Thursday, the 21st March, 2002.

Cases handed over to the CBI

Shri T.H. RANGAD   Dr. F.A. KHONGLAM(Chief Minister)
*6. Will the Chief Minister be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether the Government has handed over any cases to the CBI for investigation?   (a) Yes Sir, 9 cases were referred to Government of India for investigation by the CBI.
(b) What is the fate of the inquiries?

  (b) Government of India has informed State Government that the CBI have preliminary examined the cases and was of the opinion that no useful purposes will be served by taking over of those by the CBI since some cases were too old and others can be probed well by the State Anti Corruption Branch. The Government again requested the Government of India to re-consider the matter for investigation of the above cases by the CBI. Response of the Government of India is being awaited.

Sewage Disposal Plant

  Shri D.P. IANGJUH (Minister-in-charge, PHE)
*7. Will the Minister-in-charge, Urban Affairs be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether there is a plan construct a Sewage Disposal Plant near Shillong City?   (a) No, Sir.
(b) Whether the work has been started?   (b) Does not arise in view of (a) above.
(c) If yes, who is constructing the same?   (c)                       -do-
(d) What is the cost of the project?   (d)                       -do-

Providing of furniture to Primary School

  Shri RASOR RANI (Minister-in-charge, Elementary & Mass Education)
*8. Will the Minister-in-charge, Mass and Elementary Education be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether the Department will be providing furniture etc. to Primary Schools in the State?   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) If yes, how many Schools have been selected?   (b) 500 Lower Primary Schools.
(c) What is the amount earmarked for the same?   (c) Rs.1,40,00,000/- @ Rs.28,000/- per school.
(d) What Items are proposed to be provided?   (d) Fabricated steel angled desks and benches.
(e) The method of procurement and distribution to the Schools?

  (e) The method of procurement is by Central Purchase. Distribution to Schools will be done through the Deputy Inspector of Schools.

Laying of Pipe Lines

  Shri D.P. IANGJUH (Minister-in-charge, Public Health Engineering)
*9. Will the Minister-in-charge, PHE be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether laying of Water Supply Pipes in Laban Area has been completed?   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) When will water be supplied to the Area?   (b) Likely by March, 2003.

Construction of Roads

  Shri A.K. SANGMA (Minister-in-charge, P.W.D.)
*10. Will the Minister-in-charge, PWD be pleased to state :-    
(a) When will the road construction from the PWD road at Lumparing to the Nepali School at Mynsain, Lumparing be taken up?   (a) Estimate will be processed for sanction as and when the fund position improves.
(b) What is the estimated cost?   (b) Rs.47,49,800.00.