Proceeding of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly assembled at 9 a.m. on Monday, the 18th March, 1975 in the Assembly Chamber, Shillong.


The Hon'ble Speaker in the Chair.

Mr. Speaker :- Let us no begin the business of the day by taking up Starred Question No.1 . since the member is absent, let us pass on the Unstarred Question No.3.


(To which replies were laid on the Table)

Milk production in the Bhoi Area.

Shri Dhruba Nath Joshi asked.

        3. will the Minister-in-charge of Animal Husbandry and dairy Development etc, be pleased to state :

(a)    The approximate quantity of milk produced daily in the Bhoi Area?

(b)    The quantity of milk that goes down daily to Gauhati without being chilled?

(c)    The quantity of milk that is pooled in the chilling plant at naya Bungalow?

(d)    Whether the Government had any schemes to pool the entire quantity of milk that is chilling Plan?

(e)    If, so why not?

(f)    If not why not?

(g)    Whether the Government proposes to take up the task of supply of milk to Gauhati from the Bhoi area?

Shri Edwingson Bareh (Minister, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary) asked.

3.    (a)    Approximately 20,000 liters.

       (b)    Approximately 10,000 liters.

       (c)    Approximately 2,000 liters.

(d), (e) The Government has already instituted a scheme at a the Naya bungalow by installing a Chilling Plant there. But the cooperation from the milk dealers in the area to totally lacking due to which the  entire milk produced at Bhoi area could not be pooled to Chilling plant centre.

    (2)    This is under consideration of the Government.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- Does the Government receive any revenue or tax from the production and sale of milk in the Bhoi area ?

Shri E. Bareh Minister Animal Husbandry and Veterinary :- No Sir,

Shri Winstone Syiemiong :- What were the  efforts made by the Government to draw the cooperation of the milk produces?

Shri E. Bareh Minister, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary :- They have been called many a time and they have been persuaded to give their milk to the Government.

Shri Winstone Syiemiong :- It is done officially or verbally?

Shri E. Bareh Minister Animal Husbandry and Veterinary :- But they have been called to discuss........

Mr. Speaker :-  When the Minister called them to discuss that must be in the official manner.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Could the Minister enlighten us as to what is the reason for misunderstanding or for cooperation that is not forth coming?

Mr. Speaker :- That is argumentative an insinuating. I will give you a second chance and the question should be framed in a straight forward manner.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- Does the Government know any reason why the milk producers have no cooperated?

Shri E. Bareh Minister of Animal Husbandry And Veterinary :- No, we have no information.

Schemes for wet cultivation.

Shri Leywell Nongtdu asked .

4.    Will the Minister-in-charge Agriculture be pleased to state :-

        (a)    Whether the Government proposes to take up scheme to help the cultivation depending on jhumming to change over to wet cultivation?

        (b)    If so, where are those schemes?

Shri Edwingson Bareh Minister Agriculture Soil conservation, replied

4.    (a)    Yes

       (b)    There are three schemes viz.

       (1)    Jhum Control Scheme under the State plan.

       (2)    The Centrally Sponsored N.E.C. Scheme of Didram (Jinari)

       (3)    The Central sector Project on shifting cultivation.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- Are these schemes being implemented? If so where?

Mr. Speaker :- Your question is that whether the schemes are being implemented?

Shri E. Bareh Minister of Agriculture and Soil Conservation :- Yes Sir, in all the three districts of Meghalaya.

Shri Winstone Syiemiong :- How did the Government start those schemes on what basis and on whose initiative?

Shri E. Bareh Minister of Agriculture and Soil Conservation :- On the report of the officer who is in charge of the work.

Shri Winstone Syiemiong :- May we know who is that officer?

Shri E. Bareh Minister of Agriculture and soil Conservation :- The range officer of the Soil Conservation Department.

Shri W.A. Sangma Chief Minister :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I may  got one information, in so far as the Jhum control scheme is concerned we have also requested the Ministry of agriculture Government of India and they are sending a team of experts. They have started their visit to the Soil Conservation Department as replied to by the Minister.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- Who submitted the report for the implementation of those scheme?

Shri W.A. Sangma Chief Minister :- Well Mr. Speaker Sir, the report was submitted by the experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and details of those schemes were worked by the Department and on the recommendation of the Central Government and also on their advice, a Special committee was set upto see the implementation could be executed properly. This committee consists of the officers of the Department of this State Government.

Shri Winstone Syiemiong :- Are those schemes being implemented now?

Shri E. Bareh Minister of Agriculture and Soil Conservation :- Mr. Speaker, Sir,  I will require notice for this question because we have got so many schemes.

Mr. Speaker :- Let us pass on to the next item Mr. Maham Singh to take  the floor now. You may have 14 minutes.

*Shri Mahan Singh :- Mr. Speaker, Sir I would like to support the amendment that has been moved by the hon. member from Nongtalang as well as the  hon. member from Mawhati to the Motion of Thanks on the governor's Address. Mr. Speaker Sir I quite agree with the amendment  that has been moved by the two hon. Member that certain schemes which will really bring benefit to the people of this State, have not been taken up by the Government. Already something has been said by some of the hon. members regarding the de-monopolisation of the G.S. Road. On this issue I remember we have stressed many a time for de-monopolised of this route  for the carriage of goods traffic as it will help better  development of the State. As it is now we find that almost all the most fertile areas of this State could not be touched or opened up. I remember Mr. Speaker Sir, when the present Minister incharge of Transport at one time before he was a minister he demanding the same thing also wanted de-monopolised of the G.S. Road. Then again, Mr. "Speaker Sir, I want also to add  that in the Governor's Address no mention has been made as to the policy of the State Government. This has not been pronounced Mr. Speaker Sir, what do we find in this Governors address is only an enumeration of the various programmes of the Government that it intends to implement and also various schemes and programmes  that were carried out by the Government many years ago. But we do not find any new scheme nor policy or new proposal to relieve the people of their hardship. I consider that this year many of our people are likely to face greater troubles. There will be more inflation there will be more scarcity in so  far as rice and other essential commodities are concerned. Mr.  Speaker Sir regarding all these matters the Government is silent in the Governor's Address. I has been mentioned the Government that the Central Government has introduced several measures to curb inflationary trends and in this respect we find that our  Government is only copying out the measures taken by the Central Government. They have no measures of their own to curb the inflationary trend. So far as rice and essential commodities are concerned, I say Mr. Speaker Sir, that this area we are facing greater hardship as the price of essential commodities and rice is shooting up and registering a very high rising tendency when compares with that of the precious year- because even now immediately after the harvest season, we find that in the market the price of rice was sold at Rs.3.50 pr kg. Last year the price of the rice Rs.3.50 p. per kg only in the month of October i.e. the lean month of the year. But this time it is quite different and I ma afraid there will follow harvest the price of rice shot up to Rs.3.50 p. per kg but even then we find that the  Government has not come forward with knew policies or steps to be taken to check the inflationary trends. Mr. Speaker Sir, I feel that unless the Government adopt some short of sound policy unless the Government is efficient and unless the Government is free from corruption there will be no relief whatsoever to the suffering masses though a few will be benefited but not the suffering masses. Mr. Speaker Sir, I find that the Governor's Address does not contain anything whatsoever with regard to the policy which the Government is going to adopt and also it does not contain anything to improve the efficiency of the administration,. Now Mr. Speaker Sir, if we look at the Appropriation Accounts of 1972-73 what do we find? We find how the inefficiency of the administration of the Government is revealed. According to this Report of the C.A.G regarding the Appropriation Accounts of 1972-73 we find that so far as the non-products departments are concerned they have exceeded the demands and we find that they have always come up with supplementary demands. Mr. Speaker Sir, so far as these Department are concerned, we find that the accounts  are actually manipulated in such manner that the Government may always come to the supplementary of the demands. Now we find in taxes  on vehicles  an amount of Rs.2,99,6000 had been voted by the Assembly but the expenditure for exceeded the voted amount. So is the case with General Administration  Department and district Administration, we find that in all these non-productive Departments the Government always come up with ?supplementary demands. But let us come to the Departments under which..............

Mr. Speaker :- Do you consider that the increasing the pay scales of the Forth Grade employees a manipulation on the part of the Government?

Shri W.A. Sangma Chief Minister :- Most of the supplementary demands which the hon. member referred to include the increase interplay scale of the  4th Grade employees.

Shri Mahan Singh :- But there are other Department like expenditure on issue of free ration and rice concession. I am referring to Grant No.66 which shows that the expenditure can always been manipulated. These amount have not yet been regularised though the expenditure has exceeded by Rs.1,98,848 over this voted amount.

Shri W.A. Sangma Chief Minister :-  But these things  can be brought during the voting on demands for grants.

Mr. Speaker :-But the hon. member may not like to bring them in the cut motion.

Shri Maham Singh :- Mr. Speaker Sir, I only want to press my point that so far as the administration is concerned. it is very inefficient. Now Sir I will point out to the inefficiency of the administration, specially on education. On education a big amount has been surrendered. As amount of Rs.18,48,820 was surrendered on Education (General) and on Education (technical) an amount of Rs.6,93,246 was surrendered. The  reason given for this surrender was that these schemes have no been  finalised. These were the main reason that have been given. We find that in the direct grants to non-Government Secondary Schools non-recurring and amount of Rs.2,88 lakhs has been surrendered. What is reason for this surrender? Now, the direct grant to non Government Primary schools an amount of Rs.2.29 lakhs was surrendered. Now the reason for the saving has not been intimated. We find also that scholarships are not given students. This is a subject in which the students are at present very much agitated. But then we find that a huge amount has been surrendered. Now on scholarships an amount of Rs.3.30 lakhs has been  surrenders and that augmentation of the provision  by Rs.0.93 lakhs under State by re-appropriation in March 1973  proved unnecessary as the actual expenditure fell short of even the  original provision. Reasons for final saving of Rs.3.30 lakhs under State and of Rs.1.19 lakhs under district have not been indicated. Why this scholarship amount has not been spent. Then again, there is another amount under another head that is grant of free Text Book to the needy students. That amount also has been surrendered and the reasons for saving have not been intimated. So. Mr. Speaker Sir, I feel that these amounts ought not to have been surrendered. These things do not occur only in respect of  Education Department, Mr. Speaker Sir, but another Departments also. Now every year we have voted certain amount so that the Government should pay greater attention to the people in the borders. The people in the border areas have been suffering for a number of years. But what has Government done in order to bring relief to these people who are really in great misery. Mr. Speaker Sir, only a few days ago I visited some areas in the border and I found that the people are really in a deplorable condition. Mr. Speaker Sir actually these people were living in plenty in the past but now most of them are on the verge of starvation. Many of them are suffering a lot and they will be susceptible to any illness.

        Now Mr. Speaker Sir it is not only Education Department but Health Public Health Cottage Industries and also with regards to the border are.  We find huge amount has been surrendered and it ia due to the slackness on the part of the Government. Now under the Grant No.78 we find under the communication in the border areas which was so necessary, there is an amount of Rs.3.75 lakhs which had been surrendered because of non-utilisation of the provision and non-finalisation of the schemes and the reasons for the non-finalisation of the schemes has not been indicated even in August, 1974. Now again we find that even the compensation to the local people in the border areas has no been paid for the damage causes to the crops during the year.

Mr. Speaker :- I think hon., Member will get enough time to discuss this matter on the dated fixed for discussion of the Budget. I will allow to you illustrate only a few example enunciated during the debate on the Governor's Address. I would request all the hon. Members to focus their attention on the policy matter which the  Government enunciated and of course you will base your contention more on the Adjournment Motion which you have strongly supported.

Shri Williamson A. Sangma Chief Minister :-  No it is the amendment Motion.

Mr. Speaker :-  Oh yes I meant Amendment Motion.

Shri Maham Singh :- Mr. Speaker Sir, now in the administration of the Government there is inefficiency. I would submit that there is not policy whatsoever laid down anywhere in the Address. Further Mr. Speaker Sir, inefficiency in the  Government administration can be removed. But there is another greater defect which is actually more dangerous and that is corruption. Now Mr. Speaker Sir, we find nothing whatsoever has been mentioned in the Governor's Address that the Government has taken steps to root out his corruption. I would  support the amendment moved by the  hon. Member from Mawhati that there is nothing that has been spelled out in the Governor's Address about any measures adopted by the Government to check corruption in the Administration. Now Mr. Speaker sit in regards to this I would submit that there has been a previous report with regard to corruption that we find indifferent department.

Mr. Speaker :-  In which Department?

Shri Mahan Singh :- In the Agriculture Department. Mr. Speaker Sir, most of the transactions are tricky in nature and the Government has not taken any measures whatsoever to root out corruption. From the report of the comptroller and Auditor General of India for the year 1972-73 we find that here was corruption in Agriculture Department. It has also been mentioned dint he Governor's Address that we should increase the production in agriculture to bring our all round development of the State. But what we find Mr. Speaker Sir, in the actual implementation of the scheme, is that the real benefit does not go to the actual cultivator but it goes to the middleman ; it goes to the pocket of those people whom we call swindlers. I would submit, Mr. Speaker Sir, that there has been no progress whatsoever.

Mr. Speaker :- Who are those middle men?

Shri Mahan Singh :- They are the traders. license etc. We find that the benefit out of the whole scheme or  programmes goes more to those people than to the actual villagers. Now what is the functioning of the  administration with regards to Agriculture Department.

Shri P. R. Kyndiah Minister of P.W.D. :-  Mr. Speaker Sir, I raise a question of propriety? Whether a member can areas out from the report of the comptroller and Auditor General which matte is pending before the  P.A.C.

Mr. Speaker :- I think I have already rules the other day that any hon. Member can quote anything from the report of the Comptroller Auditor General since it is the property of the House. But they should not prejudice the minds of the Member of the  P.A.C.

Shri Maham Singh :- Yes It has  already been placed before the House and I would further say that no comments of mine would likely prejudice the mind of the  members of the P.A.C. They are very able persons Mr. Speaker Sir, they need no guidance and no amount of comments will prejudice the mind of the Members laughter....... then Mr. Speaker  Sir,  another amount for transport subsidy of Rs.5.79 ;lakhs was paid to the distributors by the district Agriculture officer Shillong through the S.D.A.O. Jowai and certain Extension officer without any supporting cash memos as prescribed in the order of the Government issued in March, 1971 nor were other document prescribed in this order were obtained. Sir Rs.13 lakhs were paid in June 1971 as transport subsidy by the District Agricultural officer, Shillong to the distribution at Shillong. And although fertilizers to the time of 263 tones have sold by those distributors to other distributors at Shillong but the amount that was paid previously has not been recovered. then again there was great defect in the implementation of the scheme. From the report of the comptroller and Auditor General......

Mr. Speaker :- You need not quote the whole report of the  C.A.G. you can only bring in some illustration.

Shri Maham Singh :- But they have been sold both during 1970-71, and 1971-72 to various retail dealers and tool delivery at Shillong itself. No money has been paid by the officers. We find that money also remained in the pocket of the officers for a number of years. 

Mr. Speaker :- In the pocket of the officers or in the Government treasury?

Shri Maham Singh:- Somewhere a B.D.O. has drawn a test relieve amount of Rs.15,000. I will find it out just now and he did not pay the people who executed the works for 2 years and he paid them only in 1973. The when we come to another department that is P.W.D. we find that the transaction is carried out by the officers who are so doubtful in character. Now there is a portion with regard to the rate for transport of certain  articles. The contract was not given to the lowest tenderer but it was given to the higher tenderer........

Mr. Speaker :- Mr. Mahan Singh, I think I have to make an observation here. I have already remarked that any report placed on the floor of the House become the property of the House and anybody has the right to quote some illustrations but if you are going to read the whole thing, as if to examine the C.A.Gs report, that is a wrong procedure because that should be a motion to discuss only when the  P.A.C. may be taken up  for consideration but you have gone all the way out of convention. But I have already allowed you to quote some illustrations and not more than that.

Shri Mahan Singh :- Anyway Mr. Speaker Sir, I will only read out just one illustration to show that the Government is treating these matters very lightly otherwise they could have taken steps to eradicate them.

Mr. Speaker :-  In other words your contention is to urge the Government to remove inefficiency and corruption. Inefficiency you have been able to prove but with regard to corruption nobody has really been able to come forward with substantial charges.

Shri Maham Singh :- Mr. Speaker Sir, I would further submit that this is the very nature......(Interruption).

Shri W.A. Sangma Chief Minister :- Mr. Speaker, Sir as you have already correctly pointed out, I think we are going much beyond the convention. As you have pointed our Mr. Speaker Sir that the whole House will be able to discuss the report of the  P.A.C. and it is then that the Government can also taken the facts into consideration and take action. It is too early now to say that Government has not taken action.

Mr. Speaker :- Because the findings of the  C.A.G., have to be examine by the P.A.C.

Prof M.N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir prevention is better than cure and what Mr. Maham Singh has said is purely and example so that there is a prevention rather than cure.

 Mr. Speaker :-  Prof. Majaw you must remember that there are a number of ways by which you a prevent a thing from happening but no t by going our of the way from the contention......Interruption.

Shri Upstar Kharbuli :-  Here is a case which is similar to an operation that is required as soon as the symptoms have been detected. So we cannot delay the operation .........Interruption.

Mr. Speaker :-  But the court cannot sit unless there is a post mortem examination report.

Shri Mahan Singh :- As was said prevention is better than cure, I say that it is very difficult also to remove corruption from the present administration. I will quote another recent case Mr. Speaker Sir when is not in this report of C.A.G.

Shri E. Bareh  Minister Agriculture :- Mr. Speaker, Sir I think that is very severe charge on the Government........ (Interruption). Bell rang.

Mr. Speaker :-  Mr. Maham Singh it is unfortunate that you have said that you want to relate a recent case which is in the report of the C.A.G. That will be a reflection of the C.A.G. which I think should not be brought here on the floor of this House. The report of the  C.A.G. is yet to be examined by the  P.A.C. where the officers of the Government may be able to justify their action. It is only then that you will have a clear picture of both sides.

Shri Maham Singh :- That matter is now before the P.A.G., Mr. Speaker Sir,

Mr. Speaker :- You can quote the case.

Shri Maham Singh :- I want to quote a case which can also how that the transaction is of a shady character. At least the people who are administrating the state to go and commit acts which is not only irregular but also illegal in order to favour some other people. So I must submit Mr. Speaker, Sir that in the P.W.D. a tender was called for the supply of paints by the  Additional chief Engineer. The control was for an amount of more than Rs.10 lakhs and the tender was called on 22nd May, 1974 and the last date of quotation was 25th June 1974 and then we find that the following persons ........... (Interruption).

Mr. Speaker :- You can quote only the number of persons.

Shri Maham Singh :- Yes, Sir, I will leave out the names of the persons. Mr. Speaker Sir, now we find that from amongst the contractors only 3 persons were considered for the supply of paints by the Purchase Board as they quoted and fulfilled all the requirement though they submitted their tenders afterwards. Then the Purchase Board took the decision that the other companies like Maladeo Store, Aluminum British Paints and Alock and Co, will supply the aluminum paints. And Sir, the orders were accordingly issued on 15th October. 1974 and on 30th October 1975 and the supplier accordingly fulfilled the  commitments. Mr. Speaker Sir, another company mahadoe Motor Spares Parts Co. at Tura also received the orders to supply the paints though this particular Company never tendered for the same and though this Company never deals with the supply of paints.

Mr. Speaker :- There is nothing wrong if certain company starts dealing with the new items. Your main point was that this particular Company did not submit the tender at all.

Shri Maham Singh :- Yes, Mr. Speaker Sir this particular form did not submit their tender and the order was issued to them to supply the aluminum paints. Actually the contract was divided into two parts less than half of supply was given to the British paints Co, and the other hand was given to this particular firm which never submitted any tenders. I also know Sir, that this firm belongs to the Marwari in Tura.

Mr. Speaker :- Your submission is with regard to the persons concerned or with the firms concerned. It does not matter whether he is Marwari or Gujarat or Madrasi.

Shri Maham Sing :- Mr. Speaker Sir, what  I mean to say is that though we have found certain tribal parties who are also interested in the supply of paints and other things their cases were never considered.

Mr. Speaker :- Mr. Maham Singh you have two minutes time left.

Shri Maham Singh :- Mr. Speaker, Sir I will not discuss this matter now, I will discuss it latter. What I want to say is that if this Government does not have sound policy and does not have clean administration. that is why it will add to the misery of the people. I has also opened many administrative Units and sub-division. But it will never actually help the masses. It may help a few people. It may help some middle class people who are permit holders but not he masses. With these few words, Mr. speaker Sir, I resume my seat.

Mr. Speaker :- Now all other hon. members will get only 14 minutes may I ask Mr. D. Lyngdoh.

(Mr. Deputy Speaker in the Chair.)

Shri D. Lyngdoh :- Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I am very grateful for the Governor's Address. Wherein he mentioned about education.  In the field of education. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, we are very happy when the Governor in his address said that he proposes to expand the facilities for universal primary education in accordance with the national objective. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I am afraid whether we can fill up according to the national objective since the education in this particular State of ours specially in the primary section, we have different agencies of administration one by the District Councils and the other by the State Government. I do not know whether we will have a uniformity in administration and whether the facilities will be provided accordingly. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir when we  are discussing about education, I am afraid that none of the Minister-in-charge of Education is present in the House. (Laughter).

Prof M.N. Majaw :- Mr. Deputy speaker, Sir I also support this point that neither the Minister-in-charge nor the Minister of the State for Education is present here.

Shri E. Bareh Minister of Agriculture :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, we have a collective responsibility. If the Minister in charge of Education is not present, the other Ministers are here  to reply to the discussions.

Shri D. Lyngdoh :- Mr. Deputy  Speaker Sir, in the field of Education specially in the lower Primary section, we are not very happy at this moment with the scale of pay of the  Government, specially to the Primary School teacher though the teachers are the architect of the new society and also responsible for producing better citizens of the State in the near future. It is also the policy of the Government to fight illiteracy, but I am very sorry to say that nothing has been done to improve the lot of the L.P School teachers. Their pay is less than that of the Grade IV employees and school buildings in the interior area are worse than a cowshed. I think Sir, a cow shed is better than the school building in the interior. Therefore can we expect student from such  schools to take responsibility of the citizens or can such institute produce better students to serve our State? Mr Deputy speaker Sir, I therefore appeal to the Government through you to give special consideration to this noble profession otherwise we can not have responsible citizens from these very institutions which are arose than cow shed. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I again appeal to  the Government through you to give  special consideration to this double profession the teaching profession which most of the hon. Members here belong to that profession and I hope that our hon. Member as well as the people of the State will consider it is a special case for the improvement of the School Teachers in all categories especially in the Lower Primary School where the foundation of education is based.

        Next. Mr Deputy speaker, Sir I suggest that if our Government is to right against illiteracy, I urge that the School Teacher should be given better pay better facilities and house rent may also be considered for the different categories of he teachers.

        The second point, Sir we are also happy that the Governor in his speech has said that my Government also distributed seeds on the 50 per cent grant and 50 per cent loan basis. I am afraid, Sir that though the Governor said that  I do not know who receive this 50 per cent grant  and per cent loan. I think my colleague the hon. member from Mawhati may bear me out that the most fertile paddy field in the district of Khasi Hills is the Umtung Valley of Bhoi area. Sir last year this area was also affected by flood as other areas in the State. Not only that after the floods there were hailstones also. Photographs of all these things have been submitted to the Government. I have also met the Hon'ble Chief Minister in this regard but I am afraid that none of the people from that areas and from Ri-Bhoi area have received any such grant or loan.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- Apply apply with no reply, (laughter).

Shri D. Lyngdoh :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir in the interest of the people and in the interest of the State we may extend our invitation to the governor to visit in person those areas and let it be  assured to all the hon. Member of this House and the honourable citizens of the State as to whether people have received any grant of loan in this regard. Last few weeks, some Agricultural Officer went there and brought a few bags of potato seeds without fertilizer, without anything and that half of the bags of the potato seeds in a rotten one and they said that  the price of the those seeds is about Rs.100 per quintal. Therefore I do not know whether this is half loan or half grant. Why should they spoil their fields with such seeds? Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, through you I may appeal to the Government to look into the matter and let those people those flood affected people actually get their share. If anybody in the State has received then there is no question of the applying and requesting. Since the Governor has already expressed here that there is 50 percent chance of grant and 52 percent chance help. But I do not know whether this is  a long term loan or medium term loan.

Shri P.G. Marbaniang Minister of State Education etc. :- Hundred per cent loan and 100 per cent grant.

Shri D. Lyngdoh :- Thanks you Sir and that is alright but the  question is whether they have received it or not. I appeal through you Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir to the Government to see that these things reach the  cultivation.

        Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I may also mention a few words about water supply. Sir as regards water supply the Government has not done properly. Water supply is a weapon to fight against illness and diseases. Water Supply in most parts of the rural areas of the State is not being looked into  properly. The execution of the different schemes regarding water supply is not being done in a proper way. Sir in the Ri-Bhoi Administrative Unit there is no such scheme worth  mentioning which is executed by the  most Department of Public Health Engineering. This areas is one of the most backward areas a better water supply scheme in this area. But at the moment Sir this very Public health Engineering....... (Bell rang)

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- You will have one minute more.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- Sir this is very interesting...........

Shri D. Lyngdoh :- Thank you Sir for the extension of the time I will therefore request through the Government through you and the Minister in charge. Public Health to have at least a proper reconstitution of the is Department otherwise we  may have no expectation for better achievement. With these few words Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir I take my seat.

Shri Rowell Lyngdoh :- Mr. Deputy speaker , Sir in taking part in the discussion on the Governor's Address and in supporting the amendment to the Motion of thanks, I have but observation besides what the other hon. Member have stated earlier. Though the address in a routine one as has been provided in the constitution yet every State in India and the people every State expert that this should be a policy statement of the Government for the year, Sir we therefore in this House the  people of the State would expect that the Government through this Address would spelt out clearly the policy which it proposed to follow or it implement in this coming year. But instead we found that it is mainly  the narration or an essay of the  past activities of the Government. Sir, very few of course are there which the Government is spelling out its own policy for implementation during this coming year but then many of the  subjects are only the description of the past activities. It looks as if the  Government wants to justify itself before the people of the State about its previous activities and does not dare to spell out what is actually intends to do in future. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, in fact this year, as it was last year, the Governor himself has gloomily expressed here in his address that the  coming year is likely to be a periods of  similar difficulties. The Government as well as we do, admits that this coming year will be a very difficult year because of the economic difficulties of the people of the State and because of high prices of all essential commodities and also of inflation. But when we look at the planning and development side we do not see anything that the Government has ever planned and how it proposes to solve the high prices and economic difficulties of the State. It is stated that a sum of  Rs.14.65 crores will be allocated buy the planning commission to meet the plan project of the State. But this is only of course to execute the projects which have already been taken up. There is no mention at all how Government proposes to solve the economic problem of the State, there is no mention as to how it proposes to provide essential commodities enough for the  people of the State for the coming year and there is no mention how it proposes to check the high prices. But it simply said that it plans to get money from the Central Government to execute the developmental works which have already been taken up  in the previous year. Sir, therefore, I say that the whole picture as the Governor himself has mention in his address, is very gloomy for the coming year. In fact when I go through  this Address I do not find any where any expression that the Government gives encouragement or hope to the people of the State. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, we know that inflation and high price pose a very difficult problem to be solved by our State since it is a national and  international phenomenon but then planning for provision of essential commodities in the State is the entire responsibility of this Government.

        Now, I come to the border issue between Assam and Meghalaya Government has admitted its failure about the settlement of the border issue between Assam and Meghalaya by saying that there is not much progress in  this regard. though we appreciate the attempt to have amicable settlement of any border problem with any neighbouring States, but the way of approach from our Government is not satisfactory. Now about three years past Government has always been telling us in this House that they are approaching the Government of Assam and want to have an amicable settlement by way of friendly talk official talk and ministerial talk. But so far they have not succeeded in doing so. Therefore it proved a failure on the part of the Government and that is why there is not much response from the Government of Assam side. However in this respects during the last few days. I have seen in the newspaper that the people of Assam do not want brotherly relations with our State and they have even started inciting the people in the border. As it appeared in the newspaper the chairman of the State integration Council of the Assam has incited the border people of the Basista areas, by his declaration that the people of Assam and the State of  Assam would not allow any single inch of her sacred soil to be snatched away by anybody. In fact our people in Meghalaya do not want and never intend to snatch away  somebody's land but they have only asserted their right as the Central Government have established this State. Sir therefore I would appeal to the good sense of the people and also to the Government of Assam that they should not being resentment  among the people of the  two States as we are close neighbours. However Sir I would request our Government to immediately investigate the position in that area lest some unscrupulous persons may create problems.  Sir on this border issue I would request the Government to adopt a little more straightforward policy by which it can persuade the Government of Assam to have an immediate dialogue to settle it amicably and at a very short period other wise this will lead always to misunderstanding between the two sister States. In the Governor's Address as I have already stated there are a few things which the Government has really boldly spelled out its policy to be adopted in the coming years though on many things it has only stated about its own activities in previous years and in this respect, it deserves appreciation.

        At page 3 para 4 the Government has retreated its decision to set upto 4 new civil sub-division a few more administrative units and two more districts in the State, We are very glad to have such  policy from the Government and while considering to set up all four sub-division in the State, the place or the areas in the south western part of the  Khasi Hills district should be made a sub-division because the people of many Ilakas belonging to that  areas have been  demanding to have a civil sub-division at Weiloi, Many of  the representatives in fact I thin all the representatives of that area have supported that demand and I hope that while the Government is considering the question of setting up of  on all these sub-division that one demanded in that area should also be taken into consideration. In brief our Government should also open a new sub-division at Weiloi.

        Then I come to page 6 on the control of jhuming. I do not know whether the Government known how far it has succeeded in the control of jhumming. We have seen that much money has been spent through the  Department to have permanent cultivation for these people who use to practice the jhuming and they have even been given grants in aid of Rs.2,000 per family for construction of house around those permanent cultivation area, But then Sir we still find the people practicing jhumming and shifting cultivation and they have cut down all the grasses trees (Bell rang) and scratched the soil in such a  way that forest development cannot be done any more. So, Sir I do not know how the Government has spent much money on this when they could not get  the response of the people. I think it is high time for the Government to bring up a legislation for the control of jhumming otherwise it seems that the Government would simply be wasting money and would fail miserably while the people take the money and continue with jhumming.

        On transport and communication as many of the hon. Members have expressed their opinion, I wish to state that it is really  pathetic that even after two years of discussion in this House where we have bee demanding denationalization of the G.S. Road.............. (Bell rang).

(A voice yes)

        Sir I would like to speak  only on a few more points. Sir the economic condition of the people has been affected very badly due to non-availability of transport facilities over this route because that corporation is providing only a very limited number of vehicles whereas the volume of goods and services is proportionately greater. From here they get their stock.......... (Bell rang).

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Mr. Lyngdoh your time us up.

Shri Rowell Lyngdoh :- Sir, I would like to speak on one more point on water supply.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- You may have two or three points more but your time is up Now Mr. G. Mylliemngap.

Shri G. Mylliemngap :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir I rose to take part in the debate on the Governor's Address and Sir while taking part in the Motion of  Thanks move by the hon. member from Rongreng. I point the chorus by expression my gratitude to the Governor and his Government for elaborating the broad policy during the ensuing financial year. The closing financial year is really a very bad year because of the price hike and natural calamities. But it is heartening to note in the Governor's Address that the Government is quite seized of the situation and that some help are being progressed to help those people. But Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir it is also sad to mention that the damages coursed to the paddy field dams bunds and channels by the unprecedented floods of last year are such that no process of giving help to those cultivators have been since processed not only in the  areas mentioned by the  hon. member from Umroi but in all other areas the damages has vastly affected the people not only in the Bhoi Ares.  Well Mr. Deputy  Speaker, Sir I bring this to the notice of the Government through you so that it may look into this matter and speed up the  work to relieve the people of these difficulties caused by natural calamities.

        Coming to the setting up of the administrative set up I feel not as the  hon. members from Mawprem has stated that it may not solve the problem of the people.

        But what I feel is that when a certain place is developed by setting of a Sub-division Headquarter or an administrative unit Headquarters naturally some other development programmes will also follow soon. But may I put a word of caution Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir that the Government should not thrust these types of new ideas into the minds of the people. Let them feel the need let them have a real desire so that when the  things  come to them  they will  know how to value them. Let them a sense of involvement, let them also feel that the Government actually met their dire necessities. As you know Sir for easy coming easy going nobody will nether much. If you give something just because somebody has  spoken something on the floor of the House of somebody has to achieve some political goal then this may not really help the people instead it creates a sense of disintegration within the minds of the people of the State and even the minds of the people of certain pockets or certain areas or regions may indulge in thinking that they are different from the  areas or region may indulge in thinking that they are different from the  main  stream of the people of the State. Therefore I feel Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir that before the Government frame its detailed programmes  this regard the consideration should be exclusively on the basis of real needs and not on the basis of agitation, not on the basis of political aspiration.

        Coming to another important point Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir regarding co-operation. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir it is stated that strengthening of the Co-operative structure is essential for  improving the socio-economics conditions of the  people of the State. To quote Mrs. Indira Gandhi her speech in one of the conferences that no other instrument or potentially  powerful and full pf social purpose as the co-operative movement. It helps people to help themselves if also enables the State to proviso the necessary support and resources without inhabiting their initiative and individuality. It is the only instrument capable of securing economics of large scale work without generating the evil consequences of economic concentration. Mr. Deputy Speaker  Sir all the  hon. Representative of the this house have common responsibility in improving the economy of the State and we have a role to play to create a sense of awareness among the members of the  society and the awareness of the responsibilities among the public in general to enable our people to have a better future.

        Next I come to another point, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir and that power. It is heartening to note that out Government has constituted its own Electricity Board. I know very well and everybody knows well that new shoes may not give comfort as is expected. It may be correct as the hon member from Mawhati has stated that there is no tribal man or officer in the Board of management of the Electricity Board. But I may not also be incorrect to say that actually there are two tribal people in the Board. If I am not incorrect at the first notification which the Government has issued Mr. Roy was there though his name is very much misleading but he is a very much a Khasi tribal and there is also another man in  the subsequent notification which the Government has notifies, i.e. Mr. S. J. Duncan.

(A voice : His name is also misleading)

        But he is also very much  a Khasi tribal and not c coming from some other country. But Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, this is not the important point for discussion. Actually the important point which I would like to discuss is that in Khasi Hills or in Meghalaya as a whole we have enough potentiality for hydro electric power by at the same time also Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, we have enough potentiality of opposition.

        Therefore, I feel Sir we the representatives of the people have the responsibility to see that the Government is adopting a policy for the welfare of the people. May I remind the House, Sir that the Arab countries are now the riches counties in the worlds because of their power. Therefore, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I feel that we have got enough potentiality of power. We are now having Hydro Electric Project and also we are having a Thermal Project which, if we can actually exploit in this respect, we will be in a happier position. We will be happier because we would be able to supply this power to our neighbouring State; to our neighbouring people. We will be the happier people if we can share our resources with some other States with some other people. Therefore, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I feel that the hon. Members of this august House have a greater responsibility to mould the economy of the State and to shape the destiny of the  State buy exercising their influences and by exercising their efforts, so that we can bring to our people better economic condition. The last point, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir which I want to clear is about the point which the hon. Member from Mawprem has stated and that is regarding the undisguised amount. In this respect I would like to bring to notice of the Government that this is regular fracture occurring in the Block Offices. When I was in the A.Gs office, I remember the first and foremost things that we used to examine was regarding the un-disbursed amount during the financial year and this un-disbursed amount happened to there due to same technical difficulties or some political difficulties as some of the hon. Members did not agree that certain project should be taken up by the Department. Therefore we find that some amount of money always remained un-disbursed but invariably that amount was shown in the Book of Accounts and was indicated in the cash book. Therefore the Government should device way and means as to how to avoid this type of difficulty that retards the working of the Blocks. (Bell rang).

        With these few words, Sir I resume my seat.

Shri Maham Singh :- That is why the amount remains in the book of that office for two years.

Shri Grosswell Mylliemngap :- Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir I mean to say that amount is always accounted in the cash books but it remained un-disbursed. Therefore, it is the duty of the Government to find our a working  method for the same. As a matter of fact they are never unaccounted for.

Shri Maham Singh :- Accounted they may be Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, but the amount was drawn by the B.D.O. but it was not paid to the supplier of materials. this is very irregular and illegal. I am really very sorry that the hon. Member has not understood my point.

Shri Grosswell Mylliemngap :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir I was hearing that he raised a point about Test Relief, but if it is concerned with those supplier bills, I have no point to dispute.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Now I will call upon Mr. Ira Marak.

Shri Ira Marak :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I also rise associate myself in the debate on the Governor's Address, by supporting the Motion of Thanks moved by my friend Mr. P.G. Momin. At the outset, I would also like to extend my thanks to the Governor for the Address that he has Governor the floor of this august House. Some hon. Members from the Opposition have made some critical observation and have given various suggestion also. Many hon. Member from the side as well have made observation with high  appreciation of the various subjects and also on the policies of the Government that have been embodied in the Address of the Governor. I am of the opinion that some mention about the planning policy of the Government has been made in that context of the present needs and present situation. Here we have seen that priority has been given to the different important subject like Agriculture, Health and Education etc. So it is very gratifying to note the ability and strong determination of the Government to take up and implement them for an all round  Socio-economic developmental programmes for the welfare or the people of Meghalaya, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I will come now to Education which is a very important subjects. With speaking on this subject? I would for some time dwell upon High and Middle English Schools of Garo Hills which are  in existent at present of course, I do not have much knowledge about other districts. The H.E. Schools and M.E. Schools which are in adhoc system in other districts are numerous but as I have stated earlier, I would confine myself only to those in Garo Hills district. In Garo Hills District there are a good numbers of H.E. and M.E Schools and so far as my aside knowledge goes, I remember there are 46 and 89 respectively leaving  aside the High Schools of Tura town.

        Now  Sir, with the exception of Tura town if we take into consideration the matriculates produced from these schools it is very very discouraging to mention here that the number of matriculation so  far produced in those  Schools is not even half of the number of High Schools. There are some thing schools which are running more than a decade but have not been able to produce even a single matriculate. Therefore, I say Sir that this is only a wastage of money. I feel than something must be done to improve the conditions of those High Schools. In this connections Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I would like to give a few suggestions which will go a long way to help  and improve the condition of such High Schools (i) Opening of High and  M.E. Schools should be completely stopped for five years because the present number of High School and M.E. Schools has been more than sufficient to meet the present needs at least for five years. Secondly some High Schools should be selected in a year.

Shri D.N. Joshi :- In the State or only in the Garo Hills District?

Shri Ira Marak :- I am speaking only about Garo Hills. Some High Schools should be selected on certain basis of the deficit of the deficit system and that sufficient grants should be given for the construction of the school building staff quarters and hostel buildings wherever it is necessary. A minimum recurring grant of Rs.1,000 per month for maintenance of those schools should be made so the qualified teachers can be appointed and I agree with one hon. Member, Shri S.P. Swer when he said that something must be done from the Government side to guide our boys and girls in a right and proper direction. He said that students studying in the rural areas in high schools whose parents are illiterate and ignorant are just going to schools for the  sake of going to schools. They do not know the advantages that their children may derive from schools in the days to come. They do not see any scope to improve the quality of their learning in those schools.

        As we know we cannot for instance prevent or block the flow of water even in  a small stream by constructing walls or dams permanently. Either the wall or the dam might be broken and ultimately water will take its own course because water cannot remain stagnant permanently in a flowing stream. So Sir, when the student cannot be absorbed in their studies for  lack of some congenial atmosphere environment or for want of necessary facilities which would help  mould their life or which would help inspire them then they will try to seek some other means by which they get themselves engaged. So I can give one instance that out students are innocent and are no politically conscious. But we often used those that they resort to demonstration and strikes, etc in order to push forward some demand by just initiating the self interested politician to serve their purpose. So I feel something should be done to divert their attention in  a proper direction. therefore Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir I would like to give further suggestion by which the mind of our student can be diverted for undesirable and  unwanted immoral activities to a better direction. Our boys and girls are interested in sports an games and here in the Governor's Address also it is stated that out Government is very keen to promote sports and gamed and ports and games facilities should be extended to them. So sufficient ground should be made available for improving sports and games and other facilities which can be given by the Government at the minimum cost. Again Sir some grounds should be made available fo improving the cultural clubs in the villages. So also for improving other extra curricular activities in  our students Government should make available some grounds for their physical exercise. So these suggestion, I think will help to great extent to divert their minds and mould their character.

        Now the Governor's in his Address has rightly  pointed out that the year 1974-75 was one of the worst years in the State with regard to food situation. Because of natural calamities in several places there where damages to standing crops due to land slide and heavy rains. But it is highly commendable to note that our Government immediately took up certain measures to meet the food situation. Our Government helped the people by giving gratuitous relief and test relief and by providing employment to those people of the effected areas. It was because of this measure taken by our Government that we can claim that our State is better in food situation than some other States in the country.

        Then I will come now to the control of jhumming and grouping of the villages. Sir, this is also a very  important subject. I am very happy to note in the Address of the Governor that the important of the programmes for the control of jhumming and grouping of villages has been realised of the Government of India and the Planning Commission. This control of jhumming is a burning problem in so far as Garo Hills District is concerned. We have seen that the Soil Conservation Department has done terracing extensively in many places in Garo Hills district and this has highly commendable in so far as this particular department is concerned. But Sir I feel the problem remains the same because our people  are still unconscious of the importance of terracing. (Bell rang).

        Mr.  Deputy Speaker Sir, please given me another one or two minutes. The people still like to remind wedded to the old methods of cultivation and they feel that this new terracing method will not help them.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- You will get two minutes.

Shri Ira Marak :- Thank you. So, I hope that when this integrated plain implemented properly our people will get more benefit especially our Garo People will become more conscious. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that if our Government receives full support and cooperation from all of us the achievement of our objectives will be possible, Thanks you.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Now Mr. D.N. Joshi.

Shri D.N. Joshi :- Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir while supporting the amendment moved by my hon. friend, Shri  Pohshna. I have certain observation so make. At the outset I want to speak on those points which are very essential for the life and growth of the people at large. That is with regard to the prices of essential commodities prevailing in the market, Sir we have seen high prices are obtaining now in the market of commodities, like rice wheat and other essential commodities Sir, the Government which is committed to the welfare of the whole State had failed to provide the dire needs and necessities of the life to the people. How can you imagine that for one kg of rice and 250 grams of atta the people could survive for weeks together. It is strange. The Government has utterly failed in it a policy to check the clandestine trade in atta and rice, I found that in Bara bazaar there is plenty of rice an atta while in the Government godowns these commodities are lacking. I do no know how the traders in Bar bazaar can get plenty of rice and atta to sell. Where does it comes when there is a strict check on license in the matter of bringing  essential commodities from outside the State? The rice is not of the indigenous quality we can find that it comes from outside. There is no proper check on the part of the Government and by cutting the quota of rice and wheat  to the consumers, the Government is giving incentives to the inscriptions traders to get fattened - in respect of money and they are getting undue profit while the people are suffering. They get better opportunity to earn a lot and in the Governor's Address I find that here is not scheme enunciated to check the spiritually rise in prices and to supply more essential commodities to the consumers. As one of the friends has already stated the Governor's Address is a narration of works already done but there is nothing new that is being enunciated, no new policy is given in the Governor's Address which give s a ray of hopes in the minds of the consumers. Sir, in this  House and on previous occasions, Government had come out with assurances that as soon as delimitation constituencies in the Shillong Municipality is finished elections would be held and the civic  right of the people restores, but the Governor's Address is conspicuously absent and silent in this matter. I believe the delimitation of the constituencies is already over and with all  respect to officer-in-charge of the Municipality who is an efficient officer I must say that Government has not right to deprived the people of Shillong town of their legitimate civic rights. Election to the Shillong Municipality must be held. No plea given by the Government for not holding the election to the Shillong Municipality  can bring home in the minds of the people. There are great doubts that Government is dilatory in the matter of election to the Shillong Municipality. So I appeal to the Government through you Sir, that the sooner the election  is held the better it is for the Government and  for all because thereby the  civic right of the people of Shillong town will be restored which the Government have taken away for more than two years.

        Sir in the matter of employment much ahs been said in the Governor's Address but in practice nothing has so far been done. I find the employment opportunities to our boys and girls who are the native boys and girls of the State of Meghalaya are denied. Recently I heard and I had the  occasion to learn that in the P.W.D. certain recruitments were made. Some engineers were employed and most of them came from outside the State and they were not employed on contract basis. They are employed on permanent basis. Our boys and girls are under training  and when they come out after passing out they will not get the chance or facilities to enter into the Government jobs because those jobs are already filled up by people from outsides the State and they have been given permanent posts. There are tribals and non-tribal who are under training here.  So I would like that in the matter of employment emphasis must be given in giving employment to the children of the soil.

(Voice-What do you mean by children of soil ?)

Shri D.N. Joshi :- Those people who are born and brought up in this state the indigenous people born and brought up in this State of our own and the people who have adopted Meghalaya as their home. Sir the Government has also a policy of giving 80 per cent employment to the tribal  and 20 percent to the non-tribal including Scheduled Castes and other tribes. But when people from out side the State are given employment and when we enquire about the number of non-tribal people employment in this State from among then in-tribal of the State Government gives out in the statement that there are non-tribal  in the list of the Government servants but now many of them are really non-tribals of Meghalaya? I am constrained to tell this house through you Sir that very few non-tribal from our Stat have been employed by the Government. There are non-tribal people serving in this Government but most of them are from outsides the State. So I urge upon the Government through you Sir, to look into this state  of affairs and device ways and means to employ the genuine Meghalayan non-tribal also in the Government jobs. This morning during question hour the Minister in charge of Veterinary was kind enough to say that milk producers of the Bhoi area are not giving the cooperation t o the Government but  I say Sir the producers are giving all cooperation to the Government and in matter of giving incentives to the local grazing the Government utterly failed. They have got some big projects l like the Indo Danish project they may be having all those but those people who are already in the trade are not getting due assistance from the Government as the  Government has not though told assisting and pulling up the grazers in proper manner, Meghalaya would have doing the jobs in their own way since long. Had this Government taken upon a scheme assisting our local grazers in proper manner, Meghalaya would have earned much more  revenue from this sector than from any other  sources. Our State is ideally and  suitably situated for the establishment and development of dairy projects. But from the side of the Government nothing so  far has been done. I have also drawn the attention of the Government several times to the need for creating grazing  colonies. But the Government  has not been done so and the grazers and the cultivators very often come in clash just because there is no grazing colony. They cattle will have to come to paddy field for grazing colonies. So I suggest that there should be grazing colonies and ample scope and assistance should be given by the Government so that those people who are already in the  trade may develop economically and I am sure that they will develop the resources of the State also. Sir I have seen in the Governor's Address that effort are being made from the side of the Government to make this State an industrially advanced State and on industry, i.e. Mawmluh Cherra Cement Company is already there at Cherra and this year I have learnt that schemes have been taken to expand it and some works costing some seventy lakhs of rupees are going to be undertaken and tenders have been called for. But I am surprised to know that the  management wants to give the contract to one party only. Our contractors from this State will not be able to take the contract of Rs.70 lakhs and it will be really to much for them. Naturally some agents or contractors from outsides the State will have to come for this big contract and  result will be that most of the profit will go outside the State. Therefore I urge upon this Government that this contract may be fragmented into many parts and be given to our local contractors.

Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy Minister Industries :-  Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, Sir may I ask the hon. Member as to what contract is the referring to?

Shri Dhruba Nath Joshi :-  Well Sir I have learnt the expansion works in respect of Mawmluh Cherra Cement Company are going to be started and seventy lakhs of the  rupees will be spent for this work and tenders have been called for the construction of building road  and for installing the actual machined which will cost Rs.70 Lakhs. Therefore, if the contract is given to outsider then the actual profit will go to the outsider. Therefore, I want it fragmented into seven or fourteen parts  so that out people may get the opportunity of having the share aha getting the benefits out of this. So with these few observations. I again want the Government to be vigilant enough. I want them to sincere in giving all sorts of  facilities to out people in the  State and to see that the people do not suffer for want of food, employment and other necessities of life. Thank you Sir,

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Now Mr. R. Momin.

Shri M. R. Momin :-  Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I rise to support the Motion of the Thanks moved by hon., Member from Rongjeng and I am very much satisfied with  the statement contained in the Governor's Address and I would like to touch a few point which I find necessary. In the first place in the Governor's Address mention  was made about the natural calamities which had been posed by the heavy flood last year and I think it is all over the State of Meghalaya that we have suffered from these heavy floods. But  I am also glad to note that the Government is trying its best to give relief but some relief works to the people have not been competed yet. There are lots of thing to be done in this regard. In my constituency, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, one river known as Darong has caused a lot of erosion and it is now running across the  lovely paddy fields which are cultivated by the people  of that area. It is rather difficult for this Government to take up all these relief works but even then I would like to urge upon the Government through you Sir, that whatever relief work is possible this Government  should do as early as possible just like repair works construction of dams and retaining walls etc.

        Then Sir, I would like to say that I am very happy to know that the Government is thinking of setting up two more district and four new sub-division in order to improve the administration in the State. Here I would like to point out Sir that in my own block, I mean in my own areas, the people are suffering because of the fact that the lasker elaka is actually contiguous  to Dadenggiri Block but it has been tagged to Reshu Block an whereas  Reshu Block goes to Simsanggiri subdivisions for administrative purpose. So I would d request Government to look into this and of possible to bring this laskar Elaka and take them to Dadenggiri Block for better administration and for better development work.

        Regarding development and planning, I have much to say but then Sir, it is very heartening to note or rather we are very happy that the Meghalaya Electricity Board has come into being and this is our great achievement and this will be able to supply power sufficiently for the industries which have come up and which will be coming up in the near future. But one snag Mr. Deputy speaker Sir, is that the electric poles I mean the transmission line which is coming from Nangalbibra to Tura the Headquarters of the Garo Hills district is often disrupted because of the fact that these electric pole through which the transmission line is brought are mostly old though they are as trees. They are often destructed by elephants and sometimes they are damaged by fire. So Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I would like to urge the Government through you Sir, that if possible and as early as possible R.C.C. posts should be  provided for this transmission line specially from Nangalbibra to Tura that this power will  not be disrupted again in the future.

        Regarding the industrial development and  mineral resources the Governor's has stated correctly that two have stated quite a number of industrial unit and considerable progress has already been made in this field and I must congratulate our Meghalaya Industrial Development Corporation and it also deserves a pat on its back.

        Then, Sir, I come to education and promotion of sports. I do not have much to comment on this but I would also like to support the statement made by Mr. Ira Marak who has have said the certain basis must be there is giving grant and also be select certain schools for giving grants for building and other purposes. Here Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I would like to mention that I have also been feeling that there has been some injustice done to certain schools in the matter of giving grant in  aid to them are run or headed by  really expert Headmasters who are Sir all the schools are headed by really  expert headmaster who are very good politicians. Who are very good educationist and very good manipulators (laughter). They come to  Shillong and convince some officers and they carry with them lion's share for their school (laughter). So Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, what mean to say is that, if the  Government have certain basis fro selecting such schools for giving them grants. I think the  requirement of certain school which really deserve grants will be met and this is another improvement which can be made sometimes even from the district level they approached the district authorities school authorities and although these  schools are not functioning well as  I have said they get grant because of the smartness of intelligence applied by that school secretary or Headmaster whereas certain deserving  School do not get any grant at all. So Mr.  Deputy Speaker Sir I would like to urge upon the Government through you to stop this practice and such instances or such manoeuvres should be stopped and really deserving schools should be given grants. 

        Then regarding Assam Meghalaya border, I would like to say that although Government has been quite sympathetic with the cause of the people living in the border areas bordering Assam awe have even been able to do much to mitigate their regarding, but I am glad that the Government has but forgotten their case and the governor in his Address has also mentioned about the people living in the border including with out  sister of Mikir Hills District and also the Garo People living in the Kamrup and Goalpara district .This is thorn in our relationship with our sister State and I hope this will be solves amicable in the near future. Here one thing I would like to say. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, in that even now certain buildings are bring occupied by the Government of Assam and our own State is being put into difficulties. So, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir  I would urge upon the Government through you, Sir to take action in this regards and these building should be taken over by our State. As I said before I have nothing mush to say I quite appreciate the policy laid done by the 'Government and also as contained in the Governor' s Address, the Government of Meghalaya on the whole in spite of many handicaps like shortage of fund and resources and also lack of technical personnel and experienced officer but with a few that the Government has it commands is doing well  I would say that the Government of Meghalaya deserves a big "chabas". Thank you Sir. 

Mr. Deputy Speaker :-  Mr. Raisen Mawsor.

Shri Raisen Mawsor :-  Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I would like to associate myself with the  views expressed by my friends from this side and support their amendment moved to the Motion of Thanks. I would like to speak on some points. First of all the Nongstoin Sub-division Sir,  is a poor area. The people from this area are being affected every year by diseases like malaria cholera small-pox and chicken pox and many people died.  And there is another more dangerous disease and that is Leprosy. I am sorry to say that we have got only one dispensary at Nongstoin and people from other parts of  sub-division have to go in foot this dispensary. So Sir I request Government through you to look into  this matter and to open  one State dispensary between Nongstoin and Lyngngam areas.

        I come to point No.2 Sir and that is food supply. In Nongstoin sub division , so far as I remember in 1973-74 in the month of June we have got allotment of 1.500 quintals of rice per month. But as far as I remember sit the actual allotment that we have received is very less. Sometime 8000 quintals per month  sometime 500  and sometimes 4000 quintals per month .As you know, Sir, Nongstoin areas is a big area and the people last  year have suffered very much and  again last  year due to heavy rainfall supply of rice to some villages was cut off. therefore I would request the Government to allot more rice for the Nongstoin Sub-division as in the Nongstoin Sub division there are 104 permit holders. With this small allotment of 500 quintal or 600 quintal per month it  is very difficult to distribute it among these 104 permit holders. Sometime one permit holder got only 1 or 2 bags of rice. Last month one permit holder go allotment of 2 bags of rice to this centre. The people made complaint to the S.D.O. The man confessed that have has already solve I bag of rice and I bag of sugar at Nongstoin because the carrying charges at Rs.6 by truck from Nongstoin to Sonapahar and from Sonapahar to Nongdaju at Rs.8. The total comes to Rs.14 from Nongdaju to transport one bag of rice or sugar he had to engage cooliess at the rate of Rs.25 for two days. Thus he had to incur an expenditure of Rs.39 for bag of sugar till it reaches the centre of distribution. therefore for three bags of rice or sugar an amount of Rs.117 had to be spent from his own pocket. I would therefore request the Government to grant transporting rice and sugar to the Nongstoin Sub-division as it was during the time of the Assam Government. From my experience  in the Nongstoin Sub-division especially in Lyngngam area which I visited the people are suffering a lot  So I request the Government to give mere allotment for Nongstoin sub-division at least to the extend of 2000 quintals fo rice per month. This year the allotment was only 800 quintals or sometimes 500 quintals only. So I would request the Government to kindly look into this matter.

        Now I come agriculture. Agriculture is the most important depart as 90 per cent of our people in the rural areas are depending for their livelihood on agriculture. But for the last 3 years we have seen that no officer ever visited the  area from the Agriculture Department. So I request the Government to send the officer to visit the area and to find out the cultivable land in Nongstoin Sub-division.

        Now I come to Soil conservation. I should first thank the Government that this year in Lyngngam area, step have been taken for the control of jhumming and re-grouping of villages. I do not think that the work can be completed within this financial year. Therefore, I request the Government to continue the work in later years  and I hope it will be successful with these few words, Sir, I resume my seat.

Miss. Percylina Marak :-  I rise to support the Motion of thanks to the Governor's Address moved by the hon. member from Rongjeng. I also extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Hon'ble Governor who has kindly consented to come over here and address this august House. While appreciating the plans and programmes laid down in the Governor's Address I would like to make a few observations. first I would like to say something about education. In the forest instance, I would like to support suggestion made by the  hon. Member. Mr. P.K. Marak who stated that opening of new middle and high schools should be stopped for the time being . But the Government is requested to say more attention to improve the existing schools. Secondly, I would like to refer to the sanitary conditions in the Government M.P. Multi Purpose School at Tura. Now the sanitary conditions in Tura .Government M.P Schools are in a bad condition. So I request the Government through you to improve these sanitary condition in that very institution. The hon. Member Mr. Swer and Mr. Ira Marak have requested that Government should take further action to encourage our young boys and girls who are studying in schools and colleges. So while they are getting educated in their own class rooms. I would like to state for all-round developments that extra curricular activities are also very essential. I am glad that or Government has been keen enough to show special interest in sports and games and along with this. I would like to suggest to the Government to provide for more extra curricular activities in different institutions especially in the Garo Hills district these activities have been carried out practically in the past years. So I would like to request the Government to take necessary steps to encourage these activities so that our  students will no misuse their talents.

        Next I would like to say something about the nurseries. Here there are some nurseries but these pre-primary schools are being managed by untrained teachers. So as I have spoken in the last session, I would like to request the Government to send these pre-primary teachers for training if not within the State then somewhere out side the State so that  they can give real education to our kids.

            Sir next I come to para 19 of the Governor's Address. I will quote It my Government will extend financial assistance to the district Council Regarding this I would like to say something on primary education-(after the pre-primary education) which is also very important (after) Sir in order to improve our primary stage of education I think our Government should release al funds or grants in aid to the District Councils in time I this connection, I would like to request the Government to release funds or grants in aid sanctioned to the Primary Schools Teachers quarterly which comes upto Rs.18 lakhs, where as the total expenditure comes to about Rs.54 lakhs a year. Along with this I appreciate the action of the Government as has been mentioned here that the Government decisions to place the services of  Sub-Inspectors and an Additional Deputy Inspector of Schools at the disposal of the District Councils. So if the funds or grants in aid are released or sanctioned in time and if these services are transferred to the district Councils, I am sure our Primary Education will have much improvement in the near future. Last but not the least I would like to say something about the socio-cultural activities though these have not been mentioned in the Governor's Address. But I think these have important. Sir we have struggled to achieve our statehood to retain our tribal identity. But now it appears to me that our cultural heritage is  dis-appearing gradually. While we were in Assam we has the hills and plains Festival almost every year. Likewise I would like to suggest or request our Government to exchange such cultural festivals within the State. By having such a programme I am sure our people the Meghalayans will heave feeling of one ness which will help to foster  and develop our cultural heritage. By this I think we can improve and preserve our national dress our inherited folk dances music etc. with these few observations I resume my seat thanks you, Sir,

Mr Deputy Speaker :- Mr. Upstar Kharbuli. He is absent.

        Now, Mr. Choron Singh Sangma.

Shri Choron Singh :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir I have not much to say but I rise to support the Motion of thanks to the Governor' Address moved by Shri P.G. Momin the hon. Members from Rongjeng. I am grateful to the Governor for mentioning the Government's Programmes and policies. While appreciating them I would like to say something regarding the civil sub-division at Simsanggiri. Regarding the administration at  Williamnagar though it is not three years past but there is no court functioning nor the Treasury nor bank not well equipped civil hospital. So the people of Williamnagar are not facing much difficulties. For any purpose they have to go to Tura and then return to Williamnagar. So, I would liked to request the Government in this regard that Government should take bold steps so that the people of Williamnagar or the  surrounding villages should not have much difficulty in  future because even up till now we are not getting any banking facilities and other facilities.

        I now come to another point transport. In this regard I endorse Mr. Nimosh Sangma's statement but in doing so, I would like to propose that another State Transport Bus should be provided direct from Shillong to Williamnagar could get transport facilities.

        Regarding road communication the construction of road from Rongrenggiri, Nangalbibra Simsanggiri is also in progress. This roads is very very important for Nangalbibra and the Surrounding villages because if these road is completed the people will be able to come to Williamnagar easily. So I would request the Government to take action in this regard. Another suggestion that I would like to give is to proposal for construction of a new road that is Samanda, Magapgiri to Rongreng Hat via Magagiri-Rongriba. Regarding this road a proposal has been given to the Government but no action has been taken yet. When this road is completed it will be very helpful for the people of Rongreng Rajabala and many other villages. The  people will be able to come very easily to Williamnagar for any purpose I would also request the Government in this respect to look into the matter with these few words, Sir I resume my seat.

Shri Y. Fuller Lyngdoh :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, in supporting the amendments to the Motion of Thanks to the Governor's Address moved by my hon. friend from Mawhati and Nongtalang, I have only a few observations to make. Sir it is really appreciable that more district and civil subdivisions are to be created in the State of ours. But in this connection, Sir I would only like to urge upon the Government that the demand of the people from the different areas should be fully considered and that also without partially. In this regard I also like to urge that demand or creating a Mairang Civil sub division with its headquarter at Mairang should be considered and accepted.

        Secondly, Sir coming to animal Husbandry it is stated in the Address that the Government will continue to implement programmes already taken up tin the animal Husbandry sector. In this connection, Sir I have found that the Government is not at al serious in  implementing the policy and programmes which the Government itself has promised on the floor of this House. The Mawnai Sheep Breeding Farm in my constituency is a farm  which has been started since the time of the Government of Assam. But looking at the condition of this farm it is really very sorry to note because it seems that the Government is not at all paying any attention to improve the condition of Breeding Farm. So I would request the Government through you, Sir that more attention should be paid to the existing farms so that progress in animal Husbandry can be made.

         Coming to health I have seen that in the Address it is mentioned that improvement and upgradation of the existing Primary Health Centres  dispensaries and Sub-Centres had been taken up. But during my last visit a few weeks ago to the Bhoi area in Nongkhlaw Syiemship I found that the people of Patharkhmah are very much anxious to see that a primary health Centres in this area is to be stated soon. I know Sir that the land was given free of cost by the Syiem of Nongkhlaw and planned estimate for construction of the building had been submitted. But building of Primary health centres at Patharkhmah are not yet constructed, where as building or other Health Centres in quite healthy places like Pomlum are almost complete needs  of the  people there and in this connection, I urge upon the Government to start the Primary health Centre at Patharkhmah very soon so that it will help the people of that area.

        Now, Sir coming to the Assam Meghalaya border. I would like to make a few observation. The Governor in his address did not mention anything regarding the Meghalaya Assam borders within the district of Khasi Hills he has of cause mentioned about the border with Mikir Hills in Block I and I and also the Goalpara and Kamrup borders of Assam. But nothing has been mentioned about the Kamrup borders on the other side of the  Khasi Hills district.

(At this Stage Deputy Speaker vacated and Shri Grosswell Mylliemngap Chairman took over the Chair.

        The people of those area are suffering very badly because the Assam police fo not allow them to carry even 2 kilograms of rice which they purchase from Borduar and Kyrshai, the local markets of that area. That is the reason why the people of Khasi Hills district living in the Kamrup border are facing great difficulties for want of food and essential commodities. In this respect, I would urge upon the Government to take necessary steps to help the people its own people who are living those areas bordering the district of Kamrup in the State of Assam.

        Lastly, Mr. Chairman, Sir I want to say something about tourism Reading through this Address of the Governor. I do not see that anything has been mentioned about tourism. There are many beautiful spots in this State of ours which can be developed and wherein tourist from abroad and from other states in India could come and visit these beautiful spots. But no development has been made and it seems that the Government is not paying attention in this regard. However I expect that the new Minister who has just taken over charge of this department, (bell rang) will take necessary steps to improve tourism  within the State. To mention only a few examples, Sir in my constituency there is a very famous rock known as the Kyllang Rock where the people from within the State are coming in hundreds and thousands every years to visit this famous rock. But I was rather at a loss to understand why nothing has been mentioned about tourism at the Governor's Address. I would therefore suggest that some shelter be constructed on the foot of this rock for the visitors and tourists so that it may help them to get some refreshments and retirement after climbing this rock, Moreover, Sir I would also suggest that a Tourist's Bungalow be constructed in the nearby area so that tourist who come from abroad can have their lodging in this bungalow. with these few words Sir I support the amendment move by my hon. friend. thank you.

Mr. Chairman :- I now call upon Kharbuli.

Shri Upstar Kharbuli :- Mr. Chairman Sir, I would like to support the amendment to the Motion of Thanks as moved by the two hon. member, Mr. Pohshna and Prof. Majaw. Besides what most of my friends have spoke I have got a few more comments to offer here. First of all, Sir I feel that this Address of the Governor is not very much of an Address which has expressed the policy of the Government but rather I feel and I agree with the expression made by the hon. member from Mawkyrwat that it is  more or less  like a Progress Report or some of booklet which is not so very encouraging.

        Sir, coming to the policies of the Government, I would like first to touch again this fact that there is no mention what so\ever about the good Procurement policy of the Government. At least, I feel that we should have compensated something if some policies of the Government are adopted in respect of Agriculture branch, when I went through this Address at page 5, I find as was mentioned here that the Government do realise the fact that potato is one of the most important commercial crops in the State. I am, very much happy to know that. But one thing which I could not understand is that not actual implementation has been so far discovered in this respect. There is nothing which is very encouraging but rather from what I heard it is a sad state of affairs that for a particular region where there is intensive cultivation of this potato the farmer are facing great difficulty. I have in mind those areas under the Mawryngkneng Development Block We have heard a lot about the difficulties of course experienced by the Government and also by the farmers in their relation to the FAMCOS which have got members of about 3000 or something like that in strength. But what I feel very unhappy is when I learn that the members of this society are not having good relations with the Government. Sir the people in general are made to suffer because the Government has blocked further help to the people hailing from that area without considering whether they belong to this Co-operative society or not. When those people approached the Bank authorities even for a small loan the first thing they heard from the banking authorities was that they were asked whether they were from that area or not. I once the people reply that they are form that area then they are told the Bank cannot give them any loan of extend any financial assistance to them due to some reasons that the people of that area have not bee able to repay the loan granted to them earlier. But Sir as I said without considering as to whether those people had any hand in that society or not the banks will just simply deprive them of any financial assistance whatsoever. So I feel that this sort of thing does not help the those people all. I think of our Government is really sincere in giving help to those people they should not punish each and every one who come from that area.

Mr. Chairman :- But I have seen  Members of that are still getting loans.

Shri Upstar Kharbuli :- That might be true. But to my knowledge the people from that areas used to complain that they used to approach the bank and were told that no loan or financial help could be given to them. So Sir I would like to request the Government to look into these things and I believe it will really be a good thing if Government are trying to help those people.

        The second point I would like to touch here is with regard to industrialisation policy of the Government. Going through this Address I find that even on its face value the policy sounds very nice but what we had in actual practice is that most of these industries in private sectors are managed by people from outside the State. So what I am apprehensive in this respect is that much has been done to promote industrialisation and much has also be done to have more industries with a view to giving better scope of employment opportunities to our young people. But I don't not see any reason or wisdom for encouraging people from outside that  State to comely and set up industries in our state especially in the  private sector. I know that in course of time these outsider will simply take advantage of the situation because as is the normal procedure Government will have to help such outsides companies to set up certain industries by way of sharing or contributing to the capital investment of the companies shares 50 per cent the Government would share 49 percent and the differences would be only I prevent and what is going to happen to that 40 per-cent contributed by the Government uncertain. Therefore Sir, what I of time, people from outside the State can do anything they like although at the beginning they might promise our Government that they will try to absorb only local people for employment and so on and so forth. Yet Sir in course of time by pleading that the Company has failed or that the Company is not very productive or cannot run in a profitable manner because of high cost of labour and this hand that they may appeal to the Government to allow them to bring in labour from outside. Otherwise they will say we shall not be able to pull on with our concern. So I feel that we should not be blamed and from this angle Sir our Government should rather be very vigilant before they go ahead with encouraging people from outside to set up new industries here in our State. I also feel that we should be ready to help  our local people who aspire to set up such industries and Government, should first consider the application of our local persons who would be forth coming for setting up industries and who would be staying there for ever and ever.

        Another point, Sir, is about the plight so our tribal friend the tribal employer who are still serving in place outside the State. Here we  have seen that the policy of the Government is that they are trying or making all attempts to being them here and absorb them in carious establishments other than those of the State Government itself. For instance it has been mentioned here that arrangements have been made to absorb them in Central Government offices and other organisation in Shillong. But I feel that this policy is not very clear. What is going to happen to these people. Suppose they are asked to be released from the Government of Assam and then will be place tin any office either in the Central Government or in any other office other than the State Government office normally they will have to come as on deputation there but once those Central Government office have no more use of their services they will have to go back to Assam. So I feel that if Government is really anxious to help them they may try to absorb them in State Government offices. Let Government bring those people into the Meghalaya Government establishment so that when they are deputed to the Central Government Offices and other organisations on deputation they should be least ration their lien in the Meghalaya Government and when they are no longer required by those offices they can always come beck. (Bell rang).

Mr. Chairman :- Your time is up.

Shri Upstar Kharbuli :- Thank you Mr. Chairman, Sir,

Shri Samarendra  Sangma :- Mr. Chairman Sir, I rise to support the Motion of Thanks moved by Shri P.G. Momin the hon. Member from Rongjeng I am very much doubtful whether I will be in a portion to place my observation in the right way because of the handicap of language. Any way, Sir I will  try level best. In the Governor's Address at page 15 para 20 there is a mention that the scheme of extending transport subsidy for marketing of the border products as well as for reaching essential commodities in the  border areas with view to making them available at reasonable rates will continue during the next years as part of the State Plan. Mr. Chairman Sir, in this regard I want to point out from what I heard that the tenderer will or border subsidy for trade-in rice have been kept pending at present at the supply office, Tura Garo Hills and they have been worried that the money will  be surrendered to the Government without any payment to their bills. So Sir I would like to draw the attention of the Government to this so that action can be taken. Mr. Chairman Sir our Government is paying due attention and is endeavouring to keep the border people from difficulties that they are facing now. Government is making some schemes but regarding those schemes. I want to stress the point that Government should see that those scheme which are meant for the border areas are not confined only some particular areas. Those schemes should be distributed or spread throughout the length of the border areas so that larger number of effected persons and larger number of affected areas can be benefited by those schemes. I would request the Government to examined the possibility of starting some agro-forestry based industry in a small scale throughout the whole belt of the border area of Meghalaya and  that will bring a permanent not relief to those affected people. The before trade will bring a permanent relief to those effected people. The  border trade - we  do not know when it will come into effect - the border trade with Bangladesh as proposed by our Government and believer that Government is trying it level best yet it has become a mirage to the border people. They do not know when their difficulties will be removed. Anyway Sir, in spite of the best efforts of the Government  the actual economic condition of the border people of our State year after year is worsening and as it has been stated in para 20 of the Governor's Address that a Central Committee will be visiting our border areas so that requisite economic measures can be suggested and taken up. And then Sir as stated by the  other Members from the Treasury bench regarding War Damage, I want to say here about one particular village which falls within my constituency that is 'Chapahati Village which is situated at a distance of one mille from my own Village and  during the abnormal time the village was directly hit by mortars of the Pak Army. And before the approach of Indian military to Bangladesh the then East Bengal, our Indian Military personnels to Bangladesh, the Chapahati village and they continue to be there for  a periods of about 8 to 9 month. During that time due to abnormal situation ad necessity some damages  of crops occurred sawn timber and some house and C.I  sheets and other things of the Chapati village were used by our Indian Military personnel, I have no complaint against it. Any way at the time I met out Block Development officer and the deputy commissioner and I was assured that compensation will be made to these affected people and then particular were forwarded d to Government, but up till now no action has been taken and so far I remember  the amount also is not a big one. It is only about Rs.15.000 or Rs.16.000 or something like that. Then Sir at  page 17 para 23 there  is mention I quote "My Government will continue the special scheme for increasing employment opportunities in he rural areas" Mr. Chairman Sir in this regard, I am very much happy that  Government is going to create more employment opportunities in the rural areas. Next I will draw the attention of the Government regarding crash Programme. In the Block level Sir on past occasions also I touched this matter due received no attention from the Government, and therefore, again I would like to draw the attention of the Government regarding the Crash Programme for rural employment at the Block level. Sir I understand that under the Crash Programme at the block level it was originally divided that to each Block at least 100 persons swill be getting employment each person will get Rs.100 per month.

        But in the Block of Garo Hills I understand these persons are  engaged only for three to four months in a year and about 8 to 9 months they are without jobs. I do not know hoe the people of this areas managed to pull on without any jobs. For these poor people Rs.100 per month would have been a great help as there is no other source of earning. So Sir, I would like to draw the attention of the Government to this matter and request them to see that these people are also engaged under the crash programme throughout the whole year. And then Sir at page 14 Para 19 it has been stated. "My Government  continue to extend the necessary financial assistance to the  District Councils. The Grants in aids for Primary Education as well as for financing the developmental plans of the District Councils is being continued." In this strangers I am very much thankful to the Government  that some financial assistance for the upliftment of education is being provided. But here I would like to mention about the financial assistance which is very much different in nature most essential for the district of Garo Hills. In Garo Hills land were acquired from the Zamindars of Chariani Koroibario and  B-Mahal, long book with the inception of Garo Hills District Council. But the compensation of about Rs.14.16 lakhs has not been paid to the Zamindars for such lands though decade passed already. My point is that he earlier we can do way with this compensation the better it is for out district and I am not advocating the case of the Zamindars. As the financial position of our District Council in the Garo Hills is not sound I think that the Government should come forward with financial help I request the Government to see that requisite financial help is given to the District council in Garo Hills, so that they may do away with this compensation to the Zamindar. Mr. Chairman Sir At Page 10 para 12 it has been mentioned by the Governor that the development of transport and communication continued to  be one of the important objectives of the development  programme of my Government. But Sir here I would like to mention that in my constituency there are no means of transport and communication  in Laskar Area II-19 with the Block headquarter at Zigzag.  So I  propose that a road many be constructed from the Bildakgiri to Bhoiragupi via Ranglhaigiri.  The length of the road will be seven to eight miles and the hills side is very sloppy and gentle that there will be required only three or four bridges in the entire length to the extent of 15 to 30 metres. We also have tried from the Block level to construct the road in the nature of foot path to that part of the Block. It will also facilitate the entire Laskar area II-19 to market their agriculture produces at the Zigzag market. I request to look into this matter. The Kalaichar-Zigzag-Gobindnath-Kila Road may also be converted into a P.W.D. road. Thirdly I  request the Minister in charge of Transport that the State Transport buses may kindly be placed at Tura-Mahendraganj. It runs through one of the number one granaries of the State which lies in between Tura and Mahendraganj road and it runs across the almost thickly populated areas of the State and it is the only road linking the western and south western corners of Garo Hills and connects it with the headquarter at Tura. As there is no bus service in the area it is very hard for this populated area to meet their necessity. The Hon Member from Dalamgiri has hinted that the opening of  new High and M.E. Schools for the five years should be stopped with due respect to him I want o express that if we do that we are going to obstruct our other fellow citizens to have their own institutions. What I want to stress is that within the requisite distance there should be new M.E. Schools and H. E. Schools and the Government should see that where there is no M.E. or H.E. Schools and the cases should be considered first with those few words, I resume my seat. Thank you.

Mr. Chairman : Now I call upon Shri S. N. Koch.

Shri S. N. Koch :- Mr. Chairman I  am very much thankful that I am asked to take part in the debate on the Governor's Address. While taking part in the debate on the Governor' Address I support the amendment motion moved buy the two hon. Member from the opposition Bench, I would also like to make it clear to this House that while supporting the amendment motion. I am not supporting it with a view to opposing the policy of the Government for opposition sake but on certain legal and logical grounds. The Governor has address this august House on the 5th of this month and I believe that he left no stone unturned to draw picture as to our Government will be functioning during the ensuing financial year. But the picture that it got from this Address of the Governor is one dismal and most unsatisfactory. The hon. Member from the opposition bench and the leader of the opposition. Shri Maham Singh while speaking had said that the Governor has not spelled out any policy whatsoever of the Government. I believe there is a great amount of truth in it Reading the present Governor's Address as well as the previous one if one can gather that there is any policy of the Government that policy is a policy  of favoring certain class of people, certain section of people certain parts of the State a and there by creating a great regional disparities in the  parts of the State  and also disparities between people and people and if this Government continues to  pursue this policy, I am afraid that that there will be a clamor which may even shaken the integrity of the State as a whole. During these 4 years of this Government existence if the Government claims that something has been done by it  for the economic upliftment or development of the State then all those developments have gone to certain parts of the  of the State only. As for instance the Governor's Address shows that there were industries and these industries are located in one place only. Not a single industries and has gone to Garo Hills District. Most of the Government office Head of the office that have been filled up now are also from a certain section of the people. If this policy continues, I am afraid that the  objective for which the State is created will be defeated. In the Governor's Address it has been stated that Government attaches due importance on agriculture and while speaking about the commercial crop it mention only about potato. What about cotton? In the whole of North Eastern India there is only one District and that is the Garo Hills District which produce cotton on a commercial scale. But unfortunately may be deliberately to discourage the cotton growers of Garo Hills District, the Governor's Address has not touch upon this important matter. Another important commercial crop which the Garo Hills District is proud of is ginger. The also has not  got a place ion the Governor's Address. Regarding agriculture-now let me speak from my personnel experience that  granary  of the State and if it is not for the State as a whole  then at least in the District of Garo Hills is the plain belt of that district covering about 600 squares miles. During the existence of the Government there is not a single irrigation project in this areas that was provided to the agriculturists. In 1973 Hon'ble Agriculture Minister when I asked him in an unstarred question as to whether the  Government has taken up Chidram Irrigation Project he replied "Yes Chidram Irrigation project has  been taken up by the Government". But 1973 passed, 1974 passed and now we are going to pass 1975 and still nothing has been done. So also in other parts of the District  of Garos Hills the Government  has not provided with any irrigation project not to speak of supplying improved seeds, fertilizer and manure to the cultivators to boost of  production. Therefore these agriculturists who are supplying food to the leader to the employees to the Government and to the public at large are not in the position to produce enough food stuff sufficient to meet the requirement of the State. And they could not also free themselves from the traditional cultivation and take up scientific method of cultivation and as a result agriculture in the State has not improve and this is contributing to more and more and more deficit condition in supply. Mr. Chairman Sir in the Governor's Address there is mention about their-strip and also railway line and I welcome that. This will put our State in the railway map of the country and within the map of civil aviation. This is very good. But how many of our people would be able to travel by air. Now, Simsangiri Sub-division has been created and it is likely to function soon but for reason best known to the Government the subdivision is still to be functioned and when it functions the people of Mendipathar Constituency certain parts of them shall have to go Simsanggiri for Government business and it is  a pity that there is no bus. The road is so bad that no bus could go and even if it goes for some time the tyres will be destroyed and the bus will have remain idle. I am not going to cite so many instances, but from this we can see that since people could not travel by Road it is more improbable for them to travel by Air. And in this connection,  I would  like to cite another example as to hoe Government stands  for the rich. So far my information goes there is no or finance passed by the Government but Mustard seed is being controlled and being purchased monopoly by a big business house of Tura. This big businessman  at Tura one day in January 1974 came to Shillong an approached a Minister and the Hon'ble Minister rang up the Secretary and the Secretary sent a wireless message immediately directing the District authority to pass an order under 144 Cr. P.C. stating that necessary ordinance is being followed to stop free selling of the Mustard Seeds. And the order under section 144 was issued by the district authority for 2 months but till there was no Ordinance, and thought the effectiveness of the promulgation was over by 31st of March 1974 but the monopoly procurement far below the market price is being carried with the help of supply and police by that big business magnate.

Mr. Chairman :- Section 144?

Shri S. N. Koch :- Yes Sir and as gar as information goes, that big businessman give one or to vehicles to the ruling Party also (Laughter) (Disturbance).

Shri Planning Marak :- Can you prove it?

Shri S. N. Koch :- This is according to my information. (Bell Rang).

Shri W.A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :-  Mr. Chairman Sir, such remark is unfair. He should prove it. When he said that a particulate businessman has given vehicles to the ruling Party he should prove it and I would like to challenge the correctness of the Statement through you, Sir just nor.

Shri S. N. Koch :- I am giving my information that in return for the business he obtained from the Government............ (Interruption).

Shri P.R. Kyndiah Minister of P.W.D. :- I rise on a point of order so not think it is a correct procedure for the hon.. Member to bring a hear say in this House.

Shri H.E. Pohshna :- Why should a Minister intervene when he  will have time to reply?

Shri W.A. Sangma Chief Minister :- Mr. Chairman, Sir I would request the hon. member to give a definite information because for the  business obtained from the Government the gentleman gave his vehicles. I insist that he should give the name.

Shri S. N. Koch :- Our Assembly Rules fo not permit us to bring in the name of the man who cannot defend himself on the floor of the House Moreover, it is not my intention to assassinate the character of somebody who is not here.

Shri W.A. Sangma Chief Minister :- But he should prove that because of the business he obtained from the Government a vehicles was given to the Ruling.

Mr. Chairman :- If you have  a specific information  that a business magnate or a business house has given a vehicles  to the Ruling Party you can state.

Shri D.D. Pugh Minister, Transport :- He said several vehicles does no know what is the talking about.

Shri E. Bareh Minister of Agriculture :- Because of some false statement which he makes he is only is only reflecting what type of a man who is capable of bringing such false information to this House.

Mr. Chairman :- You please give specific information or you can with draw.

Shri S. N. Koch :- I cannot Mr. Chairman, Sir,

Mr. Chairman :- My ruling is that the Government.......... (At this stage the speaker occupied the Chair).

Mr. Speaker :- Mr. Koch what is your contention?

Shri S. N. Koch :- My contention  is that one business magnate from Tura came to Shillong all the way from Tura in the month of  February 1974........(Interruption).

Mr. Speaker :- Your contention is that it is highly wrong for a business man to give a car to a party. 

Shri S. N. Koch :- Whether it is right or wrong that is not any contention. But it is widely circulated in  Tura that such a thing has taken place.

Mr. Speaker :- We are here as a responsible House performing it duties with the highest responsibility for everybody and we must know how to maintain the respect and dignity of the House and the hon. member. I think it is wrong on the part of any member to bring anything in the House which is based on hearsay.

Shri S. N. Koch :- Now, Sir let me pass on to education. In the beginning of the session the policy declared by the Government is that this Governments all out to fight against three enemies which the Chief Minister fondly called P.I.D., i.e. poverty, illiteracy and disease. Since I am taking up education in Garo Hills the 'primary education' is controlled by the District Council. Although I am not very clear since the subject matter is under the district council as to whether we are competent to discuss this subject here but what I find is that out L.P. School teacher not only that their pay is very small but they do no get their pay regularly sometimes for about six month or so.

Mr. Speaker :- You can seek information from the Government whether it has given the required amount of funds to the District Council can time or not. If you say that they did not get their pay in time whether there was a lapse on the part of the District Council or Government you can draw the attention of the Government other portion which is delta with the  Government.

Shri S. N. Koch :- So it appears that district Council is no getting grants from the Government regularly as a result of which the poor L.P. School teacher have to suffer. All I would like tot stress here is that if the pay of the L.P. School teacher is borne by the Government itself, then the grants should reach the District Council timely so that the poor school teacher for not suffer. There are three categories of teachers and even those who get Rs.200 per month get their salary at the end much less e then Rs.200 as they are to make frequent  journey to Tura .......(Interruption).

Mr. Speaker :- I think we should not beat about the bush here. Anyway if the Government has definite information about the irregularity on the part of the Government in making the allotment to the district Council in time that is the only point to be clarified.

Shri D.D. Pugh Minister Transport :- Mr. Speaker, Sir it is a fact that grant to the District Councils whether Garo Hills Khasi Hills or Jaintia Hills are not disbursed as often and as regularly as we would want them to be disbursed. But one of the reasons was that grant could n o be released as  often and as regularly as the utilization certificates are not forth coming timely.

Shri S. N. Koch :- Mr. Speaker Sir I spoke about the middle alphabet I. Now I would like to speak about the first that is P in the National arena there was a slogan garibi hotoa which I believe also is unknown to out State Government. Poverty is regarded as one of the greatest enemies the people of our  State. (Bell rang). Anyway in the whole of the Governor's Address there is absolutely nothing to show Government determination to drive away poverty from our society which is eating up our society like cancer. So I would like to request Government to be alert about at an so some thing not only  looking at the tree  top but to think of the base of it so that our State can grow stronger. As my time is up I resume my seat.

Mr. Speaker :- There are 11 minutes more. I do know whether Mr. Mawlot would like to participate in the discussion today because he has misused the chance when I called out his name on the first day.

Shri F.K. Mawlot :- Sir I do not know what I can do within 11 minutes. Anyway, Mr. Speaker Sir at the very outset I would like to express my deep and sincere support to the amendment to the Motion of Thanks moved by the  Members from Mawhati and Nongtalang.

        Mr. Speaker Sir, I had gone through the Governor's Address three times trying to find out whether there is anything new whether there is any new economic development programme or social development for the State as a whole. Mr. Speaker Sir ultimately after the third reading of this address, I have come to the conclusion that these are the more repetitions of the previous years Governor's Address. Mr. Speaker Sir let me start of right away with the point which is in page 2 of the Governor's Address wherein the first para last sentence it is stated that step to prevent infiltration of foreign national into our State are being strengthened". Mr. Speaker Sir, on number of times we have brought to the notice of the  House that the foreign national are entering our State without any check or without any notice of the Government. I did not see anything which the Government has done to prevent the influx of the foreign national into our State. Just recently, I had been to Dawki and, to my surprise, I found that in place as important as Dawki our police personnel were not alive............

(Voice, Dead They are dead?)

        Sir, When I say alive I meant 'active' and not 'dead'. I have been to many other place and I find that they are not alive to their activities. We find that the foreign nationals are coming to our State every day. If you go to the Bhoi area you see new face and if you ask who is he someone would say, "Oh he is Tapa Bahadur"........ (laughter) Nobody knows where he comes from. Today he is in Mawhati and tomorrow he may be in Aradonga (Interruption)

        Mr. Speaker Sir, I do not mean those Nepalese who were here and brought up here in Meghalaya. What I mean id those who come from Nepal an d settle in Mawhati or in the Lyngngam area......(Interruption)

Shri Planning Marak :- But they are good soldiers the Nepalese.

Mr. Speaker :- But Defense is not a State subject. So it should not be brought on the floor of the House.

Shri Blooming B. Shallam (Minister of State Border Areas Development) :- Mr. Speaker Sir I would like to.......

Mr. Speaker :- The Minister will have his time to intervene  later on at least you must remember that you have been elevated.


Shri Blooming B. Shallam (Minister of State for Border Areas development) :- Thank you Mr. Speaker Sir,

Shri F.K. Mawlot :- To cut short my speech Mr. Speaker Sir, not only those who come from across the border of Bangladesh are considered foreign nationals but also those foreign nationals who come from the northern side of the country and who settle and claim. "We are Meghalayans, we have settled here". In this way we have allowed these foreigners to drive away our local people who are living in these hills peacefully. Such things have happened in many other  places. Just now the hon. Member from Mairang has stated that the Governor's Address have touched only the  boundary question pertaining to Block I and II of the Mikir Hills and that of the Goalpara but that of the Khasi Hills District was not mentioned.

Mr. Speaker :- But there is nothing in the amendment  to the Motion of Thanks.


Shri F.K. Mawlot :- Mr. Speaker Sir, If everything is mentioned in the amendment. I would only say that I support the amendment and sit down but since we cannot include everything in the amendment I have also to say or add these things to that amendment.

        Mr. Speaker Sir, when we speak of the people living in the border. Let us not confine our self only to the border with Bangladesh; let us confine ourselves also to the areas bordering Assam.

        I fully agree with the Governor when he stated in this address that the  year 1974-75 was the worst year. Practically the  whole State suffered because we have had too much rain last year which had caused land slides and floods as a result of which the people could not harvest there  crops not even a quarter of what they used to harvest in precious years. these people of the border cannot bring even one kilogram of rice from the hats and bazaars held in the border because the Government of Assam is so active that it has place police personnel at every market place and at almost every furlong of its border line.

Mr. Speaker :- So you referring to the boundary between the Khasi Hills and Kamrup.

Shri F.K. Mawlot :- Yes almost every furlong is checked lest the Meghalayans brings their essential commodities like rice from Assam into the valleys in Meghalaya. When they are detected to the carrying rice of even smalls quantity they are fined for Rs.50 or so or the rice is snatched away. But Sir we are maintaining that brotherly  relation that good relation which we believe an practice but what we are getting back from the Government of Assam. They would say you do like this focus alright but we do not give you even a grain of rice. Mr. Speaker Sir I fo not know how long we can keep up this good relation with Assam. If the Government of Meghalaya does not make the Government of Assam to be alive to our problems and realise our difficulties, how can we keep that good relation with them. Mr. Speaker  Sir I have so many things to say but relation with them. Mr. Speaker Sir I have so many things to say but time does no permit me. Let me come to page 7 third sentence which says ".....Adequate measure will be taken to step up realization of overdue and to ensure flow of necessary agricultural credit for productive purposes." This is when the Governor refer to Co-operation. Well, Mr. Speaker  Sir I appreciate the Government  to some extend for the good will of helping our people to create employment avenues for themselves that is by helping them through the cooperative Societies. (Bell rang).


Mr. Speaker  :- The House stand adjourned till 9 a.m. on Tuesday the 11th March, 1975.

R. T. Rymbai
Dated Shillong Secretary,
The 10th March, 1975 Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.