Wednesday, the 26th March, 2003

On- Line Lottery


Dr. MUKUL SANGMA (Minister in-charge, Taxation etc.,)

*15. Will the Minister in-charge, Taxation etc.,  be pleased to state:-

(a) The revenue collection from the On - Line Lottery till date?

  (a) Rs.6.00 crores which constitutes instalments for 1st and 2nd quarters paid towards the minimum guaranteed amount by the Distributor M/S.M.S. Associates, New Delhi.
(b) Whether the revenue is being paid as per agreement?   (b) Yes, Sir.

World Bank Fund


Shri M. SUCHIANG (Minister in-charge, Technical Education)

*16. Will the Minister in-charge, Education  be pleased to state:-

(a) The progress and fate of the World Bank funded programme for funding Polytechnics in the State?
  (a) The progress made in implementation of the various components of the World Bank Project in the State is as follows :-
    1. Civil Works - Rs.55,39,317
    2. Furniture - Rs.21,09,382
    3. Vehicle - Rs.  7,34,707
    4. Equipment - Rs.51,16,297
    5. Books & L. - Rs.  4,23,512
    6.Local Fellowship & Training - Rs. 46,16,695
    7. Local Consultant - Rs. 47,57,061
    8. Salaries of Key addl. Staff - Rs.   7,30,839
    9. Consumable Materials - Rs.  2,72,333
    10. Operation &
Maintenance-           - Rs. 19,75,438
           Total            - Rs.2,62,75,581
    (Rupees two crores sixty-two lakhs seventy five thousand five hundred and eighty one only)
(b) The amount received so far?

  (b) Expenditure on the project is to be met out of the State's own fund at the first instance. The World Bank reimburses the expenditure claimed by the State through the Government of India. So far only Rs.19,97,920/- has been received by way of reimbursement.

PWD Act 1995

Shri T.H. RANGAD  

Shri J.A. LYNGDOH (Minister, Social Welfare)

*17. Will the Minister in-charge, Health be pleased to state:-

(a) Whether the PWD Act 1995 has been implemented in the State?   (a) Sir, it has been implemented partially.
(b) If not, the reasons thereof?   (b) Implementation of provision of this Act requires involvement of many Departments and Additional requirement of funds.

Handicapped persons

Shri T.H. RANGAD  

Shri J.A. LYNGDOH (Minister, Social Welfare)

*18. Will the Minister in-charge, Health be pleased to state:-


(a) Whether the State Government recognise that there are many physically and mentally challenged or handicapped people in the State?

  (a) Yes, Sir.

(b) The action being taken to give them relief?

  (b) Government gives scholarship, conveyance allowance, book grants. Uniform grant to disabled children and unemployment allowances as prosthetic aids to disabled persons. District Rehabilitation Centres have been established at Shillong and Tura.
(c) Does the State Government make facilities for them in public places?   (c) Concerned Departments have been requested to provide facilities for disabled persons in new buildings.

Sarva Shiksha Abiyan


Shri R.L. TARIANG (Minister, Elementary & Mass Education)

*19. Will the Minister in-charge, Education be pleased to state:-


(a) The progress of the Sarva Shiksha Abiyan programmed in the State?

  (a) Sir, the progress of SSA in the State is as follows:-



The SSA State Mission Authority of Meghalaya (SSA SMAM) has been duly constituted as a Registered Society with the Chief Minister as the President and the Education, Minister as the Vice-President of its Governing Body.




The District Units of the State Mission Authority have also been set up in all the Districts of the State under the Chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner.


Block Level Units are also being constituted by the District Units of the State Mission Authority.
667 L.P. Schools have been provided grants-in-aids for teacher's salary.
  5. 272 LP. Schools have been upgraded to U.P. Schools level.
Each L.P. Schools is being provided teaching and learning equipments @ Rs.10,000/- per school.
Each U.P. School under SSA is being provided teaching and learning equipments @ Rs.50,000/- per school.
Each School are being given grants of Rs.2,000/- for repair and maintenance of school equipments.
Each teacher is being provided Rs.500/- per annum for purchase of chalk, duster etc.
New teachers and existing teachers are being given 10 days in-service training.
Building grants @ Rs.2.50 lakhs per new SSA U.P. School.
  12. Repair grants @ Rs.5,000/- per L.P. School.
  13. Toilet facilities @ Rs.20,000/- per L.P. School.

(b) How many villages will be covered under this scheme?


  (b) The SSA aims to provide schooling facilities to all children in the State through formal schools in viable villages and alternative schooling facilities in unviable villages. This will be done in a phased manner.
(c) The amount allotted by the Central Government?
  (c) The Government of India has released an amount of Rs.795.27 lakhs so far.