Present :- Minister six, Minister of State live and Members forty-one.

Censure Motion

Mr. Speaker :- Before taking up this motion, may I inform the House that the time for the discussion will be only for two hours because a motion of this nature does not permit long speech and the changes made may be made more specific. The time for discussion will be from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Then after that we will have recess for half an hour so that the Ministers concerned may have a chance to reply or give personal explanation which will continue up to 1-30 p.m. and thereafter the mover will reply. And since this is the last Session of the present Assembly may I ask a few words towards the end and I think I have permission of the House that the House sits till all the business is completed.

Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I think the sitting is upto 1-30 p.m.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, may I make a submission ? Sir, this motion which was moved yesterday does not contain any specific charges.

Mr. Speaker :- May I inform the Minister in charge of parliamentary Affairs that in the Lok Sabha, Censure Motions come under the category of ordinary motions, but here in this House there are rules which are not specific, and it is bracketed as 'No Confidence Motion'.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, my only submission is that according to the principles of natural justice, any person against whom the charges are made is entitled to know what are the charges.

Shri B. B. Lyngdoh :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, they will have the knowledge of these charges when the half hour time is given to them. 

Mr. Speaker :- That is why I have talked the member to be more specific in his charges.

Shri S. N. Koch :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, we have.

Mr. Speaker :- Let the mover move his first motion.

*Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like also to make similar submission before I move this motion, and since this is a very painful duty to be performed today, I would submit if the two Ministers resign now in the House. I will not move any motion.


        Well Speaker, Sir, since they are judgment  I have to undertake the ----- cutting ----  from the body politic and----                        

Mr. Speaker :- You have to move the motion first.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I beg to move that " This House do now censure Shri Edwingson Bareh, Minister for Agriculture, Public Works (Roads and Buildings) and Food and Agri Supplies, etc" and  Shri D. Dethwelson Lapang, Minister of State in charge of Co-operation, Jails and Civil Defence (including Home Guards, etc).

Mr. Speaker :- Motion moved. Now you can start a discussion.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, of the members of the Cabinet. I will begin that with Shri E. Bareh  who is second in the order of precedence in the Cabinet and I begin first by charging him. Mr.  Speaker, with the dereliction of duty in looking after his Departments.  He was held responsible for the Departments he is in charge. I will--- first of all  to the Agriculture Department and from the ---- hand Book issued by the Government of Meghalaya ---  it is stated that in 1969 to 1970 the autumn ----- on 37,000 hectares of land was 20 thousand tonnes whereas, now  in 1972-73 the figures comes down to 19 thousand tonnes and the money spent was much more.

Shri S. N. Koch :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, on a point of order, may I say that according to Rule 133 (1) a motion expressing want to confidence in the whole Ministry or a  motion censuring a Minister or a group of Ministers or a motion disapproving the action or actions- I emphasis the word action because the word, Sir, contemplates whatever charges on the activities or the work which has been done or not  done.

Mr. Speaker :- If you want to raise such foolish things, I would request you to come and sit my Chair.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, may I point out that the Minister takes an oath to look after the offices entrusted to him and the failure of the Departments to function can also be construed as failure or the part of the Minister as it is his responsibility.

        Now I come to the case of potato, Mr. Speaker, Sir. In the year 1967-70 the protection  was 68,500 tons whereas in 1972-73 it has come down to ---- in the distribution of power tillers, bull-dozers also Mr. Speaker, Sir, there have been examples of favour being ---- to his colleague in the Cabinet. I have been informed that the land of the Minister, Revenue was tilled free by taking the power tillers and bull-dozers from the Agriculture Departments. Then I would like to know Mr. Speaker, Sir, the reason for the incident at the Mechanical store and workshop at Mawlai.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister parliamentary Affairs) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, the charge is also against me that as Minister of Revenue I have obtained the power tillers free of  charge.  

Mr. Speaker :- I think you can explain that afterwards if it affects you. I would ask Prof. Majaw ---  to more recent instances. If we are to deal with things in the past history, it will not be in order.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, but the particular Minister I am dealing now has been in the chair since 1970. Then with regard to fertilizers such as bonemeal, it has come to our information that while a lady at Mylliem, Kong --- has her own workshop and well established bonemeal, dealer was not granted permit for the distribution of fertilizers and bonemeal. But instead the permit was given to a middle man who did not have a bonemeal of his own or factory of his own. My contention is that this person has a direct link with the Minister concerned.

        Then with regard to P.W.D. I also charge the Minister with dereliction of duty where the P.W.D. is concerned. The Sixth Report of the P.A.C. has been placed on the Table of the House only yesterday. I would only refer to a few pages. Page 6 of the Sixth Report where it has been shown that the stock registers and stock verifications in a number of divisions and subdivisions have not been maintained since 1970-71 and ---   in the case of Nongstoin Subdivision which has subsequently required grant fame. Then we may refer to page 8 and page 9 where the Subdivisional Officer of Mawsynram Subdivision of page 12, has been directly taken to task. These are the words of the report of the P.A.C. 'The Committee is seriously perturbed on the casual and perfunctory manner in which the department has closed the case being full responsibility for the losses on the deceased officer.' They fixed the responsibility on the man who has dead. The Committee was convinced from the facts and circumstances in which  the shortage was detected, the time taken to report the shortage and the acts of omission and commission by officers of the department at different levels that the major and ultimate responsibility was that of the Subdivisional Officer himself. Now this discussion in the P.A.C. has been taking place for many months and has come to the knowledge of the entire department that inspection has been held. It could not have escaped the notice of the Minister in charge. I turn again to page 16. Here also there is a reference of violation of financial rules and then at page ---- where the remark has been made  by the P.A.C. The Committee is constrained to note that the non-utilisation of huge amount of Plan money as in this case, was not desirable as it affected the development of the State.' I do charge this Minister on many more things. It is my contention Mr. Speaker, Sir, that had the Minister taken care in looking after proper utilisation of this amount under the P.W.D. thereby affecting the development of the State this anomaly could have been avoided. Then Mr. Speaker, Sir, page 23 of the same report says that "if the department was unable to finalise such schemes during the year no provision for such schemes should have been made in the Budget'. The next para of the same page says 'the Committee is constrained to observe that incurring expenditure on any scheme or project either without sanction or in absence of provision of funds is not only unauthorised but amounts to deliberate violation of the rules by the officers concerned. The trend is dangerous and must be stopped immediately. Then we come also to page 24 where the Committee after careful consideration feels that there is no reasonable ground at present to recommend regularisation of the excess expenditure of Rs.21.84 lakhs incurred under Grant No.57. That closes the P.A.C. Report. There are many more things and it is my contention Mr.  Speaker, Sir, that had the Minister paid closer attention to this department of Public Works these objections perhaps would not have arisen in the P.A.C. Report. 

        Then I come to a famous case of the very junior Subdivisional Officer of the Assam Electricity Board who was brought and appointed at Nongstoin as an officiating Executive Engineer. This has come to my knowledge and is in utter violation of the decision of the Cabinet that the officers should be taken into the Meghalaya cadre in their own rank and it was found out that he had come as the Executive Engineer thereby getting promotion, the Financial Department objected and the Accountant General objected and no pay slip was issued to him. Somehow or other with the influence of the Minister who has taken the Minister in-charge of P.W.D. he managed to get a temporary pay slip and before the Finance Department could object, the A.G. was transferred and his pay slip was revised after every months. There had been quarrels fights and disagreement in the Cabinet for the retention and re-employment of this particular person under the Government of Meghalaya, and finally the Cabinet decided that he could  remained until  he could go back to the A.S.E.B. as Executive Engineer.

        Now, Mr. Speaker, Sir, it so happened that recently he put forward a claim for the post of Superintending Engineer. Why, because the junior most of the Executive Engineers become the Superintending Engineer. After this very gentleman was unduly given promotion and made to officiate as Superintending Engineer, there was a proposal to revert one of the Superintending Engineers back to the post of Executive Engineer but because, after a while there was a kind of sore feeling between the Executive Engineer and the Minister, there was a temporary estrangement and the source of money and power were drying up. So this gentleman was appointed as Superintending Engineer superseding several Executive Engineers of the Government of Meghalaya and this is in utter violation of the rules and the decisions taken by the Cabinet. May we ask, what is the special hold that this particular officer has over his puppet?

        Now Mr. Speaker, Sir, this particular Executive Engineer, when he was in power as Executive Engineer of Nongstoin Division had occasion to clash with some others. I remember the hon. member from Nongstoin who is now the Minister of State, Transport, who helped the public to secure payment of their bills when question were put by the hon. member from Nongstoin as king for the list of contractors who have got payment of their bills, the bills showed that the man who was dead six months back has been resurrected by this Executive Engineer, brought back from the tomb and received payment of about Rs.70,000 and the Executive Engineer certified that this was the signature of the man who was dead six months ago. The Minister concerned, Mr. E. Bareh, even threatened to resign if the said Executive Engineer was transferred from Nongstoin. I wonder what special hold that this Executive Engineer has over this puppet.

       Now I come to Supply. Supply is a matter which affects the lives of all of us here also. I charge Mr. Bareh for dereliction of duty by yielding to the wholesalers and unscrupulous businessmen in supplying rotten rice, bad rice and broken rice to the citizens of the State, with the result that the Health Department is plagued in  their hospitals with  people suffering from stomach ache, this is due to the supply of rotten rice and the Minister in charge of Supply is fully responsible for this. May I inform the House that the rice supplied by the Food Corporation of India is a good quality rice and these whole sellers sell it in black-market and again buy rotten rice from Gauhati and they sell to the public here. But, Mr. Speaker, Sir, no drastic action has been taken by the Minister of Supply for such kind of corruption. Sir, Moreover these whole sellers were also asked to make certain contribution to the Congress election fund and I have seen these businessmen coming to give such contribution. Here I would like to know from  this Government whether these dealers and whole sellers were under the pressure of the Government to make such contribution for their election fund ?     

Mr. Speaker :- I think all the political parties raise such funds for the election campaign.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- But, Mr. Speaker, Sir, we all human beings and we all have our conscience. I now come to the excise side. May I inform the House that the Minister in-charge of Excise, during the emergency, using his powers which had been given to him by the Maintenance of Indira and Sanjay Act or which is also popularly known as Maintenance of Internal Security Act, they forcibly took the land of one Ka Pdah ......

Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I think there is no such Act known as Indira and Sanjay Act.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have immediately added the words Maintenance of Internal Security Act. Yes, Sir, the land of one Pdah family forcibly taken and declared as Government land and they told them that this is the emergency period and nobody can say anything against the Government. Then may I also charge this Minister, Mr. Speaker, Sir, that he told the public in Jowai in Pnar language which means that those who will support him will bloom and those who will oppose him shall perish and die. And Mr. Speaker, Sir, he has also added the officers of the Government of Meghalaya not to accept any petition or letter from the public recommended by non-Congress M.L.As and they should entertain only those petitions duly recommended by the Congress M.L.As and that is his instruction to his officers working under him. Then Mr. Speaker, Sir, another case where I charge him for illegally occupying the Government land at Jowai. Sir, this is the particular plot of land where he has built a palatial building and which was occupied by P.W.D. since 1952 and the only evidence he can show is that the District Council has given him permission.

Mr. Speaker :- You will have to speak about it afterwards. You mean to say that the Minister has forcibly occupied the land.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Yes, Mr. Speaker, Sir, Mr. E.  Bareh has forcibly occupied this land.

Shri E. Bareh (Minister, Agriculture) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, if he is mentioning as Mr. E. Bareh then it is a personal matter and if he is Mr. Bareh then he has nothing to do with it.

Shri B. B. Lyngdoh :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, there is no question of split of persons here.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, yes, it is Mr. E. Bareh, Minister of Agriculture and it is my submission that the P.W.D. occupied this land and it is proved by the fact that the Minister actually issued such orders and notices to the Department to clear other materials lying in that land and it is also a proof that the P.W.D. was in occupation of the land, and now by using his power, influence and authority he has managed to transfer the land in his own name by pursuing the other agencies and other powers. Mr. Speaker, Sir, here he utilised his power to secure the land for himself and he also issued to the Executive Engineer who is far below him and unfortunately the land had to be vacated. And Sir, regarding the construction of his palatial building he may reply that he has secured the loan from the State Bank of India and in order to construct the building, I will come to this point later on. Mr. Speaker, Sir. Any one who goes to Jowai, if he will see his building from the market place he will think that it is only a single storied building but if he will see it from the back he will see it a multi storied building and only for its curtains about Rs.25,000 have been spent. And Mr. Speaker, Sir, for its birth day celebration in 1975 he spent a huge amount and there were three different arrangements-one for the tea another for rice and the other for liquor i.e. the spiritual thing. Mr. Speaker, Sir, after coming to power he has been able to construct a palatial building and he has been able to feed thousands of people during his birth day but Sir, as the Minister in charge of Supply he has been feeding all the people with that rotten rice. Sir, this also is the charge that I level against him and I must say that when I come to the second Minister who is nearer to my seat I will be able to show link between the two great characters.

        Mr. Speaker, Sir, may I now come to Mr. D. D. Lapang, Minister of State in-charge of Jails, Co-operation, Power and Civil Defence. Here I will first of all charge him with Public Accounts Committee's first report. Sir, according to the report of the Public Accounts Committee held in June, at page 8, Paragraph 6 it is clearly stated that the expenditure involved in the construction of a hostel at Nehru Memorial School .....

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, this did not take place at the time when he was Minister. So it is a personal charge against Shri D. D. Lapang and the same cannot be raised in this motion.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, may I point out here that for all these matters I will make my submission .....

*Shri D. D. Lapang (Minister of State, Co-operation, Jails, etc) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, at page 592 of the Practice and Procedure of Parliament by Shri M.N. Kaul it is stated that a censure motion can be moved against the Council of Ministers or an individual Minister or a group of Ministers for their failure to act or not to act or for their policy, and may express regret, indignation or surprise of the House at the failure of the Minister or Ministers. Further Mr. Speaker, Sir, at page 777 of Paragraph 3 it is stated that it is against the rules of parliamentary debate and decorum to make defamatory statements or allegations or incriminatory nature against person. Further, I beg with your permission to refer to page 778 last portion in paragraph 3. In the notice to the Speaker, a member is required to give brief details about the allegation which he proposes to make against a person or another member, so that the Speaker could judge the matter before hand.

Mr. Speaker :- The other points are relevant. But the last point which has been raised is that in Parliament the censure motion comes under the same category. But here as I said a censure motion comes under the category of a no confidence motion and definitely nobody should cast a reflection on a person on personal ground but in his capacity as a Minister. That I have already told.

Shri D.D. Lapang (Minister of State, Co-operation, Education, etc.) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, since the notice is given to the Speaker and the Minister concerned, the member is not permitted to make allegations in the House. I fully agree that these allegations referred to by the hon. member do not fall under the jurisdiction of Shri D. D. Lapang, Minister of State in-charge of Education, Co-operation during his tenure of office as a Minister of State. This is the contention of the member who is trying to trace but the acts of commission and omission.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- May I demolish with the argument Mr. Speaker, Sir,? While he is a Minister for Education and Co-operation, this matter was of public important and nothing was done by the Department.

Shri D.D. Lapang (Minister of State, Co-operation,  etc.) :-  Mr. Speaker, Sir, I want to be clear whether it is correct or not that while I was a Minister of State Education. I can be held responsible for acts of omission and commission of many years ago. I do not know whether it is a fact or not. But my contention is how the hon. member can be permitted to bring defamatory statement here on matters which are not within the jurisdiction of the Minister concerned.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- May I point out Mr. Speaker, Sir, that the Public Accounts Committee is a committee of this House and while the matter is before the Committee, it is also before this House. The Committee holds several meetings.

Mr. Speaker :- You cannot charge a Minister for his failure without prior notice.

Shri D.D. Lapang (Minister of State, Co-operation, Education, etc.) :- May I clarify, Mr. Speaker, Sir, on what is being dealt with in the Department. Whether it has got any connection with that as a Minister now. This is what we want a clarification. If you go a long way to bring defamatory statement inside the House against the Minister of State, it will not be justified.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- From the local Audit of accounts the total is still there, an amount of Rs.18,797.50 P. due from the Nehru Memorial School. The break-up comes to more than Rs.40,000.

Mr. Speaker :- I think this is the report dealing with the period when Shri D. D. Lapang was not the Minister of State in charge of Education.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- The matter has not been closed and it is continuing.

Mr. Speaker :- I said, you referred to another matter which concerned a particular while he is not in office at that time.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- That is why, Mr. Speaker, Sir, I charge him. He is not setting his own case.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, there are many cases against the hon. Member. But these cases have not been settled.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I welcome the charge.

Mr. Speaker :- I have read the rule that any reference to any charges must be relevant to the period when the Minister is holding charge and here is a case that you have charged the Minister of State in-charge of Co-operation, Jails, Civil Defence, etc.

Shri B. B. Lyngdoh :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, may I point out that this Public Accounts Committee is a Committee constituted by this House and I do not know how can we say that by reading the report of the P.A.C. is defamatory in this House. It is quite unreasonable to say that the reading of the report by the Committee in this House is defamatory. Sir, the P.A.C. is still subsisting and the matter is pending for settlement. Therefore, it it still relevant to charge the Minister of State for the lapses during the period.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, may I point out the last line of page 8, sub-para 11 ( ....... interruption .......)

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs, etc.) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, we are concerned with the action of the Minister in office, not the past action of the Minister in his personnel capacity. You are wasting our time by referring to irrelevant actions.

Mr. Speaker :- May I know whether this particular reference to this report deals with Shri D. D. Lapang as Minister of State or not. Because I do not understand. 

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- I am reading the P.A.C. report.

Shri D. D. Lapang (Minister of State for Education, Co-operation, etc.) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, my objection is that it happened during my time. The matter has not been brought to the notice of the Minister in-charge as the Department has already given the reply and the Department is waiting for the re-action from the P.A.C. on whether the explanation of the Department is acceptable or not. We hope that the matter is already there and I do not know how the hon. Member can bring the statement here.

Mr. Speaker :- May I ask the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee whether the Public Accounts Committee has got such information from the Government and, if so, what action has been taken on this ?

Shri S. P.  Swer :- He has referred to the previous report of the P.A.C. and not to the present report in which I am the Chairman. So far as my knowledge goes, the P.A.C. has not received the information yet.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, because the department was asked by the P.A.C. to institute an enquiry and to report back to the House. But it was very unfortunate that Mr. D. D. Lapang as a Minister of State, Education did not report back to the House till today.

Shri P. G. Marbaniang (Minister, Education) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, that is wrong, we have written to the P.A.C.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- But the recommendation of the P.A.C.  is that the department has to report back to the House. If you read the report of the P.A.C. it has been specifically mentioned that the Government has to institute an enquiry and to report back to the House.

Shri D. D. Lapang (Minister of State, Co-operation) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, let me speak also. I want to know the actual responsibility of the department where I happened to be a Minister of State. If this subject is related to the Education Department where a greater responsibility is with the Minister of State or it is with the Education Minister. Whether the Minister of State can be held responsible for taking action or not taking action on the recommendation of the P.A.C. After all, the Minister of State has fully understood about his functions and responsibility which is meant only to assist the Minster of Education. I do not understand how the hon. Member can single out the Minister of State when he happened to be assisting the Cabinet Minister only. I want to be clarified on this point. 

Shri H. Hadem :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I think, in that case he had failed to assist the Minister of Education.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- He had failed and that is why,  I charge him here.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, at that relevant period,  the Minister concerned was an ordinary member, he was not a Minister. Then again, Sir, Rule 279, sub-rule (2) states that a member while speaking shall not make any personal charges against a member. At that relevant period Mr. Speaker, Sir, he was an ordinary member and he was not a Minister. Therefore, Sir, I submit that the rule does not allow him to make personnel charges against a member when making a speech in the House.

Mr. Speaker :- Who is the Minister in-charge of Education at that time ? If he was a Minister of State, Education at that time then my question is that the P.A.C. has made certain recommendation which the hon. Member has read out a portion of it. It is like this. "The Committee is of the opinion that the utilisation of grant for the school and hostels building is of a doubtful nature and therefore it recommends to the Government to institute an enquiry into the accounts of the Nehru Memorial M.E. Schools, Umsning and to report back to the House".

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- My submission, Mr. Speaker, Sir, is that the department did not send the report to this House because the Minister of State for Education was involved. I can submit Mr. Speaker, Sir, that I discussed this matter with the officers in  charge and they told me that when the former D.P.I. who has gone back to Assam now, has initiated an action over it. I was further told by one gentleman that due to fear of the Minister, the officer in-charge including a person like the Deputy Director of Public Instruction, were scared of taking any action on the recommendation of the P.A.C. Moreover, Mr. Speaker, Sir, if we ask for the audit report of the local Examiner of Accounts in this respect. I think, the Minister has to resign immediately. Mr. Speaker, Sir, a number of allegations have been proved by the Director of Local Accounts with regard to this particular case and so I charge this department for not sending back the report of the enquiry to this House.

Mr. Speaker :- But whether that report has not been placed in the House, how do I know ?

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Let them produce the report of the local auditor and then the House will know it.

Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, may I make a submission here. Since the report is yet to come to the House. The hon. Member should not refer to it right now.

Mr. Speaker :- That is why I said I do not know the report.

Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- The House will have ample opportunity to discuss on this when the report comes to the House.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Quite true, Mr. Speaker, Sir, the report has to come to the House for so many many years and for that some particular period this Minister of State was the Minister of State for Education and therefore, he has filed to assist the Minister in charge of Education, and that is why, I charge him now for his dereliction of duties is not assisting the Minister in-charge of education to send back the report to this House.

Mr. Speaker :- It is not the duty of the Minister in charge of Education to place the report before the House but it is the duty of the Finance Minister to place the report of the Examiner of Local Accounts before the House if it is ready.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- In that case, the recommendation of the P.A.C.  was to the department.

Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, whether it is an opportune moment today to discuss on that while the report is expected to come to the House. I think this is not an appropriate time to discuss in detail or to charge a person before we know the report.

Mr. Speaker :- That is why I have ruled out. That particular report should not be referred to and so there is no question for you to charge the Minister. 

Shri Humphrey Hadem :- But Mr. Speaker, Sir, the report of the P.A.C. had been long overdue. It has come before the House and how long it will take ? How long this delaying tactic will be there ?

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Why the department did not report back to this House, that is my question.

Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- Of course, the hon. Member has mention about the delaying tactic but without getting the report whether the House is competent to take it for granted ?

Shri D. D. Lapang (Minister of State, Co-operation) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, the point at issue now is not the discussion on the report. But the charge of the hon. mover of this Censure Motion now is about the failure of the Minister to place the  report before the House.

Mr. Speaker :- Do you mean the report on this particular case ?

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, can we not remember the promise of the Government to send the report to the House ? may quote the speech of Shri Sibendra Narayan Koch the hon. Member from Mendipathar in his speech at page 61 of the proceedings of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly held on 29th June, where he has stated that this Government promise one thing but in actual price they do something. How can I believe this Government when through the mouth of the hon. Member the Government breaks its promises. How can we believe this Government ? When will they send the report to the House ? Mr. Speaker, Sir, I charge the Minister of State Co-operation for being responsible for re-settling the co-operative movement in the Ri-Bhoi area specially. Only some time ago, Mr. Speaker, Sir, they celebrated the Co-operation Week; I have been there myself and I was listening to what the Minister in-charge was stating. He had declared very sanctimoniously in the Shillong Herald, page 1. I states ; "The Minister of State, Co-operation , Mr. D. D. Lapang, cautioned all co-operators that unless the evils of personal interests were eliminated and true co-operative spirit allowed to  develop ..... "How beautiful it sounds Mr. Speaker, Sir, ...... and through the Co-operative movement he will be allowed to develop the entire structure and fully partake in it for which the people are being cautioned which will ultimately be defeated. This is mostly what he has done. This is my submission  Mr. Speaker, Sir, I know of numerous cases where the Co-operative Societies were given loans even while he was the Minister but a lion share of the loan before it could reach the particular Society had to be deposited in the house of the Minister concerned at Jaiaw. I have got evidences Mr. Speaker, Sir.

Shri D. D. Lapang (Minister of State in charge of Co-operation etc.) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, this kind of allegation of which I as a Minister was being charged, should get a copy of this allegation according to the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business.

Shri B. B. Lyngdoh :- Let him speak in his own time. Let him finish his speech.

Mr. Speaker :- He said you had failed in your duty as a Minister.

Shri D. D. Lapang (Minister of State, Co-operation, etc.) :- He said a lion's share has been deposited in my House.

Mr. Speaker :- Yes, you reply to that.

Shri D. D. Lapang (Minister of State for Power, Co-operation, etc.) :- But after all he should be sure because, Mr. Speaker, Sir, again exactly at page 178 , Paragraph 2, the member has to be careful while making allegation. He has to satisfy himself that the sources for allegation must be based on facts.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- From the Chairman, Umsning Co-operative Credit Union. The letter was signed by the Chairman. It was written in Khasi for which I shall give an English translation.

Ha U Registrar
  Co-operative Societies, Government of Meghalaya, Shillong.
Na U Homdrik Sylliang,
  Tdohumsiang (Khyndai Mile)
  Umsning Jagi Road,


        Sahep Badonburom,

    Da kane nga pyntip ia phi ba nga long teng U Chairman jong ka Umsning Co-operative Credit Union. Umsning bad ha kata ka por ka Union ka la ioh ia ka ram (loan) na ka Sorkar Jylla bad na kata ka ram ngi ki Member jong ka Managing Committee ngi la ai Rs.20,000 (Arphew Hajar) tyngka ha ki kti U bah Dethwelson Lapang bad U bah Darwell Lapang, ba kin pynsam kum ka ram ha ki Member jong ka Union. Hynrei ha ba kim shym sam ia kata ka pisa da ki bnai, ngam banse ban iehnoh (resign) ia ka kam kum U Chairman bad U Member jong katei ka Union bad nga la kynriah iing noh na Umsning sha Tdohumsiang ha ka 9 mail jong ka Umsning Jagi Road.

        Kumta ngam don jingkitkhlieh shuh na ka bynta kito ki ram ki shah kiba nga la ai ha ki kti jong U Bah Dethwel Lapang bad u para jong u.


Uba burom ia phi,


Sd/- Homdrik Sylliang,


Dated : Tdohumsiang,
The 24th November, 1977.

        Here is a copy in English. It reads like this :-

  The Registrar,
  Co-operative Societies, Government of Meghalaya,


From :-  
  U Homdrik Sylliang,
  Tdohumsiang (Khyndai Mile),
  Umsning, Jagi Road,



Respected Sir,    

        By this I inform you that I was once the Chairman of the Umsning Co-operative Credit, Umsning, and at that time the Union received loan from the State Government and from that loan we the members of the Managing Committee gave into the hands of U Dethwelson Lapang and U Darewel Lapang, Rs.20,000 (Rupees twenty thousand) in order that they would distribute the money as a loan to the Members of the Union. But they did not distribute the money for so many months. I was compelled to resign as the Chairman and Member of the Union,  and I shifted my house from Umsning to Tdohumsiang at 9 mile of the Umsning-Jagi Road.

        Therefore, I have no more responsibility with regard to those loans which we have placed into the hands of U Dethwel Lapang and his brother.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully


Sd/- U Homdrik Sylliang,


Dated : Tdohumsiang,
The 24th November, 1977.

        Mr. Speaker, Sir, this Co-operative Credit Union is dying now because of all these facts.

Shri D. D. Lapang (Minister of State in-charge of Co-operation, etc.) :- When was the incident because it might happen that they may sign today even. So when was that loan handed over to these two persons ?

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- I will place  this letter on the Table of the House. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I may also point out that recently an amount was given to the Umtasor Co-operative Credit Society. I went there myself to meet the members of the Managing Committee only two weeks ago. I met the Chairman and the Secretary of that Society which falls under Kyrim Syiemship and half of the members told me that they are willing to come as witness and to declare that out of 65 thousand rupees they received as a loan, they gave to the Minister 24 thousand rupees.

Mr. Speaker :- How can I summon outsiders to the House.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- There are occasions, Mr. Speaker, Sir, if necessary they can appear before the Committee of the House, a Committee to be appointed or elected by this august House where the members can be appointed and I am sure the two Ministers will be adverse to give reasons if we may bring those witness. Therefore, I would submit that perhaps a Committee may be appointed which can go and investigate into these Societies to which loans have been given, viz. Sohnidan Co-operative Society Rs.37,000, Pilangkatta - Rs.2,000, Byrni - Rs.6,000, Mawrong - Rs.11,000, Umsning - Rs.20,000, Marngar - Rs.30,000. Umtasor - Rs.24,000 ......... (interruption) .....

Shri D.D. Lapang (Minister of State, Co-operation, etc) :- I want to know if this money was given to the Minister and I want to know the amount !

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- In some cases the Hon'ble Minister gave them a loan of Rs.14,000 and took back. And then another loan of Rs.26,000 and from them he took back Rs.11,000. I do not know what rate of interest is charged only for four days Mr. Speaker, Sir. What rate of interest I do not know, but I would like to say here Mr. Speaker, Sir, that this is not the only case. So if we have a Committee of the House to go round to these Co-operative Societies and ask them as to what is the position of all these amounts which are meant for poor cultivators who are supposed to get Rs.50,000 and 50 percent to be deposited in the Bank. With that money they are supposed to improved their agricultural production. Now in addition to Co-operation he has also become the Minister of State, Agriculture along with Mr. Edwinson Bareh who happens to be the Agriculture Minister. The  Co-operative movement in Ri Bhoi area and all the Co-operative Credit Societies were so long in debt and they has mortgaged all their lands because it is the procedure of the Co-operative Department to mortgage their land in order to get a share. So they were given Rs.50,000.

Mr. Speaker :- Now you have given your argument.......

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- Here is also a charge that from the Co-operative Department this money was advanced to these Co-operative Societies. They have to return the money, but the person took the loan for four days and deposited in the Apex Bank and then got a loan for one lakh. Again he took a further amount of Rs.1 lakh and so they have to repay two lakhs of rupees because of the fact that sometimes some Minister or somebody also took the amount. So how can these Co-operative Societies correct their accounts. I know of a case at Sonidan where Rs.52,000 were sanctioned and then Rs.11,000 were given as loan and then I must praise the Supervisor of the Bank who flatly refused to distribute the money because when he arrived at the place he saw that it was not entered in the suspense account. the party came back to Shillong and here the money was kept in the strong room. You will see this is the ledger of 1976-77 on rural development at page 54 in the books of the Apex Bank. You will know all the things that happened with regard to Co-operative Department. I think the Minister despite his pious words he had uttered, is responsible as the Minister-in-charge for the destruction of the co-operative movement in the State. Now, Mr. Speaker, Sir, I come to another matter, his public conduct. I know it is very painful.

Mr. Speaker :- The public conduct of the person cannot be discussed. It can be discussed somewhere.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Here is a case where a lady concerned had written to the Chief Minister to take the money from him. 

Mr. Speaker :- That was a personal matter. 

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- I must submit to your ruling. I also say that the higher the person goes the lower he can fall and here particularly when he has been elevated to such a high post. The manner he has misused his powers and authority even as an M.L.A and now as a Minister. I will not take of a huge loan he has advance and that he had threatened the people that contrasts he has got his wife name. 

Mr. Speaker :- These are personal matters. I think the person concerned might take up the matter in the court of law. 

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- But judging from the amount, may we know whether he has declared or given his wealth tax return. Finally with regard to the Minister himself, may I now bring in cyclostyled paper that is distributed by a petty Government officer here that by giving grants the people are made to sign it. This will be a surprise to the Congress Party. It is in Khasi.

  I Mr. D.D. Lapang, M.L.A.
  Nongpoh Constituency,





    Nga sngewbha shibun eh ban tip be phi la kut jingmut ban ialeh Election MLA biang na ka Nongpoh Constituency ha kane ka sien kaban wan.

         Na ka bynta kane nga tyrwa mon sngewbha ban long U/Ka nong ia kyrshan nong iatrei lang bad nga kloi ban kit ia kano kano ka kam ba phin pynshet halor jong nga khnang ban wan rah ia ka jingjop ha katei ka jingialeh.



Kyrteng ......................................................

Dated Nongpoh Constituency

Kyrteng shnong............................................

The 10th October, 1977

Ka ryta........................................................

Mr. Speaker :- The supporters of any candidate can write.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- This is a highly objectionable matter. I got this from a Gram Sevak. In this regard he has already got the people to sign the papers before the loans are given and we have witnesses. I insist that there should be a committee to investigate into the affairs of this Minister.

Shri S. K. Marak (Minister, Health, etc) :- We would like to hear in English also. 

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- I will read it twice also in English. This is :

  Mr. D.D. Lapang, M.L.A.,
  Nongpoh Constituency,

Leader or Sir,

        I am very happy to  hear that you have decided to fight the Election MLA  again from the Nongpoh Constituency in this coming election.

        For this purpose I really offer myself to be a supporter to work very hard for you and gladly offer myself to do any kind of work you may deem fit in order to win in this fight.

Thank you.



Dated Nongpoh Constituency,

Name of village............................................

The 10th October, 1977.


Mr. Speaker :- The charge is that this particular letter was made to be distributed by the Government officer.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- The letter is to be distributed along with the grants.

Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- If that is his contention, he has to prove it.

Mr. Speaker :- He has also stated that the person is the Gram Sevak.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- The date is 10th October, 1977 and it is a cyclostyled copy.

Shri D.D. Lapang (Minister of State, Co-operation, etc) :- In what way he will prove the charge ?

Mr. Speaker :- Will you reply to it now or afterwards ?

Shri D.D. Lapang (Minister of State, Co-operation, etc) :- After wards.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- May I also draw the attention of the House to the conspiracy between the two, the Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Minister of State, Co-operation, etc., in the appointment of the wholesalers. Recently Mr. Speaker, Sir, a gentleman from Punjab who is a deserter from the Indian Army was appointed as wholesaler fro essential commodities at Nongpoh. Well if he seems surprised, he is just an excellent actor. He can go to Bombay.

        This cannot be denied and the Indian Army is searching for this man who has been hiding at Nongpoh and lo and behold the Government has appointed him as a wholesaler there. 

Mr. Speaker :- Time is running out.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Yes, Mr. Speaker, Sir, regarding two of them I would like to quote from the exuberance of Shri Sibendra Naranay Koch, a member from Mendipathar in the Assembly debate of 6th July 1974. In this connection, I must say that he has referred to the Ministers being more concerned with the luxuries than with the miseries of the people. Why I referred to this it is because our Ministers go from our State to Delhi on official tours at the cost of public money.

Mr. Speaker :- This does not particularly refer to Mr. E. Bareh because in 1974 other members also were Ministers. Whether the charge is general ?

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Any way it is a general charge which is revealing now. Now Mr. Speaker Sir, ultimately I come to the two notices which have come out in the paper. Namely in U Nongprat Lynti of 30th June, 1977.

Shri E. Bareh (Minister of Agriculture) :- The case is already in the court of law.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- I have been told by the editor of the paper, 'U Nongprat Lynti', that no case has been filed against him. This refers to the terrible denunciation of Shri E. Bareh and his extortion of money from the wholesalers and contractors.

Mr. Speaker :- This is already decided in the court of law. We can take it up now and may we know the case number.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliament Affairs) :- It has already been filed.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- What is the case number and who are the accused ?

Shri W.A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- The Government has already taken action and issued orders. Whereas, the Governor of Meghalaya is satisfied that on the 30th June, 1977 the Reporter, the Editor, the Publisher and the Printer of "Nongprat Lynti (The Pioneer)" a Khasi Weekly published from Shillong, respectively had reported, edited, published and printed a report captioned "Kim Shaniah Shuh ia U Myntri Bareh" in the issue of the said weekly, dated 30th June, 1977 containing statements defamatory of Shri Edwingson Bareh, Minister-in-charge of Public Works Department, Agriculture, etc., Meghalaya, in respect of his conduct in the discharge of his public functions and which he knew or had reasons to believe to be defamatory ;

        AND WHEREAS, the said report discloses that the said Reporter, Editor, Publisher and Printer had committed offences punishable under Sections 500 and 501 of the Indian Penal Court.

        NOW, THEREFORE, as required by clause (a) of sub-section (4) of Section 199 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 the Governor of Meghalaya is pleased to sanction the prosecution of the said Reporter and Shri A.B.M. Roy. the Editor, Publisher and Printer of the said paper under Sections 500 and 501 of the Indian Penal Code.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- To my knowledge, it has not been admitted. Of course I speak subject to correction.

Mr. Speaker :- It has been registered ?

(Voices-In which court ?)

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs ) :- In the court of the Sessions Judge. But at present, there is no Sessions Judge and so the complaint was moved in the court of the Assistant Sessions Judge.

        (Voices-We want the Case Number and the name of the Parties).

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- I am sure, Mr. Speaker, Sir, that such an important matter which affects the dignity, the name and the reputation of the House should be readily available at the finger tips of the Minister for Law.

Shri H. Hadem :- We are wasting the time of the House. As a matter of fact, he ought to have found it out by now.

Mr. Speaker :- You can raise some other points.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- They have not filed a case against the Editor of U Para Ri. May I quote from this paper. U Para Ri ?

        I may submit that I have the right to refer to it if the Minister of Law cannot substantiate his claim that the case has been registered in the court. Now I read from U Para Ri Compatriot, dated 6th November, Page 1-lower column: "U Ma Bareh U Shong-kynrong". I have given a free translation of what is written there. It affects him as a Minister. The position of his ministerial chair is very unsafe. "Perhaps in about a month or so there will be no more policemen to follow him. If at all there are they will only be officers diligently engaged in enquiring into his misdeeds or they might be only those policeman preparing to stand guard outside his iron cage. It is now more than  four months since " U Nongprat Lynti" exposed some of his corruptions and the cunning ways in which he has amassed wealth. But he has not been able to clear himself of any of these charges. The erection of a palatial and impressive building upon Government land worth lakhs of rupees, has revealed a lot to the public. Perhaps, in a few months, that building will swallow him up when the sweat of the public will cry for vengeance.

        "Now-a-days he gets really afraid whenever persons of the Government of India stay at the Inspection Bungalow at Jowai. He cannot escape. He will be caught. Further he will not get any more opportunities to move around in Government cars and all the days of his abuse of power would have ended. When he falls. Sangma will also fall and all the other Ministers will have to leave. But perhaps the leaving will not make much difference to the other Ministers. But he alone will weep because of his actions.

        "He will lose his Ministership, not so much because he became a Congressman, but because of his excesses. He acted illegally in many matters. And he will continuously dream of the good days that have passed away as though they had sprouted wings. If he had not become a Congressman, by now he would have long been in jail. We learn this from his own confession, when he begged and persuaded Mr. Hadem and others to agree to join the Congress only in order to protect himself. A person who is drunk with power is either a fool or a desperate person. The position today is that in the coming elections if Mr. Sten opposes him, he will only become a spent and worthless arrow".

Mr. Speaker :- That is the view of the newspaper which is already before the House.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs) :-  Mr. Speaker, Sir, the case was filed with the Sessions Judge and since the Session Judge was not here, it was then filed with the Assistant Sessions Judge. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I am reading a letter of the Secretary Law Department of the 30th November, 1977. It has been moved before the court and it is pending with the court. It is subjudice because the matter is in the court. This was filed on 11th November, 1977 in the court of the Assistant Sessions Judge who registered it as being an urgent matter to be put up before the Sessions Judge. So it was filed.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :-  There is no registration number.

Shri B.B. Lyngdoh :- In any case Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to submit on this matter of subjudice. Any  person can give his opinion on any matter pending before a court except when it is calculated that it will prejudice the precedings of the court. Therefore, once the matter is before the court it does not mean that it cannot be discussed. Therefore any reference to it does not mean a prejudice. It is not a case of affecting the subjudice of the case by mere reading of the newspaper. The case can be reported again in the newspaper not to speak of speaking inside the House.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I will just read Rule 279, sub-rule (i)-A member while speaking shall not refer to any matter of fact on which a judicial decision is pending.

Mr. Speaker : What is the law on subjudice? You see, if Prof. Majaw or anybody else in this House refers to a matter which is reported that is for the court. When I mean is whether it amounts to prejudice just to read out.

(Voices-It is not).

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs) :- The contents of that paper are pending before the court.

Shri Jormanik Syiem :- This is a correspondence between the Government Advocate and the law Department.

Mr. Speaker :- Now the Government has decided to file a case against the paper. The lawyer has taken action but it appears, there is no court. But now what happens, if all of a sudden, the Government decides not to file a case. Here we have to be very cautious in this House, though reading of the paper is not subjudice, yet some other hon. members may comment on the contents of the paper and that because prejudice.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- I beg to submit.........

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs) :- But the case has been filled in the court of the Assistant Sessions Judge ......


(A voice : He is not competent)

Shri H. Hadem :-  Mr. Speaker, Sir, the filing of the case does not mean that it is registered and, secondly, this is a correspondence between the Government and its officials.

Mr. Speaker :- Any party can get the information from the lawyer, there is nothing wrong in it.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, one item here which is very serious and which requires clarification for extortion of money from  the contractors according to 'U Nongprat Lynti'.

Mr. Speaker :- Actually you have already referred to it in the course of your speech right from the beginning about this report in the newspaper, let us not put ourselves in a problem.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, on the 30th June, 1977 there has been a tremendous information regarding the activities of our Minister.

        Now I would also finally talk of the Meghalaya State Electricity Board where they have decided to release the water from the Umiam Dam and that the Minister of State for Power is charged with dereliction of duties in this regard of the fact  that when he comes to Bhoi areas he should have taken great care to see for the release of water from the MSEB dam at Umiam. I submit Mr. Speaker, Sir, that there is a collusion between the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of State in-charge of Power because it is a fact that I have noticed at Tyrso Valley and Umiam river where it appears that there has been a pilferage of the measurement book of the contractors for a sum of Rs.4 lakhs.

Mr. Speaker :- In a censure motion like this, it is better to be specific.

Prof. M.N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, may I ask the Minister in charge whether it is a fact or not ?

Shri E. Bareh (Minister, Agriculture) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, it is not a fact.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, actually I was advised be a number of hon. friends not to move this Censure Motion, so it was really a great pain. I have even threatened also by certain persons Mr. Speaker, Sir, not to move this Censure Motion. but I am not afraid Mr. Speaker, Sir, even before the death of my mother I have been in Jail for 11 months. Therefore, I submit both the Ministers should resign and that committee be appointed by the House to investigate into all the matters which have been brought out by the P.A.C. report and also appeal to the people of the areas not to return them to this House 

Shri Jormanik Syiem :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, the attainment like to speak. So I will fix only 5 minutes for each and for the Leader of the Opposition, I will give 10 minutes.

Shri Jormanik Syiem :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, since the attainment of the Statehood of Meghalaya, it was the avowed policy of all our leaders that the administration in Meghalaya would be clean and unblemished, but Mr. Speaker, Sir, if these allegations are true we can only hang our heads in shame. Then Ministers who have been censured should resign so that we can achieve and show to our people that the administration is clean as we have promised to the people. With these few words, Mr. Speaker, Sir, I resume my seat.

*Shri M. Reidson Momin :-Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to speak a few words and even if I want to speak more there will be no time. In the first place, I am indeed very sorry that the Censure Motion had been brought up at the last moment of the session. Mr. Speaker, Sir, we all know that we have been working together for the last 6 years or so and it really pains me very much that our colleagues have been accused of doing something wrong, for the things that they have not intentionally done or rather they intentionally wanted to do the wrong thing. Mr. Speaker, Sir, when we fought the election to become M.L.A. our intention was to serve our people and that is why we have come to this august House today. Mr. Speaker, Sir, some of us have been burdened with great responsibilities for having become Ministers and some of them became simply M.L.As yet we did not care to shoulder any responsibility. Yet some of us Mr. Speaker, Sir, have definitely committed some mistakes for doing so much works. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I feel that somebody who wanted to do something good to the people, sometimes he might have committed something wrong. So Mr. Speaker, Sir, as has happened today in this august House and being the last moment of the session and that the tenure of our colleagues had to be pulled out from  this august House, it is really very serious and very sorry. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I do not want to speak much but as the hon. mover of this censure motion from the opposite said that somebody threatened him and advised him not to move this motion, but he was not afraid, so Mr.  Speaker, Sir, nobody is afraid to die, we have come here to die for the sake of the people, to serve the country. So Mr. Speaker, Sir, I do not appreciate such a motion which has been brought up today at the last moment of the session by the hon. mover and I strongly oppose this censure motion. With these few words, I resume my seat. 

Shri K. M. Roy Marbaniang :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, it shocks me to hear the allegations of corruptions against these two Ministers by the mover of the censure motion. The other day I had spoken in this august House about the dissolution of the House and that the Ministry should resign and President's rule should be imposed for one or two months before fresh elections are held. 

Shri Plansing Marak :- On a point of order, Sir. Can the hon. member guarantee that there will be President's rule?

Shri K. M. Roy Marbaniang :- You always obstruct me when I speak. The other day also when I spoke all the members for the Treasury Bench interrupted me. They have got every right to reply to my observations. But why ? Because they are very much afraid. They are morally corrupt. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have asked a particular question regarding the map of the Inspection Bungalow at Jowai. But I am sorry, the reply has not been placed on the Table of the House. Secondly, I have asked in another question which has been admitted by the Speaker whether the Minister in-charge of Revenue will be pleased to state whether it is a fact that a portion of the Government land in and around the Jowai Bungalow was allotted to a private person and, if so to whom. To that question also, there is no reply which goes to show that this Government is trying to do many mischievous things.

Mr. Speaker :- Here is a case to censure certain Ministers.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Revenue) :- Which Revenue Minister ? ( A voice : The one who does not reply).

Shri K. M. Roy Marbaniang :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, we all know that an island is surrounded by water. But in this particular case of the building in the Jowai Inspection Bungalow, you will find that an island is surrounded by land. How he managed to get that land which is a Government land is a mystery.

Mr. Speaker :- That point has already been referred to.

Mr. K. M. Roy Marbaniang :- it is only by way of refreshing the minds of the hon. members of this august House about that. I do not want to continue further as the mover of this censure motion has already spoken a lot about that and as I said the other day, I want that the Government of India should take note of these things and that the CBI should make a probe against the corrupt Congress Ministers in this State, of ours.

Shri Akramozzaman :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, five minutes' time is very short to express my opinion with regard to the Censure Motion moved by the hon. mover from that side. Somehow or other I I wish to say a few words on the charges brought by the mover about the failure of the Agriculture Department P.W.D. , Supply Department and Co-operation Department. I was thinking the Ministers themselves will be replying to the charges. What I know from the Statistics Book which has been referred to, if we look at page 36 of the Statistics of the Government of Meghalaya 1976, we shall find that everywhere there is a tremendous improvement in the production side. So far as the charge that the production under the Minister, E. Bareh, has gone down is concerned, I am not convinced to believe and I think no members can be convinced to believe. Another matter which he has also mentioned is about P.W.D. But the mover of the motion has not referred to anything specifically which  was tremendously done by the P.W.D. for the flood control in Meghalaya. There were crores and crores of of money if we take the value of the crops that are damaged by the flood each year, but the P.W.D. by taking up measures these are sured. But after the execution of the scheme, I should say that about 50 per cent to 75 per cent of the crops have been saved. I am not convinced that this department under him has deteriorated further.

        So far as distribution of essential commodities by the Supply Department is concerned, a pertinent question is whether under his administration there is any construction to the development of public distribution system or not in preference to the private distribution. But I feel that everywhere we have found that whenever Co-operative Societies file a petition for retail shop or wholesale shops in matters of supply of essential commodities even by the Supply Department canceling the private dealers for either giving a permit to retail or wholesaler dealers they prefer Co-operative. May I pose a question whether under his guidance public distribution system has been deteriorating or not. I do not deny that there will be some unscrupulous wholesale dealers who can resort to unfair means. But what is the overall picture? The Co-operative Societies are never denied the deal in the essential commodities and so far deteriorated condition of rice is concerned we find sometimes rice supplied by F.C.I. is not for human consumption. There are two particular things that the policy that has been taken by the Government that the public distribution system should be strengthened and whether under him, the mover can prove that the public distribution system has deteriorated. Our opinion to that effect is quite encouraging. So I do not think that this has deteriorated the condition of eth public distribution system in the State. Moreover, I wish to refer to allegations against the Minister of State, Shri D.D. Lapang who is in-charge of Co-operation. Let us see whether the co-operatives under the stewardship of the Minister have deteriorated and how  far. One thing which is very important for us all is that we should not do anything or utter words which shall deteriorate the co-operative  movement in the State. We know in the past about the politicalisation of the issue of FARMCOS here in the State of Meghalaya and how this politicalisation has deteriorated the co-operative movement. Every one knew it. So in the same way, when the hon. member charged against taking the money by the Minister through the Service Co-operative Societies, I am sorry to say, with due respect to him, that he is quite ignorant of the channelisation of the money by the bank through the Co-operative Societies. The bank is the autonomous body. It is guided by the Reserve Bank Rules. When the distribution is made, it is not only by a representative of the Co-operative Department. There are so many persons involved from so many agencies say for example gram sevaks or any officer from the co-operative department, from the bank side and the money is received by the Secretary in the presence of these officers and headmen of the villages on whose certification the issue of the loan made. I think neither the Minister nor any member can utilise this money. I happened to be the Chairman of a Co-operative Society and I never believed that anything can be done to divert the money from the purposes for which it was sanctioned. It is for the managing Committee of the Co-operative Societies jointly to operate the amount wherever necessary. So there is no power on earth, not to speak of our Ministers, even more powerful men than him cannot utilise this money. So by casting this reflection on the activities of the department, what will be the repercussion amongst the poor people who always need help from society and the bank. What is the bank facility in our State ? The nationalised banks are not much operative in financing our poor people. The only help comes to the poor in from the Meghalaya Co-operative Apex bank. So if we bring such false propaganda before the people, I think we are not certainly going to benefit the people. Sir, before the mover brings any charges against anybody, all of us should know the rules and procedures under which the Cooperative Banks and other Banks are always guided by the Rules framed by the Reserve Bank of India and by their directions are guided and these cases are not only in Meghalaya but they are operative in the whole of India and there are no such specific charges against the Meghalaya Apex bank where they have violated the direction or Banking Rules. Moreover, Sir, I also would like to say some thing about the achievements of the co-operative movement. During last year, there was a tremendous record of realisation of outstanding loan amounting to about 40 lakhs and regarding the issue of loan in some way or other, there was profit in the Co-operative Apex bank and I would like to inform the House that there was also a profit of about one lakh or so, in the only Co-operative undertaking in the State, i.e. the Co-operative Ginning Mill in Garo Hills at Phulbari. So, Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to inform the House that the mover of the motion has some political interest in it by bringing such baseless allegations which I and the House cannot accept and with these observations I oppose the motion.

*Shri Dlosing Lyngdoh :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to say a few words on co-operation and education and also on the activities of the Hon'ble Minister of State for Education. Mr. Speaker, Sir, it pains me to mention here that during the Ministership of Shri D. D. Lapang he appointed his own younger brother. Shri Das Lapang, as the Chairman of the Committee of the Nehru Memorial M.E. School without consulting anybody. Mr. Speaker, Sir, the Hon'ble Minister of State during his Ministership also removed the Chairman of the Housing Co-operative Society and appointed his own man and when he was asked about it then he said that it is a political appointment. Thus by his high-handedness Sir, the Hon'ble Minister has taken an advance of Rs.10,000 from the Housing Co-operative Society and I do not know under what Article Financial Rules he has been able to do so. Moreover, Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to mention about the calamity that happened in the Bhoi area in last October. It came to my notice, Sir, that the Hon'ble Minister of State, Shri D. D. Lapang, used to go to the village late at night after 8 p.m. to see the hail storm hit area with  some copies of applications and a flag even late at night and he said to the villagers that he will not give any help unless they will sign the pledges distributed to them specially in the areas affected by this hailstorm. So Mr. Speaker, Sir, since the people in that area refused to sign the pledge distributed to them, no Government assistance was extended to them. So Sir, this is nothing but the high-handedness or the misuse of power by the Hon'ble Minister of State of Education.

Mr. Speaker :- Now Mr. H. E. Pohshna to participate in  this discussion. 

Shri H. E. Pohshna :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, because of the shortage of time I will only repeat the words of the mover of this motion. i.e., the future will prove it.

Mr. Speaker :- What did you  say ? The future will prove it !

Shri H. Pohshna :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have been listening every attentively when the hon. mover was moving his motion. Sir, it is like a love story with so many incidents in it. But Sir, it will end in a comedy. Sir, the hon. mover has said that he had suggested to form one committee to enquire into the allegations and at the same time he has also said that the future will prove. This very  fact shows his doubt about his ability to justify his allegations. The same newspapers which have written many things about the Congress Ministers the same are telling about the mover  of the motion and that is why I said that the comedy will come after this motion. Sir, I really like him and if we are to have a hunting party then he should be made the leader of our hunting party because he knows what will happen at night and what is at the gate and what is there behind the curtain and he also knows where the money has been counted etc. He is really a hero of the motion. Referring to the birthday celebration of the P.W.D. Minister, it is really wonderful how the mover knows how many rows of chickens and muttons are there and so on and so forth I hope he has attended the function. Sir, if he were not there then how will he know it. If he has not been there then he is everywhere ! Sir, I do not mean to say that he is omnipresent, but even then he is everywhere to get such information ! Sir, he has mentioned about the building and regarding this building if I side with him then other hon. Members who have supported him will feel something ! Because it happened during the hey-day of the previous regime. Sir, the hon. member has also mentioned that it is a Government land and he is trying to keep somebody behind the screen because he he does not know the real fact as to who has granted this plot of land to the Minister. It is a fact that the land was settled to Shri E. Bareh by the District Council run by the A.P.H.L.C. in Jowai and nobody has ever challenged the authority of the District Council over the land. It is only in this motion that the land was termed as Government land. All that has happened was during the time of the APHLC Government both in the State and the District Council levels and now the blame goes to the Congress. Sir, regarding the cost of the land and the money spent for the construction-the Mover of the motion should have been an expert technician man as far as building is concerned, he should have become and architect to examine all these matters. But Sir, as we all know that Mr. Bareh was the Executive Member and Chief Executive Member of the Khasi Hills District Council and we also know he was also the Chief Executive Member of Jaintia Hills District Council and we also know since the sub-State and till today he is a Minister. I think it would be in a fitness of things if the Mover of the Motion whom knows everything about the movement of the Minister, could have made an account of the money calculation from 21st April to 31st march every year. Sir, we have heard also what he was saying about the Excise Department. Sir, regarding this Excise Department I think the time will tell the truth. Any way Sir, I am coming to the last point. He said and hoped that the Members will resign. I have had the occasion to sit with him on the other side and whatever he will think outside the House he will put his idea inside the House also and he will say that we demand that this Minister should resign and so on and so forth perhaps within the hope of getting a chance if somebody resigns but unfortunately Sir, even when some Ministers have resigned, he is still there ! I think he also has demanded these two Ministers to resign ! With What purpose ?

Mr. Speaker :- Mr. Pohshna, I think this will have some reflections against some other hon. members here in this House.

Shri H. E. Pohshna :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, if these two Ministers will resign then I do not know who will come in their places. 

(Voices - Mr. Pohshna !)

        Yes Mr. Speaker, Sir, I also want to construct a big building if I have the means ! Who knows the mover also wants the same. The earlier they resign the better for him and after that let others come to the floor of the House with the charges very strong against him thereby convincing the House to ask him to resign. But unfortunately the cat is out of the bag ! So, he has said the future will prove and I also know that sometimes such charges will go against the mover and others too. 

Prof. M. N.Majaw :- It will go against the C.B.I. 

Shri H. E. Pohshna :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, even in the newspaper like "Para Ri" and "Nongprat Lynti" many such news items have been published about some hon. Members here including the Mover himself. But no such discussions have been brought before the floor against such members.

Prof. M . N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, if he wants to bring the question to be discussed here I am ready to face it and I will again put them in a trap.

Mr. Speaker :- Now Mr. Humphrey Hadem to participate in this discussion.

*Shri Humphrey Hadem :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I do not want to take much time of the House but would only like to know the charges on which the Government will clarify with facts and figures. Sir, I would like to know the fact about the sanction of a tender amounting to Rs.4 lakhs for the construction of an irrigation dam at Umiap and I also have heard that the actual amount is Rs.20 lakhs and I want that the Minister in-charge will reply to this important question. Sir, if I remember a right that during the year 1976 in the month of August at the time of the 20-Point Economic Programme campaign in a meeting at Raliang .......

Mr. Speaker :- You mean in the meeting at Raliang ?

Shri Humphrey Hadem :- Yes, Sir, in the meeting at Raliang where the Hon'ble Minister of P.W.D. said in Pnar language that previously you charged the Minister but now if you will do so then you will see yourself behind the bars. And Mr. Speaker, Sir, it also pains me very much to inform the House here that in a meeting in a bazar at lawthymme he mentioned my name and he told the people that "if you follow Bah Hadem, what will you get because he cannot do anything regarding this boundary dispute. But if I want, I can do anything". So, now I will leave it to the House to decide whether this should be the attitude of the Minister towards his people. Mr. Speaker, Sir, the hon. Member from the other side of the House also said that the Mover of the motion is also a very good hunter. He also said that it is a love story and may be that he is really romantic, that is why he always refers to love. So Mr. Speaker, Sir, whatever it may be whether it is during the hey-day or rainy day it does not matter much here. Mr. Speaker, Sir, the hon. member Mr. Momin also very strongly said that he unintentionally did it and that while doing many things for the people some thing wrong might have been done,  as such I have nothing to say. Mr. Speaker, Sir, since you have heard so much and since a clarification will be given by the Ministers themselves, we are anxious to hear from them. 

Mr. Speaker :- Now I think we have no more time for discussion. So the House stands adjourned till 12-30 p.m. and after that the Ministers will give replies and since it is the last Session. I think, I also will have to say a few words and also our Chief Minister may say a few words.

The House reassembled after break at 12.30 hours.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs, Revenue, etc) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have got the number of the case. The case No. is 1 of 1977 which is pending in the Court of the Sessions Judge and the case is against Shri A.B.M. Roy.

Mr. Speaker :- In any case, I do not allow the hon. member to mention about that case.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- What is the date ?

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs, Revenue, etc.) :- The date is 11th November, 1977.

        Mr. Speaker, Sir, a very serious, baseless and unfounded allegation was made against me.

Mr. Speaker :- there is no censure motion against you.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs, Revenue, etc.) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I want to make an explanation because I feel a very serious damage and a defamatory statement was made against me. Sir, I may be allowed to explain it myself now. I regret to say that the hon. member is unworthy of the position as a member of this House. Mr. Speaker, Sir, when I say this, I have got proof to say that he is not worthy. Whatsoever has been stated is totally a false statement. It is not based on facts. I am sorry, Mr. Speaker, Sir, when I say this and I do not want to use strong words but I would say everything is false.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- On a point of order. Sir, only the two Ministers and the Chief Minister should reply.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs, Revenue, etc.) :- Though the charges have been made against me for using the power tillers free of charge. I can assure you that I have got the vouchers and the receipts with me. I can produce them now. Mr. Speaker, Sir, and all the hon. member charged against me are false allegations. Mr. Speaker, Sir, on a point of order the hon. Member must tender his apology before this august House.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- To which  plot of land I referred ? Not Sumer but Band Stand at Happy Valley area.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs, Revenue, etc.) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, let him make this statement outside the House, let him publish it in the paper then he will face the legal consequence as the court cannot take cognisance of what is said  and done here in this House but if he dares to publish it outside he will see that legal action will be taken against him.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :-  Mr. Speaker, Sir, may I point out that when I spoke, I spoke not of the Revenue Minister taking freely the power tiller but of the Agriculture Minister offering him. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I put a simple question to the Revenue Minister because I have great respect for him. I did not bring the censure motion against him. I also respect his wisdom and dignity. I would only like to know whether he can prove that the allegations made are false. He directly replied that the work has been done at Sumer.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs, Revenue, etc.) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, as I have already said just now that I can prove if he wants, and I have got the receipts.

Shri Francis K. Mawlot (Minister of State, Registration, etc) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, with regard to the power tillers, as the hon. member could not prove that the charges are true, he must tender his apology before the House.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, the power tillers were were obtained on the offer of the Minister, Agriculture free of cost. That is why I put the question here referring to Band Stand at Happy Valley.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Parliamentary Affairs, Revenue, etc.) :- I have got all the receipts for using these power tillers that have taken from the Agriculture Department. So, Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to submit that all these charges are baseless and false. After 15 minutes I can produce all these receipts. 

Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- It will be fair and just the hon. Member gives the date. On what date the power tiller has been used free of cost, otherwise it is no use bringing this false allegation. Well, my colleague can prove that he has used the power tiller on payment basis. 

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- I may say, Mr. Speaker, Sir, that I will look for a correct date on which it was used.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Revenue) :- Because he has made a statement with out any proof, no basis and no foundation. So, I would submit that he must tender an apology before this House or let him accept the challenge to publish this in the paper and then he will face the legal consequences.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- There were no charge against the Minister of Revenue.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Revenue) :- No Sir, he has charged against me.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- I will come to that issue much later. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have not charged the Minister of Revenue and what I charged was against the Minister Agriculture and that is why I said that I have repeated in my speech this morning that it is against the Minister for Agriculture and not against the Minister of Revenue.

Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, it is all the same. Now my colleague, the Minister of Revenue has been brought in a censure motion and the hon. Member has made a reference that the Minister of Revenue has used the power tiller free of cost.

Mr. Speaker :- Prof. Majaw in the course of your speech you have made a reference and so it reflects on the Minister of Revenue also.

Shri F. K. Mawlot (Minister of State, Transport) :- In the allegation against the Minister for Agriculture, he has also referred to the Minister of Revenue and so he is also involved. I also plead that he should prove. When he has brought his censure motion, he must have come prepared with all information. I plead that he should prove his allegation.

(Pandemonium in the House)

Shri B. B. Lyngdoh :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to make a submission on this issue by resorting to the proceedings of the House as recoded that if it is to be proved, the matter can be brought in the court. The hon. Member has brought his charge according to the information he received.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Revenue) :- He has brought a censure motion against me.

Shri W.  A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, many hon. Members of this House are responsible for the truthfulness of the statement that he has brought in the House. Today it appears that it is the best day to criticise the Minister but there is no truth at all. So, he is responsible fro bringing this false allegation.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Revenue) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I am sorry even the supporter of his motion has stated that it is baseless.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- I will submit the proof after they can also bring the relevant records of Lang Swer, the signature of the Executive Engineer of the I.B., P.W.D. Then only, I can convince the House and the Government. But they have demanded the proof from one side of the House only.

Mr. Speaker :- The issue before the House now is on the so-called use of a bulldozer and power tiller by the Minister of Revenue. Whether the allegation is true or not that is the issue. It does not come to any other issue and the Minister of Revenue is ready to produce all vouchers that whatever power tillers he had been using, these were paid by him. 

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Revenue) :- He has referred to my land also.

Mr. Speaker :- That is the issue and to say that Prof. Majaw in the course of his speech has referred to all the land which is perhaps connected with the Minister of Revenue, I think, is wrong. He has only referred to that land in the Bandstand.

Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- But in the Bhoi area also.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have referred to Bandstand only. With your declaration and in view of the declaration of the Minister of Revenue, Law and parliamentary Affairs that he has used the power tiller and bulldozer of the Agriculture Department not free of cost, I tender my apology and withdraw my statement.

(Applause by the House).

Mr. Speaker :- Now, Mr. Bareh, Minister for Agriculture.

Shri E. Bareh (Minister, Agriculture) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I rise to reply to the baseless charges brought by the hon. Member in his censure motion against me. In this censure motion Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would draw your attention to this motion, which  States,  "This House do now censure Shri Edwingson Bareh, Minister of Agriculture and Shri D. Dethwelson Lapang, Minister of State for Co-operation". I do not know why particularly only to Edwingson Bareh and D. Dethwelson Lapang or only to the two sons.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- The prodigal sons.

Shri E. Bareh (Minister, Agriculture) :- I would express my happiness for this censure motion against the two sons of the Ri-Bhoi. I would express my gratefulness to the hon. mover who has brought this motion here. Why? Because by moving this motion, even the All India Radio, have announced my name and Dethwelson's name. This shows that they are still living persons and not the dead persons against whom this allegation has been brought. We are still living men, otherwise, how can he criticise the dead men. That is his point of attack because we are moving, we are working and we are looking after our duty and so he managed to get a chance to bring this censure motion to prove this House and to prove to the Government of India that Edwingson and Dethwelson are still living and not dead after all. Therefore, Mr. Speaker, Sir, I am happy that he has brought this censure motion. I thought he should not have brought this censure motion unless I am famous in my duty as Minister. Unfortunately, he has depend on what the newspapers have to say about this allegation which everybody in this district or elsewhere have read it, without knowing whether it is true or not. Case No.1 of 1977 will say whether this allegation is true or not. Therefore, Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would say when he referred to the production of autumn rice and potato in the year 1969-70 and then in  1972-73, I would like to present him with this booklet and he must compare well whether this figure which he has imagined is agreeable with the figure of this booklet or not. I will not say much on this because we have published this booklet and we want every body to read it and find out whether my Department functions well or not. It is very easy to point a finger at a friend but don't forget that three others fingers are pointing at you. He talked about my birthday celebration. Why should he talk about my birthday celebration because he has got no other charges against me. This kind of celebration is done everywhere. Therefore, Mr. Speaker, Sir, people may come from different parts of the town to bless me on my birthday. Let him certify what wrong is there while he himself alone and all alone in the wilderness was shouting because nobody sent their blessings (laughter). Therefore, Mr. Speaker, Sir, I do not want to say more on this and I do not want to touch on the point regarding use of power tiller because the Minister, Revenue has already apologised for that.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Revenue) :- No, not so. I did not apologise.

Shri Edwingson Bareh (minister, Agriculture) :- I correct that Mr. Speaker, Sir, it is the hon. mover who has apologised to the Revenue Minister (laughter). Then now about the fertilizer and bone meal. He said that one lady from Mylliem was not given the permit and instead it was given to the middleman. Well here is my figure. We allotted permit to this lady to the maximum capacity that she could supply. In  1974 about 200 tonnes were allotted to her and then 200 tonnes in 1975, 200 in  1976 and 200 in 1977. Before we allotted to her we asked how much was her capacity. So the allegation that we did not allot any permit to her in respect of bone meal is absolutely false. This is the only allegation he has brought on agriculture. But he has brought an allegation on the P.W.D. also and mainly his statements were based on the Sixth Report of the Committee on Public Accounts which was laid in the House only yesterday. Mr. Speaker, Sir, it was laid in the House only yesterday and it has come to us only yesterday and we are now to go through it and ask our Department about it because nothing has come to the Government.

Mr. Speaker :- The Government is yet to decide.

Shri Edwingson Bareh (Minister, Agriculture) :- Yes, I will not touch much on this point which he has mentioned right from pages 4,8,9,12 and 16,21,23,24 and then 57. So many pages. Therefore, I will not touch much on this because it is yet to be examined by the Government.

        Then coming to the case of one junior S.D.O. of the State Electricity Board I would like to say that he has brought during the Autonomous State of Meghalaya and that he was given promotion to the post of Executive Engineer. This was taken to the Cabinet every year Mr. Speaker, Sir, and so it is not I alone who is responsible for that but the whole Cabinet is responsible. If he leveled the charges only against me and not the whole Cabinet, then it is a shame to himself because this is the joint responsibility of the Cabinet. And then he has referred to one case-a temporary divorce between me and him Mr. Speaker, Sir, as far as the question of taking him permanently in the Meghalaya Government is concerned, the Cabinet decided to take him permanently and about his seniority we referred the case to the M.P.S.C. to advise us regarding fixing of seniority and we abided by the advice of the Public Service Commission too. We have not gone even a coma beyond what they have recommended. Yet, still the hon. Mover of the motion has leveled a charge against this poor Jaintia-Bhoi. Why he has brought this allegation here. Mr. Speaker, Sir, can you imagine ? It is because in his booklet " Ka Jingpynshai da U Bah M. N. Majaw, M.L.A.". was published by him without a date so that when anything came out, he might say I do not know, there is no date, no signature. Here also he was mentioned only the names of Capt. Sangma, my name and Dethwel Lapang. I do not know what is the mystery why other Congress Ministers were left out. Here I find only-one, two and three. He has left out the 6 other Ministers. He has referred to only the names of Williamson, Edwingson and Dethwelson. So all the three sons' of the soil who have sacrificed for the benefit of the people of the State. 

        Let us come to another subject-matter. He has criticised the wholesalers appointed by the Minister. But the Minister never appoints the wholesalers Mr. Speaker, Sir. The Deputy Commissioner is to appoint the wholesalers, the Minister has  nothing to do with it and the wholesaler who  was recently appointed at Nongpoh is Smti Abida Maring. She is a Khasi lady but the hon. Member said he is a Punjabi Army Officer ........

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Benami transaction. 

Shri E. Bareh (Minister, Agriculture) :- There is a Committee appointed to go into all these benami transactions appointed by the House. According to the paper received from the D.Cs office that allottee is Smti Abida Maring. I do not know how one person who has still some sense could not recognise whether it is a female or a male. (Laughter). I do not really know. He must be a neuter gender. (Laughter). Mr. Speaker, Sir, as far as the quality of rice is concerned we are ourselves not fully satisfied with the quality of rice supplied by the F.C.I. That is why we have complained many times. I myself have written to Delhi many times and I have been there twice personally to meet all the people at the top to talk about the quality of rice supplied by the F.C.I. Therefore, Mr. Speaker, Sir, to say that the wholesaler exchanged the rice that has been lifted from the F.C.I. with the rice available somewhere is  not correct. We have already gone into this question, and we have appointed our people to enquire into it and nothing could be proved so far.

        About the donation to the election fund of the Congress Party, that I do not know.

Mr. Speaker :- You should not touch upon it.

Shri E. Bareh (Minister, Agriculture) :- Any party has the right to go and beg for fund.

        Then coming to Excise. He has said that when I was in-charge of Excise one lady was removed from one place to give room for a distillery. This happened at Jowai Umshyngiar area where the Government distillery is located. The whole area was requisitioned by the Government and within this area this lady put up a structure and so the D.C. has to remove her. That is the fact of the case. But he wants to level a charge against me as if it is my sin for removing this lady without any rhyme or reason. About the allegation that an officer was instructed by me not to accept any application not recommended by the Congress M.L.A. - well, if his statement is correct, why has he not given the name of the officer who I have instructed. But he is silent.

Shri H. Hadem :- The rules do not allow.

Shri E. Bareh (Minister, Agriculture) :- Only the departments of which I am in charge .......

( A voice-A vast empire).

        On his allegations. I wish to say that all are baseless. Then coming to land he said, " All mighty Minister" has taken the land which belongs to the Government. Before I come to this complaint he has said that the curtains in my house are costing Rs.20,000. I wish he can send an Engineer to calculate the price. He was the man who had asked somebody to pray and bless my house so that I would offer him a full content of food and now he says that the curtains cost Rs.20,000-I do not mind selling it to him for Rs.5,000. Let him take them all.

        Now I come to the land. This land was allotted to me in 1975. We were looking into the area according to the register of the P.W.D. for all buildings and it was found that this area was outside the I.B. and lying fallow. When it was allotted to me I had it cleared and after clearing the whole site I started construction work. But the P.W.D.-I do not know on  whose advice started dumping hume pipes on my land and so I had it cleared by requesting the P.W.D. to remove the pipes. Since they were at fault they had to remove them and nobody disturbed me and nobody challenged me because I got this land and according to the law of the land by a settlement with the District Council. That is why it is mine. I shall  not go into the other allegations which have been read in the House and which were taken from the paper. The hon. member had mentioned the name of H.W. Sten. He said that he will not support me and so I will lose the election. For the sake of one man let me lose the election (Laughter) I do do care. I will tell the hon. member frankly that I do not become member or a Minister I don't care because I was born and brought up in a family which has something .........

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Now, everything. (Laughter).

Shri E. Bareh (Minister for Agriculture) :- Except a character like yours, yes. An allegation was made when he referred to the conspiracy between the Power Minister and the Agriculture Minister, that the water from the Umiam Lake would be released so that the dam at the Tyrso Valley would be washed away. It affects my imagination. Naturally, he can imagine things. I wish Mr. Speaker, that if he dares enough to make all these allegations somewhere else or in another platform I am ready to challenge him and meet him-not in this House because he is protected. Let him publish all these allegations outside the House against me and against Shri Dethwel Lapang. Let us see how things are. We have also to see that our rights should not be ignored. I think I will not take much of the time of the House in replying to all these because he has miserably failed to prove any of the allegations leveled against me. From the Minister of State for Cooperation etc. he will get the replies to the allegations that he has made. But, as far as I am concerned I remember that last year and in the year 1973 the hon. mover had roamed throughout Jaintia Hills taking photos. Let him come again with another type of  photos so that we can face him squarely in another forum or platform. I will not go beyond that on this allegations against me. Now I come to the other remarks made by the other hon. member from Mawsynram about the map of the I.B. which he  had asked for. But the question is what kind of map he wants-only the I.B. or the whole compound of the I.B. Then we will certainly give him a map if the map is available.

Mr. Speaker :- You mean the map is not available with the Government ?

Shri E. Bareh (Minister, Agriculture) :- There is no map Mr. Speaker, Sir. it is only a register of the P.W.D. building where every building, compound of each building, the area, etc., were mentioned. But there is no authenticated map. A map drawn by somebody may be there but it is not authenticated.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Very fishy.

Shri E. Bareh (Minister, Agriculture) :- I certainly wish that the Department could show him the correct map of the I.B. compound.

        Then Mr. Hadem has referred to the estimated expenditure of Umiap. On this I will give the information to the House Mr. Speaker, Sir, that the original estimate was Rs.10,04,952. The construction work could not be completed within the working season. You know how it is with hill streams, when the river water comes it can uproot the dam and eats away the other side of the lake. Therefore the estimated expenditure has come to Rs.20,47,206.

        About the remarks and utterances in some public meetings here and there ........

Mr. Speaker :- Those are political issues.

Shri E. Bareh (Minister, Agriculture) :- I think I can meet these squarely during the next election.

        With these few words, Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have refuted the charges : and there are other charges which are not worth refuting and not genuine. They are only mentioned from the book or papers which were laid only yesterday. With these few words I resume my seat.

Mr. Speaker :- Now Mr. Lapang. Please try to complete your reply within 15 minutes.

Shri D. D. Lapang (Minister of State, Co-operation, etc.) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, as a responsible Minister and a responsible leader if we really want to be effective and true to our sense of duty we have to welcome the criticisms : and, with that end in view. I fully appreciate the hon. member since he has tried to plug the loopholes and find out the omissions and commissions of the Departments I happen to be in-charge of. After hearing the charges and the allegations and other points brought out by the hon. member I will clarify and enlighten the House as to the reasonableness or falseness of the points raised by the hon. member. Before replying to the points raised by Prof. M.N. Majaw the hon. member from Mawhati I would also enlighten on the points raised by some other hon. members.

        Shri Dlosing Lyngdoh the hon. member from Umroi had raised a point on the appointment of the Chairman of the Co-operative Housing at apex level by taking a wrong attitude when we dropped him. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would remind the House that the first Board was constituted on 18th June, 1976 for a tenure of one year and the second Board was constituted on 14th September, 1977 after a lapse of more than  a year. And it so happened that in the second Board Shri Dlosing Lyngdoh who happened to be a member, did not become the Chairman. It does not mean that he was intentionally dropped with all high-handedness from the Board because his tenure or term had expired.

        Then a point was raised that I used to go on tour to my area late at night. I would like to know whether there is any restriction on a Minister or an M.L.A. to go out on tour at night. It depends on the circumstances. I had visited many times the hail storm affected area. As I did not have the privilege to reply to the complaints made by the hon. members while discussing the hail storm affected areas. I would say that I went there when I got a chance. So when we did not get the chance to go in the day time we used to go at night whether it is convenient or not. I may even go to Bhoilymbong or Mawbri say, in the morning and then to Umroi in the evening after the House rose for the day or after attending to some of my works in the office and about 6 O'clock on the 30th i.e. last night I went to Mylliem. There is nothing wrong in our going during the day or at night. This does not tantamount to a censure motion because sometimes we can go in the morning and sometimes at night and since there is no ..........

Shri H. Hadem :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, but the National Flag was flown at night.

Shri D. D. Lapang (Minister of State, Co-operation) :- I am sorry the National Flag was never flown after sun-set. I think the hon. member would have to be clarified about this matter. And then Mr. Speaker, Sir, for the Chairmanship of Nehru Memorial School, actually, appointment of Chairmanship is not the business of the Minister. They are doing it at the level of the Deputy Inspector and the Inspector of Schools. What I would like to clarify to the hon. Member is about the non-tribal wholesaler at Nongpoh which has already been explained by Mr. E. Bareh Regarding some charges made by the hon. member from Mawhati about the report of the Public Accounts Committee this mater has not come to me during the short tenure of my office as Minister of State for Education. As I understand from the office that the letter referred to in the morning which they wrote to the Secretary, Meghalaya Legislative Assembly and forwarded during the year 1976 when I did not have the occasion of becoming the Minister of State. 

        And then now I will come to Co-operative Society. In the Co-operative Society the system of extending loan to the agriculturist has generally been channelised through the Apex Bank. Banking is a very delicate subject and it is being run as per broad guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India. Mr. Speaker, Sir, the banks have got certain obligations to maintain secrecy of accounts. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to mention some facts about the allegation raised by the hon. member. The bank has got a loan Committee constituted from the public leaders and also the representatives from different societies and departmental officers. this Loan Committee scrutinises all the papers and then sends loan to the society. Now Mr. Speaker, Sir, the hon. member has had the occasion of mentioning the society whether the Minister has taken a huge amount of money extended by the Co-operative Department or the Apex bank, to be more perfect. I have collected information from the Apex bank about this. For the Sonidan Society the loan sanctioned was Rs.62,550 and the whole amount was disbursed on 13th August, 1976 for Marngar Co-operative Society, loan sanctioned was Rs.1,30,500 and disbursed Rs.96,250 on 15th October 1977. But the mover told that 38,000 or so was given to the Minister. I do not understand here. Mr. Speaker, Sir, how the hon. Member can allege. For Umtang Society Sanction was for Rs.38,000 and after distribution they refunded Rs.19,000 to the bank due to non-payment o the members for certain reasons. So, Mr. Speaker, Sir, the hon. member had the occasion also  of mentioning the two other Societies. For Umsning Co-operative Unit, he has mentioned by reading the letter of one so called Chairman who signed only this month. This society has never been extended with any loan since its formation and the hon. member has said that Rs.20,000 were handed over to me and then after giving this money this Chairman fled away. And he also mentioned about Mawrong Credit Society that several, thousands of rupees were sanctioned and that the Secretary has given money to the Minister. I would inform the hon. member that no amount has been sanctioned to this Society. The hon. member specifically mentioned that about Rs.20,000 have been sanctioned to the Umsning Society which is not a fact. So everything is false and baseless. I do not know Mr. Speaker, Sir, whether something can be taken up on the lines which the Hon'ble Revenue Minister has expressed. Whether we can record this false statement in the proceedings of the House or the hon. member should apologise or I would like to  challenge if the member has really got the courage to make this statement in writing outside this House than I am definite he would face the consequence.

Mr. Speaker :- You can bring a censure motion.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, on a point of clarification may we ask the Minster whether he accepts the challenge or not.

Mr. Speaker :- You will have a chance to reply.

Shri H. Hadem :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, the Minister, Revenue had referred to some receipts and according to the rules he has to place them on the Table of the House.

Shri Maham Singh (Minister, Revenue) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I will place them on the Table of the House.

Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have listened to the arguments put forth by the mover of the motion who censured my colleagues for the lapses and so called undesirable activities. I have also listened to the replies given to the mover and other participants of various parties. As you know Mr. Speaker, Sir, my colleagues are taken into my cabinet and appointed by the Governor on my advice. Today I have made up my mind as alleged by the mover of the motion whether my two colleagues who have been censured have lost the confidence after hearing the allegations which are not substantiated by the mover of the motion. At the same time, I am surprised that the mover of the motion had occasion to apologise. I am absolutely convinced that the charges are baseless and I do not doubt the integrity of my  colleagues and I still have full confidence in my two colleagues. Mr. Speaker, Sir, this is going to be the last session for us to attend this Assembly and whatever must have happened in the past, I think it is my duty  to extend my good wishes to all the hon. members in this House. I wish wish we could all come back to this House in the service of the people in the State, the State which we have earned through long struggle and the State which is meant to bring about all round development and prosperity to our people. If we are guided only by this one simple consideration, whatever seat we occupy in this House, our ultimate objective is to serve the people. I think, when will return again to this House through the will of the people we shall be in a position I believe, to do more service to the people based on the past experience. We have had enough experience for the last 6 or 7 years. Let us utilise this experience as a guiding principle for the future and let us try to contribute our mite with all sincerity and honesty in the service of the people, no matter to which party we belong. With that objective in view, Mr. Speaker, Sir, we shall all be blessed by the people of the State and we shall be given another opportunity to serve. Let us look forward to that and let us put our concerned efforts in the service of the people. May God bless us all.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, while appreciating the sentiments of the Chief Minister. I must emphasise that truth cannot be covered with mere sentimental words. Now, the Hon'ble Minister for Agriculture and P.W.D. did very correctly avoid some tremendous subjects, e.g., the fact that this Executive Engineer in becoming Superintending Engineer superseding a number of Executive Engineers. It is a fact or not. We want a simple reply.

Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- It is not a fact. All the senior Executive Engineers where brought under regular appointment. But it is a fact that the Executive Engineer right from the time of the autonomous State when was brought on deputation with the Cabinet decision, he was made Superintending Engineer in the subsequent year and those three officers as S.D.Os. We do not disturb their seniority. They are still even now senior to this gentleman. But as there was a need to look after the Building Wing which needs higher supervision that of the Superintending Engineer, this gentleman is given the post of S.E. But he is still junior to the other three gentlemen.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Is it not a fact Mr. Speaker, Sir, that the first cabinet decision was that officers should be taken in their own rank by this Government. Was it is not a Cabinet decision and was not this person taken as Executive Engineer when he was a junior S.D.O. in the A.S.E.B. ?

        Next Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have asked about the wealth tax returns. I have nothing to say about his luxurious and sumptuous food  but who lies beyond ways and means with the salary of Rs.1,250 and who even constructed a palatial building. Does he not know the Wealth Tax Act that above one lakh of rupees, half  per cent is liable to be paid as wealth tax upto Rs.4 lakhs and that wealth includes movable and immovable possessions. Has he declared his wealth tax. There is no reply, Mr. Speaker, Sir. The fact that he lives beyond his means amazed me Mr. Speaker, Sir, I will say also that there is no map; it sounds very fishy. But if there were a Committee of this House to go and look at the property, we will notice that property of the Minister is at the centre and all round is the P.W.D. land. Is it not a fact ? Will the Chief Minster in his conscience try to persuade the Minister of P.W.D. to give up this plot of land. 

Mr. Speaker :- Mr. Majaw, I think you should not repeat what you have said.

Prof. M. N. Majaw :- But he has not replied to this. There was continuous fight in the Cabinet over this matter. It was not a smooth sailing.

Mr. Speaker :- The time has now come that I should put the question. There is one important question here, that is, the resolution that this House constitutes on all party Committee to examine all the allegations made before the House today. That is the question to be disposed of. (The motion was put to vote and the resolution was lost).

        Now the main motion. The question is that this House do now censure Shri Edwingson Bareh, Minister for Agriculture, Public Works (Roads and Buildings) and Food and Civil Supplies, etc., and Shri D. Dethwelson Lapang, Minister of State in charge of Co-operation, Jails and Civil Defence (including Home Guards, etc.).

(The motive was negative).

Valedictory speeches

        Now, I must express my sincere thanks to the hon. members. As I said since this is the last session I must express my sincere thanks to all of you. I have really spent a wonderful period of 5 years 8 months and 6 days till today with you and I have faced no problem. I think I have tried my best to conduct myself in a manner which is expected of me as the impartial Presiding Officer of this House. There were occasions when I might have rebuked some members and at times I might have used strong words against some members. But these words were expressed not with the spirit to pull them down but with the spirit to maintain the dignity and decorum of the House. As I said I have spent 5 years 8 months and 6 days out of the total of 7 years 7 months and 17 days of my Speakership in the House. When I think about this incident a thought came to my mind. It appears that here in Meghalaya once a Speaker he will always be a Speaker. I do not know but as I said though I have spent many wonderful days with you inside the House, yet you must realise the onerous duties which I have to perform. Sometimes there were occasions which I found to be somewhat uncontrollable. But as soon as I rose from my seat all of you respected the Chair. I am very glad. But there is a great disadvantage to be the Speaker. You will appreciate that the Speaker is the person who is leading a lonely life-lonely in the sense that he has no chance to discuss politics or lively issue and even outside the House he has been lonely. But I think that type of life has, on the other hand, encouraged me to pursue some other types of activities which have helped me and I think I will be able to help the State also. Hon. Members, we must remember that whatever controversy we are having here in the House I think we must be behaving as responsible members when we face the battle outside the House we must act as responsible leaders. I do not know how many of you will come back to the House and how many who may not fight again, but as the Chief Minister has pointed out, I wish to each and every one of you the best of luck in your endeavor to serve the State in any capacity that you may be entrusted to do in future. There is one thing which the Speaker always faces. I know that each and every Member can protect his Constituency very well because he can enter into critical controversies in his Constituency. A question come to my mind always can a Speaker really enter into controversy' when on many occasions the Speaker's Constituency becomes the battle ground, it was converted into an area where some leaders took the opportunity because they know the Speaker will not come to enter into that controversy. Not the time has come, I think, that the whole country should say whether a Speaker should be partial like the U.S. Speaker or impartial Speaker like the British Speaker. I think the time has come for re-thinking of the whole issue. Before I read the prorogation order once again I want to express my sincere thanks for the manner in which you have made the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, perhaps one of the most dignified Assemblies in the country. We must remember that during these last five years we have had a number of occasions which this House had performed besides its own country. We hosted the All-India Presiding Officers' Conference in 1974 and in 1975 when we became one of partners of the Parliament of India in receiving distinguished delegates from the Commonwealth countries. When I met these delegates afterwards, they were full praise for the State of Meghalaya and especially of the high standard and the high spirit of dedication which the leaders of the State possess. So I think I am proud about the House in which I have presided ever its deliberations for the last seven years seven months and 17 days. With these few words, I once again thank you all. 

*Shri S. D. Khongwir :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I think we are entitled to say a few words from our side after you have given the longest speech in this Assembly. I think from our side we must say something because we have hard from the Leader of the House, the Chief Minister, which he wished all of us good luck and God's blessing. Mr. Speaker, Sir, we have also heard a very inspiring speech from your goodself. Mr. Speaker, Sir, this is a very solemn occasion, I feel, because within a couple of minutes you as the Speaker will read out a message of prorogation of this august House. After a few minutes Mr. Speaker, Sir, all of us including you Mr. Speaker, Sir, will have to leave this Chamber and it will be a great day for each one of us. We have in front of us the election and within two or three months we shall be leaving our people this august House for our own field fighting our battle, meeting. It may be true that there may be some of us who may not like to face the contest against there may be some who may like to contest and return and there may be some of us may return and may not return. Mr. Speaker, Sir, during the last 5 years 6 months and odd days when we have entered on March, 1972 under your Speakership we have felt from the very beginning that we have had an impartial Speaker or a Presiding Officer who is so kind in guiding us. Mr. Speaker, Sir, speaking on behalf of my own group in 1972 we were only 9 members and we dwindled down  to      members only, but now we are fortunate to have 6 members on our side. Well Mr. Speaker, Sir, you  were very impartial and I was thinking because on the other side they were about 40 members and this side only 12 or 13 members that we will never catch your eye, but Mr. Speaker, Sir, we always caught your eye and this proved that you were never a partial Speaker. Well Mr. Speaker, Sir, I remember one incident in 1972 when I attended the Whips Conference together with the hon. members from Nongtalang and Mendipathar I was selected to constitute one Sub-Committee where we discussed about the decorum of the House and Mr. Speaker, Sir, I was very pleased that I could make a very categorical statement in the Sub-Committee when we discussed about the decorum and I invited all the Members and told them, if you want to see the decorum and the dignity of the House please come to Meghalaya and watch for yourself. Mr. Speaker, Sir, we also from our side wish to say even though, as you have said in a big parliamentary democracy as it is prevailing in India where most of the parliamentary practices and procedures and conventions are held we have been following the practices and conventions of the British Constitution. But in so far as the Office of the Speaker is concerned we are not doing that. But Mr. Speaker, Sir, I fully sympathise with you  because even though in India you are the Speaker and you are the politician you have to fight a battle to be re-elected to the House if you want to be chosen. So Mr. Speaker, Sir, we shall at least from our group wish you "God Speed" and you have given the indication that makes us to follow the good example of the British tradition once a Speaker, always a Speaker. Here we the three political parties represented in this House do decide that there might be fair or even more political understanding amongst us. This is a great question at least fro our State of Meghalaya and let us see what can be done about it outside the House. So Mr. Speaker, Sir, from our side we thank you very much for the guidance that you have given us and we wish you from our side, from our group "God Speed you" Thank you Mr. Speaker, Sir.

*Shri B. B. Lyngdoh :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to say only a few words, I was expecting that the Leader of the House will lead at the conclusion of your speech, but however, it is all the same.

Mr. Speaker :- It is all the same, I belong to the whole House.

*Shri B. B. Lyngdoh :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I had the occasion to remark in the Budget Session of 1976 when the same remarks were made by the Leader of the House who said that you are one of very impartial Speakers. Sir you  really deserve such remarks specially when we are talking about the dignity and decorum and responsibility which the members of this august House could uphold in the last six years or so. That I may say, Mr. Speaker, Sir, is perhaps on main factor because of the efficient handling, efficient running of the House by the Speaker who has shown a remarkable and unique efficiency as Speaker of a democratic legislature. We are proud not only with this demonstration among ourselves but we are also proud about you for representing the leaders of the country in the International Conferences and we are proud about the success of the parliamentary democracy in the world. Sir, in this last session before we part, I would share with you the good wish that all of us will go back to our people and get their mandate to come and serve the people more devotedly. As I have said before and I will say again that throughout these five years or six years we have learned a great deal and that we have grown to work together and whatever position we may occupy, I believe, if we come again, we shall be able to contribute more towards the development and welfare of the people of our State. Thank you, Sir.

*Prof. M. N. Majaw :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I also would like to associate myself with the valedictory sentiments expressed by other hon. Members in the House and especially by you. In this respect I must offer our praise to you and to the Chair for the most impartial manner in which the consensus of this Assembly throughout the years has been guided and led. You have also controlled,  guided and led this august House very efficiently and it is not only in this House, Mr. Speaker, Sir, but also outside this House, particularly in the international forum. I offer my thanks to you. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I must say that the name of our Meghalaya was earned mainly due to you who has occupied this Chair. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I offer  my good wishes to all the Members of this House and even to those on the other side of this House who are close friends outside and enemies in the House and I wish "God Speed" specially to you Sir. Thank you.

*Shri W. A. Sangma (Chief Minister) :- Mr. Speaker, Sir, I am standing for the second time and on my behalf and on behalf of my party I wish all members success, I also offer my thanks to the Hon'ble Speaker who has so efficiently guided the consensus of this august House for the last five years or so and I again wish him all success in the ensuing election and I also hope that we will also have the occasion in future to sit together in this august House. Thank you, Sir.


Mr. Speaker :- Now let me read the order from the Governor.






November 30, 1977.


        In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (2) (a) of Article 174 of the Constitution of India, I, Lallan Prasad Singh, Governor of Meghalaya, hereby prorogue the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly at the conclusion of its sitting on the 1st December, 1977.


        So, the House stands prorogued.

Dated Shillong. Secretary,
The 1st December 1977. Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.