Monday the 14th June, 2004

Fund for Polytechnic Institutes

Shri. M. SUCHIANG (Minister, Higher & Technical Education)
*1. Will the Minister in-charge of Technical and Higher Education be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether Government has received any fund from the World Bank for Polytechnic Institutes in the State   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) If so, the total amount sanctioned ?   (b) The revised Project Allocation is Rs.4575.20 lakhs.
(c) Total expenditure incurred till date?   (c) Total expenditure incurred upto 31st May, 2004  is Rs.1534. 09 lakhs

Fixing same rate of deduction for MCCL & Virgo Cement

Shri. T. D. SHIRA
Dr. MUKUL  SANGMA [Minister in charge Public Works (Roads)]
*2. Will the Minister in-charge  Public Works (Roads) be pleased to state the criteria used for fixing the same rate of deduction for MCCL and Virgo Cement in Garo Hills?    Recovery rate of Cement is fixed on the basis of the average issue rate as per the Schedule of rates and also as per the recovery rate mentioned in the Notice Inviting Tender and the Tender agreement.

Committee for Re-naming roads

Shri. D. D. LAPANG (Chief Minister)
*3. Will the Chief Minister be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether the Government has constituted any committee for renaming of roads in the State?   (a) Yes, Sir.
(b) If so, whether the committee is considering to rename the Laban Main Raod after Late T. H. Rangad ?   (b) No, Sir.

Road from Civil S. D. O's Office   

Shri. T. D. SHIRA
Shri. BOLDNESS L. NONGUM [Minister in-charge P. W. D. (Builiding)]
*4. Will the Minister in-charge Public Works (Building ) be pleased  to state whether the Department is planning to repair the road from Civil S. D. O's office to his S. D. O's residential complex at Resubelpara ? :-   Yes, Sir.

Laban Dispensary

Shri. E. D. MARAK (Minister Health & Family Welfare)
*5. Will the Minister in-charge, Health & Family Welfare  be pleased to state :-    
(a) Whether Government is aware that there is an urgent need to upgrade the Laban Dispensary to meet the growing demand of the people ?   (a) No, Sir, in view of the availability of Medical Science at the Civil Hospital, Lady Ker Hospital and other agencies.
(b) If so, the steps Government proposes to take ?   (b) Does not arise in view of (a) above, Sir.

Roads Repairing Works

Shri. T. D. SHIRA
Dr. MUKUL SANGMA [Minister in-charge Public Works (Roads)]
*6. Will the Minister in-charge, Public Works (Roads)  be pleased to state whether the Government intend to take up repairing works in Mendipathar-Songsak and Mendipathar - Bajengdoba Roads ?   Rehabilitation of the damaged pavement of these roads have been taken up in phases.

Electric Poles

Shri. R. L. TARIANG (Minister Power)
*7. Will the Minister in-charge, Power be pleased to state    
(a) Whether Government is aware that a number of MS Electric Poles were erected long time back for fixing of street lights in Mawprem Constituency but no action has been taken to provide fittings and connection ?   (a) Sir, all poles erected by MeSEB within Mawprem Constituency are part of the 33 KV/ 11KV and LT Distribution System. These poles are provided with requisite accessories for the transmission and distribution of power to consumers of Mawprem constituency, Sir, the MeSEB provide street light on payment basis, when required by a consumer such as the Municipal Authority, The Urban Affairs Authority or any local Authority.
(b) If so, the reasons thereof ?   (b) Does not arise
(c) The amount incurred for erecting poles ?   (c) The amount for erecting each Electric pole varies with voltage class, type of connection and location Sir.

Appointment on compassionate ground

Shri T. D. SHIRA
Shri D. D. LAPANG (Chief Minister in- charge Personel)

*8. Will the Minister in-charge, Mineral Resources be pleased to state the eligibility for appointment on compassionate ground in the event of death of a Government servant ?

            Sir, some of the eligibility criteria are as follows :-

(i) The next of kin of the deceased Government employee must be wife/husband/daughter/unmarried brother/ unmarried sister of the Government employee.

(ii) Emploment on compassionate grounds shall apply only to Class III or Class IV posts.

(iii) Employment will be applicable only to such cases where the concerned Government servant has put in atleast 5 (five) years continuous service against a regular post.

(iv) Upper age limit may be relaxed upto 50 years and lower age limit may be relaxed by 1 (one ) year when there is no applicant for the post.

(v) No relaxation in educational qualification.

(vi) The grant of such employee is not be allowed as a matter of course. The financial circumstances is of the criteria.

(vii) Every case of employment on compassionate ground will be considered on its own merit.

Implementation of Integrated Dairy Development Project

Shri ARDHENDU CHAUDHURY   Shri D. P. IANGJUH ( Minister in- charge A. H. & Veterinary
*9. Will the Minister in-charge Animal Husbandary & Veterinary be pleased to state:    
9a) Whether it is a fact that during 2000-2001 the Government of India released Financial Assistance of Rs. 1.44 crore to the State Government for implementation of "Integrated Dairy Development Project in non-operation flood, hilly and backward area in the West Garo Hills and Jaintia Hills Districts ?   (a) Sir, an amount of Rs. 143. 92 crore has been released by the Government of India.
(b) If so, whether the amount has been duly utilised ?   (b) Excepting for an amount of Rs. 15, 77, 022/- the total amount has been utilised.
(c) If not, the reasons thereof?   (c) The expenditure is required to be phased out considered the nature of the scheme.

Road under  PMGSY

Shri T. D. SHIRA   Dr. MUKUL SANGMA [Minister in-charge Public Works (Roads)]
*10. Will the Minister in- charge Public Works ( Roads ) be pleased to state whether the MLA's are to be consulted whenever the construction of a new road under PMGSY is taken up in their respective Constituency?   No, Sir.