Friday, the 26th March, 1999

Traffic Congestion

Shri P.M. SYIEM   Shri A.H. SCOTT LYNGDOH (Minister, Home)
*32. Will the Minister-in-charge Home be pleased to state:-    
(a) Whether it is a fact that traffic congestion in Shillong is increasing alarmingly?   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) If so, what steps Government proposes to take to ease traffic congestion?   (b) As a short term measure, the steps proposed include provision of more parking lots, development of more bus terminus, rerouting of city buses, improvement of road intersections and geometries, streamlining of parking of vehicles and strict enforcement of traffic rules and regulations. The long term measures include diversion of heavy vehicle through Shillong bye-pass road, and improvement of market facilities at various localities of the city.
(c) The number of Vehicles plying daily in Shillong town and the number of parking lots available?   (c) About thirty thousand vehicles and even parking lots.

Mawshynrut Administrative Unit

  Shri D.D. LAPANG (Deputy Chief Minister-in-charge Personnel)
*33 Will the Chief Minister be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether it is a fact that the Mawshynrut Administrative Unit was officially inaugurated by the former Chief Minister at Mawshynrut Block Office?   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) Whether it is a fact that after the inauguration not a single staff was posted?   (b) 'No' Sir. Staff compliment for the newly created Unit was provided for immediately after the inauguration.
(c) When do the Government purposes to post the Staff?   (c) 'Does not arise' in view of (b) above.

Deposit Ratio in the State

Shri  P.M. SYIEM.
  Shri A.H. SCOTT LYNGDOH (Minister-in-charge, Finance).
*34. Will the Minister-in-charge Finance be pleased to state:-    
(a) What steps the Government will take to increase the Deposits Ratio in the State?   (a) The State Government has been making continuous efforts to improve the Credit Deposit Ratio (CDR) in the State by interacting at various level with the Bankers to find out ways and means for increasing the Credit Deposit Ratio. The State Level Coordination Committee (SLCC) on banking affairs was held on 17-2-99 under the chairmanship of Minister of Finance. Chief Secretary also took a meeting to improve the recovery of bank dues. Also the issue of Credit Deposit Ratio is one of the regular agenda items in the State Level Bankers Committee Meeting.
(b) How much do we expect to increase the ratio in 1999-2000?   (b) In the last meeting of State Level Co-ordination Committee on banking affairs it was decided that the bank credit should increase by Rs.40 crores at the end of 31st March 2000 over the level of 1998-99. Hence Credit Deposit Ratio is expected to reach a level of 18.14%; provided the Deposit remain on the same level.

Bharat Refractory Limited

  Shri D.D. LAPANG (Deputy Chief Minister-in-charge, Personnel)
*35. Will the Chief Minister be pleased to state:-    
(a) Whether it is a fact that the buildings of the Bharat Refractory Limited at Sonapahar have been taken over by the Government?   (a) 'Yes', Sir.
(b) If so, whether the land acquisition processes where the buildings are standing have been complete?   (b) The land/buildings have been taken on lease.

Budgeting Deficit

Shri P.M. SYIEM   Shri A.H. SCOTT LYNGDOH (Minister-in-charge, Finance)
*36. Will the Minister-in-charge, Finance be pleased to state what extend the Government had been able to reduce the Budgeting deficit and increase the tempo of the developmental activities from the cut of 5% imposed to all Departments from non-plan?   The 5% cut imposed on non plan budget of all the Departments will to a certain extend reduce the budgetary deficit and will help in maintaining the tempo of developmental activities during the year 1998-99.

Construction of Community Health Centre

Smti MAYSALIN WAR   Shri DONKUPAR ROY (Minister, Health & Family Welfare)
*37. Will the Minister-in-charge Health and Family Welfare be pleased to state:-    
(a) Whether formalities for taking over the land free of cost-for the construction of the Community Health Centre at Riangdo (Mawthengkut) have since been completed?   (a) No, Sir.
(b) If so, when?   (b) Does not arise in view of (a) above.
(c) When will the construction be started?   (c) As and when land is available free of cost.

Laboratory for Toxicity of Colour Plastic

Shri P.M. SYIEM   Shri S.MULIEH (Minister-in-charge, Public Health Engineering)
*38 Will the Minister-in-charge Public Health Engineering be pleased to state :-    
(a) Had the department through the Board set up laboratory to establish toxicity of colour plastic?   (a) No Sir the Board has established an Environmental Laboratory the purpose of the Analysis and Monitoring, of water, waste water ambient air, sources emissions, soil etc.
(b) If so, since when and the finding of such test?   (b) Does not arise in view of the reply at (a) above .
(c) If not, the reason for not setting up of such laboratory for public safety?   (c) The toxicity of coloured plastics has already been established by various National Agencies. Hence there is an immediate need for setting up such facilities.

P.H.C. in Mawshynrut Block

Smti MAYSALIN WAR   Shri DONKUPAR ROY (Minister, Health & Family Welfare)
*39. Will  the Minister-in-charge Health & Family Welfare be pleased to state :-    
(a) The names of Primary Health Centres in the Mawshynrut Development Block without staff?   (a) Nil, Sir.
(b) The names of Primary Health Centres without Hospital buildings and staff buildings where Staff have been posted?   (b) Nil, Sir.
(c) If so, how many of such staff?   (c) Does not arise in view of (b) above.

Construction of Residential Quarters

  Smti R. WARJRI (Minister-in-charge, Urban Affairs)
*40. Will the Minister-in-charge Urban Affairs be pleased to state:-    
(a) Whether the Department had found land for construction of residential quarters to shift the sweepers colony?   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) If so, where and when?   (b) Five plots of land have been identified, Sir, 42 Units of accommodation constructed and 42 families have been shifted till date as follows:-
Sl No. Location of Plot Year of identification of plot - Action taken

Good Wood Compound, Polo.


- 13 units constructed
13 families shifted.
(2) Lumpyngad Compound, Biver Road. 1996-97 - 9 units constructed.
9 families shifted.
(3) Glenurguart Compound 1996-97 - 12 units constructed.
12 families shifted.
(4) Falls View Compound, Crinoline Falls. 1996-97 - 8 units constructed.
8 families shifted.
(5) Below Benmore Compound Biver Road. 1998-99 - A Plot of Government land has been recently selected. Quarters to be constructed during 1999-2000.
(c) If not, the reason and the amount of money surrendered for non availability of land for construction of sweepers' quarters?   (c) Does not arise in view of (a) and (b) above.