned that the main problem of the potato grower was due to blight. I say, Sir because I am also a potato grower that it is not very much because of the blight, it is because their is a slum in the price where the middle men squeezed very hard and the people cannot get what they have invested in their fields. I would therefore, advise the Government that if they are really sincere about their cooperation from out side they should also take our advice to help our people. First of al to supply the fertilizers in time and at a subsidised rate.

Shri E. Bareh Minister, Agriculture :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, may I intervene here on this point.

Mr. Speaker :- You will  have your chance to reply. Let the Member finish his sentence.

Shri w. Syiemiong :- The Minister will be having ample time to reply Mr. Speaker Sir, if they can supply it at a subsidised rate I am sure that  agriculture will very much improve. As it is at present many people when I met have switched over again to Jhumming because of shortage of fertilizers. They have reduced the acreage of their cultivation.

        Let me now come to industry. If outlook at page 4 of two Address made by  two Governor's you will find that industrially the Meghalaya State of ours should no longer be termed as an industrially the backward State. There are from 1972-73 so many undertakings, so many proposals and so may big big things that by this time our State would have been very much advanced in industries. But so far as we know Sir, many of these proposals are still there on paper only like some factories for Carbon Carbide and another one which will be taken  up like the Calcium Carbonate and the Hydrated Like. But I don't find where these are now. Proposes were there. And about the clinker factory, for the last three years it has been clinking in the Address of the Governor. I would like to know what are these industries. And what are the industries policies of this Government in respect of the ownership of these industries. What are the industrial policies towards Labour and what safeguards are there in the industrial policy of this Government about the interest and sentiments of the tribal people here. It is a very peculiar  thing that out Government seems  to be very much interested at times for the sake of the industrialist that this industries Departments had at one time acted as an employment agency of an industrial Firm. there is a letter here a sent by the Joint Director of Industries to certain Members of this august House wherein he had asked them to help the Ply-wood Industry for giving employment to the local youth. Why should this Department do that? Is it proper Sir? As a matter of fact that letter should have come from the Ply-wood Industry itself an not from the Government. Here it has only reflected that perhaps due to some interest the Government has taken so much interest on it. My other point Sir, is about inflation. In the Governor's Address last year this Government has taken credit to itself on it discretion of the Administration the problem was not aggregated. But this year nothing is stated. Is it because they did not do anything or they could not do anything? We from this side of the House want to know the measures that have been taken in this respect. Because of those beautiful promises in the Governor's Address let us really know what is the actual condition of the common man in the street of the person in the field. Was his lot in the least improved? In Shillong town itself Sir, because of economic hardship had is not been for rags imported from other countries some of our people would have gone naked. You maybe laughing, but this Government has not done anything in this respect. If you go to many offices you will find many of the Grade IB employees put on secondhand clothes and second hand shoes made from condemned tyres by the expatriate cobblers of Bihar. I feel this Governor's speech must devote something about the achievements, if any, and about what has been done to what extent this Government has done in this regard. We should discuss on what has been done and to what extent the benefit have been given by this Government to the  common man in the street. But nothing has been done, the rich has become richer the poor poorer an nothing has been done for the common man. The rich has become richer the poor has become poorer Sir, this is a fact, that not even once has the Government made any raid or check on al these big hoarders. Does it means that this Government has no idea as to whether their are  hoarders or not in Shillong? It is a pity, Sir that not a single culprits has been brought to book whereas the people are in such situation. I am glad that there is one point here in the Address and  that id because it has given to its employees a new pay scale. I really appreciate this very much. In these hard days a small amount of Rs.200.000 can hardly shuffle to make both ends meet. But these increase, I believe all employees will be  a bit better off. But what is more important, Sir, is not the increase in  pay only. It will be better if this Government come s forward and checks the rise in priced and secondly, to give these employees more scope better amenities leave amenities and other things. Otherwise, Sir, we can never expect from these people any good thing. No doubt corruption is rampant. I say corruption, Sir because I know and we all know that there is corruption and this corruption is rampant in the administration. Otherwise Sir, what is the use of having the Anti-Corruption Branch. It is a known fact that there is corruption have been brought to the notice of the how many case of corruptions have been brought to the notice of the public or how many of these guilty people were punished. If only the Government would have realised the condition of the employees, I think after giving them all the benefit and amenities, we can also be a bit strict in administration. If you go to their office, sir they will  say that the office starts at 10 O' Clock but you will find that there is no one in that office at 10 O' Clock. Again they will say that the office closes at 4.30 p.m. But nobody will be found in the office at 4.30 p.m. Sir, could you blame them? Mr. Speaker Sir, if this Government really wants our cooperation, we will certainly even support them not only cooperate with them but we shall certainly even support them if only they would take also what we from this side of the  House have to say and  that these two amendments which I strongly support and what other Members from my side would say could be incorporated in the Governor's Speech. There are a lot more to say, Sir, about the various Department but I think we shall behaving more time on some other days. But one question, I would like today is that it is said that the Governor's can do no wrong'. It is true that he is a non-political man. Here in this Address, he said something about the border dispute specially between Assam and Meghalaya. Last year also be mentioned something about that. But last year Sir, the Governor has said in Gauhati in the Assembly for the sake of some government that there was not dispute between Assam and Meghalaya. This is really to the effect that the Governor can do no wrong.

Mr. Speaker :- But are you suggesting that this Government should move for a separate Governor?

Shri W. Syiemiong :- It is high time, sir that we have a separate Governor. And secondly, Sir I feel that a man in the street does not know whether the Governor is really right but we want to know what is the exact position with regard to the boundary dispute and whether this Government has at any time taken up with the Central Government the question of boundaries with Bangladesh also. I know that this is not our subject here but I just mentioning it because since there is some dispute or rather some controversy about the actual demarcation of boundary between Meghalaya, especially Khasi Hills with Bangladesh. With these few words, Sir I will sit down.

At this stage the Speaker left the Chamber and the Deputy Speaker took the Chair.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Mr. S.P. Swer.

Mr. S.P. Swer :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the hon. Mover of the Motion of Thanks and more so to the Governor for his Address. To me Sir, the Address is straightforward, plan and simple. It is just like a clean white cloth, plain and simple. And when it is so it leaves ample scope for al of us, the Members of this House to do some embroidery works, It leaves ample scope for us, to embroider it. To make it look attractive or not, depends very much on the design of that kind of embroidery work. This is not a question of doing some embroidery work and such works may or may not be acceptable to all of us. Mr. Deputy Speaker, sir yesterday the hon. Member from Nongtalang, in his amendment end in course of his speech has alleged one thing which  I consider very very important and very serious also. When he said that our private trucks are going down to Gauhati with loads but on returning, these trucks are not allowed to carry goods and they have to return empty. If this allegation is true, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I say said that it is waste of national  wealth. It is great loss no only to the people of this State of ours but it is a great loss to the whole country.

Shri H.E. Pohshna :- Sir, it is a fact that this also...............

Shri S.P. Swer :- I would like to urge upon the Government to take up this matter at any level. These trucks have to return empty because the A.M.S.R, T.C. objected carrying goods on their return trips to Shillong. The Corporation should be taken to task at any level. Sir, if I remember aright sometime in 1954 these bad practices also occurred at the time of Assam State Transport. The private transport operators at that time met the Prime Minister, the late Shri  Jawaharlal Nehru and placed their problem before him and immediately this matter was taken up by him and our coal trucks returned from Gauhati to destination with loads. Sir, I would like to draw the attention of the hon. Members of the House to the Governor's Address at page 3 para 4 which reads as follows :-

        "As stated by my predecessor my Government had decided to set up 4 new Sub-divisions, few more  administrative units and 2 more districts in this State during the fifth Plan period. I am happy to state the sixth Finance Commission have accepted this proposal in principle".

        Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, this is not a small achievement on the part of our Government. It is a great achievement and we cannot overlook such great achievement  on the part of the Government. It is a clear policy of our Government to bring the administration nearer to the people. We may ask what for? The simple answer is to pay proper attention to the needs of the people. Not only to pay proper attention to the needs of the people, but to meet also the needs of the people. Therefore, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, we cannot overlook such achievement of the Government.

        The hon Members from the opposite side  have talked much about the Industries Department. I think in my opinion, sir, they are only trying to belittle the great achievements of this department.

Shri F.K. Mawlot :- Of which department.

Shri S.P. Swer :- The Industries Department. In fact, the Government deserves congratulation the implementation of the State policy for industrialisation of the State in a very short time. We can see many industrial projects have come up. A few of them have been mentioned in the Governor's Address and 10 more are under process. Many others are also at the initial stage where feasibility studies are being made. I think and I feel that it is a credit to our State Government for setting up a project like the Komorrah Limestone Mining Company where from this State we can export limestone to a friendly country- Bangladesh. Sir, to set up in the while of north-eastern region that there is such export of any product by the industrial projects to another country like  Bangladesh. Sir, to set up an industry it is not an easy thing as many may think that it is easy. We know  that before setting up an industrial project, it requires a lot of studies on all sides, whether the raw materials are available or not and whether an industry based on that materials is feasible or not. We have also to study the cost of the project and we have also to see the technical side the managerial side the laboratory side of it. Last of all, we have to see the marketing of finished products. If these studies are taken up and only after studying them thoroughly, that we can set up an industrial project a project which will not be fallen sick after a short span of time. Sir to set up an industrial project based on minerals or a mineral of time based industry, you will find that we have to cross many hurdles and we have to face many difficulties because on these projects Acts, Rules and Regulations of the Central Government are in operation. Until and unless we can satisfy these rules and regulations and all conditions required it is very difficult to run an industrial project based on minerals. Mr. Deputy speaker, Sir, at page 8 para 11 of the Governor's Address mention has been made of a few of the many projects functioning and those under process which will come up in years to come. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, the hon. Member from Mawhati yesterday made special mention about the  Meghalaya Essential Oils and chemical Ltd. which had been commissioned recently at Mawshamok. I would like to stress the point which I consider as most important. This industry is based on the raw materials produced by the people in the border areas. Here in this industry it calls upon a large number of people to participate In this industry and I would like to say that it is the only industry where indirect people's participation is involved to the maximum. As soon as this unit of the Meghalaya Essential Oils and Chemicals Ltd. was commissioned at Mawshamok the price of the tezpata in the open market increased by Rs.10 per quintal. Therefore, it help the people the grower of this tezpata to get a good price in the open market.

Shri H.E. Pohshna :- On a point of clarification, sir, whom does this industry belong.

Shri S.P. Swer :- It belongs to the Meghalaya Essential Oils and Chemicals ltd.

(Voice very correct.)

Shri Maham Singh :- Mr. Deputy speaker sir to whom doe this company belong?

Shri S.P. Swer :- It belongs to the participants.

Shri D.D. Pugh :- Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir this is not the question hour.


Shri Maham Singh :- Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, is the hon. Member also the share-holder of the is Company?

Shri S.P. Swer :- No, Sir, but I think that all of us are participant in this Company which means all the people of this  state.

(Voices : Including the Members of the Opposition.)


Shri S.P. Swer :- Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, while setting up this industry it was considered to benefit the growers of tezpata in the border areas. It was also considered from the point of view of availability of a huge quantity of tezpata in the Border areas and the urgency to improve the economic lot of the people in the border areas. When the raw material is available in plenty then what is required is the size of the place or project. The size of the plant and the project required to cope with the availability of the raw material. Then in this reward it requires the participation of experienced people. As we know it is also the general policy of other States in India to encourage industrialists from within the country to come and set up industries in the State because we know that we cannot make our State an industrialized one only by ourselves without the help and cooperation of the industrialists from other part of the country; and as I said because this project requires to be of a considerable size, we have also to look at the marketing side of the finished products. Here also to require experienced hands in marketing of the products for, otherwise the industry will fall sick  after some time. Sir, the urgency to start this industry came from the growers of the tezpata. Sir this industry was started for their interest and also for the interest of the people of the State and the country as a whole. But Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, when we see our industrial units are functioning the questions which comes next is that of employment.

(Bell rang)

        This is really a very very important point which I would like to urge upon the Government to examine it thoroughly. To be brief, Sir, I would like to suggest that in every factory or in every units some sort of training should be conducted for our people especially our unemployed educated youths to train them in the factory itself that they can acquire experience; of course not to jeopardise the economic side of that unit. thus it will create an aptitude among our educated youths toward industries and works relative to industries.

(Bell Rang)

        Sir if you can give me some more time.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- There are other hon. Member who will also be participating today

Shri S.P. Swer :- But Sir, only one very important point and that is with regard to education.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- All right. Two minutes.

Shri S.P. Swer :- I would like to touch briefly on education because in industries also we need, people both educated an uneducated also. But we would like all people worker and those above the category of labourers, supervisors, we need educated people. I have been thinking how to give proper guidance to our own children our youths, to pursue their studies in the right direction. So long our children are going to schools for the sake of going to school and as such their future had been left to their luck. Because even for the educated parents, I think it is very difficulty to guide their children in pursuing  their studies in the right direction and it is more so for the illiterate parents. Therefore, I would like to suggest that the Education Departments should create a  special cell where various tests can be conducted viz. talent test memory test and so on and so forth  in order to guide the children to peruse their academic career in the right direction and such a cell should be extended to every school and college to identify talented children and youths. This is my humble suggestion, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, and in dine I support the motion of thanks to the Governor's Address.

(A voice His Address is also very fine) Laughter.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Mr. Lewis Bareh?

Shri Lewis Bareh :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I support the amendment moved by the  hon. Members from this side to the Motion of Thanks moved by the hon. Members from the other side of the House. Sir the Governor's Address we found some mention about natural calamities like unprecedented flood in various parts of the State. But I would also like to bring to the notice of the House that there  was unprecedented damage of paddy in some areas of the State by hailstorm but I do not find anything in the Governor's Address as to how the Government proposes to tackle this problem. Now Sir, I come again to the other points regarding establishment of so many industries which have been supported by the Members from the other side viz. establishment of Plywood factories and so on. But we know our State is rich in minerals resources whereas there is no scheme for exploration of our those mineral resources  which would improve the condition of our people in the State. Therefore I would like to request the Government to thoroughly examine the matter and make its best efforts totalize the raw materials available in  our State so that a major share of the development of the country would come to the our people in the State, and not for exploitation by outsiders.

        Now I would like to point out the various statements made in the Governor's Addresses during the year 1972-73 and 1973-74 which contained proposals to construct border roads. But up to date those proposals has not been put into action. For instance there is a border road from Borghat to Sonapur in Jaintia Hills District. We knew that road scheme was properly surveyed by the P.W.D. Jowai division many years ago. But till today that proposal could not be implemented.

        Now, Sir I will come to transport and communications, Sir, during the last Governor's Address in the year 1947, It was stated that the  Government has constitutes its own Meghalaya State Road Transport Corporation". At the first instance we were all happy to know that we have got our own State Transport Corporation" where our trucks can carry the goods and products of our State. Subsequently, we regret to note that it was not at all implemented nor properly managed by our Government. We find today a number of Transport buses are lying idle in some places. Only a few opt them were seen plying and carrying double loaded passengers wherever they were plied. Another thing Sir, which is very regrettable to note is that we the people in the Jaintia Hills District are suffering for want of transport facilities since the existing of our own Meghalaya State Road Transport Corporation as there was  immediate stoppage of daily transport services from Jowai to Khliehriat which was the people have been enjoying during the time of the  Assam Government. But now Sir, the people are crying for want of transport from Jowai to Khliehriat or from Khliehriat from Jowai to Khliehriat to Jowai which is the headquarter of the District. We have seen Sir that although the Government has stated to continue all help in order to achieve the objectives of their developmental programmes in the country,  but the implementation was not at all in a manner which is expected of it. That is the reason why the people in our district are facing a lot of hardship in connection with transport facilities.

        Now, Sir my last point is with respect tot he health programmes proposed to be taken up by the Government. Now since this State is now four years in existence it is sad state of affairs to find that many of the buildings of those Health Centres  in our district were in a dilapidated condition. Many have reached the point of collapse and could not be reconstructed by this Government. We are not sure and we do know how long it will take for this Government to re-erect those falling Health Centres. We all know that this is the nations objectives and the Government  policy to construct those centres for eradication of diseases. The failure of the Government to fulfill their promises embodied in the Governor's Address for the creation of more mobile dispensary in one Health Centre in Jowai in the Jaintia Hills District for rendering medical aid to the interior where the people could not come to towns is another indication of injustice by the Government. We know that the presence of t mobile dispensary in the District will really help our people in the district or the State as a whole for rural upliftment and health programmes especially for the people in  the interior where there is no  dispensary or doctor at all. But up till now, we have not seen a mobile dispensary worth the name only in the state. With these few words Sir, I resume my seat.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Now, Mr. Shamsul Haque, you will get 23 minutes.

Shri Shamsul Haque :- Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I am happy that I am given this opportunity to participate in the debate on the Governor's Address today. But Sir, at the beginning of my brief speech, I would like to express my full satisfaction on the schemes and programmes envisaged by the Government for the coming financial year. Sir, If I am to tell the truth, I shall say in so far as  my observation is concerned that our Government exerted its best to implement every development schemer for the  betterment of the State. I shall say a little more clearly that the Government of Meghalaya within this very short span of time has done valuable services for all round development keeping in view the welfare of the State. Therefore Sir, what has been done in this regard is quite satisfactory. Mr. Deputy  Speaker Sir, the year 1974-75 was actually the worst possible year in  the history of Meghalaya due to unprecedented flood in the Garo Hills District. The areas right from Phulbari constituency upto Mahendraganj constituency in the Garo Hills district were the low lying valleys of the Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills district were so badly affected by flood ravages and natural calamities resulting in great damage to the standing crops dwelling houses roads bridges and cattle etc. Our Government of Meghalaya took necessary measures to meet the situation in time by grating gratuitous relief test relief an supply of seeds to the suffering people of he flood affected areas. So Sir I do not agree with the hon. friends in the opposition when they said that the Government of Meghalaya did nothing or remained indifferent towards implementation of the developmental schemes of the State. Sir, I am very happy to express my full satisfaction with another scheme of the Government . Our Government has divided to set up a Civil Task Force within our State to give employment to many of our people. I think Sir, this scheme will be a great help to the poor people indeed. So, Sir, I like to take the opportunity to extend my bumble suggestion here that this scheme should be started as early as possible and recruitment should be made with Meghalayan; and not to allow any outsiders under this schemes.

        Sir, next, I would like to say something about Public Health as it is the most important Department of the Government Sir, I came to learn from the Governor's Address that our Government have taken up some schemes to establish some Primary Health Centres and to  improve and upgrade some of the existing dispensaries of the State. Sir, in this regard, I would like to request the Government specially the Minister-in-charge of Health to upgrade the Mahendraganj State Dispensary into a 30 Bedded Hospital. Sir, I would like also to remind the House that this Mahendraganj area is the most thickly populated area in the State of Meghalaya. But I am sorry to say that the Mahendraganj State dispensary in going without doctors, sometimes without requisite medicines for years together an thus I should say that the lives of the people of that area are being neglected. Therefore, I would request the Government to redress the grievances of the people of that area in this regard.

        Sir, next I would like to say something about communication, Sir, communication is one of the most important objects of the Government.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- You mean to say subject or object.

Shri Shamsul Haque :- I may say object also. I think both are correct (Laughter) However, Sir I am sorry to say that the condition of the road from Ampati to Mahendraganj is very very bad.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- You mean to say via Mankachar or Kalaichar?

Shri Shamsul Haque :- No, I mean to say both the lines Sir, (Laughter) From Ampati to Mahendraganj via Kalaichar and from Ampathi to Mahendraganj via Zikzak. I would like to mention here both the important lines Sir, But I think Public Word Department is somewhat indifferent to take the initiative towards improvement of these roads. Sir, I think the Government know that this Ampathi Mahendraganj road is an old one and many times, Sir I spoke in the House and even I talked to the Minister-in-charge also about this road. But up till now, Sir I find there is no improvement on this road. So I would we request the Government through you, Sir to improve this road and have it black topped. Sir, I am happy to say that the law and order situation in the State is well under controlled. But Sir, I would like to focus the attention of the Government on the one point and that is that some serious type of crime like cattle lifting is going on at Mahendraganj and not only going on but it increasing day by day resulting in economic ruin to the cultivators of that area. Sir we know that the  lifting is going on., I admit that it is taking place throughout the whole border, But I say that Mahendraganj is the only border where cattle lifting if going on excessively and it is increasing day by day. Sir I cannot say who is responsible for these crimes, So I request the Government to devise ways and means and take every possible steps to prevent this sort of crime and corruption as early as possible, otherwise the Mahendraganj border will be depopulated after 5 or 10 years.

        Sir, lastly I would like to mention here one thing, as one of my hon. friends, Mr. N. Sangma has expressed in this House a few minutes back that the people of the border areas are always asking us about the payment of war damage compensation. Sir until now no war damage compensation has been paid to the people concerned. So I request the government to move the Government of India in this matter, so that these unfortunate people of the bordering battle field areas may have as least something in these hard days of economic crisis. Sir at last considering all these schemes and programmes taken up by the Government during all these schemes and programmes taken up by the Government. I am satisfied and I support the Motions of Thanks to the Governor's Address moved by one of my friends from this side of the House Mr. P.G. Momin on the 5th of March, 1975. Thank you.

Shri S.D. Khongwir :- Mr. Deputy Speaker  Sir, I do not have much to say and  I do not know whether can consume the full 25 minutes allotted to me. Nevertheless, I will try my best. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, being a sport man myself and since the hon. Members who has spoken before me had not touched on the sports and games. I would take this opportunity to say something on the development of sports and games. We find mention of development of sports and games page 12 of Governor's Address. I am sure, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, that as a State we would like to make a mark in the Sport map of the Country. Our neighbouring State like Nagaland, Assam, Manipur and even a small place like Vasco in Goa they have been able within a short span of time to improve or develop sports an games and establish in the field of football. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, our neighbouring State have been able to go very very well in the National Tournament. I see here in the Address that immediately after this line my Government are keen to ensure the development of sports and games in the State we find the next line is simply a news item which has already been reported in every newspapers in the State, simply that the Meghalaya Sports  Meet held at Dalu was very successful an similar meets will be arranged every year at different places in the State, So, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, for  real development of Sports I do no think that more annual meet will be adequate to improve the standard of sports in our State. I am personally very glad and happy that one of my friend has become a Minister of State Sport and Games under the able guidance of the Minister himself who happens to be a great sports man and  both of them are sports lovers and I do hope that sports and games will receive a very very good incentive and encouragement from these two great personnel;  in the Ministry. I would also suggest and request the Government to depute at least the Minister of State to visit some States, especially Punjab Haryana Gwalior and he can go to Goa, and if he feels lonely to go alone I will volunteer to accompany him. (Loud laughter.)

        Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, another point I would like to dwell upon in my discussion is with regard to the functioning of the district Council vis-a-vis their relationship with the State Government. I am very happy to see that the Government is continuing to extend the necessary financial assistance to the District Councils. But Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir this financial assistance to the District Councils will not be enough to make the district Councils more effective, because I know from my experience in the District Council, that  unless and until the funds from the State Government are released in time to the District Councils, the District Councils will be greatly handicapped in executing their various developmental programmes. Moreover even if the State Government release the grants to the Districts Councils, they release them at the fag end of the financial year and the State Government insist upon the district Councils to submit utilisation certificates by about the months for July an these months from about April to July are not the months for implementing the various developmental schemes like road, building bridges etc. etc. So, I would suggest, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir to the State Government  that they should released the grant well ahead so that the District Councils will get more time to implement during the dry session, their various developmental schemes. And another point, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir is with regard to the payment of emoluments or pay to the  L.P. School teachers. The payments only ones in a year and in the Khasi Hills District Council we have hundred of L.P. Schools Teachers. Teacher are appointed by Missions, i.e. Presbyterian or R. G. Mission and these Missions are able to give only about Rs.40 or Rs.50 or at the most Rs.80 and these teachers will have to wait for 12 months to get their salaries. So, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I would humbly request the Government to kindly look into these difficulties of the teachers and give their salaries, at  least twice or thrice in a year from the Compulsory Grant Schemes. This will really be a great help to the poorly paid teachers. While speaking on the district councils, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir I would like to invite the attention of the Government to one of the very important matters i.e. about the conferment of power to the Judge of the district Council in Khasi Hills I have a notification dated 25th February, 1975 wherein Shri L. Marbaniang has been conferred with powers to try years. But as far as I can understand from the District Council that they have moved this State Government to confer power of a Session Judge to the District council Judge. I hope the hon. Members, Mr. Marbaniang and Mr. Lyngdoh will deal more elaborately on this point because I do not happen to be practicing lawyer and if they agree they may deal with this matter at a greater length.

        The next point, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I would like to deal is with regard to the border areas. With regard to the rushing of essential commodities to the border areas, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I have something to say on this very important matter which affects the residence of those border areas. We have certain permit holders who are responsible to take down the  commodities from Shillong town to the border areas and very often we find that the commodities which are really meant for the border areas are always being stuck up either here in Shillong or these permit holders exceed their functions and not only rush into the Bangladesh. So the action on the part of the persons who are responsible to take down these essential commodities to the Bangladesh, should be taken note of by the Government. Mr. Deputy speaker, Sir, I would, at this juncture like to reiterate the sentiment expressed by one of the hon. Members about we misuse of the border market. Lots of people in the border areas are waiting for the border market to be opened and they always enquire directly from the Government official or from the other persons as to when the border market will be opened. So once and for all let us have some definite information from the Government of India to the State Government whether they have any intention at all to initiate with the Government of Bangladesh for the opening of this border marker and at this juncture, I would like to request the Government to once again initiate with the Central Government for the immediate opening of the border markets.

        Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, some time last month, I had the occasion to visit some areas in the border with Bangladesh and I had seen that large tracts of lands hare been lying fallow for want of water. So I would suggest to the Minister-in-charge of Agriculture to kindly see to these problems of the border areas. Of course I have been to the Mawpyllun Balat Telligaon and other areas in the border areas and I have seen with my own eyes, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, that large tracts of lands are being left idle without any cultivation. When I asked the people what is the reasons, I came to know that the main reason is that they cannot get any water to cultivate the fields. An speaking about this from the areas of the Mawpyllun Telligoan Rajai and other areas, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I had also occasion to meet some Garo friends there some time last month and I have promised that I will at least inform the Government through you, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, about the various difficulties of the people there and the main difficulty they have to face is regarding drinking water. We held a meeting at one place at Telligoan and I remember I asked one of them for a glass of water and  it took almost 45 minutes to bring tea pot of water. When I enquired about this they said that they do met have any water in the entire area covering a population of about 25000 to 3000 and they have to go down to some far distant place just to collect a tea pot of water.

         Now, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I would like to deal with a very important matter which  we find at page 16 at paragraph 22 of the Address other Members have already spoken on this very important matter per training to the Assam Meghalaya border. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, while reading this  paragraph, I fail to understand the true perspective or the importance of this problem because this, Sir, I feel concerns the State as a whole. And I feel that it is on matters such as this one that really the Government can call  for our support. I feel that this is no simply a matter for the Government but this is a matter of the State. We are  part of the State and I feel this Assam Meghalaya border problem is matter that should involve the entire House irrespective of party affiliation. Mention has been made, Mr. Deputy Speaker  Sir, about the borders between Assam and Meghalaya such as the one relating to Block I and II of Mikir Hills District. I tried to consult the Address for the Governor's. If I may say to  so  in the Address of the Governor Last year also there is nothing at all which mentioned about the controversy or the dispute which our State has got with the State of Assam in  so far as the areas i n the Kamrup Nowgong and Goalpara are concerned. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir here it is stated that "in spite of my Government sincere efforts to settle the differences, not much progress has been achieved." Now Sir since no progress has been achieved, we would like to know on this very important  aspect of the problem of the state as to what will be the action of the Government in so far as the disputed areas between Khasi Hills and the District had made a categorical statement some time in the year 1972-73 on floor of the Housel itself that we have got a border dispute with the State of Assam pertaining to the areas near Dispur, Nongwah and other areas have ever attempted to asked the Government to try to fix the boundary or to see that the border of  State of Meghalaya extend upto this area and the  immediately, the State of Assam will jump up and say no that the border of the State of Assam extends up to that area. Then we have a definite area of controversy. Have our Government come up with such a statement anywhere of course I do not know, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir while dealing on this very important aspect of the matter, I would like to make a suggestion, not regarding the settlement of the border disputes, but I would like to make a proposal to the Government with regard to areas bordering the State of Assam that we should consider very urgently about the need of the strengthen the population in the border areas. I would like to give a concrete suggestion. For example in the areas bordering the State of Assam, we can have some model villages and then we can ask the people  from Ri War or from Nongstoin or other areas to go and settle in these areas to be reclaimed by the Government and we can give them some subsidy, some grant like we are doing to the regrouping of villages of a sum of Rs.2,000/- or 3,000/- for them to construct houses. And when we have our own tribal population in the areas bordering another State. I fell that they will serve as strong boundary pillars for the State of ours. - (Bell rang).

       I request Government to kindly seriously consider about this proposition of mine, Sir Oh! I wonder whether I have crossed the border of the time limit......... (laughter).........I think I am still in the border........(laughter)........Let me cross to another border, more important border and that is International border, Sir Now Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I find in page 2 of the Governor's Address a very alarming statement which reads "steps to present infiltration of foreign national into our State are being strengthened" Of course I really appreciate the concern of the Government to  strengthen the prevention of the infiltration of foreign nationals. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, in the last session Government has made a statement that there were not Bangladesh nationals here, I know for a fact that at Balat itself there are a few Bangladesh nationals, Sir I feel  dubious about the sincerity of the people who are responsible for the prevention of infiltration of foreign nationals. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, the other day I had been to one of the areas in the Bhoi areas. I was so surprised to see so many Nepalese, with due respect to them tin hundred and thousands who wanted to meet the Electoral Officer  to include their named in the electoral roll. I do not know, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, whether these people, the Nepalees who are in our State especially in the Bhoi area, in Jaintia Hills and in Garo Hills, are Indian citizens or are they foreign nationals. Therefore, I want to put this question before the Government so that we can have some enlightenment on this matters. The other day Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I met a very great man, the leader of the Nepalees Community. We were sitting together and he said infront me that the Khasi people were very good divine and because of their goodness, they have allowed us even to exploit them (laughter), and (bell rang). Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, just one very important point which I would like to place before the Government. There are some point pertaining to the crash scheme under rural employment. It has come to my notice that in Mawkyrwat Block there are supposed to be two fisheries to be constructed, I think by the B.D.O. who is the proper agency to do it. But instead of two fisheries, only one has been completed I want to know what is the fate of the second one. The next thing Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, is a sum of about Rs.1 lakh which has been earmarked since 1972-73 for the construction of a road from Tyrsad to Nongspung. the total length of the road is supposed to be 10 kms. but only 2 Kms of the road have been completed.

        Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, somebody had made a mention about corruption. We have had the statement right from the start from our Chief Minister that we will have a clean and effective administration free of corruption. During those good or bad old days.

Shri W.A. Sangma Chief Minister :- When did I say so? I have never said.

Shri S.D. Khongwir :- But you should have said that because I think the Government wants to have a clean and effective administration.

Shri W.A . Sangma Chief Minister :- I simply said that this can be  achieved if only the society itself is free from corruption.

Shri S.D. Khongwir :- I think Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, the hon'ble Chief Minister wants to have a clean and effective administration and I am one with him. So Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, during those good or bad old days somebody  sang the song (bell rang)........... but I forgot the song. It is about a patch of beauty and grace and all of them joined in  singing the refrain (A voice all of us). We have also said Halleluiah or  Amen I want just one more point, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I would like to tell the Chief Minister through you, Sir, that on 7th January, 1974 I has written a letter to him pertaining to the payment of a sum of Rs.74,000 to a contractor who has already been dead. I had written and it has already been acknowledged, because I believe there is no use talking in  this personally an settle things. So accordingly I had written to him on 7th January 1974, about this matter. So I would request the Chief Minister to kindly look into this, and if convenient and possible to kindly let us know about the action taken in the matter. Sir do I have any more time (Laud laughter).

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Now I call upon Mr. Nongtdu.

Shri Onward Leyswell Nongtdu :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, in associating myself with the discussion on the Governor's Address at the very outset, I would like to extend my support to the Motion of Thanks not because the mover is my friend by because I have many reasons behind it. It is also because in the Address itself the Governor had been kind enough to lay down clear-cut policies of the Government in the next year. In the field of sport and games I wish I could agree with my friend, the hon. Member from Mawlai, who said that he himself being a sportsman and that the Annual Sports Meet is not so very important. But personally I feel being a sportsman myself also that the Annual Sport meet is very important  to attract the attention of the sportsmen of the State, especially in the  rural areas. I am very grateful to the Government for hiding the Sports Meet last year at Dalu a village in the rural areas, I feel that such Sports Meet should beheld every year in different parts of the State. But I have also to mention that if sports and games is to be improved in the near future the people need standard play groups in different parts of the State where they can have only one standard play field at Jowai in the rest of the district we have play grounds in different part of the state where they can really practise and get proper training. At present in Jaintia Hills we have only one standard play field at Jowai in the rest of the district we have play grounds where young men can play only with a team of 9 not 11, So, I would like to express that if model play grounds or standard play grounds are constructed in many central places in the State these will really help the  sportsmen to get proper training and proper practice.

        In the field health, I am grateful; to the Governor for his Address in which he mentioned the extension of medical care and facilities in the  rural areas also and I believe the Government will take prompt action to reconstruct the dispensary building in different parts of testate which are at present in a tottering condition. Last year we have had the occasion to discuss the establishment of a Pharmacists Training Centre at Tura but I am sorry in this respect that the institution has not yet been established. I appeal to the Government to establish such an institution immediately so that out young men who would like to get training in this field do not have to go Dibrugarh or any other place in the country. At present our patients who are suffering from cancer have to go to Dibrugarh and some of them are still there at Vellore in South India. In this respect also, I see that out State has the  physical features and climate suitable for the establishment of a cancer institute.

        In the Address of the Governor we find that there is also mention about the administration re-organisation or administrative set-up and here the Government has decided to set up 4 sub division, 4 more administrative units and 2 more districts in the State. I am very happy to see that within a short space of time we have one new district in Jaintia Hills. Mention is made here about the new Ri Bhoi Administrative Units in the Khasi Hills at present, we have only only  one district with its headquarters Jowai. I think the district needs few more administrative units and at least one sub division. The eastern part of the district which consists of a number of elakas is far way from the district headquarter and some villages are for away from the nearest motorable road and as such they have to walk two to three days on foot to come to a place where they can get a bus or a jeep for going to the district headquarter. So, Sir I would like to request the Government to set up at least one sub division with its headquarter at Sutnga so that the people in the eastern part can be brought nearer to Administration and feel that they are close to the officials to whom they can bring up their problem from day to day. Since I am coming from the area where jhumming is still practised I would also like to say something in this regard. Actually not only in Jaintia Hills but also in many parts of the State our farmers are still depending on jhumming. We have seen during the last ten years that the people who depend on jhumming would have to face hunger during most part of the years especially during the summer season, and in  many cases death in such areas occurred during the summer months which may be due to ill diet. I fully appreciate the steps taken by the Government for the experimental project undertaken by the Soil Conservation Department in Garo Hills to replace jhumming by  terracing. Our Government could also make Government realise the importance of the programme of doing away with jhumming and also the importance of re-grouping of village by approving the State Government's programme which no doubt will go a long will go long way in helping the farmers in the rural areas. I feel I have to express here that since very little effort has been made in the past to control jhumming in Jaintia Hills and also for re-grouping of villages especially in areas like Saipung, where the people in the elaka depend wholly on jhumming and most of the villages consist of only few number of houses in scattered places, I  would like to impress upon the Government that regrouping of villages is very essential and such schemes should be taken up immediately so that poor farmers will get temporary employment even in the implementation of the scheme itself and unless some action is taken in this connection, I am afraid during the lean period of summer months those people will face hunger and starvation and famine may occurs. The price of rice as it is at presents, is so fantastic which is even felt by the people in the urban areas, how much more it is being felt by the people by the rural areas. If no action is taken and if no action is taken and if nor favourable employment avenues are created, it would have very serious effect. I feel I would have to subscribe to the opinion of the hon. Member from Mawhati when he expressed about the procurement policy of the Government should procure paddy during the harvest from the that the Government which he had the occasion to say people and stock it in the State itself for selling to the people during people and stock it in the State itself the selling to the people during the summer at a subsidised rate. So also the hon. Member from the Nongtalang has had the occasion to express in  about the  procurement policy of the Government which he had the occasion to say that the Government should procure paddy during the harvest from the people and stock it in the State itself for selling to the people  during summer  at a subsidised rate. So also the  hon. Member from Nongtalang has had the occasion to express in his amendment where he mentioned about the  check on the rise of price of rice and other essential commodities. But I would like to mention here that last year this was the practice at least in Jaintia Hills whose the Government officials had tried their level best to help the officials of the FCI so procure rice and paddy from the farmers and stock the same in the district itself so that the paddy can be sold to the farmers during the summer. But it is also a fact that some of the hon. Members of this august House have had the occasion to speak against the policy of procurement of paddy from the farmers. They have told the farmer not to sell paddy to any Government official who would go to them to buy paddy. They were even told to chase them out of the villages if they dare to approach them. In fact this policy of procurement of rice during the harvesting period is very much helping to the people instead of the harvesting period is very much helpful to the people instead  of the country. So I would like to appeal to the Government  to continue the policy of of procurement of paddy from our own farmers and buy it at the market price during the harvesting period in order to sell the paddy  to our people during the difficult period of summer months and I have seen also in the Governor's Address wherein the Government policy of extension of water supply in the rural areas is mentioned. As it is at present, we have a number of water supply works under construction for supplying pure drinking water to  our people. For example the Sutnga Water Supply, Nongtalang Water Supply Schemes, Shangpung Water Supply Works Schemes and Jowai water Supply Scheme are under construction and we could not get the occasion to see as if we are still under some foreign Government and  not under the Government of the people from our flesh and blood. So I feel that the Motion of Thanks moved by the hon. Member from Rongjeng on the 5th March this year should be welcomed we have also seen  in the address of the Governor  that the Government is setting up  a Civil  Talk force to help the young people in getting employment. I believe the Government will try it level best to implement the scheme so that many young man will get employment under this scheme also. It can be mentioned that the efforts of the Government to constitute many Consultative committees in which the Government will have an opportunity to discuss the problems of the people and will present an opportunity to the hon. Member to bring to the notice of the Government the problems and difficulties of the people indifferent parts of the State. This is a unique achievement and is of utmost importance to have such Committees in our State at the stage. With these few words, I resume my seat.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Mr. Plansing Marak.

Shri Plansing Marak :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I rise to support the Motion of Thanks moved by my hon. friend from Rongjeng. I think the Governor's for coming over here and for addressing this august House. As stated by the Governor that the past years had been the year of stress and strain for economic condition and he has rightly predicted that the same may happen this year also. And that is the reason why the Government has taken up various schemes such as crash and test relief schemes in order to combat these occurrence. But while taking up crash programme I would request the Minister-in-charge to see that it is properly executed because on many occasion when these crash and test relief schemes are executed greater portion of the money goes to the those person like contractors and the villagers do not get any benefit. Therefore, generally when we take this crash programmes or test Relief schemes,  we find that the people who are really deserving and in need of money, do not get benefit. As such I would suggest that instead of giving such assistance through the group leader to spent money for the crash programme or Test Relief Schemes the money should be given directly to the  deserving people. We often find that this group leader used to cash the money for deserving people in such a small proportions that the rest of the  money would go to his pocket as his income. The B.D.O. does not have any alternative to check it because he had got no control over the money  to be paid  to them in cash to their Test Relief Schemes or Crash Programmed. Therefore, I would suggest that if the  Government instead of giving those grants directly to the Group leader, it should give to those persons who really deserved. If this could be done I think we can have a lot of savings. The Governor in his Address has also mentioned about natural calamities and many of the  hon. Members have already spoken on this. This  time and in the last Session also. But as state by the Governor the Government is doing its level best to save the suffering people from natural calamities which cannot be combatted by human being. Government can do its utmost to extend all possible help during those days of natural calamities. I am of the opinion, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, for the  successful combat against natural calamities we need a leader having quality leadership of the person like Joshua whom we find in our Bible that Joshua the leader of Israelites when leading the Israelites to the Promised Land had to come across with a group of people known as the Ammorites. Then came the order from God for Joshua to destroy all those people at a stroke. But when Joshua obeyed the command of his living God, he found that there is not sufficient time to exterminate that race of people from the earth. At this stage the sought the power of his God to extend him sufficient time so that he could destroy those entire people. Accordingly God gave an answer to Joshua prayer and he commanded the Sun the Moon and the Stars to stay overnight until Joshua fulfilled his deed and God's command. Unless it is by a spirit of super-natural power, I am not sure whether this problem could be solved at all. I am happy to see that in spite of fact that it is beyond human control, our Government is trying its best and is exercising its power to save the situation where the low-lying areas of both Khasi Hills and the Garo Hills district have been visited by flood of unprecedented scale.

        Now, coming to the law and order situation in the State, I would like to mention something about the student unrest. this student unrest is the noticeable not only in this State of ours but in the whole of India. Why the students were unrest throughout the whole India? It is because we do not understand their needs their genuine needs. I think it is the responsibility of the Government to see to those needs. At present the students are no longer satisfied with what they had before  formerly they used to spend their times in clubs-singling and dancing, attending Jam Session. But all these thing are not the attraction to the students of today. They need something more what are those? I think it is our duty to find out in what possible way we can help the students. What we find today particularly, in the Tura town Students are roaming about in the streets because they do not find suitable places to spend their time. I would therefore suggest to the Government that he clubs where they can spend their time plying games discussing politics other social  matters singing and dancing and praising mock Parliament; all these are the  are the modern attractions of today student. But at present our students do not find scope for these and so they are unrest. I feel this is a proper time for us to consider these things for the benefits of our students today and  and for the generation to come. Besides that incentives to allow them to visit other State should be given so that they will get better experience of the outside world. I many M.E. Schools and High School we do not have good and latrines sanitary latrine for he student Schools. The other day, the Education Minister told me that he visited one Nepali M.E. School and accidental, he treaded over a night soil contracted in all the  because there was no latrine. Therefore, good latrines should be reconstructed in the all the M.E. School so that students will learn about sanitation also. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, the Governor in his address also has mentioned about border disputes. We have been concussing about border disputes time and again and I do not know what will it tantamount to whether it  would be wrong to call this territorial dispute or border dispute. The dispute in Goalpara and Kamrup Districts, I believe may be termed as territorial dispute which the governor last time has not made any mention in his address to the Assam Assembly.

Shri F.K. Mawlot :- The Governor last time does not want to displease the Assam Government.

Shri Plansing Marak :-  Last year in the Lok Sabha the Hon'ble Home Minister has promised that he would institute an enquiry into the incident that took place in the Border of Meghalaya and the borders of Goalpara and Kamrup district of Assam. One year has elapsed but, bathing had been done in this regard. Again the Governor in his Address last year perhaps has stated that there is no dispute between Meghalaya and Assam and this question has been asked in the Parliament by one hon. Member of the Lok Sabha and no reply was given to that question. Some hon. Members of the Parliament requested the Home Minister to declare those sections of the people living in those borders as scheduled tribes and the Home Minister promised that their request would be properly looked into but nothing has come out of that till now, in spite of the fact that the people of Goalpara and Kamrup district have been harassed like anything and many of them had been detained in Jails, During these days, Sir restlessness is again noticeable in the minds of those people particularly those who have returned from Goalpara and Kamrup Jails, It was my expectation that since they have been harassed, they will not dare to take up this matter again. But on the other hand they have been more and more encouraged and we do not know what will happen because this restless spirit is still there with them and very soon they are going to start their movement again because they are very enthusiastic about it. So Sir, I would request the Government through  you, that before any untoward incidents happen  the Government of India should take serious steps to solve this problem.

        Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, coming to agriculture I would like to request the Agriculture Minister to reclaim more lands both in Garo Hills and Khasi Hills and  while reclaiming lands the Government should bear in mind the irrigation facilities because without water cultivation is not possible. In many parts of Khasi and Jaintia Hills Districts wet cultivable land is still left untouched. Last time, while I was coming from Tura to Shillong via Nongstoin, both on the left side and right side some from Nongdaju upto Nongstoin, I have seen all  along the road right from Nongdaju upto Nongstoin. I have seen all along the road right wet cultivable lands. We have not been able to touch these flat lands and convert them into wet cultivable lands. Sir, the soil conservation Department has taken up some works in those areas and I would like to give my thanks and appreciation to the Government for taking up this schemes, valuable bamboos have been destroyed in those areas. So I would request the Government to preserve these bamboos because in Meghalaya I can see the grove of bamboos in those areas only between Nongstoin and Nongshram. Ever since the birth of this earth, human being have not touched those areas and all the trees and  bamboos are still standing there for ages together. Therefore, I would request the Government to treat them as reserved forest so that no human being will touch and destroy those valuable properties, Sir I have been traveling all over Garo Hills and also some parts of Jaintia Hills, but never have I come across such beautiful bamboos groves between Nongshram and Nongstoin in Khasi Hills District. I think this is so because scarcely we can see villages in those areas and it is my sincere wish that we should now destroy these trees and bamboos but to preserve them as reserved forests so that in times of need we may make use of these valuable properties.

        Sir, now I will come to control of Jhuming. The Government has proposed to regroup villages and it is the opinion of the Government Jhuming. Although there has been such scheme, but we have not been able to make use of it. In certain areas of course the Government has tries to regroup the villages, and unless proper schemes are considered first, I think it may be simply wastage of time  and money to do so.

        Then Sir, while coming to the problems of the border areas, I would like to request the Government to see that all the agricultural produces from the wet cultivable lands in the border areas find a good market. Sir, we can produce a lot of things in our State. In Garo Hills we can produce a lot of pined, but for want of marketing facilities people are no interested to grow them. Therefore, Sir, last time when Expert Commission was sent to Garo Hills by the Government of India, we explained to them that it is futile to encourage people to grow these perishable articles such as bananas, pineapple and other things unless marketing facilities are found for them. Sir if the Government can promise to arrange marketing facilities to the cultivators then we can encourage them to grow more horticulture crops and other perishable commodities.

        Sir, the growing of cashew nuts which we used to call cashew nut incidents in Garo Hills is a warning to our State because while the Assam Government encouraged the people to grown more cash nuts and the people did so in a large number, but Sir, for want of marketing facilities this commodity has been given up by our people now, here in our State. In many places we can produce a lot of pineapple if the Government help the people to get good marketing facilities, In the border areas unless the people cultivate horticulture they will not be able to improve their economic condition. And unless Government help them to get marketing facilities it is of no use encouraging the border people to grow more of these perishable crops.

        Next, Sir I call in line with the hon. Member from Dalu and also the hon. friend from Mahendraganj who have requested the Government to pay war damage compensation to the people in the border areas. Actually Sir, the Government has taken steps no doubt in this regard but they have not been able to finalise it. So I would request the Government to take serious steps in marketing payment of compensation  to those poor people.

        The Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, coming to education, I would request the Government discourage the random opening up of High Schools and M.E. Schools. By opening up a  large number of High Schools we are not getting any  benefit these days. We have got a number of High Schools but through these High Schools very few students passes out and in secondary examination large number of students failed. But in spite of the fact that such things are happening in many High Schools, the people are still trying to open more and more High Schools particularly in Garo Hills. Sir what we need is good result and good education. Sir that is one of the reasons why our young Garo people used to get plucked in competitive examinations because we do not produce students of High quality. Sir these are the days of competition and only those students who are bright and brilliant can be successful in competitive examinations. Therefore, Sir the opening of more and more M.E. and High Schools does not bring any results at all. Instead of helping our young people to grow up in proper way, we are spoiling them. Therefore, what I want to be good to improve the existing ones by posting qualified experienced and trained teachers in these schools. I also would like to request the Government to construct good buildings because healthy atmosphere helps the student to get better education. Therefore good buildings good latrines good play ground mean good education and by supplying all these things we should be able to give better education to our students. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, more development works have been entrusted to the B.D.O. but the other day one of my hon. friends from the Opposition Bench passed a remark that the  performance of the Government has been marred by entrusting the responsibility of executing the development programmes to the B.D.O. whom he termed as blood suckers. it is really regrettable because B.D.O. are the only agents through whom we can execute our programmes. At the same time the same hon. member has regretted that in our state Electricity Board none of the Meghalayans have been included. I doubt why they should be included when there is a remark that the  B.D.O. are the blood suckers.............interruption.

Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy Minister Industries :- On the point of information dir, for the information of the Member and also the hon., Member from Mawhati there are 4 Member in the Meghalaya State Electricity Board out of whom one is a tribal.

Shri Plansing Marak :- What  I mean to say is when the hon. member condemned our own people as blood suckers, how can Government include our own people (laughter) our own tribal people who are born and brought up in the State of Meghalaya and whom he termed as blood suckers? At one time be denied theatricals and at another time he wanted to include the tribal people.

(Voice : who is the Government?)

Shri Plansing Marak :- It is the Meghalaya Government and the B.D.Os are the Meghalaya. So, since he wanted Meghalaya to be included in this State Electricity Board he should not call those B.D.O. the blood suckers who are all Meghalaya and who are our kith and kin.

(Bell rang).

        Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I would like to say that these B.D.O. in spite of the fact that they are termed as blood suckers are doing commendable work in Garo Hills. Of course there are  B.D.O. who are not properly discharging their duties but most of the B.D.O. who have been appoint  directly are taking keen interest and are doing their level best to cooperate with the people and look to their needs. With these few words, I fully support the Motion of thanks moved by my friend from Rongjeng. Thank you.

Shri Manindra Rava :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I am very much pleased to participate in this discussion in support of the Motion of Thanks to the Governor's Address as initiated by my colleagues from speech of the Governor itself, it give us the very picture of the  achievements of our Government of Meghalaya which we can say that it is the mirror of the developmental worked of the Government which we have come across and which the Government is going to achieve. Actually we should feel proud for the achievements of our Government which achieved just after achieving the statehood within a short time, and how much we are going to achieve in our plans and programmes for developmental works. But some of our friends are trying to blame our own Government, but in my own view, I do not like to blame our Government because it is our own Government and it is we the people who are giving better plans and programmes to our people of Meghalaya. I would like to initiate  on our important point which found place in the Address of the  Government in which he pointed out to certain calamities of 1974-75 Actually the year 1974-75 is ........ (Interruption).

Mr. Deputy Speaker :-  Mr. Rava you refer to the Governor's Address, please indicate the paragraph also.

Shri Manindra Rava :- In paragraph 3 of page 2 according to the Governor's Address the year 1974-75  is the worst year in Meghalaya and from our own experience also especially in the plain areas of Garo Hills in which unprecedented floods occurred and this was a bitter experience which has occurred in history of Garo Hills. The standing crops of Ahu paddy and jute were damaged extensively at the flood lasted for more than 3 months. Our plain people have suffered and our government tries to extend help in every possibly way but that is no sufficient for the people as inside cases, we found that some people of these flood affected areas have sold their dwelling houses, their cooking utensils and even should their children. Now there is a great famine in that area. To prevent this famine we should take some preventive measures, otherwise our people will die very soon. According to the  statistical index in Meghalaya only 35% of the people are living under poverty line. But if they go to the flood affected areas you will find that about 95% of our people are suffering and are living under  poverty line. In this connection, I would like to say that for the flood the procurement policy of the  Government has also failed in those areas especially the village Paham Manlakandi Patharkata Charbarapara and Magipara are badly affected in the last flood. Through the Mauza No. V is the granary of the State yet the flood deteriorated the conditions of the people. As such paddy could not be procured and the procurement policy of the Government has proved to be a failure. The result is that the people are now in great hardship. In this connection also I would like to point out that Government have extended some gratuitous relief on the basis of 50% grant and 50% loan. But from the point of view of the people's inability of repay the loan, I would like to request the Government to exempt payment of this 50% loan and given if free to the people. In many villages of Garo Hills the People are suffering very much and now they are trying to shift to hilly areas specially the village Paham and  most of them have now already shifted to near by hilly areas place. But in these hilly place it is not suitable to construct dwelling houses for which the people have requested the Government to provide them bull dozer for leveling the place free of cost. But I do not know what action has been taken so far by our Government. So I request the Government to extend all possible help to this villagers  so that they may not suffer any more. In the matter of communication, I would like to mention about one important road i.e. Tura Phulbari and Phulbari Goalpara and Goalpara Mendipathar road. I have found Sir that from the time of independence improvement work has not been done yet. But just after the achievement of our State of Meghalaya some improvement works have been taken into consideration. But this also has not been completed since 1970 to this date.

Shri W.A. Sangma Chief Minister :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, it will be completed in due course. But it is take-up by the N.E.C.

Shri, Manindra Rava :- Mr Deputy Speaker Sir, I am very much grateful for this information. But whatever it may be I would like to request the Government to take the initiative on this Another point which I would like to mention in about the held-a-million jobs programme. As stated by the Governor in Para 12 of page 17 - ".......this programme is actually quite quite beneficial to our young people'. But in some cases I have see that al the promised have not been fulfilled in time and as such could not meet the aspiration of our young people specially in the case of hive purchase scheme,  I do not know whether it is implemented or it had been dropped. But as this programme would be very much helpful to out young people, I request the Government to look into the matter and implement the scheme at an early date. In some departments  recruitment have not been made as yet. Recruitment should be made early to avoid unemployment problem. At the  same time I would like to mention here that some of our young people specially rave youths complained to me that  some of the officer refused to take them in the Meghalaya Police  Battalion as the officers told them that there is no room for Rava youths in the  Police force. So I request our Government to look into this matter. Another point, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I would like to discuss here is  about the creation of more sub-division and districts. I would like to  suggest that there should be some more sub-division in the Garo Hills District and the Tura Sub-division should be upgraded to a full district and according to the suggestion made by one of my friends I would like insist about the recreation of one more  sub-division in Jaintia Hills specially with Headquarter at Sutnga. At the same time I would like to extend my hearty thanks to the Government for taking decision to set up the Khadi and village Industries Board. This Board will actually fulfill the long felt need of the our Meghalaya people. At present we have seen that allocations of the Industries Department, small and large scale industries are  jumble up in the same department. I think if we could set up this Khadi Board it will be very much helpful and we can start some other kinds of cottage industries with that Board and this will improve the cottage industries. Particularly it will popularise that idea of industrial development among the village people and also to the interior places. So I congratulate our Government for this proposal. On this subject of education, I would like to refer to some points. As one of my friends pointed out to the random opening of M.E. School and High Schools which is burdensome to  our people. So we should step it and instead try to  improve the quality of the education. This is very true of course. But as our State is very backward in education, we should initiate for more educational institutions to provide some good education to our young people especially to the children who should take some improved type of education. Lastly I like to mention about the  Water supply Schemes undertaken by the  Public Health Engineering. Although our Government has some big schemes in hand yet within these three or four years these schemes could bond the completed. So, I like to request our Government to go ahead and make speedy disposal of the worked to provide more drinking water for our people and thus, save the health of  our people. With these few words, I like to resume.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Mr. Jackman Marak.

Mr. Jackman Marak :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I am very grate full to the Governor to his Address, In support of the  Motion of Thanks moved by the hon. member Mr. P.G. Momin, Sir I want to speak on 3 or 4 point. First of all, I want to speak about the border area. So many hon. members have spoken about the difficulties and trouble which occurred every year and every month in the border areas. All of us know the trouble an difficulties of the border people living in the border areas. Sir not to speak too much in the respect but I want to give my suggestion through you, Sir that from 1972 up to 1975 the Government made nice programme for the border area and I am also very glad to see these things the programmes which have been prepared by the Government. I want to suggest that those programmes should be implemented properly and one by one. One thing Sir I would like to say also regarding the road communication. The road communication from Dalu to Baghmara should be improved. Another thing before black topping is taken up on this road one portion of that road should be diverted and this diversion is a matter of the few kilometers as far as I  learnt from the technical officer and I think this officer submitted drawings also in this regards. The roads from Baghmara to Maheshkhola Mahendraganj to Dalu should also be improved. This border road is very very important and if there is no road there is no food for the people of the border areas. If there is no road how can Government sent rice and other essential commodities to the border areas and for our State road is a very important factor Sir, another road and that is from Tura Nongshram Nongstoin to Shillong., This road also should immediately be improved.

        Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, another point is about transport. As regard transport, Sir I want to say that it had made a very slow progress  and practically this has put our State in a disadvantageous position. Regarding this State Transport services, Sir I regret that in all ports of the State of Meghalaya there are no booking rooms convenience of the people of the State. If there are no waiting rooms them our people would have to sit outsides at night also. Sir, here at Shillong when I want to the Motor Station, I have seen that the people are standing there and they are purchasing tickets outsides because there ids no booking office. So Sir, I would request the Government to look into the matter.

        Another point, Sir is regarding law and order. Although I appreciate the law and order situation in the State yet I want to point out that in certain places like Sibbari certain incidents are occurring. How to prevent here I would request the Government through you, Sir to establish one Police outpost in Sibbari and at Chokpot also. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir in page 13 of the Governor's Address, I find that the Government has set up a Forest Department Corporation. This is very good. But Sir I would like to suggest that the Soil Conservation Department should reclaim the land and should make terracing where water is available. If there is no water then it is unless to make reclamation of the land. Just before reaching Anogiri from Shillong to Tura so far I know this has been abandoned and so is the ease with the land at Khanapara. Now this Sir at Darrangiri also there is a new reclaimed land but so far I know water may not available. So if the Department can get water for that reclaimed land it will benefit the people of that place. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, my suggestion to Government is that in future this Soil Conservation Department should see first to the water problem If there is no water facility the Department should no reclaimed the land. We should not speak only on the floor of that House an outside and our public representative should go and see the place themselves. We should not leave it for the officers but let us help them also and we should teach the people otherwise the people of the villages will always try to get the money only. I have experienced about this.

        Another point, Sir is about the power generated from the thermal project at Nangalbibra. Fortunately we have got this project. But Sir, I want to request the Government, through you that his power should be taken to Chokpot which is a very very important place. In 1970, if I am not mistaken, our Chief Minister with Mr. Tarlok Singh of the Planning Commission of India came to Sibbari. While he was at Sibbari, he pointed out the importance of this place as this place will be  junction in future as many roads will pass through this place. so sir prior consideration should be given to this place.

        The last point is on Agriculture Department. All over the State especially in Garo Hills, I have seen minor irrigation works for years together and some of the works have been left undone. We have been discussing that departmental works should be done by the Department and not by the villagers. In Baghmara side survey work had no been done uptil now. I have given proposals for minor irrigation works, but the department has not taken  up  so far. So I would suggest that the Agriculture Department should make a survey immediately in Baghmara side. With these few words, Sir I resume my seat.

Mr. Speaker :- Is there any Member who would like to speak?

Shri Humphrey Hadem :-  May I say something Sir, At the very beginning, Sir I would like to extend my support to the Motion of Thanks to the Governor's Address moved by the hon. Member, Mr. P.G. Momin. But at the same time since the Chief Minister will give his reply to the discussion, I would like also to point out to time clarification which we would like to have during his reply because this Address is more or less only a policy statement and does not include the  details of the activities already done or the future programme to the taken up by the Government. As such, Sir first of all I would like to draw the attention of the House to the last line of paragraph  2 at page 2 of  the address. The sentence reads as follows :-

        "Steps to prevent infiltration of foreign national into our state are being strengthened"

        We would like to know Sir how far the steps taken in the previous year were successful and whether there was  any infiltration after those steps were taken and what further steps are proposed to the taken in the coming financial year. Secondly Sir, we have found that in the Governor's Address para 3 something has been stated about the damages caused by the  flood during the year 1974-75 and some steps were taken by the Government as least to give some relief to those poor victims. But since we do not know for which are the places or for what particular areas those steps were taken we would like to know in the reply of the Government which are those particular areas in which the test relief schemes had been implemented. Why I raise this question, Sir is because as far as my constituency is concerned, I could not find any steps taken by the Government for giving relief to people affected by the last flood. I hope Sir, all of us will not be astonished to meet floods after floods from year to  year. We are taking for granted that the last flood is an exception but in a State whose name has the meaning of "Abode of clouds" I think we expect the rain every year and as such I think flood after floods will be coming. I hope that the Government will take definite and specific measures at least for the prevention of such damages by floods.

        Again, Sir something has been mentioned regarding the administration of  justice and about the setting up of the  Bench of the Gauhati High Court at Shillong but nothing has been mentioned as to whether dates have been scheduled  by the Hon'ble High Court for its sitting in Shillong.


I think it will help the parties concerned if two or three days in a months are scheduled by the Hon'ble High Court for its session at Shillong.  Moreover Sir, nothing has been mentioned about the number of cases still pending with the district Court and the progress made so far for disposal of such cases. Sir we would like to know these also in the interest of the State as a whole.

        Then, Sir, I come to Item No.7 - Agriculture and in this  connection I would like to state that if my information is correct the prices of both fertilizer and  bone meal this year will probably be that of last year. So, I would like to know from the Government if  any steps or any concrete proposal will be brought forward for augmenting the financial difficulties that will be faced by the cultivators otherwise, Sir it nothing could be done to improve agriculture  as already stated by most of the hon. Members that agriculture being the back-bone of the people or the  the life-line of our people, the food position of the State as a whole will be worsened in the coming year. Moreover, Sir if my information is correct there are many tractors and power tillers lying unused on the plea that no drivers for these even been provided. So, Sir we would like to know what steps have been taken by the Government for the proper utilisation of such machineries for the benefit of the cultivators. It was also pointed out in page 6 para 8 that a grant in aid of Rs.2,000 per family for construction of dwelling houses was provided. We do not know the exact location of to selected places and we would be very much grateful to the Government if these also are specifically narrated in their reply.

        In the last line of page 9 the sentence runs as follow :- "My Government have also taken up with the coal Mines Authorities the proposal for mining of coal in Garo Hills with a view to supplying the same to the proposed thermal station and clinker project". Probably, Sir, the the House may remember that there is a proposed scheme for the construction of a cement factory somewhere in Jaintia Hills near Lumshnong and we would like to know some thing about that - whether any plan has been submitted by the Government or whether the Government has already dropped that particular scheme.

        Sir, these are that words which have occurred two times in the present Governor's Address  and these words are "neighborly relations" which you will find in page 10, last but one line of para 1 and the also in  page 16 second line of sub para 22, "neighborly relation" with Assam " I do not say this is a repetition.  It seems that these words carry some meaning behind them and it also at the same time, I may say affect the interest of our State. In Paragraph 12, Sir, you will find mention about the Meghalaya State Electricity board. But still it appears that the maximum power is being given to the neighbouring States in the next paragraph  regarding Assam-Meghalaya border remains as usual since 1972. So, Sir I would personally request  the Government at least to take steps for settling the disputes as for as those areas in Block 1 and Block 2 of Mikir Hills are concerned. It appears that something has been done in the case of Goalpara and Kamrup while nothing has been stated about Jaintia Hills District. The only  report here is that not much progress has been achieved in those two Blocks in the Mikir Hills where the Pnar people inhabit. The last but one point that I would like to state, Sir is regarding Paragraph 27 and Sir it appears that the Governor  has strong faith that with the re-allocation of portfolios and with the expansion the Ministry we will have better attention and some of my hon. friends in their discussion have spoken about the  sports man activities and this and that but I think Sir, something should be done not only for sportsman but for sport-woman also. (laughter).

        But in the re-allocation and expansion of the Ministry no woman was included. It appears that something is lacking in this particular matter (laughter).

        I would like to request the Government to consider this particular matter also. the  last but not the least thing. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir is regarding the expression of those one hon. Member when he aid that he misunderstood the name of some firms which used the word Meghalaya and in support of his contention he cited the Meghalaya Wine Store as an example. Sir not only this particular firm used that term but if you go page 10 and you will find there Meghalaya State Electricity Board which of course is a State  concern. And again if you come to another page you will find another page you will find another  word and i.e. Meghalaya Pottery stores which is also not a Government concern. But the hon. member said that he had a chance to come across that sign board only because he happened to pass through while he was going to the Congress Bhavan. (laughter).

        Sir I do no know why he did no point out to the other firm like Meghalaya Pottery Stores which is just in from of Bara Bazaar. I think every one of us is always going to Bara Bazaar and to me It seems his plea that he was going to the Congress Bhavan is only a lame excuse. It might be that he has also entered inside the Meghalaya Wine Stores also. (laughter).

        So, Sir to avoid all these  confusions, I would request the Government not to allow any private Firms to misuse the name of our State for their particular store, lest our friend might enter inside the demand something without payment. (laughter).

        Lastly I would request the Government to make a vigorous follow upon in all  the proposed schemes in such a way that we will at least have full hope for the development of the State as a whole in the near future. Otherwise the words piche used by my friend will just fit in. so I have every hope that out Government will order the schemes in such a way to that our State will be marching aage' aage'. (laughter).

        With these few words I resume my seat.


Mr. Deputy Speaker :- The House stands adjourned till 9 a.m. on the 10th March, 1975.

R. T. Rymbai
Dated Shillong Secretary,
The 8th March, 1975. Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.