Wednesday, the 24th March, 1999

Creation of Office of the Conservation of Forest

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri KITDOR SYIEM (Minister-in-charge, Forest & Environment).
*16. Will the Minister-in-charge, Forest be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether the office of the Conservator of Forest (Wild Life) was created and official notification issued that the H.Q. would be stationed/established at Tura as its Headquarter?   (a), (b) and (c)
Sir, one temporary post of Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) with headquarter at Shillong was created on 13th May 1982. Subsequently, the headquarter of this post was shifted to Tura with effect from 1st June, 1995. The Office of the Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) Tura is presently staffed by re-deployment of 1 U.D. Asstt., 2 L.D. Asstts and 1 Driver besides 6 Casual employees.
(b) If so, whether the office has actually been established at Tura with the sanctioned staff as per norms?    
(c) If not, the reasons thereof?    

Allotment of C.I. Sheets

Shri A.L. HEK   Shri B. NONGSIEJ (Minister-in-charge, Housing)
*17. Will the Minister-in-charge, Housing be pleased to state:-    
(a) The numbers/bundles of C.I. Sheets granted to Houseless villagers under Rural Housing Scheme allotted to each Constituency?   (a) Sir, Nil as we fix our targets Community Development Block wise and not Constituency wise.
(b) What are the modalities of entitlement for allotments?   (b) Sir, Bonafide poor residents of stabilised villages of Meghalaya who are houseless are eligible under the scheme.
(c) The number of beneficiaries in each Constituency during 1997-1998, 1998-1999?   (c) Sir, does not arise in view of reply against (a) above.

Water Catchment Area Protection Act

  Shri KITDOR SYIEM (Minister-in-charge, Forest & Environment)
*18 Will the Minister-in-charge, Forest be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether there is a proposal to enact the Water Catchment Area Protection Act for the protection of such places from cutting of trees, jhum cultivation, etc.?   (a) No, Sir.
(b) Whether the Government is aware that many water catchment areas in the State are now destroyed by such cultivation for which Government is not in a position to preserve and protect?   (b) Yes, Sir.
(c) Whether Government proposes to enact and implement the act in near future?   (c) The Meghalaya Protection of Catchment Areas Act, 1990 has already been enacted by the State Government. The Act received the assent of the Governor on 27th April, 1992 and was published in the Gazette of Meghalaya Extra Ordinary Issue, dated 27th April, 1992.
(d) Whether Government has identified such water catchment areas where urban water supply schemes have to solely depend from those areas?   (d) Preliminary identification of some Water Catchment Areas by the Task Force assigned for this purpose have been carried out.

Cremation Ground

Shri A.L. HEK
  Shri D.D. LAPANG (Minister-in-charge, Revenue)
*19 Will the Minister-in-charge Revenue be pleased to state :-    
(a) What action has been taken by the Government on the letter addressed to the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills with copy to the Chief Minister and Revenue Minister concerning the application for a suitable site for a cremation ground under Pynthorumkhrah Constituency?   (a), (b) & (c)
Sir, the matter is under examination.
(b) If the application was considered the location or the site may kindly be stated?    
(c) If not, the reasons thereof?    

E. E. (Irrigation) Tura

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri M. Rava (Minister-in-charge, Irrigation)
*20 Will the Minister-in-charge Irrigation be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether the Executive Engineer (Irrigation) Tura has gone on leave?   (a) No, Sir.
(b) If so, since when and who is at present holding the post?   (b) Does not arise in view of 'a' above.

Revised Pay Scale under U.G.C.

Shri A.L. HEK
  Shri F.W. MOMIN (Minister-in-charge, Education).
*21. Will the Minister-in-charge Education be pleased to state :-    
(a) When will the revised pay scales under U.G.C. (University Grants Commission) be disbursed to the College teachers?   (a) The matter is under active consideration of the Government.
(b) What are the initiatives taken by the Government in connection with the Employees Pension Scheme (E.P.S.) meant for College teachers?   (b) Same as (a) above.

Irrigation Projects

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri M. RAVA (Minister-in-charge, Irrigation)
*22. Will the Minister-in-charge Irrigation be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether the Irrigation Department has made cost effective analysis on all the projects already completed since its inception?   (a) No, Sir.
(b) How many nos. of projects schemes have been completed during the last 5 years (i.e., since 1993-94 upto 1998-99)?   (b) 37 Nos. of Projects/Schemes have been completed since 1993-94 upto 1998-99.
(c) How many projects which are effectively providing irrigation facilities to the people?   (c) Out of the 37 Nos. of completed projects, 36 Nos. are fully functional. Only 1 No. namely Daldam F.I.S. in Dalu Block has been severely damaged by flood and is non-functional, Sir.
(d) Whether there are projects which have to be either renovated or repaired as per technical demand?   (d) Yes Sir, proposal for improvement and repair is under consideration subject to availability of fund.

Kutir Jyoti Scheme

Shri A.L. HEK   Shri M. N. MUKHIM (Minister, Power)
*23. Will the Minister-in-charge Power be pleased to state :-    
(a) The numbers of beneficiaries under the Kutir Jyoti Scheme in 1997-98, 1998-99? (a) Sir.


(i) During 1997-98


(ii) During 1998-99


9,000 connections.
(b) What are the modalities of entitlement for such allotment? (b) Rural families below the poverty line including Harijan and Adivasi families are entitled to receive a single light point connection in their dwellings under the programme without meter. The beneficiaries are selected from the list recommended by the Block Development Officer subject to the technical feasibility criteria that the dwellings should be within 30 meters from the nearest existing low tension distribution line of the Meghalaya State Electricity Board in the village based on cluster approach.

Liquor Licenses

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri K.C. BORO (Minister-in-charge, Excise)
*24. Will the Minister-in-charge, Excise be pleased to state :-    
(a) How many total nos. of Liquor Liceneces issued by the Department till date?   (a) 216 Nos, Sir.
(b) How much State Government earned revenue from the Liquor shops during the last 25 years?   (b) Rs.219.40 Crores, Sir.
(c) How much percentage of revenue come from the Excise Department in a year?   (c) It is not clear as to the information sought.
(d) Whether there is a target fixed revenue expected to be achieved and whether the Department could achieve the target period during the last 5 years (i.e., since 1993-94)?   (d) Yes, Sir.
      However, target as fixed could not be achieved except for one year in 1996-97. Revenue collection vis-a-vis target fixed during the last 5 (five) years is placed on the Table of the House.

Tourist Spots

Shri A.L. HEK   Shri R. WARJRI (Minister-in-charge, Toiurism)
*25. Will the Minister-in-charge, Tourism be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether it is a fact that the Tourist Spots maintained by the Forest Department are much better maintained than those of the Tourism Department for e.g., Thangkarang Park in Cherapunjee, Nehru Part at Umiam Lake?   (a) It is a matter of opinion, Sir.
(b) What initiative had been taken by Tourism Department to upgrade the Shillong Golf-course which is regarded as one of the best natural Golf-courses not only in India but also in the international fora?   (b) The Tourism Department submitted a proposal to Government of India for a total amount of Rs.79.28 lakhs for upgradation of the Golf Course which includes fencing and road re-alignment etc. Approval and sanction is awaited from Government of India.
(c) The schemes which are exempted and implemented by the MTDC during the last five years?   (c) The list of schemes which were executed and implemented is placed on the Table of the House.
(d) How much revenue the MTDC generates from all the Commissioning Projects in the State during the last five years?   (d) The revenue generated from the projects/units are as follows which effect from 1.4.94 to 31.12.98 :-
    Name of Unit Amount (Rs. in lakhs)
    1.Orchid Lake Resort, Umiam. 136.25
    2. Orchid Lodge, Tura.   20.79
    3. Orchid Rest House, Cherrapunjee.   14.61
    4.Ward's Lake (Boating).   10.03
    5. Orchid Hotel.   98.55
    6.Transport.                         47.71



                 Total :-

  Rs.  327.94 lakhs.