Monday, the 23rd March, 1999

Tura Water Supply Scheme

Shri  K.C. MOMIN
  Shri S. MULIEH (Minister-in-charge, Public Health Engineering)
*7. Will the Minister-in-charge, Public Health Engineering be pleased to state :-    
(a) The funds already allotted to P.H.E. Tura Division for the 3rd Phase Water Supply till date?   (a) Nil, Sir, as the Scheme is yet to be formulated/sanctioned.
(b) The existing position of Tura Water Supply Scheme?   (b) Water is being supplied through the Phase I and Phase II of the Scheme completed in 1972 and 1989 respectively. The augmentation is now under implementation. One Pump is already commissioned and the rest (2) are under testing.
(c) The different Schemes the PHE Department approved and fund released during 1998-99?   (c) Till date P.H.E. Department approved 39 Nos. of new Schemes for 1998-99 costing Rs.6.07 crores. Apart from this, under D.F.R., 634 Nos. of on-going Schemes having total liability of Rs.88.70 Crores were approved. Out of the revised State Plan, allocation of Rs.25.62 Crores, the fund released so far is Rs.24.35 Crores to different field divisions during 1998-99.

Permission to L.P. Schools

Shri TONSING N. MARAK   Shri K. KHONGDHAR (Minister-in-charge, Primary Education)
*8. Will the Minister-in-charge Primary Education be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether it is a fact that the Government is issuing permission to L.P. Schools in those Schooless Villages without providing Teachers and Financial Assistance?   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) If so, the number of such Schooless Villages which have been issued with necessary permission?   (b) 190 schools.

Distribution of Water Supply

  Shri S. MULIEH (Minister-in-charge, Public Health Engineering)
*9. Will the Minister-in-charge, Public Health Engineering be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether it is a fact that there is a move to take over by the P.H.E. the present distribution of Tura Urban Area Water Supply now being done by the District Council (GHDC)   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) If so, what are the reasons in such a move?   (b) To avoid duplication of responsibility and proper Upkeep and Maintenance of the Scheme.

Black-topping on Rongrenggre - Darugre Road

Shri TONSING N. MARAK   Shri J. D. RYMBAI (Minister i/c P.W.D.)
* 10. Will the Minister-in-charge Public Works be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether it is a fact that the Black-topping of 90th KM (823 M) on Rongrenggre - Darugre Road via Songsak has been lying incomplete?    
(b) If so, the time of completion?   (b) 31.3.99.

Construction of Tura Stadium

  Shri P.T. SAWKMIE (Minister-in-charge, Sports and Youth Affairs).
*11. Will the Minister-in-charge Sports be pleased to state :-    
(a) When was construction of Tura Stadium at Allotgre been sanctioned and when was physical development taken up?   (a) The Scheme was sanctioned during the year, 1991-92 and construction taken up during the year 1992-93, Sir.
(b) The amount of funds released for the project ?   (b) Rs.32.30 lacs, Sir.
(c) Total amount utilised and the progress of works so far?   (c) (i) The amount utilised is Rs.20.66 lacs, Sir.
         (ii) Progress of the work is 64% approximately, Sir.
(d) When will the project be completed?   (d) During 1999-2000, Sir.

Construction of Bridges

* 12. Will the Minister-in-charge Public Works be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether it is a fact that the construction of 4 (four) Bridges over Rongak, Brang and Karsinang Streams on Samanda - Jengjal Road are still incomplete?   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) If so, the reason for the delay?
  (b) Delay is due to non-availibility of stock materials in time.

Construction of District Art and Culture Complex

  Shri J.A. LYNGDOH (Minister-in-charge, Arts and Culture)
* 13. Will the Minister-in-charge, Art and Culture be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether Government proposes to construct District Art and Culture complex/stadium at Tura?   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) If so, what is the project cost and whether funds allotted so far?   (b) (i) The Project cost estimate is Rs.5,87,65,000/-
          (ii) No funds allotted as the Plan allotted Budget is not adequate to meet the proposed project cost.

Construction of Simsang Bridge

Shri TONSING N. MARAK   Shri J.D. RYMBAI (Minister-in-charge, P.W.D.)
*4. Will the Minister-in-charge Public Works be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether it is a fact that the Tender for construction of Simsang Bridge at Warimagre, Williamnagar has been floated?   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) If so, whether the work has been allotted?   (b) No, Sir.

Children Park at Tura

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri KITDOR SYIEM (Minister-in-charge, Forest & Environment)
*5. Will the Minister-in-charge,  Forest be pleased to state?    
(a) Whether it is a fact that the Department has proposed to acquire a plot of land at Tura for Children Park/Office purposes some time back ?   (a) No, Sir.
(b) If yes, whether land has actually been acquired?   (b) Does not arise in view of 'a' above.
(c) The area of the land and the land cost paid to the owner?   (c) Does not arise in view of 'a' and ;'b' above.




Tuesday, the 23rd March, 1999

Surrender of Funds

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri A.H. SCOTT LYNGDOH (Minister, Finance)
*4. Will the Minister-in-charge, Finance be pleased to state how much fund the different Government Departments surrendered out of the fund allotted in the Budget provisions during 1997-98?   Information are being collected from various Departments.

Issue of Licences to Liquor Shop

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri K.C. BORO ( Minister-in-charge, Excise)
*5. Will the Minister-in-charge, Excise be pleased to state:-    
(a) Whether there was a proposal to issue more liquor shops licenses in Tura Municipality Area in 1998-99?   (a) No, Sir.
(b) The total number of liquor shops in Tura Municipality Area as on 28.2.1999?   (b) 18 Nos, Sir.
(c) The names of license holders/proprietors of liquor shops in Tura Municipality Area till date?   (c) A statement is placed on the Table of the House, Sir.

Total No. of Govt. Employees in the State

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri D.D. LAPANG (Deputy Chief Minister)
*6. Will the Minister-in-charge, Personnel be pleased to state :-    
(a) The actual total No. of employees in the Meghalaya State as on 28.2.99?    
(b) The actual No. of IAS/IPS Officers as on 28.2.99 working in the State?    
(c) The actual No. of MCS/MPS officers as on 28.2.99?   Sir, the information is being collected. The position in respect of IAS/MCS Officers is as follows :-

(a) IAS - 42
(b) MCS - 77

(d) The actual No. of Government employees who are already 58 years (supemnuative age) as on 1.1.99?    
(e) The actual No. of employees category-wise (Grade I,II,III, Non-Gazetted, Secretarial/Directorate services and Grade IV)?    
(f) The actual No. of Government employees Community-wise (Khasi, Jaintia, Garo and others) as on 28.2.99?    

Encroachment of Govt. Land

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri D.D. LAPANG (Deputy Chief Minister-in-charge, Revenue)
*7. Will the Minister-in-charge Revenue be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether Government is aware of the fact that Government acquired lands in the whole State are being encroached by unauthorised persons particularly in Urban areas?    
(b) If so, how much of such lands are under encroachment 9District-wise, District Headquarter-wise/Sub-Division-wise)?   Materials are being collected.
(c) Whether Government proposes to take appropriate action on this matter?    
(d) If so, how and when?    

Collection of Revenue

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri L.A. SANGMA (Minister-in-charge, Taxation)
*8. Will the Minister-in-charge, Taxation be pleased to state :-    
(a) How much Revenue Government collected from taxation during the last 5 yeas i.e., since 1993-94 till date?   (a) The Revenue collected by Government from Taxation Department during the last 5 (five) years is as follows :-
    1993-94 - Rs.23,51,07,792/-
    1994-95 - Rs.32,12,59,794/-
    1995-96 - Rs.35,35,25,525/-
    1996-97 - Rs.40,90,32,273/-
    1997-98 - Rs.40,25,97,004/-
    1998-99 - Rs.26,92,94,187/-
    (Upto November, 1998)
(b) The main/major source of revenue from taxation?   (b) The major sources of revenue are :-

1. Coal (Under CST)
2. Petroleum products (under the Meghalaya Sales of Petroleum & Petroleum Products including Motor Spirit & Lubricants Tax) Act.

(c) Whether Government is aware of the fact that there has been major/substantial leakages of revenue?   (c) The Department is not aware of major/substantial leakage of revenue. Possibility of some leakages, however, cannot be ruled out.
(d) If so, how and what appropriate action Government proposes to stop such leakages?   (d) Does not arise in view of reply at (c). However, the steps taken by the Department to prevent leakages are:-
1. Introduction of Special Road Permit including declaration by the Petrol tankers at the checkgates.
    2. Introduction of advance security on Coal and Forest products.
    3. Extensive survey of market.
    4. Installation of Checkgates.
    5. Follow-up of the Tax deducted at source by different Government Departments.
    6. Introduction of Special Tax clearance Certificate for applicants of Transport subsidy.
    7. Supporting all assessments with collateral evidence.
    8. Streamline of the Departments and enforcement branch.

Schools adopting I.C.S.E. Course

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri F.W. MOMIN (Minister-in-charge, Education)
*9. Will the Minister-in-charge Education be pleased to state :-    
(a) The No. of Government High/Middle Public Schools adopting the I.C.S.E. Course?   (a) 4 Nos. i.e. (1) Pine Mount Schools (2) Shillong Public School (3) Jowai Public School and (4) Tura Public School.
(b) The No. of students of such schools enrolled during the year 1997-98 and 1999 (School-wise)?   (b) Information is being collected from the schools concerned.
(c) The No. of students in Class X and XII and the names of the students and their addresses who passed out during the last 3 years?   (c) Information is being collected.

Family Identity Cards

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri N. MOMIN (Minister, Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs)
*10. Will the Minister-in-charge, Food and Civil Supplies be pleased to state :-    
(a) The total No. of Family ID Cards already issued by the D.C. Tura in the Municipality Area during the last 5 years (i.e. year-wise from 1993-94 to 1998-28.2.99) under the PDS and BPL)?   (a) Year          Non-BPL        BPL
      1993          11,746           Nil
      1994                38            Nil
      1995              754            Nil
      1996              266            Nil
      1997              138            Nil
      1998               Nil            672
      1999              171            226
    Total                  13,113        898
    Cancelled in
           1998                 100 (-)
    Total in 1999     13,013         898
(b) The total quantity of food grains released by the Department under the PDS & BPL scheme during the last 5Tfive) years (1993-94 to 1998-28.2.99)?   (b) A statement is placed on the Table of the House.
(c) The total amount of food grains lifted by FCI, Tura and stock recorded in the FCI, Tura Godown during the last 5 (five) years (1993 to February, 1999)?   Informations are being collected.
(d) The amount of food grains not lifted by FCI, Tura?    
(e) If so, what action Government proposes to take?