Tuesday, the 25th March, 2003

Meghalaya House

Shri T.H. RANGAD   Shri D.D. LAPANG (Chief Minister)
*7. Will the Chief Minister be pleased to state:-    
(a) Whether the case of Meghalaya House, Kolkata has been handed over to the CBI?   (a) The case has been referred to Government of India in the Ministry of Personnel and Public Grievances and Pension for handing over the case to CBI.
(b) If so, the outcome as on date?   (b) Response of Government of India is awaited.
(c) If not, the reasons thereof?   (c) Does not arise in view of (a) above.

Central Schemes


Dr. DONKUPAR ROY  (Minister, Finance)

*8. Will the Minister in-charge, Finance be pleased to state:-

(a) Whether it is a fact that the Central Sector Schemes sanctioned and released by the Government of India take an unduly long time to be released by the State Finance Department?

(b) Whether it is also a fact that the Schemes approved and sanctioned by the Central Government are again put to a lot of queries by the State Government at times leading to pruning of the Schemes?



(a) & (b) Sir, Central Sector Scheme and Centrally Sponsored Schemes are broad based scheme to give fillip to the development. In the case of Centrally Sponsored Schemes, there are State Share from the Consolidated Fund of the State. Sometimes, the specific proposals prepared by the departments have components having bearing on recurring liabilities which have to be examined for sustainability, viability and other financial dimensions which the department is competent to do so. The Government of India has also acknowledged this and has directed that all release to such scheme will be through the State Government exchequer and not directly to any agencies.

Land Transfer Act


Shri D.D. LAPANG (Chief Minister in-charge, Revenue)

*9. Will the Chief Minister be pleased to state the reasons and compulsion for amending the Land Transfer Act at this stage?



Government was intending to amend the Meghalaya Transfer of Land (Regulation) Acts, 1971 with a view to reducing the number of different tribes and sub-tribes who are presently defined as tribals in the Act and to restrict the number of tribals to only the Khasi, Jaintia & Garos and also the indigenous Hmar, Baite, Karbi, Lalung (Tiwa), Rabhas, Hajong, Bodo and Koch who are actually residents and have permanent interest in the State of Meghalaya. However, public opinion and suggestions are being elicited before the matter is finalised.

Printing of Calendar


Shri HELSTONE N. MARAK  (Minister, Printing & Stationery)

*10. Will the Minister in-charge, Printing & Stationery be pleased to state:-


(a) Whether the Government is aware that six page colour calendar is being printed in private press and not in State Government Press?

  (a) Yes, Sir.

(b) If so, the reason(s) thereof?  

(b) Government Press at Shillong and Tura are not yet equipped for Multi colour printing, Sir.

(c) Whether the Government Press is having two or four colour printing machines?

  (c) None, Sir.
(d) If not, the reasons (s) thereof?
  (d) Equipment is proposed to be procured, if Plan funds are available for such purpose during 2003-04, Sir.

Assembly Building


Shri H.D.R. LYNGDOH (Minister in-charge, G.A.D)

*11. Will the Chief Minister be pleased to state:-    
(a) When will the reconstruction of the Assembly Building commence?


(a) Sir, the Scheme for reconstruction of the Assembly building is under process. The commencement of the work will start as soon as all procedural formalities are completed.

(b) The authorised Department assigned with the job of supervising the same?   (b) Sir, General Administration Department is the Authorised Department.
(c) Firm which has been allotted with the work?   (c) Sir, does not apply in view of the reply at (a) above.

Medical Advance


Shri B.G. MOMIN  (Minister, in-charge, Health and Family Welfare)

*12. Will the Minister in-charge, Health and Family Welfare be pleased to state:-

(a) The basis for the grant of Medical Advance for treatment of Government employees?   (a) Sir, as per the provision prescribed under Rule 15(1) of the Meghalaya Medical Attendance Rules 1981.
(b) Whether Government is aware that Medical Advance are being granted without assessing the probable cost of the treatment?   (b) No, Sir. However, the probable cost of the treatment granted to Government Employees are based on the recommendation of the Government Doctors with a speciality in the particular diseases.

Pending Cases

Shri T.H. RANGAD   Shri D.D. LAPANG (Chief Minister)
*13. Will the Chief Minister be pleased to state:-    
(a) Whether the pending cases refused by the CBI earlier been handed over to them again for investigation?   (a) The cases have again been referred to the Government of India for Investigation by the CBI, Sir. 
(b) If so, what is the outcome?
  (b) Response from the Government of India is still awaited.
(c) If not, the reasons for the delay in handing over the cases?   (c) Does not arise in view of (a) above.

Rickets Cases


Shri B. G. MOMIN  (Minister, Health and Family Welfare)

*14. Will the Minister in-charge, Health be pleased to state:-

(a) Whether the State now recognised the existence of Rickets cases in Meghalaya?   (a) Yes, Sir, only clinically.
(b) The action, the Government is taking to prevent such cases?


(b) All the Superintendents in Civil Hospitals, District Medical and Health Officers have been instructed to take the issue seriously and to send the report every month. Health Education is given from time to time including balance of diet for prevention of Rickets and other malnutrition cases.

(c) The action being taken for treatment of such cases?

(c) Cases detected in Hospitals, C.H.Cs. and P.H.Cs. are given free treatment.