Monday, the 1st July, 2002

Mini Stadium

  Shri P.T. SAWKMIE (Minister-in-charge, Sports & Youth Affairs)
*1. Will the Minister-in-charge, Sports be pleased to state :-    
(a) The name of the recipient (s)/drawer (s) of the amount of Rs.12.50 lakhs sanctioned for the construction of the Mini Stadium near Mawkyrwat?   (a) General Secretary, Mawkyrwat Sub-Divisional Sports Association.
(b) The list of the office bearers of the Mawkyrwat Sub-Divisional Sports Association, the implementing agency for construction of the above Mini Stadium?
1. President - Shri Rowell Lyngdoh (Ex.M.L.A.)
2. General Secretary - Shri Niandro Syiemiong (Syiem of Maharam Syiemship).
(c) The reasons for the non-payment of the estimated cost of Rs.85.26 lakhs earmarked for constructing the said mini-stadium.

  (c) This is the Grant-in-aid Scheme. The Grant-in-aid provided by the Government to the Association is as per availability of fund. Completion of the stadium and raising of fund against the work is entirely the responsibility of the Sports Association and not of the Department.
(d) Whether it is a fact that no Stadium has been constructed so far?
  (d) So far only the play ground and approached road were taken up. The Association is yet to take up the remaining works.

Water Supply Scheme

  Shri ABDUS SALEH (Minister of State in-charge, P.H.E.)
*2. Will the Minister-in-charge, P.H.E. be pleased to state :-    
(a) The year when the Kmawan-Pongkung Water Supply Scheme was started?   (a) 1987, Sir.
(b) The estimated amount of the project?   (b) Rs.51.73 lakhs, Sir.
(c) The actual amount spent so far?   (c) Rs.51.75 lakhs, Sir.
(d) The name of Contractor (s) executing the works?

1. M/s Aloke & Co. Shillong.
2. Shri J.V. Jimrani, Shillong.
3. R.K. Enterprise, G.S. Road, Shillong.
4. Shri A.S. Sen Laban, Shillong.
5. M/s Ferro Cement India Ltd.
6. Shri N. Syiemiong, Nonglang.
(e) The year of completion of the Scheme?   (e) 1995, Sir.
(f) Whether the Scheme is functional now?   (f) Yes, Sir.

List of Roads

  Shri A.K. SANGMA [Minister-in-charge, P.W.D. (Roads)]
*3. Will the Minister-in-charge, PWD be pleased to state :-    
(a) The list of roads constructed under MLS Schemes during the last 4 years in the Nongstoin, Mawthengkut, Pariong, Langrin, Mawkyrwat and Mairang Constituencies along with estimated amount spent for each road so far?   (a) The list of road under M.L.A. scheme is attached herewith in Annexure 'A'. Placed on the Table of the House. There is no M.L.A. scheme under the year 1998-99 & 2001-2002.
(b) The District wise list of roads taken up during the last 4 years under the PMGSY?
  (b) Road Projects under P.M.G.S.Y. started only from the year 2001-02. The District wise list of roads is attached herewith in Annexure 'B' placed on the Table of the House.
(c) The criteria by which those roads were selected for construction?   (c) Village Connectivity and population.
(d) The selecting authority of such roads?
  (d) District Programme Implementation unit constituted by State Government.


Shri T. H. RANGAD   Smti M. WAR (Minister-in-charge, C.& R.D.)
*4. Will the Minister-in-charge, Community and Rural Development be pleased to state :-    
(a) The year wise list of beneficiaries from within (i) Ranikor Dev. Block (ii) Mawkyrwat Dev. Block (iii) Nongstoin Dev. Block (iv) Mawthengkut Dev. Block (v) Mairang Dev. Block, who received the Govt. of India's grant of Rs.22,000/- each for constructing their low cost dwelling house during 1998 to 2002.   (a) Statement are placed on the Table of the House, Sir.

(b) Whether it is a fact that the Union Government have certain guidelines prescribed for the implementation of the housing scheme for the rural poor.   (b) Yes, Sir.

(c) Whether it is a fact that he State Govt. did not observe those guidelines while implementing the said housing scheme?   (c) While implementing the rural housing scheme of IAY, the State Government is following the guidelines of the Government of India, Sir.
(d) Is it a fact that selection of beneficiaries was always done on partisan basis?   (d) The selection of beneficiaries is done through the Block Selection Committee, Sir.
(e) Whether the Government is intending to entrust the selection of beneficiaries to villages general Durbar to ensure genuine beneficiaries?   (e) The village authorities are always involved in identification and recommending the IAY beneficiaries for selection, Sir.

Appointment of Chairmen

Shri T.H. RANGAD   Sr. F. A KHONGLAM (Chief Minister)
*5. Will the Chief Minister be pleased to state :-    
(a) The names of Chairmen, Vice/Deputy Chairmen appointed by the present Government in each Board/Commission/Committee Corporation/Council with equated status if any?   (a) Sir, the names of the Chairmen, Vice/Dy. Chairmen appointed by the present Government are at Annexure I placed on the Table of the House.
(b) The date of their appointment?

(c) The facilities entitled to each, monthly?
  (b) & (c). The date of their appointment and the facilities entitled are as indicated against each, at Annexure I & II placed on the Table of the House.
(d) The total amount of money incurred for them during the month of February to April, 2002?   (d) Information being collected.
(e) Whether it is a fact that the present Government is intending to create more Boards, Committees, Corporations, Councils etc.,?   (e) No, Sir, Government does not propose to create more Boards, Committees, Corporation, Councils etc., at present.