Friday, the 21st March, 2003

Umroi Airport


Shri M.I. SARKAR (Minister in-charge, Transport)

*1. Will the Minister in-charge, Transport be pleased to state:-


(a) The reasons for delay in introduction of Alliance Air Lines Flight to and from Umroi Airport?



(a) Sir, the Alliance Air had proposed to start operation of flights from 25th December, 2002. Due to some unavoidable reasons, the flight could not be commenced on that date. However, efforts are on to start the flight at the earliest.

(b) Whether any time frame has been fixed for putting the airport into service?   (b) No, Sir.

(c) Whether the Government is aware of the difference of opinions between Union Finance and Civil Aviation Ministry as reported in a section of the Press for linking all State Capitals of North-East by 52 seater aircraft?

  (c) No, Sir.


Seismic Zone


Shri D.D. LAPANG (Chief Minister in-charge, Revenue)

*2. Will the Minister in-charge, Geology and Mining be pleased to state:-

(a) Whether Government has received any guidelines from Centre for framing a policy to negotiate natural disasters like earth quake in a highly seismic zone like Shillong?   (a) No such policy guidelines have been laid down by the Government of India for Disaster Management.

(b) If so, the salient features of the policy?   (b) Some of the main recommendations are :
    1. Constitution of District Disaster Management Committee.
    2. Setting up of a State Disaster Management Centre.
    3. Drawing up of District Contingency Plans.
    4. Conduct of Mock drills and simulation exercises.
    5. Laying down Standard Operating Procedures.
    6. Provision of Control Room.
    7. Drawing up rate and quantum of Relief.
(c) If not, the reasons for delay in framing a disaster management policy?
  (c) Some of the recommendations of the High Power Committee have been implemented, while others are under various stages of examination and implementation. 

Construction of Auditorium


Shri P. TYNSONG (Minister in-charge, Arts and Culture)

*3. Will the Minister in-charge, Art & Culture be pleased to state:-    
(a) Whether the Construction of Art & Culture auditorium at Rilbong has been completed?   (a) Sir, the Civil works part of construction of Arts and Culture Auditorium has been almost completed.
(b) If so, when the auditorium will become functional?

  (b) The auditorium can be made functional only when the works for remaining internal works such as acoustics, lighting, sitting arrangements, sound system, internal decoration, and other amenities such as accommodation for Artists, parking lot etc., will be completed.
(c) If not, the reason (s) for the delay?   (c) Some of the reasons for delay are as below:-
    i) Civil works Construction for Auditorium is 98% completed by March, 2003.
    ii) There is Re-revised estimate which is yet to be processed and sanctioned.
    iii) The tender processing of consultancy for remaining works of Auditorium has taken considerable time.
    iv) The detailed estimate for remaining works of Auditorium and other structure such as parking lot for Vehicles, Guest houses both for boys and girls, approach road, compound fencing, acoustic treatments, Sound Equipments, Furnishing, Compound lighting, etc., are yet to be prepared and firmed up.
    v) The fund constraint.

Police Beat House


Shri R.G. LYNGDOH [Minister Home (Police)]

*4. Will the Minister in-charge, Home (Police) be pleased to state:-    

(a) Whether the Government is aware that Jhalupara Police Beat House is functioning from a totally dilapidated rented building devoid of even the basic amenities like water, toilet, etc.?

  (a) Yes, Sir.

(b) If so, the steps Government proposes to initiate to ameliorate the situation and whether specific time limit is being contemplated?   (b) The Government is looking for a suitable alternative accommodation for Jhalupara Beat House.
(c) Whether the Government is aware that this particular Beat House is covering a large area comprising Mawprem, Barapathar, Jhalupara, Umlyngka, Naspatighori, Nongkseh, Nongumlong, Mawklot, Lummawbah, Nonglyer including Airforce with a meagre staff?
  (c) Yes, Sir. The Government is aware of the jurisdiction of Jhalupara Police Beat House and the strength of Police force deployed is as per normal strength of a Beat House which includes SI-1(one). ASI-1(one) and Constable -12 (twelve). However, the strength has been further augmented with 1(one) ASI and 1(one) Head Constable additionally.
(d) If so, the action Government plans to take to strengthen the existing man-power and infrastructure?   (d) Government, will examine requirement of additional man-power and will take steps to find suitable alternative accommodation for the Jhalupara Police Beat House.

Cricket Ground


Shri PAUL LYNGDOH (Minister in-charge, Sports and Youth Affairs)

*5. Will the Minister in-charge, Sports & Youth Affairs be pleased to state:-

(a) Whether a portion at Polo grounds, Shillong, has been specifically earmarked for playing cricket?   (a) No, Sir.
(b) If so, the details showing the total area and location?   (b) Does not arise in view of (a) above.
(c) If not, whether the Government will consider implementing this long pending demand of the sports lovers and cricket players of Shillong?   (c) The matter is under consideration.