Mr. Speaker :- Let us start the business of the day by taking up Unstarred question No.3


(Replies to which were laid on the table )

Land donated to the Police Department by the People of Mawsynram.

Shri K.M. Roy Marbaniang :- asked

3. Will the Chief Minister be pleased to state-

(a) Whether Government is aware that the people of Mawsynram has donated about 5 acres of land to the Police Department for construction of a Police Station ?
(b) If so, the reason why the Police Station at Mawsynram has not been constructed up till now ?

Shri W. A. Sangma , (Chief Minister) :- replied

3.(a)&(b) Land at Mawsynram was offered by the people at a price of Rs.5,000 to be paid as compensation. Necessary proceedings to acquire the land have been initiated.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- May we know , Sir, about the present position of the acquisition proceedings ?

Shri W. A. Sangma, (Chief Minister) :- The reply is already here. The proceedings of acquisition is in the process.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- May we know if the declaration under Section 4 has been issued or not ?

Shri W. A. Sangma , (Chief Minister) :- Sir, these are details. However, we have already referred this matter to the Police Department .

Shri W. S. Syiemiong :- May we know since when the necessary proceedings had been initiated ?

Shri W. A. Sangma , (Chief Minister) :- Mr. Speaker Sir, there is a slight departure from the usual procedure. Of course, the land was offered by the villagers when they came to learn that we were going to acquire a plot of land for a Police Outpost. These people had offered the land for a token amount of Rs.5000. This amount is to be utilised for the welfare of the people of Mawsynram. First of all, an agreement had to be arrived at between the Durbar and the Police Department. So strictly speaking , there is a slight departure from the usual procedures.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- Are we to understand that the reply given in the last part of No.3 that " necessary proceedings to acquire the land have been initiated" is correct?

Shri W. A. Sangma, (Chief Minister) :- It is correct. But you see, if the useful procedure is followed there will be delay in many ways like assessment and valuation of the land. So there will be delay in many ways like assessment and valuation of the land. So there was an understanding that land measuring more or less would be made available , for a token amount of Rs.5,000.

Mr. Speaker :- The necessary proceedings have been initiated but it was initiated not in the usual manner.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- May we know what kind of manner ?

Mr. Speaker :- That is supplementary to a supplementary. Mr. Syiemiong.

Shri W. Syiemiong :- To what extend these are official ?

Shri W. A. Sangma , (Chief Minister) :- Mr. Speaker Sir, even if the land had been offered under an agreement, the acquiring of the land must be covered by the legal proceedings.

Shri W. Syiemiong :- In that case when the people of Mawsynram had offered the land ?

Mr. Speaker :-You see in an unstarred question these should have been put in an elaborate manner. So, when these have not been done I think it will be difficult for the Chief Minister to give an elaborate detail.

Shri Maham Singh :- To whom the compensation will be given ?

Shri W. A. Sangma, (Chief Minister) :- It is not compensation. It is more or less a donation for a token price.

Mr. Speaker :- Yes, a token price.

Shri W. A. Sangma, (Chief Minister) :- Mr. Speaker Sir, I might as well inform the House that when the Police Department decided to establish an outpost, the land was located measuring about 94.15 sqft. and the price would have been Rs.10,040,80. But, in the meantime, the village Durbar had offered a piece of land of more or less 4 acres for a token payment of Rs.5,000. This will be utilised for the welfare of the people of Mawsynram.

Construction of over- bridge .

Shri D. Lyngdoh :- asked

 4. Will the Minister -in- charge of Public Works Department be pleased to state :-

(a) Whether the Government propose to construct over- bridges in the traffic congested points ( Mot Phran , Police Bazar opposite State Assembly, Laitumkhrah Police Point) for the general interest of the pedestrians and motorists.
(b) If the answer to (a) above be in the affirmative, whether the plans and estimates have been prepared and by whom ?
(c) The amount earmarked for the Schemes (name-wise) and the type of over bridge Government propose to construct ?

Shri R. Kyndiah, Minister in charge of Public Works (R & B) Department :- replied

4.(a) Construction of a pedestrian over- bridge at Mot Phran is under process.
(b) Yes, by Public Works Department.
(c) The amount earmarked for the scheme is Rs. 5.08,000 only. The type of over- bridge is a steel girder  foot- bridge with R.C. C. slabs and R.C.C. foundation.

Shri Dolsing Lyngdoh :- 4 (a), Sir, when is the construction work on the over- bridge at Motphran over- bridge expected to be taken up?

Shri R. Kyndiah, Minister in charge of Public Works (R & B) Department :- Mr. Speaker Sir, very soon.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- Whether the Government contemplates to construct such kinds of bridges at the other places mentioned in the question?

Shri R. Kyndiah, Minister in charge of Public Works (R & B) Department :- Mr. Speaker Sir, the volume of traffic does not justify construction of over- bridges in other places.

Shri W. Syiemiong :- Mr. Speaker Sir, I would like a clarification from the Minister. His reply "very soon " is rather vague. We understand that for every scheme there is a target date for this.

Shri R. Kyndiah, Minister in charge of Public Works (R & B) Department :-The target date cannot be given just now. I can only give this information to the House that the work orders have been issued and that the contractors have been asked to start the work very soon under the terms of the contract.

Shri Dolsing Lyngdoh :- When was this estimate framed on Rs.5 lakhs ?

Shri R. Kyndiah, Minister in charge of Public Works (R & B) Department :-Sir, I require notice.

Scale of wages of the Muster Roll Laborer of South Jowai Division.

Shri H.E. Pohshna :- asked

5. Will the Minister-in- charge P.W.D. be pleased to state -

(a) Whether it is a fact that the the muster roll labourers of South Jowai Division have not been paid according to the new scale of wages as fixed by the Government of India?
(b) If so, why?
(c) If not, when was the new scale of wages paid and for which period?

Shri R. Kyndiah, Minister in charge of Public Works (R & B) Department :- replied

(a) The Muster Roll Labourers have been paid according to the new scale wages as fixed by the Government of India with effect from 1st November 1975. Arrear of the revised wages with effect from 14th June 1975 to 31st October 1975 had also been paid on 23rd December 1975.
(b) and (c) -Do not arise in view of the reply at (a) above.

Shri H.E. Pohshna :- Whether the various muster roll labourers have been paid their arrears for the period with effect from 14th June 1975.

Shri R. Kyndiah, Minister in charge of Public Works (R & B) Department :-Yes they have been paid on 23rd December, 1975.

Mr. Speaker :- The reply is there.

(A voice:- he wants to raise a point of order)

List of Border Villages

Shri  Md. Shamsul Haque :- asked

6. Will the Minister in charge of Border Areas Development be pleased to state-

(a) Whether Mahendraganj falls within the border area with Bangladesh ?
(b) Is so, why Mahendraganj is excluded from the approval Border Village List ?

Shri B. B. Shallam , Minister of State , Border Areas Development :- replied

(a) Yes
(b) Mahendraganj has been included in the latest list of Border Villages.

Revised pay Scales to Teachers.

Shri D. N. Joshi :- asked

7. Will the Minister- in- charge  of Education be pleased to state :

(a) Whether Government propose to give effect to the revised pay scales in respect to the teachers receiving deficit grants and adhoc grants?
(b) If so, since when?
(c) Whether Government proposed to pay the arrears within the financial year 1975-76?
(d) If not, the probable time limit within which the teachers and other staff of the said schools in the State are expected to get the same ?

Shri P.G. Marbaniang, Minister of State for Education :-  replied

7.(a) (b) (c)& (d)

The matter relating to revised pay scales in respect of teachers/employees of deficit school is under active consideration of Government.

Shri Dolsing Lyngdoh :- 7(a) Sir, what is the fate of the teachers under the adhoc grants ?

Shri P.G. Marbaniang, Minister of State for Education :- That is not within the main question.

Shri F. K. Mawlot :- How many teachers are working under the adhoc deficit schools ?

Shri P.G. Marbaniang, Minister of State for Education :-That also is not within the main question.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- May we know when the Government expects that ' active consideration" will eventually materialize ?

Shri P.G. Marbaniang . Minister of State for Education :- When a decision is taken Sir.

Public Works Department Sign Boards 

Shri K. M. Roy Marbaniang :- asked

8. Will the Minister-in- charge of Public Works Department be pleased to state -

(a) Whether the Government is aware that there are many Public Works Department sign boards misspelling the names of places such as Mawkria instead of Mawkriah, etc.,
(b) If so, what steps the Government proposes to take to avoid such mistakes in future ?

Shri P.R. Kyndiah, Minister in charge of Public Works (R & B) Department :- replied

(a) Yes
(b) The Government has issued instructions to all concerned to avoid such mistakes in future.

Mr. Speaker :- Lat us pass on to the next item . Shri S.D. Khongwir and Shri P.N. Choudhury to call the attention of the Minister, supply under Rule 54. Any one of them can move.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- Mr. Speaker Sir, I beg to call the attention of the Minister Supply under Rule 54 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly to a news item published in the Assam Tribune of 3rd March, 1976, under the caption " Ghost Villages Detected". And before I request the hon. Minister to make his statement, I would like to raise certain points for his clarification, (i) Whether the incident relates to the entire subdivision or just a block area? (ii) Since when inflation of such a magnitude has taken place? How often the permits are being renewed. (iv) Which category of persons who must  have enjoyed the spoils of this inflation ? (v) Who are the persons involved in this and what are the steps the Government has taken on this matter ?

    May I request the Minister to make a statement ?

Mr. Speaker :- Yes, I will ask him ( laughter )

Shri E. Bareh, Minister , Food and Civil Supplies :- Mr. Speaker Sir, a serious attempt is being made to eliminate inflated figures of population on which issue of control commodity is made. A detailed exercise for screening old records and ascertaining the actual population of Nongstoin- Sonapahar. Development Block had been undertaken which continued till February, 1976. The renewal of existing fair Price Shop Dealership Permits which expired on 31st December 1975 was subject to a very searching scrutiny under 03 exercise.

    During this exercise it cam to light that :

(1) Several villages that appeared in records were fictions.
(2) Certain villages had more than one name and each name appeared in record and the population in many case was inflated.
(3) May villages consisted of several hamlets (parts of the same village) and each hamlet was recorded as a village and reflected a population even greater than that of the whole village.
(4) In almost all villages, the figures of population were inflated.

As a result of this in-depth exercise, the figure of the total population has been reduced from 1,72,161,to 71,086

On the clarification sought by the Hon. Member, I cannot remember as there are so many of them.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- Sir, can I refresh the memory of the Minister ? 

Shri E. Bareh, Minister Supply :-Yes, one at a time.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- My first point is whether it relates to the entire Sub-division or only a block area, No.2 - since when the inflation of such a magnitude of population has taken place ?

Mr. Speaker :- Has the Minister ordered for proper investigation ?

Shri E. Bareh, Minister Supply :- Investigation is still pending.

Shri S.D. Khongwir :- So I would suggest that we give some time to the Minister to get the result of the investigation.

Mr. Speaker :-You can raise it again some other form because by April the Minister will be able to obtain the results, but you should ask in a fresh form. You may come in the form of a question also. Now we come to the next item. Mr. Jackman Marak, to continue the speech. But he is absent. Now I call upon Mr. S.D. Khongwir to participate in the debate on the Governor's Address. I will give him 25 minutes and the rest of the members will get 18 minutes.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- Mr. Speaker Sir, my friend the hon. Member  from Nongstoin yesterday , while participating in the debate  on the Governor's Address had started from the last page on the back side.  But, now Mr. Speaker Sir, I would like to deviate from his style of approach and attack. I choose to do it from the front( Loud Laughter ) and I will start from the first page.

    Mr. Speaker, Sir, I am one with Government in congratulating the Prime Minister for the unique achievements that we witness in the country today. And we also thank her for her dynamic leadership which ahs just entered the threshold of one decade of the Prime Minister ship of Shrimati Indira Gandhi that we the people in Meghalaya, especially the tribal people, hold her in high esteem  and we would like to reciprocate the affection and the concern that she has for us. While dealing on the 3rd paragraph of this Address I note with satisfaction the attempts made by the Government of Meghalaya to vigorously implement the 20- point Economic Programme. But I feel Mr. Speaker Sir, that there is much room for improvement in so far as this very vital and important economic programme which has been enunciated by the Prime Minister, is concerned. Mr. Speaker, Sir, with regard to active participation of the people is concerned, no doubt, committees in the State  level, District level and sub divisional level have been constituted. But mere constitution of these committees  mere meeting together in a committee will not suffice. It is necessary as public leaders to go out to every nook and corner of the State, meet the people and explain to them, the provision of this 20- point Economic Programme. Mr. Speaker Sir, to some of us, this may be a last opportunity to be here in the august House  and listen once again  to the address of the Governor in 1977 ( Laughter ) So, Mr. Speaker Sir, I would like to take this opportunity in reminding the Members of this august House about the problem and the challenges that will come to us and they will really come to us in plenty. But the most arduous and the most difficult task confronting us is that we have to encounter the battle of preservation of our identity. It is a fait accompli that fellow Indians have accepted Meghalaya as the State carved out of Assam for the benefit of the people  and in the order to serve this State and its people the garden lies on the Government and its policies. Mr. Speaker Sir, ours is a democratic country and in a democratic system of Government , the most important thing that counts much is the people. In a democracy the most important factor that counts much is the number and the present population structure in Meghalaya as it stands to day and the present population if hardly 81%. So, Mr. Speaker Sir, I would once again reiterate this very important aspect to our State and I do not think that the Central leaders would like to change the population structure of our State. Mr. Speaker Sir, coming to the Address of the governor I will now dwell only on 2 or 3 important points which have not been covered by the previous Members who have taken part in the debate yesterday and also leaving some points to other colleague to deal with. The first point I would like to dwell is on employment. I know Mr. Speaker, Sir, that the Government has got its own employment policies. Selection Committees have been constituted in each of the Districts . There is also the Meghalaya Public Service Commission. But Mr. Speaker Sir, it has come to my knowledge that in some of the officers, especially the Directorate there are what I should say several surreptitious appointments. Just the other say, Mr. Speaker Sir, it has come to my information that in one of the Directorates a  surreptitious appointment has been made without any rhyme or reason . Speaking about employment Mr. Speaker Sir, I cannot avoid to say a few words on the performance and the functioning of our Employment Exchanges. Mr. Speaker Sir, it has come to our knowledge that the functioning in the Employment Exchange is something very murky, very dim and very gloomy. We cannot understand what is really going on inside the office of this Employment Exchange. For example Mr. Speaker Sir, it is necessary for a candidate who goes to the Employment Exchange  to register his name and the process of registration, I do not know whether the Employment Office or any other Officer concerned know or not that sometimes there is a tendency to register persons who are even from outside  the State. A person will come from outside  and will just write a letter to his relations here in Shillong and will get his name registered in the Employment Exchange. And as we all know, Mr. Speaker Sir, it is the Employment Exchange in so far as the Central Government Officers are concerned, which has forwarded the names of the candidates to them. And the Employment Officer or any other Officer for that matter used to send out names to the Central Government Office and generally we found Mr. Speaker Sir, names of persons who do not even belong to this State. In one instance Mr. Speaker Sir, I found out that as many as 5 persons who were sent out or forwarded by the Employment Exchange to one Central Government Office here in Shillong were people residing at that particular time somewhere else outside the State. So, this is the State of Affairs Mr. Speaker Sir, in our Employment Exchange . Sir, it is the duty of the Government to properly control the avenues of employment in the State.

    Next Mr. Speaker Sir, I would like to come to this very bold paragraph, Para5. We have here a very bold statement from the Government which runs ' with a view to toning up the administrative machinery, my Government decided to weed out inefficient and corrupt Government employees' Indeed, Mr. Speaker Sir, this is a very bold statement on the part of the Government . But I should say that in certain respect , the implementation is very very timid. There have been instances where in this very august House we have raised questions, discussions on some Government Officers but uptil now we have not seen any actions in this matter. Mr. Speaker Sir, we are not allowed to mention any names especially the name of the officer who cannot he here to defend himself but I think by implication, the Government understands whom we meant. Mr. Speaker Sir, sometimes about 1 1/2 or 2 years age about 2 to 3 Ministers have openly remarked about the uselessness, the hopelessness of one officer in the PHE Department. It came from the horses' mouth of some Ministers that this particular officer in the PHE Department is useless but this useless officer of the PHE Department is still very useful, appears to be useful to the Government but not to the public. So, Mr. Speaker Sir, that is why I said at the beginning that indeed , this is a very bold statements. The Government in implementing this statement appears to be very timid. So I would request the hon. ble Ministers and the Government as a whole to kindly look into this matter.

Mr. Speaker :- But may I know from the hon. Member whether those 2 of 3 Ministers had openly passed a remark on this very Officer of the PHE Department has made the statement on the floor of the House or outside or in any other place?

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- Certainly, not here, Sir.

Mr. Speaker :- Perhaps it was merely a gossip between you and them.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- It may not be a gossip Sir. ( Laughter ). Mr. Speaker Sir, I would like to say a few words so far as the relationship of the State Government with the District Councils is concerned. It is very gratifying to note in paragraph 20 which says" my Government attach importance to the functioning of District Councils and stricter implementation of the  laws, rules and regulations passed by them " so the implementation of " The Council will continue be assisted for discharging their functions in regard to primary education as also for undertaking developmental schemes of their own". Mr. Speaker Sir, in this connection I would like to request the Government to kindly spell out the policies of the Government in so far as the administration of justice is concerned. I would also like to mention here about several correspondences which we made between the District Councils and the Government with regard to the appointment of  judge in the District Council. I understand the District Council has written to the Government for approval of the appointment of the Judge made by the District Council and up till now this approval has not been coming from the State Government. Other matters relating to the relationships between the Government and the District Council, I leave them to the other Members to deal with. But in so far as this line pertaining to the assistance to the District Council for the developmental schemes is concerned, I would like to impress upon the Government that so far as this is concerned, the total grant that is being given to the District Councils i.e., Khasi Hills, Garo Hills and Jaintia Hills. District Councils, the total amount of grant remains the same for the last 4,5 or 6 years. To the Khasi Hills District Councils it is only 9 lakhs, to the Garo Hills, if I am not mistaken, it is only 8 lakhs and to the Jaintia Hills  District Council it is only 5 lakhs. So the Government should consider at least to increase the grant that will be given to the District Council  so that they can boost up developmental schemes.

Mr. Speaker :- May I put forward a suggestion to you ? Don't you feel that there is a need for drafting of a financial rule for the District Councils to be framed by Government ? If the Government would come forward with more and more assistance  it would be difficult to control  if there is no proper financial rules.

Shri D. D. Khongwir :- Speaker Sir, since we have been in existence for the last six  or seven years, I think it is high time for the Government to frame the financial rules. Mr. Speaker Sir, the next point which I would like to deal with - I do not know how much time I will get.

Mr. Speaker :- You will have 5 minutes.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- The other point that I would like to bring home is about the importance of a place in Khasi Hills known as Byrnihat. We have seen , Mr. Speaker Sir, that there are several proposals for the establishment of factories and industries in this area.  With the setting up of these factories we expect that the labour requirements will be much . Mr. Speaker Sir, even last year I had given a resolution but I could not have the opportunity to move the resolution in the House. The resolution was to the effect that we should try to take some persons from our own District and provide them with some land so that we can create some sort of a labour force, and as and when these factories are established we shall find a ready labour force available from within the State itself. So, Mr. Speaker Sir, it is up to the Government to consider this matter because, as I have spoken earlier, the establishment of these factories and industries cannot serve a racket. And the last point but not the least Mr. Speaker Sir, I would like to remind the part in power, i.e., APHLC that 1976-77 is a very crucial year.

Mr. Speaker :- You may speak on this outside the House.

Shri S. D. Khongwir :- We have got five charters of promises i.e., five addresses of the Governor in this august House and these Addresses are replete with promises. Now it is upto the Government and the people in the State to see that these promises are fulfilled. Mr. Speaker Sir, while reading through the pages of the Addresses we have found that these promises continue to be more promises, right from the very beginning. So, as I had stated Mr. Speaker Sir, this is a very crucial year for the Government and it is for the Government to see that for the benefit of the people these promises are eventually fulfilled. I have just finished my last point.

Mr. Speaker :-All the hon. Members will have only 18 minutes each and they should please remember that everyone must get the opportunity to speak. So they will please try to limit their speech within 18 minutes.

( At this stage the Speaker left the Chamber and the Deputy Speaker  took the chair )

Shri Dlosing Lyngdoh :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I take the opportunity to thanks the Governor for his Address and for the efforts and serious decisions of the Government to implement the 20- Programme launched by our beloved Prime Minister. In the Governor's  Address we have seen the intention of the Government in its policy to extend the maximum benefit with various facilities to the have not who forms the majority in the State. Sir, with economic stability, national discipline and peace  all over the country, I hope we can utilise all our united efforts to build up the economic prosperity of our State. So, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, now I come to Para 7 of the Governors Address which is one of the most important achievements of our Government. Sir, here in this Para, we have seen that the Governor has said that the Government have decided to set up two more Districts, four more sub- divisions  and six Administrative Units. Sir, I am sure that with this serious endeavour of our Government , we shall be able to really reap the benefit for interest of the various sections of our people. Sir, I am sure that with the creation of more Districts more Civil sub- Division and more Administrative Units we shall be able to create employment avenues for our young men and women as well to promote the interest of the hard working and disciplined officers and staff of various Departments in the State. Moreover Sir, the contractors and builders will also get more works and more money. The labour class will also get more employment opportunities, So, Sir, I am sure this will bring direct benefits to every section of the people of the State and I hope with the co-operation of all the hon. Members of this august House and officers at all levels the poorer  section of our people will get the maximum benefit. The  people in the fields, in the streets and everywhere will naturally get the maximum benefit out of this dynamic endeavour of our Government. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, in the interest of the State and the people let me suggest to the Government, through you which I hope will serve as guidance in future for the Government and these suggestions are (1) in the near future, another new Administrative Unit should be set up for the fertile and rich agricultural fields of the Umiam - Umkhen Valley which is economically and absolutely necessary. (2) With the creation of new districts and new Sub- Division and new Administrative Unite , we understand that new  Headquarters will be started. So, Sir, I may suggest through you to the Government to be more vigilant careful about the compensation wallas of Shillong. These compensation Wallas are moving from place to place begging compensation for every industrial project, every road construction work taken up by the Government. We have seen and you also know Sir, that this particular section of the people is getting compensation from every developmental activities taken up by our Government and I consider them to be not much better than the thugs and dacoits. Therefore Sir, I would request the Government through you, to take strict measures and be careful and more vigilant about such type of people and we should see that we should not waste out hard earned revenue only for this particular section of our people. Of course, there are people who are actually entitled to get land compensation and we are happy to pay them compensation if they are genuine ones. But these false compensation walls living in Shillong use to take advantage of the ignorance and  naivety of those villagers, especially in the Bhoi area. We have seen wherever the Government take up any activities or development projects the same people and the same and the same name appears for claiming compensation. So Sir, I shall be very very grateful if the Government are vigilant and strict in this compensation matter in future. Another information which I would like to bring here now is that land compensation wallas of Shillong have started to take possession of raid land in and around Nongpoh where a new Civil Sub- Division head quarters is supposed to be set up. I do not want to take much time of the House, but I would like to say a word or two on paragraph 15 of the Governor's Address i.e.,  Transport and Communication. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, we are very grateful to the Government for their active programme they have taken up not only for road communication within a short time of four years. Besides road communication they have in a very short period of four years, been able to do the survey works for railway; line from Gauhati to Byrnihat and Jogighopa in Garo Hills. We are also very grateful that our State will have a rope way line from Ishamati- Shillong, then Byrnihat and also from Baghmara to Dudnai  and Lumshnong to Badarpur. We have seen all these projects and I hope that after the completion of these ropeway lines and railway lines, the economic problems of the people will be much better and the economic standard of the people will be higher. But, of course, with regard to railway Lines there is also a danger of influx of population from other States. Since our State is very healthy in climatic conditions and very favourable for all races  and all types of inhabitants  and for everybody it may attract the influx  of population from outside. Therefore Sir, I would like to request the Government, through you, to find out ways and means whichever is constructed within the State of Meghalaya. We are also very grateful to the Government for their initiatives to have taken up with the civil aviation at Umroi. I am very grateful that the first air- field of the State is in my constituency and with the co-operation of all the hon. Members , officers  and the people of the State, we hope that this aviation service will give benefit to our State and also to the neighbouring State.

    Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, on the subject of transport, I would like to bring  to the notice of the Government through you, that the regular mobile court and the checking of the G. S. road, is creating a very difficult situation to the villagers in general and the cultivators in particular for brining their agricultural produces from their villages to Shillong and also to take their essential commodities  from Shillong to their villages. So, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I am not in a position to say anything about the checking, but I am very happy for what they have done for the interest of our people. I would request the Government, through you, Sir to arrange immediate substitute of transport facilities so that our people will not be at a very difficult position. Also night, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, at about 8 O' clock there was a mobile court on the G.S. Road  and many of the villagers were left in a very difficult position at Barabazar and Mawlai and many of them came to my place because there are not transport facilities for them. All of them were left on the road. There was no other means of transport for them and they had to stay at Shillong with their perishable and valuable commodities and there is every likelihood that their valuable commodities may be stolen by thieves and robbers. So, Mr. Deputy Speaker  Sir, I sincerely request the Government to make necessary arrangements  and provide transport facilities to the villagers coming from Bhoi area, specially when the roads are taken up by the P.W.D. I am sure, that most of us have seen the condition of the road from Shillong to Kyrdemkulai, they are almost black topped and road from Shillong to Bhoirymbong is much better than the road from Shillong to Shella via- Cherra. I, therefore, would like to request the Government through you, Sir, to arrange immediate transport facilities by way of State transport buses, bazar buses and city buses to ply on these roads from Shillong to Kyrdemkulai via Umsning and from Shillong to Bhoirymbong via -Umroi, for the interest of the people in general and the cultivators in particular Our people as you know, Sir, are very obedient and disciplined and when we request them to grow more food, they have done it and now the fields are green with essential commodities. But the transport communications have become the only problem for these people and with these few words, Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I resume my seat.

Shri D. N. Joshi :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, at the very outset, I would like to thank the Governor in that he has afforded us an opportunity to see through his Address the workings and the policies of the Government which are to be appreciated and implemented this year for the benefit of the people. In the Governor's Address I am much constrained to observe that there are omissions of very important matters regarding the well being of the people of the State besides those programmes and schemes that are going to be implemented by the Government. In the matter of primary education Sir, the Government was pleased to state that the District Councils are incharge of Primary education and the State as we know makes allocation in the State. But to my dismay, Sir, in almost all the three districts, primary teachers do not get their pay in time. Only recently I got a telephonic communication from Tura in the District of Garo Hills our teachers have not been paid their due for several months together. During these hard days, I do not know how our teachers can service when they are unfed and how can we expect to get good education for our children these unfed and disgruntled teachers. So, I would like to request the Government through, you Sir, that they take certain schemes so that allotment made for specific purposes of primary education to the District Councils is made available to the teachers in time. Here in the Khasi Hills District also, I know our teachers have not been paid regularly. I want and demand of the Government that payment to the primary school teachers should be made in time, because as one of my colleagues has said already that primary education is the basis of all education and unless the teachers are paid properly and in time you cannot expect them to impart good education to our beginners. Sir, I do not find any reference being made of the Cantonment areas in the Governor's Address. You will be surprised to know Sir, that nearly 75 per cent of the total sales tax and other taxes accrue to the State  Exchequer from the traders and businessmen of the Cantonment area, but no fund is ever allotted for the  development of the cantonment areas, from where the Government gets the bulk of the revenue is so far as sales tax and other taxes are concerned. This is an area which is part and parcel of the Shillong city and there is a phased programme for beautification and development works in the civil area of the town, but nothing has been done to beautify simultaneously the other part of the town which falls under the Cantonment area. I know the Cantonment Bazar area and the Jhalupara area are no better than the slum area and the Government should come forward to develop this area , through the town and country Planning Development , so that we get a beautiful Shillong in the future to come.

    Sir, at Tura a project was taken up to establish a Pharmacist School and it was promised that it would start functioning in the early part of 1975. But to my utter dismay, I could learn that uptil now, it has not been started. So this casts a reflection on the working of the Government. Therefore, I would urge upon the Government that this project be taken up very soon so that it could start functioning as early as possible.

    Sir, in the matter of employment, there are projects taken up in the State to afford employment facilities to the employed as is said in the Address. A little industrialization also  is taking place as we could learn from the Address of the Governor. But the Address is totally silent as to who will man the industries that have come up and those that are yet to come. In some of the industries which are already in existence the number of Meghalayan employees is not so much as would give satisfaction to us. We want that these industries should be manned by the people from our own State as far as  practicable so that the acute unemployment problem is solved. We could learn, Sir, that there is a proposal to absorb the tribal employees still serving under the Government of Assam  and the number given is 135 or something like that.

Shri S.D. D. Nichols Roy :- Only 23 to be absorbed as 135 have already been absorbed.

Shri D. N. Joshi :- Yes, some more are yet to be absorbed, but I will contend that there are non- tribal employees also who have got their homestead in Shillong and other parts of our State and who are looking up to the Government to bring them back to Shillong so that they may be with their kith and kin and their family establishment would not be divided in these hard days and they would be with their own family members to serve the best interest of the State. So, I would request the Government, through you Sir, that those who are eager to come over to their own State from Assam should be brought back. I know there are certain lady employees belonging to non- tribal community who have already applied to this Government for absorption in the Meghalaya Government and who are running from pillar to post for the purpose but up till now nothing has been done. I had occasion to take up some cases with the Government but without any tangible result. This is a vital problem. Sir, there should be no discrimination between tribals and non- tribals and the only consideration should be in terms of Meghalayans and non- Meghalayan . Apart from that Sir, in the matter of employment I know that there is a policy of the Government that 80 percent of the employment in the Government and semi- Government jobs should be given to the tribals and 5 per cent to the other backward classes and other tribals and only 15 percent for others, that also for non- tribals and others who can compete. Even tribals also can compete there. Therefore I have found that the aspirations of the non- tribal boys and girls who are un employed have not yet been fulfilled. Therefore, I request the Government to create a Minority Cell to look into these difficulties and find out ways and means as to how to get these non- tribals absorbed in the Government services and other services in the State. Otherwise if our Government do not look into the interest of the non- tribals as they are looking to the interest of the tribals then the aspirations of these non- tribals will never be fulfilled. This time, in the Governor's Address there is no mention about the lot of the grazer in our State. The Government have come up with bold schemes where they have involved certain foreigners also in the projects - say the Indo Danish Projects for the Development of dairying industries. Sir, for the information of the House, let me tell through you Sir, that these are grazers already in the fields in our State who are responsible for producing nearly twenty thousand litres of milk per day or even more. They are spread throughout the State, especially in the Bhoi area. Nongstoin area and Sutnga area  of our State, in all the 3 districts of our State, but nothing has been done to improve their living condition. Sir, Government have come up with schemes to have forests reserved for the wild animals to grow and sometimes these animals to grow and sometimes these animals cause  so much  depredation that a certain  Minister had to go and kill the wild buffaloes which are responsible for the depredation. On the other hand, I believe no reserves have been created for the domesticated  animals which are responsible for our nutrition, responsible for brining revenues  to our State and which are responsible for the growth of the sound economy of our State. Therefore, I want that this Government create grazing reserves for the development  of our existing cattle and plan villages for the grazers where they can grow as healthy citizens and contribute their mite for the development of our State.

    Sir, very recently, I could learn that the State employees have been given the benefit of the revised scales of pay recommended by the Assam Pay Commission. But the staff of the Meghalaya State Transport have not been given  that  benefit as yet. I want and request the Government, through you, Sir that the revised pay scales should be made available to those poor employees who are serving for the interest of the State. Sir, as my friend from the other side has just spoken that cases are detected sometimes by the D.T.O. and the R.T.A. If anybody is aggrieved they do not find any place to go for appeal because up till now the appointment of  Transport Commission has not been made. Therefore, I want the Transport Commissioner be appointed very soon so that appeals can be made against the orders of the D.T.O. and the R.T.A. which can not be reviewed by nay other authority in the absence of the Transport Commissioner. So in the absence of the Transport Commissioner people are finding it very difficult to get their difficulties and grievances redressed. Therefore in the interest of the public, I would like to stress upon the need of the appointment of the Transport Commissioner as soon as possible. 

    Sir, in the Governor's Address, I could see that our Government is taking up a scheme to produce 135 thousand tonnes of food grains in our State during the year 1976-77. Sir, in the previous Addresses of the Governor, if I remember aright, in 1974, the Governor had stated in his Address that this State had produced 1.45 million tonnes of food grains in our State, that is, it comes to 145 thousand tonnes in 1974. If that is the case, I fail to understand why the target fixed for this year, that is three years ahead of 1974 is 135 tonnes only. It should have been 155 thousand tonnes or it should be an increased quantity. I remember very correctly and I had occasion to criticise the Government telling the House that with that 1.45 million tonnes, we could feed the entire population.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Mr. Joshi where are you referring from ?

Shri D. N. Joshi :-From the Governor's Address, Sir, of course subject to correction. It may be 1973  or 1974. But the figure is 1.45 million tonnes and with that 1.45 million tonnes, I have contended that we could feel the entire population basing on the per capital consumption of half a kilogram per head per day. Now we came to know that it is (bell rang) in the form of 135 thousand tonnes. Therefore, the target should be fixed not at 135 thousand tonnes but at 155 thousand tonnes instead. With these few words, I thank the hon. Member from Nongtalang. With these few words, I thank the hon. Member from Nongtalang who had brought forward the amendment to the motion of thanks to the Governors Address.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Now, Mr. Brojendro Sangma.

Shri Brojendro Sangma :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, at the very outset, I offer my heartiest congratulations for the Governor's Address and also support the motion of thanks moved by the hon. Member from Sohra. In the Governor's Address, the policy of the Government and the plans and programmes and achievements of the Government have already been indicated. Our Government is giving due attention and endeavoring to achieve all round day development of the State as a whole. We cannot expect to achieve all the development in a day or two for the successful implementation of the developmental schemes. We need active cooperation of public hard work and fore sight. We should have patience and we should not in any case make the general masses over zealous for which we have generally a tendency. This does not mean that the legitimate demands or  expectation of the masses should be fulfilled. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, at page 14 para .21 of the Governor's Address, a reference has been made for the development of the border areas. The Government is doing everything to help these economically affected border people. Year after year, increased outlay have been provided by the Government for the last 3 or 4 years. Yet, I think it will require many years more to raise the economic condition of the border people. In respect of the border areas, right from Sibbari to Maheshkhola in Garo Hills , people living in those areas are devoid of any means of livelihood. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, they are living in a very precarious condition. As such, I propose to the Government that all facilities like horticulture should be given to these people and I request the Government to direct the department concerned to take up programmes for the development to these areas and take all possible steps for their implementation.

    Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, the existing road I mean the border road which extends from Baghmara to Maheshkhola need to be improved immediately as the present condition of this road is not upto the mark. So in earnest endeavour should be made for immediate and speedy improvement of the said road so as to provide the people living in these areas  with the transport facilities at an early date. This will alleviate the sufferings of the people who have been in this condition for years together.

    At page 12, Para 17, a reference has been made with regard to the medical facilities in the State. As regards medical facilities the entire District of Garo Hills is not supplied with sufficient quantity of medicines. To speak the truth, the supply of medicine to Hospitals dispensaries and medical sub- centres is not sufficient at all. You could say it is nil. Occasionally, complaints from the public are taken heed of and the Government too at times duly compiled in the matter ; but it is a matter of great regret and discouragement that, sometimes, no action has been taken by the Government. So, I would earnestly request to look into this matter and take expeditious action in this regard. With these few words, I support the motion of thanks and oppose the amendment motion.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Mr. Pritington Sangma.

Mr. Pritington Sangma :- Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, I rise  to support the motion of thanks moved by the hon. Member from Sohra to the Governor's Address. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I also join with the hon. Members who had already spoken in expressing gratitude to the Governor for addressing this House. The Address has  given a picture of the overall situation prevailing in the country. In his speech the Governor has received the national economic position and the economic position of the State as a whole. He has also given a broad outline of the Government plan and policy to be implemented during the current year. Also from the speech it is understood that the Government has taken bold steps and ambitious schemes for implementation during the current year. Coming directly to the point, I would like to discuss something about sericulture and weaving. Although  no specific mention was made  in the speech of the Governor, I feel that this is one of the important subjects weaving  being one of the 20- Point Economic Programme spelt out by the Prime Minister, Madam Indira Gandhi. With regard to weaving in our State  I really appreciate that the Department has taken up many schemes to assist and encourage the rural weavers and I personally consider this  to be a new outlook. Here in the 'Shillong Herald ', there is a statement from the Department on the schemes already taken up and schemes to be taken up during the current year. Many new schemes, like supply of yarn  at one - fourth of the price to the deserving weavers and schemes for supply of free yarn to the ex-trainees. Also Government is considering the training of technical and advisory staff and again schemes for establishment of weaving and extension  in the State have also been set up.

    Coming to the Statement of the Department I can also find a very encouraging scheme, and that is supply of handloom along with the accessories at a sub- sided rate as well as free supply to those already trained, as a follow up measure Sir, this is really a new achievement. I would suggest to the Government that qualitative improvement of the production is still necessary. I know in the market there is a stiff competition. We are talking about the Nagas shawl, about Manipur's bed - covers and also the Mizos yarn available in Shillong. Whenever we, the Garo people come to Shillong they used to request us to purchase Mizo yarns. I do not know what kind of yarn these are. But they are of a very high quality. Therefore, I would suggest that such quality of yarns can also be produced by the Garos in Garo Hills if such schemes are taken up. I would impress upon the Government to see that qualitative improvement of dying yarn is there in Garo Hills also. Because in Meghalaya among the three districts, Garo Hills  also. Because in Meghalaya among the three districts, Garo Hills District is a weaving District to complete in the market. But quality is to be improved to match with that of the Nagas shawl, Manipur bed - cover and the Mizo yarns. As we know, yarns like that of the Mizo yarns can be easily produced and made by our Garo weavers also. I would request the Government to see to it. Now, Sir, talking about the decorative Textile Centre at Mendipathar, this decorative Centre is supposed to produce decorative cloths. But here, I am very sorry to mention in this august House that production cloth by the Centre is not of high quality. I do not know what is the reason. It might be that something goes wrong somewhere. Amy be at the managerial level. There is also no production from the weavers as well. There used to be three or four weavers there for only two or three months and after that they will go away. That is why there is no production from the weavers side and the production has become so poor and the quantity very low. I would request the Government to see that production by this centre goes up and the quality also improves. Again, Sir, I see that this Department is opening demonstration centres and extension of weaving centres in the State. But in these centres, I find that production is not very encouraging . I would therefore, impress upon the Government to see that those weaving centres in order to boost up production . Now, coming to the 20- Point economic programmes, this department has taken some schemes . Some centres known as the Extension Weaving Centres have also been opened at Bajengdoba and other places and one more centre is yet to be opened in Garo Hills. I would request the Government because it was also promised by the hon. ble Minister to open it at Babsalpara. As such, I would urge upon the Government to implement this as soon as possible. Sericulture is also another important subject. Government has taken up schemes to establish Eri Concentration Centre and Muga Farm and Mulberry gardens and Oak Tassar scheme at Garampani. As far as my knowledge goes, these Eri Concentration Centres are sitting idle. Of, course, sheds and buildings  have been constructed but there is no functioning, no activities at all. I would like to see that there are activities at Eri Concentration Centres. regarding Muga Farm it is produced in the Garo Hills District in tow places. One at Rewak area another at Adokgiri area. I would request the Government to open at this Centre pilot Muga Centre or something like that. I do not know exactly whether this falls within the N.E.C. schemes. If it can be opened at those places like Rewak and Adokgiri then it will go along way to help our muga rearers.

    Now, Sir, I would like to pass on to P.W.D. I congratulate the Government because the Department has done a very good thing to the people of Meghalaya, since the attainment of a full fledged State. Where there were no roads or bridges , today, we see roads and bridges. Where there was no black topping of roads, today we can see they are being black topped. The Government has taken up under the Minimum Needs Programme many roads in the State. but one thing I would request the Government  to see that those works under the Minimum Need Programme are expedited this year. During the last year there were activities, no construction of roads. Previously , in my constituency there was no road. But under the Minimum needs Programme road construction has been taken up but the work is very slow. I would therefore request the Government to see to it. One thing more, I would urge upon the Government is to shift the P.W.D. Tura East Division to Williamnagar. This is a new Division and it is functioning from Tura Headquarters, the activities are not so effective. So I would request the Government to see that this office is shifted as soon as possible to Williamnagar, the Headquarters of the Simsangiri Sub-Division.

    Coming to the Supply Department. I would like to discuss only one point. This is allotment of sugar quota. For the whole District of Garo Hills, sugar allotment is 1500 quintals. But allotment to the Sinsangiri Sub- Division is only 250 quintals. This seems to be very unfair and unjustified. The allotment of the quota should have been 500 quintals for the sub- division. So, I would request the Government, through you, Sir, to see it.

    Now, I would like to congratulate the Government for taking up a very bold scheme of bringing the Government nearer to the people by way of re- organising the administrative units. The Government has decided to open two more districts, some more sub- divisions and some more administrative units in the State. Then one share has been given for the north eastern part of the Garo Hills, i.e., one administrative unit for the entire Resubelpara Block and one part of the Dambo - Ronjeng Block, that is the whole Khartkutta Constituency. But now the question is about the location of the (Bell rang )headquarters. Sir, on this point, I would like to say that Mendipathar being centrally situated and commercially well placed in  respect of communication it is well linked and industrially  flourishing, educationally also there is a college. So, Sir, to my mind and at least it is the will of the people of Kharkutta that it would be a good thing ( Bell rang ) if it is located at Mendipathar. With these few words I support the motion of thanks.

Mr. Deputy Speaker :- Mr. Rowell Lyngdoh.

Shri Rowell Lyngdoh :-Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I am glad to have this opportunity of associating myself in this discussion. We have heard both the Motion of Thanks and amendment to the Motion of Thanks  to the Governor's Address. But I would like to point out a few points which we have seen here in the Governor's Address. Sir, I refer to the new economic programme which is seen at page 2 of this Address. Here the Government have mentioned that they have taken steps for effective implementation of the 20- Point programme as enunciated by our Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi, which was announced on the 1st July of last year. Sir, if we look at the overall economic condition of the country we find that these programmes are really very suitable and very much relevant and it effective implementation is done, it will really solve the economic problem of the country. But Sir, in relation to this State as the hon. Member from Sohra had stated yesterday, there are certain points in these programmes which are really relevant and suitable to be implemented in our State. If the proper implementation is done by our State Government of these few points out of the 20- Point Programme, it will really help solve the economic problem of our State. But, Sir, there are also certain points which are not very essential to our State because of the local conditions peculiar only to this State of ours.

(At this stage, the Deputy Speaker left the Chamber and Mr. W. Syiemiong occupied the Chair )

    Mr. Chair man Sir, here we have got our own peculiar  problems. I may be allowed to refer to one such problem which the State Government should have given priority to  or treat at par with those points under the 20- Point Programmes. This problem is road construction because without communication even if we implement anything, it will not be much effective. So Sir, this is one of the problems peculiar to the hill areas or tribal  areas and that the 20- Point Programme does not cover all the problems of our State. Therefore, Sir, communication is a very important subject in our State  and it deserves to have top priority along with the other problems included in the 20- Point Programme. When I refer to this lack of communication in our State am sure that all the national leaders are aware of the problems faced by the tribal areas. Sir, I remember the speech of the our Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, when he addressed the Conference on Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Areas  in June 1952. He had stated " The first priority  in the tribal areas as well  as elsewhere in the country, must be given to roads and communications. Without that, nothing we may do will be effective". These national leaders are really aware of our pressing problems. So, Sir, even though this subject of road and communication is not in the 20- Point Programme, I would request the Government to provide more funds or to request for more allotment of funds from the Central Government. I think, the Central Leaders will not reject any proposal of our State Government because they know the peculiar conditions of our areas. While still on this point, I would like to say that there are several areas in our State where road construction has been started but completion is still a long way off and, therefore, not useful to the people, because the bridges have not been completed but still not useful to the people  because the bridges have not been  constructed owing to lack of funds. I have heard that during the year 1975-76 most of the construction have been complaining of non- payment to their bills and as such, they cannot complete the construction works. When asked, the Government would say that they have no money. It therefore, seems that there is difficulty either because of lack of budget provision or because our engineers do not give proper budget estimates or because the Government did not receive the money which has been passed by this House, that I do not know but I hope the Ministers would enlighten us on this point. But on the Economic Programme what I am thinking is that there are few points  which are not so essential though relevant here in our State. But there it is mentioned that the Government  have taken steps to implement  the item like termination of rural indebt ness and prevention of smuggling which the Government said that they have a direct bearing and are applicable in Meghalaya, but Sir, in my opinion I would humbly differ from this because rural indebtness is not so much a problem in Meghalaya. Of course if we allow these Kabuliwallas and outsiders and foreigners who could advance money then of course it will create a problem  of indebtness, but in the interior Sir, there is nobody to advance money and actually it is a problem of scarcity of finance that there is no one to advance money. That is why , in the rural areas, there is a demand that the Government should help in bringing there nationalized banks to them so that they could advance money to them, I mean to the agriculturists. it is not so much a problem of rural indebtness in Meghalaya and it is not essential  thing to implement it very speedily. Sir, in fact, they should be implemented several programmes which are very essential to the State.

    Mr. Chairman Sir, I would come to another point. I have seen that throughout the Governor's Address there is no mention about the special protection or special treatment to the tribal community specially the Scheduled Tribes, Sir, of course, I differ with the Statement made by the hon. Member from Shillong Cantonment. He had stated  that all Meghalayans should be treated at par irrespective of whether they are tribals or non- tribals. Sir, I would differ on this, though I do not claim special privileges for the tribal people if the tribal people have come to that standard where they are at par with other communities. But Sir, if we look at the villages throughout the State where the tribal are residing , we will see that they are still in the primitive stage in their economic condition as well as in their social life. For this matter, Mr. Chairman Sir, I know that from time to time national leaders who were in the Government and who are still in the Government also recognise the fact that some sort of protection should be given to these weaker sections of the society in India, and that is the tribals.

Shri D. N. Joshi :-Mr. Chairman Sir, I did not say like that. I said that the lot of the non- tribals also should be looked into.

Shri Rowell Lyngdoh :- The Government should have to look after everybody in the State. But I say special protection should be given to the tribal people. Mr. Chairman, if I may quote the address of the Late Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, in the speech which I referred  to earlier, he said  " In fact I have no doubt that if normal factors were allowed to operate, unscrupulous people from outside would take possession  of the tribal land. They would take possession of the forests and interfere with the life of the Tribal people. We must give them a measure of protection in their areas, so that no outsiders can take possession of their lands or forests or interfere with them in any way ". Mr. Chairman Air, really our national leaders are, from time to time, recognizing the fact that the weaker sections of society in India should be protected and should be given such protection that outsiders should be restricted from interfering with their social custom and they should not be deprived of their land. Mr. Chairman Sir, if I am not mistaken even in this new economic programme which the great Prime Minister, Smti Indira Gandhi has enunciated and broadcasted on 1st July , 1975, she did not fail to mention about the protection to the tribal communities. She said that special care will taken to ensure that the tribal people are not deprived of their land. She had mentioned this in one sentence of the Economic Programme which she had announced on 1st July, Sir. But during these last 4 years, Mr. Chairman , Sir, I find nowhere has been made that  there should be special protection or special treatment to these weaker sections of the society by our State Government. Mr. Chairman Sir, members may disagree with me because they have seen only towns like Shillong and tribals in Shillong. But Mr. Chairman Sir, the Members who  represent the people from the interior know that our tribal people the scheduled Tribe have not come to the standard that they would not be subjected to exploitation when carrying their day to day life with other communities, unless some sort of protection is given to them. Mr. Chairman Sir, I must remind the Government and the Political leaders that we had struggled to have a separate State from the then Government of Assam just because we stand on this principle and that is why we had appealed to the national leaders and had persuaded them to listen to this  and they were kind enough to have given  us this State. Therefore, Sir, when the Government is running its own administration in the State  we would expect that they should bring some legislations which will give better protection to the tribal people. No doubt, I appreciate the Government for bringing out a piece of legislation, i.e., the Land Transfer Act which is being implemented now. It would help of course, but it is not enough unless some other steps are taken. There is another piece of legislation known as the Meghalaya Residential  Permit Bill which is considered comparatively essential for the preservation of the tribal people. But unfortunately this Residential Permit Bill which was passed by this House a few years back, could not meet the pleasure of the President and hence the President has withheld his assent to the Bill. Therefore, even the legislation which our Government tried  to bring for the protection and preservation of the tribal people, could not get the assent of the President. Therefore, it is  high time now for the Government to come forward with some other legislations which will give better protection and give speedy growth and development of our tribal people so that they can come to the standard at par with other community both economically and socially. So, Mr. Chairman, Sir, I would urge upon the Government to bring some other legislation if not in this Session, it may be brought in some other Sessions, for the welfare of the Tribal people especially the schedule tribes who are inhabiting this part of the country.

    Sir, coming to another point, i.e., the industrial policy of the Government ( bell rang ). 

    Sir, at page 8, we have seen that the Government have narrated some policies about industrial  growth in the State . But what we ant is that the Government should set up industries of its own like the one which we have, the Mawmluh Cherra Cements Ltd., which can give employment to our people and technical know  how also. But the present policy of the Government is to invite entrepreneurs from outside to set up industries, there will be flow of capital to the State no doubt, but the employment will be affected. Because they will say our people are not fit and there is no technical know how and as a result they will bring labourers and other employees from outside the State. Obviously this will interfere with the population structure of the State as has been pointed out by one hon. Member, and it will affect the welfare of the tribal people.

(Bell rang)

Mr. Chairman :- Now, Mr. Plansing Marak.

Shri Plansing Marak :- Mr. Chairman Sir, I rise to support the motion of thanks moved by the hon. Member from Sohra. Today I would like to deal with only one subject, i.e., the 20- Point Programme  enunciated by our beloved Prime Minster, Shrimati Indira Gandhi. Before doing so, I would like to convey my congratulation to Madam Prime Minister for her successful decade as Prime Minister in this country. I wish her  along, happy and prosperous life to continue her leadership as Prime Minister to lead the nation to its destiny. As mentioned by the Governor in his address these years had been the years full of stress and strain and challenges when our Prime Minister Mrs. Gandhi, began introducing certain progressive measures of benefits to the common men and women of India, there was wide spread conspiracy all over the country. As a result in some States duly elected Government were not allowed to function, elected members were forced to resign under threat of force in order to dissolve the lawfully elected Assemblies, large scale agitations and violent incidents occurred leading to assassination of one Cabinet Minister and dastardly attempt was made on the life of the Chief Justice of India. In the midst of all these , the President, on 26th June, proclaimed the emergency in order to save democracy and development. The impact of the proclamation of emergency could be left in every nook and corner of India. Since the proclamation of emergency normalcy has returned all over the country. As the Prime Minister said in her broadcast to the nation- democracy has got its own limit but there were certain people who tied to misuse democracy for their own advantage. In her broadcast to the nation she said that it is our paramount duty to maintain integrity and stability of the nation and the sole purpose of  the proclamation of emergency was to maintain unity and stability of the nation in the country. I fully appreciate this bold and timely  action of chaos and disorder. With much restraint and normalcy, our  Prime Minister has enunciated this 20- Point Economic Programme with a view to accelerate the economic development in our country. Mr. Chairman Sir, I now would like to speak how far our Government , has implemented those programmes in our State. Mr. Chairman Sir,  you are aware of the fact that ours is a peculiar State quite different in manners and in customs from the rest of India. This being the case, some of these 20- Point Economic Programmes are not applicable to our State. But whatever points are applicable in our State, Meghalaya Government is not simply a silent spectator. it has taken steps to implement some of these programmes which are applicable to our State. Since the proclamation of emergency, there has been improvement in the general performance of the Government machinery. There has been punctuality in office attendance promptness in disposal of business, increased responsiveness to the needs of the public. These are some of the important points which show that there has been considerable improvement in the Government machinery of our State. Screening of service records and disciplinary action against corrupt and inefficient  officers are also one of the effective measures taken by our Government. So far 14 officers have been suspended , three have been discharged  and 4 officers have been dismissed. The business community , the press and the non- official agencies have behaved in a more responsive and restrained manner than before. The State Government has formed at State and District levels of Co- ordination Committee for co-ordinating  activities  at the District and Sub- division level in the State consisting of various political affiliations. Anti- inflationary measures have also been taken and during the last 7  months there has been decline in retail prices of essential commodities . For increase in agricultural production the Government have laid special stress for minor irrigation schemes for which  an amount of Rs.40 lakhs has been sanctioned. In Garo Hills, 100 shallow tube wells have been sunk and work has already been started. The question of land ceiling does  not arise in our Sate because there has been no record of rights. However, the Government , in order to undertake cadastral  survey, has opened one Survey School at Tura and also a special cell ahs been opened in the Revenue Department in order to look to the needs of the record of rights for the people of the State. House site for the landless peasants does not arise in our State. But surprisingly enough there was  a publication demanding house sites protection for the weaker section of the community. I do not know know what it actually means. But we should try to realise whether there is any need for house site protection for the proper section of the people or not. But I think this is not at all necessary in our State. On the other hand Sir, we need money in order to cover up those vacant places or plain spots where we can construct our Houses. I believe people have got enough land in the town  and rural areas, but for want of money they have not been able to construct their houses. Therefore, what is needed in Meghalaya today is not house site but money. So far, the Government has started seven Housing Cooperative Societies, 5 at Shillong, one at Tura and one at Jowai. The economic wage has been fixed by the Government ranging one at Jowai. The economic wage has been fixed by the Government ranging from Rs.4.50 to Rs.6.00per day and Rs.100 to Rs.200 and Rs.1000 per year. So these are the steps taken by the Government of Meghalaya in connection with the 20- Point Economic Programme. The Planning Commission provided Rs.4.40 crores for the year1976- 77 to give effect to accelerated progress. With regard to supply of yarn , about 200 trainees  have been covered by subsidy scheme and 160 weavers have already got sanction. Eighty bales of cloth have been distributed monthly through whole sale and 99 cooperative societies. Students in hostels have been receiving essential commodities like sugar, rice and attar. Fifty six such schemes have been taken up in Garo Hills , 64 in Khasi Hills and 15 in Jaintia Hills and so I would like to inform the hon. Members of this august House that some of these 20- point Economic. Programmes enunciated by our Prime Minister have been implemented as far as practicable by our Government. Our Government is not a silent spectator, but is trying to improve the situation at whatever possible time, to implement these 20- Point Economic Programmes. We are indeed grateful to our Madam Prime Minister who has so successfully faced the challenge in the country during all these years. I can boldly say that the present Prime Minister has done much for the welfare of the backward and down trodden people. I pray to God that she will continue further as the Prime Minister of our country and will do greater things for us all. it is our desire and it is also the desire of the people of Meghalaya that she continued her stewardship as the Prime Minister. it is not because of the special allotment she has given to the tribals of Meghalaya, but it is because of her special love for the Government and the people of this State.  It is because of the present Prime Minister that we have got our State. Even her predecessors her father late, Jawaharlal Nehru and late  Lal Bahadur Shastri did not dare to give  a State to the people  of Meghalaya. But our present Prime Minister has much courage to give a State to the people of Meghalaya. So, long live Indira Gandhi  ! Long Live Indira Gandhi ! With these few words, Mr. Chairman , Sir, I resume my seat.

Shri Jormanik Syiem :- Mr. Chairman Sir, while participating in the discussion on the Governor's Address, I would like to touch one or two points only. The first point I would like to touch is about the law  and order situation in our State. I am glad to learn that the law and order situation in our State is quite satisfactory. A few incidents have been mentioned in the Governor's Address and the arrangements were made under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act and for the prevention of smuggling  activities and cattle lifting in the border areas. These are no political or communal agitations in our State. Therefore, I would like to say that the law and order situation in the State is comfortable  compared to other States. This is due to the vigilance of the administrative machinery and also to the police activities who are always ready to  discharge their duties as quickly and as efficiently as possible . In spite of handicap in language and terrain of our land , they have been able to detect a number of crimes. In spite of the difficulties they have met with, just like lack of cooperation from the public in the villages still they  have been able to bring out many crimes which now shows a down ward trend. They deserve thanks and also the administrative machinery who are the helm of affairs. it is gratifying to note that a good percentage of Meghalayans are now in police service  good response is also being received from our tribal youths - both young men and women, to enlist themselves in the ranks and files of the Police Department including constables. I hope , in a few years' time we shall be able to man our police force by our own people of Meghalaya. So, Mr. Chairman Sir, I would like to say that it is also our duty as leaders of the people to impress upon the people whom we represent it and that we should help the police and the Government in detection of crimes. it is a well known fact that specially our people in the villages are very indifferent to the activities of the police and Government servants. Some of them do not like to commit themselves to come to the Courts and some of them do not like to antagonize criminals, even though the criminals are in their area. Mr. Chairman Sir, this will not help the Government to solve  rooting out the anti- social elements. it is, therefore , for us , as the representatives of the people , to encourage them that we should always depend solely on the police although they may be prepared to go to any length. They also need  cooperation of the people. So, in spite of what has been going on during all these years, I would like to say that since we have  attained our Statehood, the law and order situation in our State has been very satisfied  and , in fact, quite comfortable. We have got no such  trouble  in our State as we have heard in some other States. We also have the administrative machinery for administering the law and order situation within the State and now with the creation of more sub- divisions and districts, the administration will be brought closer to the people and it is expected that the people will soon realise that it is their duty to help the administrative machinery to functions efficiently by helping in detecting the police and the Government officers who are trying to help them. So, it is gratifying to note that the administrative machinery of the Government have been able to preserve our State in such a peaceful atmosphere and it is expected that more improvement will be there like the quick disposal of investigation of crime etc. Because sometimes they take months and  even years to collect the materials , to collect evidences before they can submit their charge sheets. That, as I said before, may be due to certain handicaps and partly due to the non- cooperation of the public. Of course, I do not say that the policeman are all perfect, they also need gearing up and they are being trained  and they are being supervised by the higher ranks of the Department. So on the whole, I would give my congratulations to the Government for the efficient administration which has brought us to the present condition of law and order in the State.

     Now, the next point I would like to touch is about the industrial development of the State. Mr. Chairman, Sir, there may be some difference of opinion about the industrialization. Some section of the people including some Members of this August House thought it not wise to industrialize our State because there are some disadvantages and some danger to our mode of living, but I am of the opinion, that unless some industries are established, we shall remain stagnant as we were from the time of our forefathers. So, inspite of this difference of opinion Mr. Chairman Sir, the Government have gone ahead with starting certain industries. To begin with the Mawmluh Cherra Cements  Ltd., has been there for quite some time with a few mishaps, still it is functioning very satisfactorily and we are getting quantities of cements ,a s much as  we need  and it is expected that this industry, this factory is going to be extended further and that I understands is, still in the process. Another bigger industry which we have is the Komorah Limestone. Then here in this District we have also other industries, big and small like the Associated  Beverages, jute, Spinning Mill, the Meghalaya Plywood's and a mini steel plant all in Byrnihat. The Minister in charge of industries has recently inaugurated the Essential Oils and Chemicals Industries at Mawshamok , Mawshyrpat and 3 other places and this ahs promised a very good return since we have abundant bay leaves  in the Khasi Hills . Of course, these industries will not thrive unless they get the requisites  co-operation from the public and the encouragement from the Government. So far, I have not heard much complaint from any other industries except from the Plywood's  which the Government does not seem to be giving the help  promised to them. So far, I understand that they have been given only 7 per cent of the raw materials for their plywood's at Byrnihat and they are at a great disadvantage. They have to bring logs all the way  from Nagaland, Arunachal and even Bhutan. I hope the Government will see that this factory which has been started in our District should be given the raw materials that they need as promised or even more if we can and not only from Khasi Hills and Jaintia Hills but from Garo Hills also it is found economical  to bring them to Byrnihat. Now, there are other industries in Garo Hills which promise very good returns. The second thermal plant, I understand, is going  to be revised or is in the process of being revived. The plant is going to be very advantageous in the Garo Hills because of the abundance of raw materials and also it will give employment to the people of that area. Then Sir, they have got a good number of other industries at Mendipathar. I understand there is a pottery factory which is being revived, there is a jute mill, saw mill and industrial estate. I hope when these industries  will function as expected , it will be a real asset to the Sate  and a great advantage to the people of that District  and also we shall be able to use all the raw materials in the form of finished products where there is  a market for all such. So, I congratulate the Government for having  taken this bold step in starting these industries in these two districts. But I do not see any reason why no industry has yet been started  in the  Jaintia Hills District. We have heard of the proposal for starting another cement factory there and also a lime and coal factory. Whether these are going to be given up or they are going to be revived I do not know but I would appeal to the Government through you, Mr. Chairman Sir, that Jaintia Hills also should not be neglected (Bell rang)

Mr. Chairman :- You will be given only two minutes.

Shri Jormanik Syiem :- Even for a factory also there are enough materials  in the Jaintia Hills. They have got the traditional earthenware and cups for smoking- that is the only place where we get these for the Khasi Hills. Why this cannot be improved or refined, if good potteries must be manufactured in that District. Also weaving industry is very very necessary because if all the hill tribes are producing their own women gowns and garments, why Jaintia Hills should not do so. They may have forgotten or they may depend on other sister District, but I think this cannot go on. We should try to revive the weaving industry both in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills with Government help, with subsidies in the shape of implements and also yarn. I do see why our young girls and women should be trained  to take to this industry because it will serve them- I mean as cottage industry  and it will bring employment and benefit to them in time to come. So with these few words, Mr. Chairman Sir, I appeal to the Government not to neglect Jaintia Hills  and also to introduce some weaving industry in the Khasi Hills so that we should not remain without learning the art that their sisters of the other hills have learnt. With these few words, Mr. Chairman Sir,  I support the motion of thanks to the Governor's Address moved by the hon. Member from Sohra.

Mr. Chairman :- Now Mr. Mylliemngap : 

Shri G. Mylliemngap :- Mr. Chairman Sir, while associating with the motion of thanks, I express my sincere gratitude to the Government for the Address made by the governor and I have a certain sharp reaction on the motion of amendment particularly to the election to the Shillong Municipality. It is not denying the fact that with the present system of admission which the Shillong Municipality is having we have  seen tremendous development , improvement and cleanliness of the town  which ahs impressed the mind specially of the old people who used to remember the cleanliness of Shillong in good old days. therefore. I feel that the present system of administration in the Shillong Municipality should continue till they root out all the slums, all the buildings, which were constructed without proper authority and improve the drains and bring up systematic  construction of the buildings. Mr. Chairman Sir, it was heard yesterday, that cars No.1, 2, and 3 are very much on the mobile. I was thinking whose cars were these an when I examined, I finds that No.1 is allotted to the Chief Minister, No.2 is allotted to the Speaker and No.3 is allotted to the Minister- in charge of Industries etc. It is an irony of the Fate  Mr. Chairman Sir, that the hon. Member enticed the Chief Minister to go and visit places and at the same time he has said that these cars were moving aimlessly and I do not know how far it is true. Regarding No.2 which is allotted to the Speaker, how far it is correct to say that the Speaker  used to move freely with other Ministers. It is upto the Speaker to clarify the position. Mr. Chairman Sir, I know that No.3 is allotted to the Minister -in charge of Industries and I have a strong believe that the Minister will never make nay use of the car No.3 which is not official. Next Mr. Chairman  Sir, I used to ponder when I heard certain remarks about the Ministers. I used to ask myself are these Minister human- beings or are they sanyaisis  or angels ? I used to wonder. According to my understanding Mr. Chairman Sir, they are  also human  and they are having the same temperament and same human instincts as the rest of us are having. They need recreation and they need relaxation which other beings also need . Therefore, Mr. Chairman , Sir, I consider that if a Minister shoots a bison or a wild buffalo in his official hour, I think it is not a sin specially if it is done in self defence. Even going out for fishing during leisure I do not think it is a cheat( Laughter) No, Sir, I mean it is not a sin or it is not fishy.

    Mr. Chairman Sir, I do not want to spend my time like that. Let me come to the point. Let me touch briefly on the economic measures the Government has undertaken. It has been an established fact and earnest desire of the Government and the people in general right from the beginning of the States hood to fight against poverty, ignorance and disease. For a little more than 20 years, as you know, Mr. Chairman Sir, money which has been spent for the hill areas was mostly spent on social services whereas quite a little amount had been spent directly for productive activities as a result of which, our people, as you know, are still making their  earnings from their traditional occupants. After Meghalaya came into existence, the Government has tried its best to accelerate the development programmes for economic upliftment of the people on general by constructing many new roads , though with certain exceptions like Shillong - Diengpasoh,  and also airfield, railway  lines and ropeways which have been receiving serious attention of the Government. There is no denying the fact that for about a little more than a year now with the full team of 11 players, the Government have done much more than what has been listed in the Governor's Address. They have instituted the Forest Corporation, Forest Training College, Marketing Federation and the Housing- co-operative. Sincerely  speaking Sir, all these measures would not have yielded the desired result had there not been proclamation of emergency. Therefore, we should hail the economic programme enunciated by the Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Mr. Chairman :-Do you mean to say had there been no emergency, the Government would have been inactive ?

Shri G. Mylliemngap :- I do not mean that I mean acceleration of activities would not be as fast as it is now. Mr. Chairman Sir, with this proclamation of  the 20- Point Economic Programme, it is a vigorous battle fighting against poverty, ignorance and disease and if you examine closely, our Government has put into operation all the relevant 20- points programme in our State. Yes it is unfortunate that 14 officers have been compulsory retired 7 dismissed and 50 suspended. I say that is it implied is because the successful implementation of these points depends on the executive machinery. It is a fact also that other factors are involved like political leaders, teachers and social workers and the people in general. Whereas the most vital factor here is the officials. Therefore, I feel that an Administrative Reforms Cell, if not already created should be constituted and it is for the Government to examine this. Now, Sir, if you examine closely this 20- Point economic programme, you will find that out of the 20- points, at least 9 or 10 points can be operated or channelise through Co-operative Societies. Late Jawaharlal Nehru if I read his words said :- My outlook is to convulse India with the co-operative movement or rather with co-operation; to make it, broadly speaking, the basic activity of India, in every village as well as elsewhere," and finally India, to make the cooperative  approach the common thinking of India. Our own Prime Minster, Smti Indira Gandhi while inaugurating the 6th Indian cooperative Congress remarked " I know of no other instrument so potentially powerful and full of social purpose  s the cooperative movement " Mr. Chairman Sir, when our State was created, the cooperative movement in our State was still in its infancy  but within a very short period of time our Government has made very great strides and many other economic programmes have been taken up. It is my firm conviction, Mr. Chairman Sir, that there is no other means by which we can help our people except through the Cooperative Society. This Department was very much neglected till recently and now it has received serious attention of the Government . In this connection, I would like to put forward some concrete suggestions, Mr. Chairman Sir, these are:

  1. The establishment of a State Cooperative Union under a time bound programme which will educate all the Members and officers.

  2. Implementation of the Master Plan for revitalization of Cooperative Societies;

  3. Filed staff of the department should be strengthened without further delay.

  4. The Agriculture Department should be closely related to the Cooperative Department;

  5. There should be a State Co-operative Advisory Board consisting of representatives

  6. There should be appointment of whole time paid secretaries in all recognised societies to the Master Plan.

  7. The State Co-operative Act and Rules should be amended to suit local conditions;

  8. The recognised Credit Society should have a strong Managing Committee;

  9. The bye- laws of all the Service Co-operative Societies should be uniform;

  10. Liberal contribution should be given by the State Government to all the well managed Co-operative Societies;

    These, Mr. Chairman  Sir, are some of the few suggestions which I would put forward to the Government for the speedy implementation of the economic measures.

    Now, I will come to another point, Sir, I will just make a sweeping remark, i.e., education of ignorance. In the connection, Government has made tremendous strides. It has done a lot in their respect and has established 10 Book Banks in 10 colleges, 100 High Schools and 200m  Middle English Schools and has made provision for coverage  of all hostels and residences for essential commodities at controlled prices, This is really a commendable achievement of the Government. Now, coming to disease. Mr. Chairman Sir,  as you know most of the States have their own Medical Colleges and these Medical Colleges are attached to the Medical Hospital  where you can have specialised treatment for complicated diseases. As you know our State, up till now, it has not got any Medical College attached to a Medical Hospital  as a result many complicated cases have to be referred to Hospitals outside our State and thereby incurring a lot of expenditure. This is, of course, not possible for the poor and down trodden people of our State. Therefore, Mr. Chairman Sir, I feel that in the 20- Point economic programme, stress should have been given on the medical side and health also. Mr. Chairman Sir, our State should give serious thought to have its own medical College attached to a Medical Hospital. But this Medical College and Hospital should not be established in the same place where there is an existing hospital, such as the Civil Hospital and other Hospitals, which are meant for other purposes. In this connection, Mr. Chairman Sir, I may suggest that a State General Hospital should be established with a view to:

  1. Benefit the poor people of the State who cannot afford medical treatment outside the State.

  2. To provide specialised treatment and medical facilities every Department;

  3. Encourage our young medical students to proceed for further studies in all branches of medical profession, which in turn will benefit the people of the State;

  4. Serve as a basis for the establishment of  a Medical College.

    The State General Hospital must therefore be established in a place where there is sufficient space for further development in future because we have to construct a big hospital with at least 500 to 600 beds and we should have accommodation for Medical Officers, Nurses and other  para- medical staff. Therefore, I feel, Sir, that in this respect we should also improve the working of the Medical Department. There should also be a separate Engineering Wing attached to the Health Department because, as it is now, the working of this Department is hampered due to these technical difficulties. Even in my constituency the PHC is under a State of collapse as there is nobody to take care of it. Nobody knows whether it is the responsibility of the Medical Department or the PWD. The PWD is very busy with  other works, especially road construction. Therefore, Mr. Chairman Sir, a separate Engineering Wing should be attached to the Medical Department. With these few word, Mr. Chairman Sir, I resume my seat.

Shri Manindra Rabha :- Mr. Chairman Sir I rise to participate in the debate on the Governor's Address. In associating myself with the mover of the motion of thanks to the Governor's Address, I do appreciate  the activities of the Government. More plans and programs have been indicated in the Address of the Governor. As we know , the year 1975 is very strenuous and difficult period  to the country and the nation as a whole. After all, it is due to the able leadership of our beloved Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi that we could curb the situation in time and the declaration of emergency has brought the law and order situation throughout the country under control. We have found in our State of Meghalaya, during the preceding years that there were a number of incidents thefts and dacoity. We have discussed these things on the floor of this House. We are happy today that during the year 1975 we have heard of a small number of incidents, thefts and dacoity. This is due to the proclamation of emergency and the active participation of the policy officers. However, I will come now to agriculture. As we all know Meghalaya is an agricultural State which the majority of its population have to depend entirely on agriculture. Agriculture also falls under the 20-point economic programme. Our State is trying  its level best to go for more effective schemes and facilities to the agricultural for which during this year, three flow irrigation projects and about six schemes of lift irrigation have been implemented . This is not enough. We have to do more and give more to our Agriculturists. I am glad that our Government has proposed to construct more and more life irrigation projects to provide facilities to our agriculturists  so that they can produce more for the country. In the meantime, in Garo Hills , about 100 shallow tube wells are under progress. These shallow tube wells are indicated  to be installed from Tikrikilla to Singimari. Within these few days it is reported that major portion of the productive areas are in Tikrikilla under my constituency, these schemes were abandoned according to the repot of the Central Ground Water Board. Of course, I do not know the technical  implication of those schemes. But I would request the Government to look into this matter and to continue with these shallow tube well schemes in Tikrikilla area. If they find that these schemes are not feasible alternative schemes should be implemented in those production areas. At the same time, Sir, I would like to refer to flood control schemes  as we have discussed about the flood control measures in previous years. But I am sorry to mention here that there is not a single word on flood control scheme  in the Address of the Governor this year. You know Sir, we have got bitter experience about flood in the major plain portions of Garo Hills and Jaintia Hills which are badly affected by flood. Our Government has also taken up some schemes to control flood. Meanwhile, this Department has been amalgated with the PWD (Roads and Buildings) and some of the experienced personnel of he Embankment and Drainage Department are transferred to other places. According to our knowledge some of those personnel have gone back to Assam. According to my assessment , if we cannot take up such schemes  and cannot afford to have the experienced personnel in the Embankment and Drainage Department , we shall not be successful and the agriculture will be badly affected . Already above Rs. 15,00,000/- had been spent for this flood control scheme. This is not  matter of joke. This scheme also already has been identified and approved by the Central Government. Therefore, I think we should not neglect this scheme. At the same time, I would refer to jhum cultivation  where a major portion of the hilly places in Meghalaya is  used for jhum cultivation. If we cannot succeed in  the jhum cultivation  by giving permanent  irrigation or some type of terracing to take the place of jhum cultivation, then we cannot produce more for which  we shall suffer in future. According to my assessment, I can point out that necessary measures must be taken by the Government to replace jhum cultivation. I would request the Government to go for permanent irrigation system for the benefit of our cultivators.

    I will come now to the co-operative movement in the State Agriculture Cooperative movement are co-related especially for the economic development of the State as well as the individuals. Here according to our  observation, we have seen just after the creation of our full fledged State, the co-operative movement is moving very fast for which till today we have got about 6 Co-operative Apex Banks in different places of the State. There is also a proposal to start another six more co-operative Apex Bank branches in the different places of Meghalaya. From that point of view we can hope that this co-operative movement will be helpful to our agriculturists and we shall be very much benefited by this Movement. According to my observation though there are some branches of the co-operative's yet there is indication about Industrial Co-operatives Society, Credit Co-operative Society, Service Co-operative Society to Farmers Labourers  Agency Co-Operative Societies and we could not find anything about the Housing Co-operative system in our State............

(A voice : It is there )

So, Sir, I would like to request the Government to speed up this Co-operative movement to give benefit the the agriculturists and specially to the low income groups of our people. On the other hand, I would like to refer to  the agriculturists of our plain areas because these people are badly suffering from economic hardships. According to the assessment of Mr. Koch who spoke about it yesterday, most of the lands of the plains tribals and also of some of the non- tribals passing to the other non- Meghalayans. These are the money lenders and business man. If we cannot protect these poor people, effective measures and ultimately our people will suffer much. So, I like to request the Government to speed up  the various co-operative movements to reach the village people.

    The other point  is about the scarcity of text books. After bifurcation of the Meghalaya Board of Secondary Education, our scheme is different from that of Assam because it has followed its own scheme and changed the syllabus of text books. According to my knowledge, the students studying in Assamese medium are facing difficulties and that they are in need of adequate text books. So, our Government had better take some measures for providing text books  or by forming a publication board of its own through the Education Department  for publication of text books in the State.

    By the way, I would also like to refer to the conditions of our lower primary school teachers in Garo Hills especially those training in the Assamese medium - Schools. They are not getting any chance for basic training. I think this topic has already been referred to several times during our tenure and our Government has also declared to give facilities to them by establishing one Assamese Medium Basic School. But I think it is not coming into effect. So, Sir, I would request our sincere 

(At this stage , the Chairman (Shri D. N. Joshi) vacated the Chair and Shri G. Mylliemngap took over as Chairman)

Government to consider this. Though I wish to speak more on this point, I cannot do as the time is limited. With these few observations I resume my seat.

Mr. Chairman :- Now, I call upon Miss Percylina Marak.

Shrimati Percylina Marak :- Mr. Chairman Sir, I would also like to support he motion of thanks moved by the hon. Member from Sohra on the Governor's Address. While taking part in the debate, I would like to dwell only on two subjects , namely , youth and social welfare. I am glad to note that our Government has been taking keen interest on youth welfare since we have achieved this State of ours. Recently we have had 3rd State Sports Meet at Jowai where many of our young boys and girls took part. As it is already  included in the policy of our Government where many of our young boys  and girls took part. As it is already included in the policy of our Government I am sure that this kind of meet will continue in the future so that our youths will be brought together for a better understanding in the filed of physical and mental development. Secondly, I am happy to note that our State Government have sent 23 boys to the Mountaineering Institute at Dharamsala and I am very glad to learn that they have climbed up to a height of 20,000 feet.

    While appreciating the fact that our Government is taking so much interest for the welfare of our youths, I would suggest - though it is mentioned in the Governor's Address- that in the near future let our youth be also given training in village industries so that they can fill up the  vacancies in the villages or in the cottage  industries in our State like fiber industries, tannery, paper pottery, and other types of trade.

    Coming to Social Welfare I would like to State that there has not been much progress on Social Welfare activities in our State in the past. But now, with the coming of the new State, there has been  an appreciable upsurge of Social welfare activities. Mr. Chairman, Sir, I would like to congratulate the Government on its efforts to improve the condition  of the weaker sections of the community in the State especially  the implementation of the Integrated Child Development Services Schemes in Songsak has been highly appreciated by the people of the most backward, most interior and inaccessible area of my District of Garo Hills. I am sure Government will continue to implement the programme vigorously and extend the coverage to the other deserving areas within the State. The Integrated Child Development Scheme has involved a number of voluntary workers within the block. I feel that this will be of interest particularly for the voluntary women workers every where in the State. Mr. Chairman Sir, I have note with satisfaction the progress already made by the Meghalaya Social Welfare Advisory Board. This Board has brought all the voluntary organisations specially women organisations together throughout the State and recently,  we have seen the creation of a separate Directorate of social welfare which ahs contributed a great deal to the Social Welfare activities and programmes. Through this Directorate the Government has initiated a number of important  and useful schemes in the cause of rehabilitation of the helpless destitute women and also for children  and family care. However I would suggest that this Directorate of Social Welfare should be strengthen  and more officers and staff should be provided so that it will be strengthened and more officers  and staff should be provided so that it will be more efficient  in helping these voluntary organisation.

    Mr. Chairman Sir, the Government should be congratulated for the notable way it has celebrated the International Women's Year, 1975 in the State. Our women delegation participated in the national seminar conference and exhibition in New Delhi and they have brought honour to our State. The highlight of the celebrations was the participation  of a contingent  of women athletes at the National Women's Sports Festival held in New Delhi. We must congratulate our women athletes who won the trophy for the second best team in march past at the national event.

    Mr. Chairman, Sir, our Government has been  assisting various  welfare voluntary organisations in cash and kind. This has been highly appreciated by these organisations and women workers in the State especially in my District of Garo Hills. Now, we are happy to see that the Government has established a State Home for rehabilitating the helpless and destitute women in Shillong and we also expect that such homes be also established  in Tura  and other parts of the State. Then correctional homes for juvenile delinquents has been a long felt need of the State. The Government I am sure , has already taken necessary steps to have a Correctional Home at Sohiong in Khasi Hills District. Such Correctional Homes, I feel, may also be set up at Tura and other deserving places. Along with this, I would like to say that not only in Khasi Hills but also in all Districts of our State. I feel that if necessary, such home should be established in near future.

    Mr. Chairman Sir, I would like to suggest that the State Government should formulate schemes for the rehabilitation of the handicaps also in the State. As in previous years, training programmes and seminars should be organised, even in future, so that voluntary social workers will have more encouragement and understanding. With these few words, Mr. Chairman Sir, I resume my seat.

Mr. Chairman :-  Shri Samsul Haque.

Shri Samsul Haque :- Mr. Chairman Sir, I rise to support  the Motion of Thanks to the Governor's Address moved by my colleague from Sohra. Sir, I do not like to elaborate my speech as time is very limited. But Mr. Chairman Sir, I like to speak a few words regarding the plan and programmes which have been taken up by our State for the implementation in this financial year. Mr. Chairman Sir, during these last few years. The Government of Meghalaya, in so far as my observation goes, have implemented many projects which are giving benefit and I think these schemes have been implemented  for the upliftment of the State. Sir, some of my friends related the progress of the various projects of our Government but I would like to confine myself to the Public health sector. Sir, to tell the truth, I would like to say here that the Medical Department, the Public Health Department, has extended the Medical facility to the urban as well as the rural areas of our State. It cannot be denied that our Government have set up Primary health Centres in every block headquarters, appointed some doctors and nurses and also made provision to assist the students who come forward to undertake medical course with a scholarship so that they may be assisted financially in course of their study and they may come out successful. It has also been observed that some construction of hospital buildings, dispensary and staff- quarters in different parts of the State is being carried out. Some water supply schemes have also been commissioned in different parts of our State. All these steps are indicative  of our Governments determination to uplift the condition of the State. Besides this, Sir, we see in the Governor's Address at page 12, paragraph 17, where in the Governor says  " my Government will continue the various schemes relating to improvement of medical facilities, particularly in the rural areas of the State. The programme includes the setting up of new sub- centres, dispensaries, primary health centres as also the improvement of the three Civil Hospitals at Shillong, Jowai and Tura, and  of the Ganesh Das Hospital in Shillong. The emphasis on control of communicable diseases in continuing . Despite considerable success, constant vigil and endeavour are necessary in the sphere of malaria and small pox eradication. In the matter of National Leprosy Control Programme, ten S. E. T. (survey , education and treatment) centres are already functioning and one leprosy control unit has been sanctioned for Rongjeng in Garo Hills District. It is proposed to set up shortly one more control unit, one urban leprosy centre and hospitalization wards in the State with necessary staff and equipment  under the Centrally sponsored schemes will commence shortly". Sir, in this connection I would like to take this opportunity to extend my proposal to the Government, through you , Sir, that the Mahendraganj State Dispensary upgraded to a 30 - bedded Hospital with requisite staff. Sir, this Mahendraganj State Dispensary is one of the most ill equipped State Dispensaries in the State, so far I gather from the Medical Officer in charge of that Dispensary . My another request to the Government is that one Medical Sub- centre should be established at Katuli. During my tour to that area I found that people are actually suffering due to want of medical facilities. For getting medical facilities either they are to go to Kalachar   which is at a distance of 5/6 miles or to Ampati that is also at a distance of 6/7 miles away. So  the people of that area requested me to approach the Government with this proposal. So, Sir, I am requesting the Government to take this matter into  consideration with all seriousness. Mr. Chairman Sir, in this construction I would like to point out little shortcomings of the health Department. It has been reported to me in course of my visit to my constituency that all these Dispensaries are running short of medicines. Here I would like to tell you one incident during the month of February while I was at Shillong. The Mahendraganj State Dispensary remained closed for several days for shortage of medicines. The Medical Officer sent message to the Civil Surgeon informing that the medicine stock had been completely exhausted and people were thronging for medicine outside the Dispensary. He sought advice from the Civil Surgeon as to what to do. Without getting  any instruction from the Civil Surgeon he had no other option but to close he door of the Dispensary to avoid people. At the same time people started sending telegrams to the C.S. stating that the Medical Officer had closed the Dispensary. the Medical Officer came back with some medicines and re-opened the door of the dispensary. Sir I would request the Government to ensure adequate supply of medicines especially to the Dispensaries in the rural areas. Lastly, I would like to deal with the object of education. Sir, to speak the truth. 

(A voice - Don't tell lie) (Laughter)

    Our State Government is extending so much help for the benefit of children of ours.

    Sir, the Government is also providing some none- recurring grants for construction of school buildings and hostel buildings etc., It is also found very recently that the children are getting so many advantages like getting their books from the School Library  free of cost. It is also seen that some schools are receiving some grants for improving or constructing their playgrounds and also some schools are  receiving some grants for purchasing science apparatus for their science laboratory. I am very much grateful to the Government as I am one of the Members coming from the Border area Constituency, to know that some grants has been given to them and this has gone a long way in improving the lot of those border people who have to educate their children especially during these days of economic crisis. On the whole, it may be said that our Government is exerting its best efforts for all round development of the State. But as I am relating here now (bell rang ) Sir, in connection with education side, there is one thing which I must point out here. Proper attention has not been paid to the school teachers more particularly in respect to their monthly salaries (bell rang) Please give me another two minutes.

Mr. Chairman :- You will get only one minute.

Shri Samsul Haque :-  No Sir, I want tow more minutes ( laughter ) Sir, actually the teachers are not getting their monthly salary in time. Their monthly salary ranges from Rs. 125 to Rs.150 or Rs.200 and so on, but inspite of this meagre amount, they have to suffer for months together because they are not getting their monthly salaries in time. Sir, a teacher who gets such a meagre amount of only Rs.125 or Rs.150 p.m. cannot maintain his family properly in these days, of economic hardship. But you know Sir, if I ask any chowkidar or peon of the State Bank as regards his salary, I am sure he will say that he getting Rs.300 or Rs.400 or Rs.450 p.m. and somebody who has put in long years of service may say that he is getting more than Rs.500 p.m whereas a graduate teacher is getting only Rs.125 or so per month. So, Mr. Chairman Sir, I would request the Government through you to take up for consideration this particular  aspect of the matter and try to devise a reasonable means to give them a reasonable pay. Sir, the teachers of Government Aided High  Schools, know I, are getting their scale of pay according to the recommendations of the last Pay Commission. But Sir, these teachers are suffering a lot. This is a great injustice done to them, because these are the ideal persons who have to mould the basic character of our Students. They are the ones who will train and guide our children in a better way towards a better standard of their life or that they may become good citizens of our country. So Sir, their interest should not be neglected. Sir, with these few words I resume my seat, because time does not permit me to speak more.

Mr. Chairman :- We have another 14 minutes more. If any other hon. Member wishes to participate. Nobody, so would you like to continue Mr. Haque ?

Shri Samsul Haque :-Yes Sir, if you kindly allow me. Sir, having this opportunity I would like to bring to the notice  of the Government a serious type of grievances suffered by the L.P. School teachers  specially teachers in Garo Hills are very very unfortunate. They are poorly paid and I know they have got a long standing arrear pay which is still lying with the District Council. For two or three months together they went on without pay. So you can well imagine their positions and if one teacher has a family of 5 or 6 members how can he support them during these days of economic crisis ? Now a days he is getting only rs.100 or Rs.125 or Rs. 140 per month and with this meagre amount I don't think he can maintain even himself properly. Some  times pay is being withheld for months together. How then can they maintain their livelihood. So, I earnestly request the Government through you Sir, to consider their cases sympathetically so that they may get their monthly salary regularly without delay henceforth. Sir, another thing I would like to suggest here, as a few minutes ago, also Mr. Rabha has spoken on the same subjects  and that is with regard to the opening of basic training centres in our State. Here I would like to stress that one Basic Training Centre should be set up in Garo Hills to coach our teachers who are teaching in the Assamese or Bengali schools. Here I am only stressing on the Basic Training Centre for the Bengali Teachers  which should be opened in Garo Hills, because it is known to me that one Basic Training Centre is opened at Rongkhon which is run in Garo Medium. However Sir, a Bengali medium Assamese medium Basic Training Centre should  also be opened in Garo Hills at any place where the Government find suitable for the purpose. As regards the management of L. P. School Sir, I would like to extend my humble suggestion to the Government, through you, that the State Government should take the charge of maintaining and also financing of the L. P. Schools in the State as a whole. Though the District Council is the sole authority for the management of the L.P. Schools in Meghalaya, the result is not satisfactory. Because, so far as I know some of the L.P. Schools whish are in the interior places, have not been visited even once by the Inspecting staff. It is difficult to say whether the teachers come to school to teach the children or not. It is also heard that some of the Schools Secretaries are drawing monthly salaries on behalf of L.P. School teachers and when the teachers ask them about the non- payment of their pays, they ( the Secretaries ) inform them that they will get their pays very soon as at present there is no money in the fund. it is also known that some  school teachers attend school at 12 O'clock or 1.P.M. Therefore, Mr. Chairman Sir, in this  way we cannot expect to have a good result of our L.P. Schools in the interior. Another grievance of the teachers of the L.P. Schools is that they are not entitled to pension after their retirement from service. it is a matter of great regret that an employee who has served for 25 to 30 years as a teacher cannot have nay means of livelihood after his or her retirement. Therefore, Mr. Chairman Sir, I request the Government, through you to see to condition of the L.P. School teachers of the State.

Mr. Chairman:- This is a matter of the District Council.

Shri Samsul Haque :- Of course, it is a matter of the District Council. That is why I would like to suggest to the Government through you Sir, that the management and financing of the L.P. Schools in Meghalaya should be taken over by the State Government. Further, I would like to suggest to the State Government to take up this matter with the Government of India so that all the L.P. School may come under the management of the State Government and there only we can expect better results, better management and better supervision of all these L. P. Schools. With these few words, Mr. Chairman, Sir, I resume my seat.


Mr. Chairman :- Since there are no more hon. Members to participate in the discussion on the Governor's Address, the House stands adjourned till 9.a.m on Monday, the 15th march, 1976.

R.T. Rymbai

Dated Shillong


The 13th March, 1976

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.