(Wednesday, the 16th December, 1998)

Shri C.R. MARAK   Shri J.D. RYMBAI (Minister in-charge, P.W.D.)
*1. Will the Minister in-charge, Public Works be pleased to state :-    

(a) How many number of R.C.C. Bridge currently under construction under Tura-Dalu-Baghmara Road?

  (a) 19 Nos.
(b) The progress of the construction works allotted to the contractor?   (b) 48% Average.
(c) Whether on all said R.C.C. Bridges will be completed in time?   (c) No.
(d) If not, the reasons thereof?   (d) Due to paucity of fund.

Lease of Government Land

Shri ELSTON ROY KHARKONGOR   Shri KITDOR SYIEM (Minister in-charge, Forest & Environment)

*2. Will the Minister-in-charge, Forest be pleased to state :-

(a) Whether the Government is aware that there are Forest lands in and around Shillong that had been taken on lease right from the British time?

(a) Yes, Sir.
(b) If the answer to (a) above is in the affirmative, how many times the lease rent has been revised upwards and when was the latest revision done? (b) No revision of lease rent has been done since execution of lease agreements.
(c) What are the terms and conditions of the lease and who lays down such terms and conditions whether the leasee or the lessor? (c) The leasees have leased the lands in perpetuity in consideration of payment of an annual rental.

Water Distribution System

Shri T.H. RANGAD   Shri SING MULIEH (Minister in-charge, P.H.E.)

*3. Will the Minister-in-charge, P.H.E. be pleased to state :-

(a) Whether the Water Distribution System in Laban area is proceeding as per schedule? (a) No, Sir.
(b) If not, the cause for the delay in implementation of the scheme? (b) Due to inadequacy of fund for Urban water supply scheme, delayed receipt of materials from the manufacturers, road crossing/cutting permission from P.W.D. permission of Forest Department for laying pipeline in the Reserved Forest areas.
(c) When will the distribution system be functional? (c) Likely by April '99.

Mitap - Darang Bridge

Shri C.R. MARAK   Shri J.D. RYMBAI (Minister in-charge, P.W.D.)

*4. Will the Minister-in-charge, P.W.D. be pleased to state :-

(a) When was the Mitap - Darang Bridge washed away? (a) 28th June, 1995.
(b) Whether the washed away Bridge had been restored? (b) No, Sir.
(c) If not, the reason thereof? (c) Timber bridge does not stand on this river.

Mawpynthih Water Supply Scheme

Shri ELSTON ROY KHARKONGOR   Shri SING MULIEH (Minister in-charge Public Health Engineering)

*5. Will the Minister-in-charge, Public Health Engineering be pleased to state :-

(a) Whether the Government is aware that the Water Supply Scheme at Village Mawpynthih under Mylliem Development Block commissioned years back is now in a state of disrepair and not functioning as expected? (a) The scheme is functioning regularly excepting when power supply fails.
(b) If so, whether steps have been taken or proposed to be taken to make the scheme functional? (b) Does not arise in view of (a) above.
(c) Whether the Government is also aware that the Water Supply Schemes in the Villages around Nongkrem are equally in bad shape? (c) Water Supply is available but inadequate due to increase in population.
(d) If so, what steps have been taken or proposed to be taken to make the schemes functional? (d) Alternative sources are under investigation.

Functions of Home Guards

Shri C.R. MARAK   Shri A.K. SANGMA (Minister in-charge, Home Civil Defence & Home Guards)

*6. Will the Minister-in-charge, Home Civil Defence & Home Guards be pleased to state :-

(a) What is the total strength of the Home Guards in the State? (a) The total authorised strength of Home Guards for the State of Meghalaya is 2538.
(b) What is the function of the Home Guards? (b) The role of the Home Guards as defined in the Compendium of Instructions, 1993 are :-
(i) To serve as an auxiliary to the Police and assist in maintaining internal Security.
(ii) To assist the community in the event of an emergency or natural calamities such as Air Raids, Fire, Flood, epidemic etc.
(iii) To organise functional  units to provide essential service such as Motor transport, Pioneer and engineer groups, fire brigades, nursing and first aid, operation of water and power Supply in installation etc.
(iv) To promote Communal harmony and assist the administration in protecting the weaker sections of the Society.
(v) To participate in Socio-economic and welfare activities such as adult education, health and hygiene, development schemes and such other tasks as are deemed useful.
(c) What is the difference between male and female Home Guards? (c) We have two genders of Home Guards Volunteers as authorised by Government of India as follows :-
(i) Male Home Guards Volunteers
Urban - 411 Nos.
Rural - 1893 Nos. (including BWHG personnel)
(ii) Female Home Guards Volunteers
Urban - 234 Nos.
(d) The salaries paid to the Home Guards personnel per month? (d) The salaries of Home Guards personnel are placed on the table of the House.

Supply of Electricity


*7. Will the Minister-in-charge, Power be pleased to state :-

(a) What are the terms and conditions for supply of electricity/power within the State and outside the State?

(a) The terms and conditions of Me.S.E.B. for supply of power within the State.

    Conditions of supply of Electricity Energy MeSEB includes 40 clause since 1989. The following main heads cover all the clauses :-
1. Service Connection.
2. Meter & Metering equipments.
3. Power factor.
4. Agreements.
5. Security Deposit.
6. Service of Notice.
7. Billing-payment of bills.
8. Liability for payment of minimum charges.
9. System of supply.
10. Prejudicial use of supply.
11. Discontinuance of supply.
12. Saving of rights.
    The details of terms and conditions is as at Annexure 'A' placed on the table of the House.
     The salient clauses of terms and conditions for supply of Power outside the State are :-
1. Form of Supply.
2. Curtailment of supply.
3. Contract demand.
4. Tariff metering and billing.
5. Interruption and discontinuance of supply.
6. Payment for supply etc.
(b) Whether the Me.S.E.B. is equally prompt to recover the arrear dues on account of supply of electricity outside the State as it is prompt to recover/realise dues from the consumers within the Home State who are served disconnection notices if bills presented by the Board are not paid within due date? (b) Yes, Sir.
(c) The names of the villages/localities under Nongkrem Assembly Constituency that have been brought under the State's Electrical maps as of now? (c) Under Nongkrem Assembly Constituency there are three nos. block with no. of village declared electrified.
(i) Mawryngkneng - 52 Nos.
(ii) Mylliem            - 79 Nos.
(iii) Mawkynrew    - 44 Nos.

    Total number of villages declared electrified is 175. The name of the villages in the three blocks is given in Annexure-I, II & III placed on the table of the House.