Thursday, the 25th March, 1999

Revenue Collected from G.H.D.C



Shri H.B. DAN (Minister-in-charge, District Council Affairs Department)

* 26. Will the Minister-in-charge, District Council Affairs be pleased to state :-



(a) The amount of Revenue State Government collected / recovered from the Garo Hills District Council by way of Royalty levied on Coal, Broom stick, Woods, etc, etc, during the last 3 years (i.e., 1995-96, 1996-97 and 1997-98)?


(a) Sir, the required information is as follows :
(i) Revenue collected/recovered from GHADC by royalty levied on coal as below :
  1996-97     Nil




Sir, the collection made by the Directorate of Mineral Resources by way of royalty on coal from Garo Hills during the above periods are :
  1995-96- Rs.9,89,49,625/-
  1996-97- Rs.9,63,79,780/-
  1997-98- Rs.7,19,34,490/-
(ii) Revenue collected from Broom Stick, Woods etc., by State Forest Department as follows :



Collected Year.

Amount of Revenue.

60% shares paid to GHADC.
















(b) The amount of fund released to GHDC, Tura by the Government for developmental scheme in term of Grant-in-aid during the last 5 years, year-wise (1993-94 upto 1997-98)?


(b) Sir, the Grant-in-aid released to GHADC for developmental scheme during the last 5 years is indicated year-wise below:-






-           Rs.1,31,89,000/-





-           Rs.   14,17,390/-





-           Rs.1,00,00,000/-





-           Rs.   18,34,560/-





-           Rs.1,06,50,000/-





-           Rs.   19,21,400/-



-           Rs.1,12,00,000/-





-           Rs.   19,85,000/-





-           Rs.1,40,00,000/-





-           Rs.   21,50,000/-

Unemployment Problem in the State

Shri A.L. HEK
  Shri D.D. LAPANG (Deputy Chief Minister in-charge, Personal Department)
*27. Will the Chief Minister be pleased to state :-    
(a) What measures has been taken by the Government to solve and reduce the un-employment Problem in the State?   (a) The strategy is to generate employment in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy through developmental plans of different Department. In the Government (service) sector employment has almost reached saturation point. However, attempts have been made to identify ways and means to expedite the filling up of vacancies available in different Departments of Government.
(b) What are the number of vacancies in all respective Departments of the State?    
(c) When will the vacant posts be filled up?   (b), (c) and (d) - information is being collected.

(d) What steps had been taken by the Government to upgrade the existing vocational institutes and to establish new ones to solve the un-employment problem in the State?


Sports Materials

Shri K.C. MOMIN   Shri P.T. SAWKMIE (Minister in-charge, Sports)
*28. Will the Minister-in-charge Sports be pleased to state the amount of fund placed at the disposal of District Sports Officer Tura, West Garo Hills for purchase of sports materials and the names of Registered/Unregistered Youth Clubs/ NGOs received such materials during the last 5 years, year-wise (i.e. since 1993-94, 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97 and 1997-98)?   Sir, No fund was placed at the disposal of District Sports Officer, Tura for purchase of Sports Materials to be distributed to the Sports Club etc.

Schemes Under Animal Husbandry & Veterinary

Shri A.K. HEK
  Shri S.S. LYNGDOH (Minister-in-charge, A.H. & Veterinary)
*29. Will the Minister-in-charge, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary be pleased to state:-    
(a) What are the different schemes under the department to help the un-employment Youths?   (a) Sir, the Scheme for educated unemployment youths are Dairy farming Poultry/Broiler farming/Piggery farming.
(b) What are the criteria to obtain such schemes?   (b) He should be a matriculate, age 27 to 35 years and citizen of India.
(c) What are the number of beneficiaries under such schemes during 1997-1998, 1998-1999?   (c) 1997-98 1998-99
    Dairy -30 units 59 units.
    Piggery -41units 42 units.
    Poultry -35 units 90 units.

Swimming Pool Project

  Shri P.T. SAWKMIE (Minister in-charge, Sports and Youth Affairs)
*30. Will the Minister-in-charge, Sports be pleased to state when will the Swimming Pool Project for Tura be sanctioned by the Government and the amount of fund utilised till date of the total project cost as approved?   (i) The Scheme has been sanctioned during the year, 1990-91.
(ii) No expenditure incurred till date, Sir.

Schemes under C.R.R.P. & S.R.W.P.

Shri A.L. HEK   Shri L.A. SANGMA (Minister in-charge, Community & Rural Development)
* 31 Will the Minister-in-charge Community & Rural Development be pleased to state :-    
(a) The number of schemes under C.R.R.P., S.R.W.P. sanctioned during the year 1998-1999?   (a) Schemes of 54 M.L.As have been approved by the State Level Committee for both schemes.
(i) Funds for CRPW have already been sanctioned and funds released to Deputy Commissioners on 3.3.99.
(ii) The SRWP funds have been enhanced in the current year, and the department has moved for Supplementary demand for the excess amount.
(b) If so, when will the funds b released to the respective blocks for implementation?   (b) The funds for SRWP will be released after the Supplementary demands are passed.
(c) If not, the reasons thereof?   (c) Does not arise in view (b) above.