Wednesday, the 20th March, 2002

Meghalaya House Kolkatta

Shri T.H. RANGAD   Shri C.B. MARAK (Minister-in-charge, GAD)
*1. Will the Minister-in-charge, GAD be pleased to state :-    
(a) When, how and what cost was the property at 9-10 Russell Street, Kolkata acquired by the Government?
  (a) Sir, the property was acquired in the year 1971 and it was purchased from the Royal Calcutta Turf Club at a cost of Rs.50.92 lakhs.
(b) Which Department is looking after the Meghalaya House at Kolkata?   (b) Sir, it is under the Administrative Control of General Administration Department.
(c) In which Department books does the property figure?   (c) Sir, the property figures in the books of P.W.D.
(d) What was the amount of Taxes etc., assessed and paid for the property to Kolkata Municipal Corporation for the year 1998-99 and the year 1999-2000?   (d) The amount of taxes paid to Kolkata Municipal Corporation 1998-99 was Rs.34,086/- and 1999-2000 was Rs.60,757/- respectively.
(e) When was the property declared a Heritage site or Heritage building?   (e) Sir, the property has not been declared a heritage site or Heritage Building.

Weigh Bridge at Mookyniaw

  Shri CYPRIAN SANGMA (Minister-in-charge, Transport)
*2. Will the Minister-in-charge, Transport be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether the Government owns a Weigh Bridge at Mookyniaw, Jaintia Hills?   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) When and at what cost was the Weigh Bridge installed?

  (b) It was installed in 1991 at the cost of Rs.22,58,521.00 (Rupees Twenty Two Lakhs Fifty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Twenty One) only.
(c) Whether the Weigh bridge is being operated by the Government?   (c) Yes, Sir.
(d) If not, who is operating the same as on date?   (d) Does not arise in view of (c) above.
(e) Was an open tender called for parties interested in operating the Weigh Bridge?   (e) Yes, Sir.

Modernisation of Cement Factory at Cherapunjee

  Shri SIMON SIANGSHAI (Minister-in-charge, Industries)
*3. Will the Minister-in-charge, Industries be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether the MCCL has entered into a joint venture with any Company for modernisation of the Factory at Cherapunjee?
  (a) Mawmluh Cherra Cement Limited. has entered into an agreement, for modernisation of Plant at Cherrapunjee.
(b) What is the name of the Company?
  (b) Saurashtra Cement Limited and Cement India Limited.
(c) What is the progress of the work so far?   (c) Work has not been started so far.
(d) Has nay amount been paid to the company so far?   (d) No, Sir.
(e) If answer to (d) is in the affirmative what is the amount?   (e) Does not arise in view of (d) above.

Reconstruction of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly

  Shri J.D. RYMBAI (Minister-in-charge, Parliamentary Affairs)
*4. Will the Chief Minister be pleased to state :-    
(a) What steps have been taken for re-construction of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly?   (a) Tenders have been floated and selection of quotation not yet finalised.
(b) Is there any Committee constituted to oversee the same?   (b) Yes, Sir.
(c) Which Department of the Government will undertake to construct the same?   (c) Under consideration by Government.
(d) Has the Government received any special or earmarked funds from the Government of India for the same?   (d) No, Sir.

MTC Building

  Shri CYPRIAN SANGMA (Minister-in-charge, Transport)
*5. Will the Minister-in-charge, Transport be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether the MTC BUilding at Police Bazar, Shillong or a portion of it has been given to a private party?   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) If yes, who is the private party?   (b) Sri Harinder Pal Singh Diddan.
(c) What is the purpose for which it was given?   (c) For running a Hotel.
(d) At what rent has the same been given?   (d) Rs.48,990.00 per month.
(e) Whether any open tender had been called for the same?   (e) No, Sir.
(f) Did the Board of Directors of the MTC approve the same?